And Yet We Live

Reviewed by: hkopinions

April 01, 2007

Rating: four

Alex Man
Lam Ka Wah
Dicky Cheung
Chan Mun Yee
Lam Wing Han
Maggie Siu
Ray Liu

If you look carefully at the cast, you can see it has very big names like Maggie, Dicky, and Alex. However, the cast didn't receive much credit for this series since most of them weren't that famous yet. This series is quite entertaining and the artist performance was spectacular. But it lacked a strong supporting actor though. Dicky's character would have been great for this task but TVB just didn't pay attention to him much in the 80's.

What about the story...
Alex is an architect who has a girlfriend, his cousin. She gets raped by Dai Zhi Wai and she leaves. Alex also has a brother, Lam Ka Wah, but he is stuck in Vietnam with no way out. Lam Ka Wah hates his family because they aren't able to help him come to Hong Kong. He eventually escapes to Hong Kong and learns to accept his family. His father had to get him an illegal ID so he could stay. Meanwhile, Alex starts to date someone new, Lam Wing Han. One day Dai Zhi Wai hits Alex's mom and they go to court. They end up losing the case because Dai Zhi Wai is very rich and ruthless. In anger, Lam Ka Wah murders him and so escapes to the Philippines. Alex begins a new life in the police force...

What about the cast...
The cast was good but the acting wasn't spectacular. Alex did a good job overall but his character was weak. Towards the middle of the series, Alex's character was a little wooden towards many events. If you are a Dicky Cheung fan, then too bad because he has a very minor role in this series. Remember not to blink or you will miss him. Dicky had a short screen time and so his character didn't develop that well. I can't say much for his acting since he didn't have a chance to show his acting skills. Ray was a good bad guy. Throughout the entire series, I couldn't stop hating him. With all his dumb luck and supportive family, it was too bad Ray couldn't change his life. The ending was good for Ray too. I don't want to reveal the ending so you have to watch it to see what happens to Ray. Maggie's character was also weak. I felt that she didn't deserve a good enough character for her to prove that she can act. Her character was okay but at times, I felt that the script neglected Maggie's talent. The major flaw in this series was the lack of a good supporting actor. I couldn't like any of the actors that TVB threw out. There were too many girls but not enough guys. This flaw made Alex's character weaker.

What about the plot...
I thought the plot was very good. The series wasn't like a case-to-case story but had cases at the right time. Cases were introduced to develop the characters especially Alex's. Alex had a complex life and the story proves this. The character development was weak though. The series lacked suspense for its minor characters. The ending is rated about 8/10. I didn't like Alex's character too much because of the ending.

Best supporting actor

Best supporting actress
Maggie Siu

Best villain portrayal
Ray Liu

Worst character portrayal
Lee Heung Kam

Watch it or forget it...
This series lacked a good supporting actor but the plot made up for part of the flaw. I found the series entertaining and was good overall. It isn't too dragging but keeps its intensity and plot intact throughout.

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