A Step into the Past

Reviewed by: chanchi

March 22, 2004

Rating: three


Hong Siu Lung - Louis Koo
Chun Ching/Kam Ching - Sonija Kwok
Sin Yau - Joyce Tang
Wu Ting Fong/Fung Fei - Jessica Hsuan
Chiu Poon/Ying Cheng (Chun Chi Wong) - Raymond Lam
Lin Jun/Loi Mo - Kong Wah
Chiu Sin - Michelle Saram


This TVB series is about Hong Siu Lung, a member of the G4 security force who is recruited by Li Ka-shing's son Li Siu Chiu to go back in time to witness Ying Cheng's ascension to the throne. Siu Lung is only persuaded because his relationship with Chun Ching has reached a dead end and she has married someone else. Li wins him over by saying that he can go back in time and think of a plan to win Chun Ching over if he agrees to go back in time.

So Siu Lung agrees and he goes back in time only to find himself three years before scheduled. He has no choice but to journey to Ham Yeung, with Sin Yau the assassin as his sometimes unpredictable guide. He reaches the Chiu state and becomes entangled with the irrepressible tomboy Wu Ting Fong, whose father is actually a spy for the Chun state, and so on. He finds that the real Ying Cheng has died but the details are far too complicated. He said that Prime Minister Lui But Wai of Chun sent him and allied himself with Ting Fong's father but earns the hate of Lin Jun, Chiu Mok's bodyguard. The series is really too long to write in detail.

The actors

Louis is brilliant as Hong Siu Lung, even if the script wasn't that brilliant. He has the comic talent to pull off such a big role with panache and seems to get all the girls too!

Jessica was well-cast for the role of the feisty Ting Fong, who got raped later on in the series because of her impetuous nature and also because she thought Lin Jun had turned over a new leaf.

Sonija Kwok - Bah, can't act! She should be a model - every scene of hers is so fake.

Michelle Saram - not much better than Sonija.

Kong Wah is brilliant and I'd say he is the next best actor in the series, after Louis. He plays the baddie so convincingly that you can't help but hate him! And he has the most unnerving stare.

Raymond Lam is also good - he manages the transition from naive youngster Chiu Poon into the cruel Ying Cheng very well.


Haven't watched much Warring States period dramas before, but the costumes are quite nice. Louis' first few looked a lot like women's skirts - haha. But his later costumes were more fitting around the waist and hips - cool.

Ting Fong's costumes are the best, she actually looks good in them.

Should you watch it...
If you're a fan of Louis and Jessica, watch it. But if you're not, the long drawn-out storyline will bore you. Gordon Lau has a cameo role as Sin Yau's master too.

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