Chor Lau Heung


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Chinese Title: 楚留香

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Chor Lau Heung

Reviewed by: sukting August 16, 2005

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

How long 66 episodes or 30 VCDs Foreword Being an avid reader of Gu Long's works, I don't mind it. I watched it when I was very young and had little recollections of it. It is regarded as an old time classic, which deserves the reputation. Cheng Siu Chau really makes the fragrance thief, Chor Lau Hueng come alive! With a strong cast that provides spectacular acting, what can go wrong? I bought the 3 sets of VCDs at a sale of...

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Chor Lau Heung

Reviewed by: spcnet November 05, 2003

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Gu Long's characters are often written with an aura of mysteriousness, a dash of romantic, and a specific style of speaking. His stories are usually detective-like tales where the heroes try to solve ponderous cases and the culprits almost always the least likely suspect. His women characters are often very beautiful but vain, ambitious, and lethal. "Chor Lau Heung", one of Gu Long's most famous characters, encompasses all of these trademarks of his style....

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01-27-2014 12:05 AM


I guess I'm in the minority because I didn't really care for this version. I've always categorized CLH as someone who is charming, intelligent and caring but Adam's Cheng's portrayal came out the opposite IMHO. I couldn't connect him with during his emotional scenes either which was a disappoint because I know how everyone highly praises Adam as an experienced actor. I also have to say that the cases were boring and predictable furthermore, no one's performance stood out to me. Other aspects such as the slow fighting, slow pace and draggy scenes are excusable due to the time it was produced. Overall, I think this adaptation is average, nothing spectacular especially in comparison to the 1984 version.


11-27-2011 04:48 AM


I had watched all versions and I like this version the most. I watched this version both in Thai and Chinese. When I watched the Thai dubbed, it kinds of confuse because many scenes had been cut. When I read the review by Sukting it cleared up lot of confusion so I decided to watch the Chinese dubbed. However, the Chinese dubbed had cut out the case where So Yung Yung lost the memory. Chor Lau Heung had to help her regain her memory. What I like about this part is that Chor Lau Heung actually expressed his feeling toward Yung Yung more. Chor Lau Heung kind of confessed his love to her by giving his flower essence bottle to her before she lost her memory. She regained her memory when Hu Tiet Far broke the bottle. Also the scene where she was going to marry another guy and he disguised himself to break the ceremony. I wished they did not cut out that case or the Thai dubbed would be original like they aired back in the day.


09-01-2009 10:07 PM


Wow, I'm impressed by sukting's detailed review of this series! I also agree that Adam is the best Chor Lau Heung!


03-23-2009 12:51 AM


This is my fave version of CLH. Yes, its very old and the series moves along very slowly but the cast is very good. Adam plays a good CLH.

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