Blood of Good and Evil

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 31, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Deric Wan
Kitty Lai
Maggie Siu
Nathan Chan
Tsang Kong


This series has a very strong cast especially Deric, Maggie and Kitty. As in Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 1986, Maggie and Kitty's performances in this series were still as spectacular as ever. In this series, Deric has two fathers, the one who raised him and his biological father. Unfortunately, Deric's stepfather is the leader of the triad and his biological father is a well-respected cop. Deric is forced to side with one since a cop and a triad leader doesn't stand well together. Deric also runs into trouble with the law and his girlfriend when he has to side with one of his fathers. Overall, the plot is original and quite entertaining.

What about the cast

Deric portrayed his character very well. Although he lacked chemistry with Maggie and Kitty, his acting skill is still considered good. The story towards the middle of the series did happen to degrade Deric's character though because it dragged on too long. Maggie also did a great job, although the ending was typical of this type of series. Maggie's character had more troubles than Deric did because of her involvement with him. Too bad for her. Kitty was good in this series also. Her chemistry with Deric was average since Deric didn't seem to match with anyone. Her character had many flaws and one was that she cared for Deric too much. On the other hand, Deric's feelings were not as strong as hers causing Kitty to lose it all.

Best supporting actor

Nathan Chan

Best supporting actress

Kitty Lai

Worst character portrayal

Woo Fung

Watch it or forget it

Although Deric's character was lacking in chemistry with Kitty and Maggie, the series was good overall. The series holds your attention for the length of the story, so go rent it.

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