Aiming High

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 31, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

Nicholas Tse as Chui Ga Jun
Nicola Cheung as Lor Jing Jing
Cindy Au as Ah Yeng
Lee San San as Ah Yan


"Aiming High" started out as a very promising series but as the story progresses, it fails to hold on to its viewers. This series stars Nicholas Tse and Nicola Cheung. It is part love story, part martial arts (judo), and has some funny scenes. However, the story loses its effectiveness after the first half of the series with the fault from the cast.

What about the story: (Spoilers!)

Nick comes home to Hong Kong to attend his sister's wedding, but she has broken up with her boyfriend. Nick's uncle makes him learn judo so his uncle can get acquainted with San San. As time progresses, Nick excels in judo even though the master there, Yeun Wah, is quite difficult on him. Nick's uncle tells Nick to court Yuen Wah's sister, Nicola, so that he would get special treatment. What started out as a game, causes Nick to fall for Nicola and vice versa. One day, Nicola overhears Nick and his uncle talking about their relationship as a game, and Nicola breaks up with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick's dad gets sick and Nick is forced to help with the family business. He later makes up with Nicola but they aren't dating. One day, Nick gets offered to go to Japan to study judo. Nick is hesitant because he still loves Nicola. He decides to express his feelings but Nicola turns him down because she didn't want him to lose the opportunity to study in Japan. Nick is disappointed and leaves. One year later, Nick returns home. Nicola is very excited to see him because she still cares for him. When Nick arrives, Nicola sees that he is with another girl...

Nicholas Tse:

Nick did an average performance in this series. I saw less and less chemistry between him and Nicola as the story progressed. There were times were I hated his character because he was so unemotional.

Nicola Cheung:

Personally, Nicola deserves better. In the beginning, I thought Nicola and Nicholas made a good couple but after Nick's return from Japan, I just couldn't stand them as a couple.

Best supporting actor:

? as Nick's uncle

Best supporting actress:

Lee San San as Ah Yan

Worst character portrayal:

Fiona Leung as Ah San

Watch it or forget it:

Personally, I felt this series was a total waste of money. After the 7th episode, I was forced to stay awake. There were many parts that didn't seem necessary for the plot and I felt that TVB cheated me in several episodes.

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