Reviewed by: sukting

September 25, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

Are you interested to watch Kar Leung in another villain roles after Vengeance? If so, this is the right one for you.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Cheung Mun Wai – Lo Kar Leung
He is an eager man who wants to climb all the way to the top. Love and friendship mean nothing to him. He keeps changing his love targets till he gets the right person. He meets Kiu and finally knows the meaning of love.

But his love for her isn’t reciprocated as she is only interested in putting him behind bars for hurting her sisters. Kar Leung really sends chills down your spine with his glares. He plays the unfeeling man well.

2. Kok Kar Bo – To Dai Yu
He is Mun Wai’s close friend and is a cop. He likes Ying but has to hide his affections upon knowing that she loves Mun Wai. He later becomes a couple with Kiu but is killed by Mun Wai when he discovers all his evil deeds. Dai Yu is only a secondary character here and he doesn’t create a deep impression.

3. Wong Ha Bak – Wong Kai Tuck
He is Lei’s boyfriend who doesn’t know why she wants a breakup. Mun Wai kills him to frame him. He puts him to be afraid to handle Lei’s pregnancy. Later, Mun Wai accuses him to be the one responsible for something that he has not done.

4. Jeung Yiu Dong – Wong Wai
He is a famous businessman who paints a false picture of having a happy family. Due to his neglecting his wife due to work, she has an affair with his chauffeur to have Lei. Although he keeps the matter a secret, he hates Lei so much that he refuses to look at her.

To him, only the twins are his pride. He only misses her when she is dead. Never does he know that his wealth is the cause of the tragedies befalling his daughters.

5. Yu Ha – Lao Kong
He is Lei’s natural father who keeps extorting money from Yuk Ha and threatens to tell Lei her real parentage. He is sacked and becomes jobless when Yiu Dong discovers their adultery.

6. Lo Siu Fong – Jeung Mun Tun
She is Mun Wai’s first girlfriend who works in the bank. She embezzles funds for him to spend. She urges him to settle it soon as her manager is suspicious of her. When the bank is about to discover her misdeed, she is killed by him. She is an orphan so no one gets bothered over her death. Strange that even her colleagues did not notify the police at all!

7. Jeung Kiu – Kwok Ooi Ming
She hurries home upon getting her law degree. Why? Lei is dead unexpectedly and Ying is in a coma. Unlike her younger twin, she is reserved and analytical.

Kiu is upset and Kar Bo consoles her. She does not believe that Lei will kill herself as she has written to her, telling her excitedly about her pregnancy. Both try to seek the truth. During the process, they fall in love.

She is devastated when he dies and Mun Wai plans to be her boyfriend. Her common sense tells her that something is wrong and she keeps a distance from him. Ooi Ming shows why she is so sought after although she has little acting experience after winning the Miss Hong Kong award.

8. Jeung Ying – Kwok Ooi Ming
She is the younger twin who is very chatty and cheerful. Yiu Dong adores her more than Kiu and spoils her rotten. She doesn’t do well in her studies. Mun Wai starts to woo her after killing Lei.

She is thrilled to have such a boyfriend but she chances upon Lei’s diary to discover about her murder. Mun Wai doesn’t really like her so he applies a lot of force to try to strangle her to death. She doesn’t die but slips into a coma. Upon sensing Kiu near her bed, she tries several times to tell her that Mun Wai is responsible for all the deaths.

9. Jeung Lei – Leung Siu Bing
By right, the youngest is the most pampered but this isn’t the case for Lei as she isn’t Yiu Dong’s own flesh and blood. She knows his likes or dislikes well to try to please him in vain. He doesn’t even turn up at her university convocation in Macau.

She gets to know Mun Wai and is attracted by him. She keeps their relationship a secret so none of her family members have seen him. It is only when she is pregnant that she reveals her own parentage to him.

This proves to be a fatal mistake as Mun Wai realizes that he has wooed the wrong gal. He pushes her off the building before moving on to his next plan – to woo Ying and get into Yiu Dong’s good books. Siu Bing is also good as the pitiful Lei.

10. Hui Yuk Ha – Wong Koi Yan
She is the sisters’ mother who regrets her folly. She is haunted by Ha for the rest of her life. Lei’s death affects her badly and the comatose Ying also upsets her. Luckily Kiu is always around to take care of her.

This is only a low production drama as we can see that the rich are not rich enough. The Jeung family’s setting can be quite stingy and not classy enough.

We often have stories (either in modern or period dramas) of a man loving both twins or could be liking one of the twins. '100% Senorita' also runs in the same pattern.

You will be baffled by the way Mun Wai kills. It’s like killing ants one after another. When one girlfriend outlives her usefulness, he will kill her and change to another target. This shows that knowing the right man is very important for every woman. Even his closest friend doesn’t suspect him when he is checking on the case!

Story-wise, I don’t think it’s thrilling enough as we know the murderer’s identity and motive right from the start. Still, it is like a good ride down memory lane to see how these artistes rise to stardom later to act in blockbuster dramas.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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