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Armed Reaction IV

Reviewed by: Bridget May 14, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Chinese Title: "Tor Cheung Si Jeh 4" (roughly translates to The Armed Policewomen) Year: 2004 # of episodes: 40 Theme Songs: Sammi Cheng "Lok Chor Cheh" (closing theme: roughly translates to Got Off the Wrong Car), opening theme is also sung by Sammi Cheng but I do not know the song title. My apologies. Cast: Marco Ngai Jun Kit as Ching Fung Joyce Tang Lai Ming as Chan Sam Yuen Bobby Au-Yeung Chun Wah as Chan Siu Sang Ada Choi Siu...

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Armed Reaction IV

Reviewed by: Serial_buster March 06, 2004

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Genre : Police Action Drama No. of episodes : 40 CASTING: Bobby Au Yeung as Chan Siu Sang Ada Choi as Wai Ying Chi Marco Ngai as Cheng Fung Joyce Tang as Chan Sam Yun Yoyo Mung as Sunnie Fong Cheng Frankie Lam as Ken Kwong Chi Kin PROLOGUE: Finally!!! The fourth installment of the Armed Reaction (AR) series is finally out after a long wait. I am a faithful fan of this series as I've watched all 3 previous installments. The AR4...

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Armed Reaction IV

Reviewed by: Angelstars November 16, 2003

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Chinese Title: Tor Cheung Si Jer Genre: Modern Cop Series Number of episodes: 40 Main Cast Bobby Au Yeung – Chan Siu Sung Ada Choi – Wai Ying Chi Joyce Tang – Chan Sam Yuen Marco Ngai – Ting Fung Frankie Lam – Ken/Kong Sir Yoyo Mung – Sunnie/Ting After hearing much dispute about whether Armed Reaction has overdone it with all the parts they have made or if the AR saga still lives on, I decided to write a review taking...

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04-27-2009 06:38 AM


i find AR4 annoying cos it focuses so much on love and not cases. and i don't understand why ada's character attracts so many men - no explanation on why frankie's character falls for her (esp when he has so many beautiful gf) and why ada was selected as police spokeswoman (when she is only a PC and no experience on tv)... really dissapointed.


01-02-2008 04:07 AM


OMG, I loved this. I hated how that guy died...nad made that girl so sad T__T


04-03-2007 03:59 AM


I can't believe that after 4 parts Chan Siu Sang still can't have his perfect marriage! I really hope that TVB will make a part 5 and soon because I really want to see Chan Sam Yun and Cheng Fung reunit again and Chan Siu Sang and Wai Ying Chi get marry!


03-07-2007 04:36 PM


I really hope that TVB will make a part 5 soon because I was sooooo not happy with the ending. The ending left too many unfilled spaces. I really want to Bobby character finallly get marry.


08-24-2006 12:00 AM


do you really think theres gonna be AR?coz i read somewhere on the internet,there is not going to be one..but i hope there will!!

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