A Way of Justice

Reviewed by: sukting

November 08, 2008

Rating: three

Year produced

How long
20 episodes

It is easy to console others when they get into trouble. But what is the victim is you? How many can accept the sad fate? Will they resign to it or seek the truth instead. It is not easy to get Wong Chau Sang to act in a drama again so don't miss this chance. So is Lam Chun Hin who hardly acts in Hong Kong now. How do they act as rivals? Are you interested to find out?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chung Mun Hin – Lam Chun Hin
Mun Hin just returns from overseas and becomes a teacher. His new teaching methods win the young but the old teachers disapproves it. He wins the heart of Kar Yan who is the school belle. He is framed for raping Kar Yan and loses his job. Poor man – he is totally despised by his friends and relatives.

His wife leaves him and his mother dies. He stays in jail for a few years. Chan Shing and Ching Ling ignore him after his release. So he has to stay in a wooden hut with Chung Tai. He becomes a cleaner. He also turns from negative to positive. With Tong's help, he accepts his fate but isn't ready to accept her love.
He meets Wing Hsuen and they also get close together.

Mun Hin is busy with his court case but also doesn't know how to make a choice among the two. Chi Hou surrounds Mun Hin and is about to kill him when Tong arrives with the cops. Tong is about to arrest Chi Hou when she is shot while protecting Mun Hin. This causes Wing Hseun to realize that she is also in love with him. But Tong knows that love can't be compelled so she backs out. I must say that Chun Hin improves a lot in his acting this time. He has portrays Mun Hin's inner feelings well.

2. Hok Chi Hou – Wong Chau Sang
He is Chi Kei's elder brother and is Chung Yee's superior. He is an inspector who shines in work but neglects Tong because of this. Thus their relationship becomes lukewarm. Chi Hou suspects that Chi Kei is involved and forces the truth out of him. He sides for Chi Kei to cause Mun Hin to be jailed. He is hungry for money so he accepts money from the triads. He then proposes to Tong who agrees to consider.

ICAC cop, Cheung Song Bak is suspicious of him so he checks on his accounts. This delays his promotion plan so Chi Hou resigns and joins the triad leader, Pui Shang. He attributes Tong's change of heart due to Mun Hin and tries setting his house on fire. Actually, he is the serial rapist but keeps his identity under wraps. Who will expect him to be the one?

He opens a movie company but it is secretly dealing with sexual activities. His henchman forces a teenage girl to sign a contract and films her in the nude to threaten her. She steals the tape back and bumps into Mun Hin. She is actually Mun Hin's ex-pupil. Wing Hsuen feels sorry for her and tries to help her. But her plan backfires as Chi Hou sends men to kill Mun Hin. Luckily Chung Tai saves him and Wing Hsuen to hide them at a safe place.

3. Wong Chan Shing – Chu Tiet Wo
He is Ching Ling's father who dislikes her to only listen to Mun Hin and not him. Upon knowing that Mun Hin is going to be jailed soon, he doesn't want to take care of his mother-in-law. He grumbles when Yuk Hou falls ill because of Mun Hin. Even though Mun Hin transfers his property to him, he isn't satisfied.

4. Hok Fai – Cheng Lui
He is the father of the sons. He doesn't know how to take his younger son in hand after his wife's death.

5. Fong Chung Yee – Lau Kong
There is a molest case that happens in school and Mun Hin is ordered to assist in the investigation. Chung Yee is prejudiced against Mun Hin and insists that he is guilty. Why? He has once been in charge of a case to let a rapist scotch-free. The man then rapes his colleague's daughter to cause her to become insane. He feels remorseful when his colleague dies with the rapist.

Since then, he is very hostile to molest suspects and even beats them up. He often gets complaints because of this. He is totally biased and sends him to jail without checking the facts. He feels bad upon knowing that he makes the wrong judgment so he wants to clear his name by arresting Chi Hou.

6. Fong Tong – Chan Sau Mun
She is a cop like her father. A dangerous rapist is on the run so she handles the case with her father. Alas, she is drugged and nearly raped in an attack. Although Mun Hin saves her, Chung Yee still insists that he is guilty. She stands beside Mun Hin despite what has happened. While trying to check on the case, she falls out with Chi Hou and falls for Mun Hin.

She is deceived by Chi Hou that he wants to be a businessman so she intends to resign to become a housewife after their marriage. Upon knowing that Chi Hou is involved with the triads, she returns to work as a cop and cancels their wedding plans. She refuses to accept him again although he promises to turn for the better once he gains more control of the triads.

Tong sees that Mun Hin is missing for days and learns that Chi Hou is the cause. She pretends to accept him in order to gain evidence. She is about to reveal her love when knowing that Mun Hin likes Wing Hsuen now. I get bored – how many times must Sau Mun be a cop? Please give us a break!

7. Mok Wing Hsuen – Mak Chui Han
She is a dance hostess who often gets harassed by loansharks. Mun Hin helps her. Her background is pitiful so they become friends. Her father is a drug addict and she has to become a hooker to support her family. She is about to marry a client many years ago but the man drowns at sea. Seeing her so lost in life, Mun Hin teaches her to become more positive. Both fall in love during the process. Chi Hou wants to deal Mun Hin with a hard blow so he causes Wing Hsuen's father to die.

She has initially wanted to give Mun Hin up but tong dissuades her from doing that. Both become a couple. Chui Han looks too mature and doesn't look matching with Chun Hin.

