Brother Cry For Me

Reviewed by: sukting

October 12, 2008

Rating: three

How long 20 episodes


Have you seen Liu Wai Hung as a villain before? This is the first time he pairs up with Chan Chung Ling. Please forgive me for any mistake as I can’t remember the story well.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lee Chan Kau – Liu Wai Hung
He is a filial son and a trustworthy friend who works hard as a cop. But he still patrols the streets for so many years without getting a promotion. Since young, he has been asking himself why he is so different in looks from Chun Kit. He then realizes that they aren't related at all. From then on, his personality changes totally. He doesn’t trust anyone else anymore. Chan Kau can’t accept the fact that the family that has stayed with him for so many years is actually his foster family, so he hates them from keeping the truth from him. Chan Kau’s life becomes a roller coaster.

When he acknowledges his rich father, he cuts off ties with his friends. He wants to forget the past totally. He forsakes everyone to become a ruthless businessman – even wanting to pull down the old residential flat that he stayed in to make way for a new building. After that, he realizes what he lacks in life to become a lonely person. He can’t be together with them anymore but he seeks to visit them frequently.

You will realize why Wai Hung is so sought after in the 1990s to be the lead despite his ordinary looks. Many actresses fought for the chance to work with him. His acting ability is up there with the A-listers. He injected many feelings in this role – turning from good to evil. That’s why he makes every role memorable.

2. Lee Chun Kit – Lam Mun Long
He is an inspector at a young age so he can be arrogant at times. Many wonder why he is so handsome while Chan Kau is so plain. He knows that his elder brother is hurt by the remarks so he is protective towards him. But he himself seeks for perfection in looks for his future wife. He believes that beauty must come with brains. It is very hard to please him.

3. Lee Hou – Lee Kar Ding
He is Chan Kau’s uncle. He treats him poorly as he knows that they are not related at all.

4. Lee Wai – Hui Siu Hung
He is Chan Kau’s father who is also an ex-cop. He treats Chan Kau like his own flesh and blood.

5. Cheung Kwan – Kwong Yik
He is Chan Kau’s natural father. He is a selfish man who is also a miser. After acknowledging Chan Kau, he wants him to behave exactly like him.

6. Lam Kei Kei – Fong Siu Hong
She is Yan Yan’s elder sister. She is a good singer but doesn’t like to be under her mother’s control. Thus she isn’t famous for long, so Doi Na pins all her hopes on Yan Yan.

7. Lam Yan Yan – Chen Chung Ling
She loves to play the cello but is very clumsy. No one will realise her inner beauty as she wears large, dark-rimmed glasses. Chun Kit never set eyes on her as she is far from his requirements. It is only when she removes her glasses that he realizes her beauty to date her.

Unknown to Chun Kit, she shared her first kiss with Chun Kau unwillingly when he knocked into her in the lift. Soon she discovers that Chun Kit isn’t for him and Chun Kau is. Seeing how nasty he has changed, she tries to set him back on the right track. Especially after seeing how he struggles to walk with crutches after getting hurt, she is the only one who forgives him and makes him realize his mistakes.

Have fun seeing Chung Ling here as a bookworm character although she has overdone some scenes. Wai Hung joked that she was not feminine enough! I agree with him – she behaved like a man even though she wore dresses or skirts in here.

8. Cheung Lien Dai – Cheung Fung Nai
She is also an ugly duckling who is transformed to be a swan like Yan Yan. Later, she marries Chun Kit.

9. Wan Doi Na – Bak Yan
She often dreams to be the mother of a superstar. Thus she presses her daughters to join contests, hoping that either one can be famous one day.

10. Chu Mei Ha – Ng Yuen Yee
She is a traditional housewife who wants the best for her family. She doesn’t show favourtism to any son.

Interesting scenes

Yan Yan is so untidy in getting hold of her things that the cab driver throws her out when she is unable to get her purse. Even Chun Kit is uninterested to look at her even if she is at the window opposite his room!

Kwan and Chan Kau have similar gestures when they face each other. Kwan starts to suspect that Chan Kau is his son.

Yan Yan joins a beauty contest. She is ill at ease wearing a cheongsam. It turns out so bad that she tears her shawl. Laugh when both families gasp in horror at seeing how she picks up the long string of toilet paper from the ground.

The change in Chan Kau – many can’t believe their eyes upon seeing how he has transformed.


‘A Real Heart’ is a nice theme song by Chung Ling. Quite well sung.


I don’t start a drama by looking at perfect faces – I prefer to see solid acting. Chung Ling and Mun Long only give forgettable performances with little depth. But Wai Hung shows Chan Kau’s changes well – see how stern he becomes in his gelled hairstyle. He displays brilliant acting even with his common look. This is undoubtedly a one-man show, so you mustn’t miss it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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