A Step into the Past

Reviewed by: nAnA_rev

April 15, 2008

Rating: three

This new TVB series is very undetailed. The series was basically about the romance between a guy and his girlfriend whom he can't have and his romance with another girl in another world, when in fact the story should have been based more on the comparison of 'old world' and 'new world'. It should have focused more on the history of the country and not on the romance of Louis Koo.

The story starts out with the audience getting a glimpse of Louis's bravery and great skills and tactics in controlling an awkward situation. Then it rushes us right into the love triangle of Louis, Sonija and the other guy that Sonija is about to wed. Then out of stupidity Louis agrees to travel back in time to take a picture of the Great King and in return he will get to use this time machine to go back in time and propose to his girlfriend before it was too late. The time machine takes him back too far to a time before the king was crowned so he ventures onto an unexpected journey. It was a little funny at first when he goes to the old couple's house and uses their restroom. Then all of a sudden it looked like he was actually from the past. Sure, he was trying to blend in, but he should at least show some signs that he didn't belong in that part of time. He was also told not to build relationships or do anything major because it would alter the future. But he kills a lot of people in this series. And also becomes a big part of other people's life. He changes people's outlook on the world (I would say that he changed a lot of things). Then the biggest part was when he made up a 'false' king after finding out that the real king was dead. Also, let me remind you that he was from the future but he fell for two girls and eventually married them both at the same time. He didn't even feel guilty doing so. He was obviously taking advantage of the situation because after all, he was from the 21st century and there you don't marry two girls at once. His character, initially afraid of commitment, became otherwise.

Best Characters:

I think that Louis Koo is a very good actor. He was great in his role, but I think the stoyline should have made him more 'realistic'. His character evolved too quickly from being a modern day cop to a character from the past.

I also liked Jessica's portrayal of her character. She was great as the stubborn avenging maniac. She showed her jealousy of Sonija and Joyce when they were with Louis pretty well without having to say many words.

Most Disliked Characters:

I didn't like whoever it was who played the princess. She is not pretty in many people's view, but was constantly said to be beautiful.

The Biggest Loss:

Louis' character didn't have a 'real love' in my view. He loved the Sonija from the past, because she looked like the Sonija from the future.

And it looked like he loved the princess because he felt bad for her having lost her life and she was also a pathetic character.

Also, I didn't get how he suddenly loved Jessica so much when she returned to screen in the second part when towards the end of the first part he didn't care for her, and he didn't give any sign that he cared for her more than any other person she knew. He never spoke of her or was ever worried about her well-being after she disappeared and Jessica's dad had told him that she had gone back to their homeland. If he loved her he would have at least worried about what he did to drive her away.

The one and only good scene in this series:

Was the part where they had the soccer tournament and Jessica was dressed up as a guy. It was funny how he just gave her a hug and everyone who knew that it was Jessica was all surprised.

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