Anti-Crime Squad

Reviewed by: hkopinions

April 14, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

Ben Ng Ngai Cheung as Ko Hei
Benny Chan as Seurng Kin Hong
Maggie Siu as Ah Dee
Wayne Lai as Ho Fei Fan
Denise Ho as Seen Guy Sum


This is a cop/investigation series. The cast is very good. The overall story is good too. There are also cameos by Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan. However, I felt the series was like all other cop series. TVB is just using the same story line but with different actors and actresses.

What about the story

Benny is training to be in the CID (Criminal Investigation Department). On his last patrol, Benny sees a man with a gun and his partner gets the license plate. Maggie and Ben are also on the case of this guy. The guy goes into the motel where Maggie and Ben are stationed. Benny follows the guy into the motel also. The guy and two of his accomplices suspect that it is a trap so they make a run for it. Benny is held hostage. Ben tells the guy that he can shoot faster than the man can hurt Benny. Benny hits the guy and gets away. All three suspects get captured. Benny hates Ben because he wasn't concerned with his safety. Ben and Maggie work for Wayne. Ben is always in trouble because he always mishandles cases or blows them out of proportion. Benny passes his examinations and goes into training. He excels and Wayne decides to give him a chance

Benny Chan

I liked Benny's character more than Ben's. Maybe it's because Benny is one of my favourite actors of all time. He did a very good job. Too bad Ben received more credit for this series than Benny.

Maggie Siu

Maggie usually plays the cop character. I find all of her characters to be quite the same. Maybe she should start playing a villain.

Ben Ng

Ben is not one of my favourite actors. However, he did an outstanding job.

Best supporting actor

Wayne Lai

Best supporting actress

Maggie Siu

Worst character portrayal

Cheng Zhi Sing

Watch it or forget it

Overall, the series was good but like all cop stories, I found it quite predictable.

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