Burning Flame

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 08, 2007

Rating: five

Wong Hei as Loc Tin Yau
Louis Koo as Lau Hoi Pal
Esther Kwan as Sum Pik Yiu
Lee Zhi Hung as Loc Hiu Fung
Jade Leung as Loc Hiu Chui
Lee San San as Tang Zhang Yuet
Chin Ka Lok as Dai Hing


Burning Flame is a series about firemen as you can guess from the title. TVB did a very good job with the script and the special effects. Many scenes seem so realistic that I felt I was a part of it - very rare in a TVB series. Wong Hei is the star of this series. When Wong Hei was young, he was caught in a big fire but was fortunately saved by a fireman. Wong Hei finally convinces his mother in letting him join up to be a fireman.

What about the story

Louis also makes an appearance this time. Louis has a supposedly older brother, Cheng Zhi Sing, who is really his father's friend's son. Louis's father hopes that Louis would take over the family business since his youngest son, Bo Bo, is retarded. Esther also joins the fire department but cheated on her test since she was afraid of heights. She has a boyfriend who constantly cheats on her. Louis meets Jade on one of his mountain climbing trips. After he gets into a fight with his father, Louis leaves to become a fireman. Louis begins working at a fitness club. Wong Hei's friend was tricked into buying strength enhancer pills, and so Wong Hei got into a fight with Louis. They were taken to the police station but Louis clears the misunderstanding. Wong Hei also meets the fireman who had rescued him when he was younger. One day that fireman fell off a building and fell into a coma. After this incident, Wong Hei became more dedicated to passing his training with flying colours.

Wong Hei

Of course, Wong Hei did a great job. I am never disappointed with his performance. There were many scenes that were funny, especially whenever Wong Hei and Esther were together. They made a very good couple.

Louis Koo

I thought Louis looked very good in this series compared to other modern series. His performance was very good, although he was more of a serious character.

Esther Kwan

Esther is very talented. Every performance of hers is always the best. It was hilarious seeing Esther overcome her fear of heights.

Jade Leung

This was the first series I've ever seen Jade in. She did a good job considering how she's so new to the business. Louis and Jade looked okay together. Wong Hei and Esther looked much better together. Jade's character was less fortunate than Esther's as she was later raped by Cheng Zhi Sing.

Best supporting actor

Lee Zhi Hung

Best supporting actress

Esther Kwan

Best villain portrayal

Cheng Zhi Sing


This series had very good fire scenes. The cast did a great job overall especially Louis and Wong Hei. In the second half of the series, the intensity died down as Cheng Zhi Sing tried to take over Louis father's business. I guess it is so common of Cheng Zhi Sing to be casted in this type of role that it just seems redundant. I thought the series was rather long and so the ending dragged a little.

Watch it or forget it

It is a definite watch it series. Watch it for the cast or watch it for the story because the series was very entertaining.

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