8. Ou Shuet Yee – Cheung Fung Nai
She is Mun Hin's wife who is easily jealous. She returns to Hong Kong before completing her degree in the U.S. Her mother tries to persuade them to return to the U.S. with her as she thinks that he will not go far in teaching. Mun Hin loves his job and rejects her. Being pampered since young, Shuet Yee is very dependent on her parents and doesn't have a mind of her own.

She feels insecure when Mun Hin's female students keep giving him gifts. He tries hard to explain to her.
She gets pregnant but is afraid that he will regard their unborn son more important than her. Upon seeing him still showering her with love, it rests her mind. She refuses to listen to Mun Hin's explanation about the rape incident and falls off the steps, losing their baby. She leaves Hong Kong after he is jailed.

9. Yuen Kar Yan – Yeung Ling
She loves Mun Hin and often finds ways to get close to him. How? By pretending that she comes from a broken home and often finds excuses to date him alone. Chi Kei is angry that he can't get her. So he knocks her out to tear her clothes to make her become a fool. But this gives the real rapist a chance to rape her instead. Mun Hin comes later and tries to help but she thinks that he rapes her so she calls the police.

Mun Hin tries in vain to explain to her and she insists that he is threatening her. He is then sent to jail because of this.

10. Wong Ching Ling – Chan Pui San
She is Mun Hin's niece who regards Mun Hin as her idol. She is disillusioned when her uncle is labeled a rapist. She gives up on herself. Ching Ling becomes a waitress in the bar and is at loggerheads with Chi Kei. But her impression of him changes when he helps her to chase a rapist away. She keeps quarrelling with her father and leaves home to cohabit with Chi Kei.

Ching Ling wishes to leave Chi Hou's nightclub but Chi Hou locks her up. The two brothers fight and Chi Kei repents upon seeing how ruthless Chi Hou has become. Chi Hou becomes very power hungry and intends to kill Pui Shang to take over his place. Chi Kei flees and meets Mun Hin. Mun Hin then learns the truth and wants justice back. Ching Ling then reconciles with Mun Hin after knowing that he is wronged.

She decides to marry Chi Kei. Chi Hou tries to attack Mun Hin during the wedding but she gets killed instead. Mun Hin is very upset so he uses the underworld ties to seek revenge instead. He knows a triad boss who is his cell mate in prison who helps him to hunt Chi Hou down.

11. Hok Chi Kei – Ng Sui Ting
He is Mun Hin's rebellious student who just transfers in. he often gets into all sorts of trouble. Mun Hin tries his best to change him but it causes his resentment instead. He boasts to all that he will win over Kar Yan but is made fun by her. He keeps getting into all sorts of trouble and is nearly expelled if not for Mun Hin. His mother dies when young and isn't afraid of anyone else except Chi Hou.

His relationship with Mun Hin becomes better when he saves him from gangsters. But jealous that Kar Yan liking him, he reverts to his old ways. He is finally expelled and Chi Hou is mad over this. He thinks that Mun Hin is responsible for this. He feels bad when Mun Hin is jailed. This good-for-nothing wants to be as rich as Chi Hou but he doesn't want him to get implicated in the dark dealings. So he only becomes a bartender in the bar.

He doesn't know that what Chi Hou does is for his own good. So he tries seeking Pui Shang's attention. He then boasts his success to Chi Hou. Chi Hou then makes use of Ching Ling to please a client. Ching Ling is raped but Chi Kei supports Chi Hou. She leaves the bar to join Chi Hou's nightclub. He pedals drugs but she swallows for him to prevent him from being captured by the police. Both patch up again.

12. Ho Yuk Hou Seung Yee
She is Mun Hin's mother who brings her son up after becoming a widow. She is very upset over what has happened. She believes her son's innocence but never lives to see his release as she dies of an illness.

13. Yuen Chung Tai
He is a hawker but his righteous nature wins Ching Ling's admiration. But she is only treating him like a friend. He helps her to reconcile with her family and he has his first loss in love when Ching Ling goes for Chi Kei. He knows that he will never get Ching Ling so he concentrates on his career.

'I'm Not Sad' is by Lam Chung Hin himself. Although not exactly good, he has tried hard to sing well. But this title is contradictory indeed. How can a person not be sad after all this happenings?


The ending is quite unexpected. I have never dreamed that Chi Hou is a rapist although he is involved in so many illegal activities later. He is a cop then – who will expect him to be the real culprit? No wonder he tries to rape Tong. And no wonder he is so eager to get Chi Kei off the hook. He has been following Chi Kei and then continues the indecent act on Kar Yan after he leaves. How horrifying! Some people do have a dark side that no one knows.

This drama runs in the same pattern as 'The Partner'. But Mun Hin's ordeal is everyone's worst nightmare. His life changes overnight – not just losing his mother, his wife and his unborn baby. He also fails to get support from his closet relatives. Wherever he goes, the rapist label follows him. It is so hard for him to get a job after his release and get back to his feet again. Chun Hin does a remarkable job this time. You will feel sorry for him when he is down and out.

But the focus becomes lopsided when the later development is on the triads and the brothers. Why isn't the attention not on Mun Hin seeking the truth? Seeing how Ching Ling and Chi Kei getting married is kind of weird as they look as if that they don't even reach 21 years old. How can she marry earlier than her uncle?
It is only an average drama so I shall not elaborate too much on it. Please only watch when you have time.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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