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Reviewed by: sukting

October 06, 2008

Rating: three-point-five


This is the only drama that the Mr Wong Jiem did and the last drama that Lai Ming did for TVB. Do you wish to watch it? This is also the first time that Tin Lok and Hsuen Huen worked together.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Jok Dai Bo – Lai Ming
He is the oldest son of the family. He lives with his parents, uncle, younger brother and younger sister. Initially, he works for an advertising agency. However, because of some misunderstandings, he leaves his job. His best friend Sam Yee urges him to become a relief teacher at the high school where she teaches.

He agrees, and thus begins his life as a teacher. He is uninterested initially as he only treats it as a temporary job. Soon the students' energetic nature spurs him to recall his past joyful memories. It helps him to pick himself up again and he starts to care more for those pupils who don’t do well in their studies.

At first, the students dislike him. After many tests, they accept him and do not want him to leave. Therefore, he decides to continue teaching and does not accept a position that another advertising company offers him. He is troubled when he discovers himself trapped in a love triangle.

2. Jok Wah Nien – Wong Jiem
He always thinks that there is nothing wrong with him toying with different women. Another humorous relationship which the drama focuses on is his relationship with his wife and another woman. He separates from his wife, but at the end, realizes that he loves his wife the most.

3. Sum Ting – Lee Ying
She often quarrels with her husband over his philandering ways. This leaves Da Bo no peace at home and he often has to mark his books at Sam Yee’s home.

4. Old Mrs Jok – Ha Ping
Her loud voice can tear the house down. She is unhappy that Chong often sings at home so she often interrupts his training.

5. Sum Chong – Law Kar Ying
He enjoys quarreling with Da Bo’s grandmother. He often practices his opera pieces at home. This is another source of noise that Da Bo tries in vain.

6. Jok Chung Ping – Gan Pui Yuen
She is Da Bo’s strong-willed sister who is persistent to complete her architecture degree. She is very independent and open-minded. She wins Kin Choi’s love.

7. Chong Sam Yee – Hsuen Huen
She is a dedicated teacher. She dates a boring doctor who has an obsession with cleanliness. After a while, she can't stand his personality and breaks up with him. Da Bo treats her as a friend but she falls for him. In the end, both remain friends.

8. Fong Tong Sam – Lee Yee Hung
A new counselor, Tong Sam comes to the high school. She inspires Da Bo to show more concern for his students. He is upset when Bo San breaks up with him so Tong Sam cheers him up. He realises that he loves her but she is Kin Choi’s girlfriend. They finally date and get together.

9. Luk Kin Choi – Koo Tin Lok
Kin Choi dated Tong Sam while they went to college. He is grateful to her family for lending him money to go to college. However, he does not love her. In Hong Kong, he meets Chung Ping when they are doing a building project together. They end up dating. Tong Sam comes back to Hong Kong looking for him, hoping to get married. However, they break up and he stays with Chung Ping.

10. Hong Bo San – Cheung Wai Yee
She is very materialistic. She clings to Da Bo because he holds a high post in the advertising company. Alarmed that he decides to make teaching his lifelong career, she ditches him for another man, making him upset.

11. Jok Siu On – Chow Mun Kei
Da Bo’s youngest brother – childish and always getting into trouble.

Best guest star
Roman Tam, gosh – how can you miss it as he sings as well? He acts as himself!

The theme song is ‘Sunlight’ by Lai Ming. It is fast-paced and I adore it. The sub theme is ‘Love Relationship’ which is equally worth your time listening to.


Lai Ming ropes in his good friends to shoot this drama. That is why they have so much chemistry together.

He predicts that Tin Lok will go far – how right he is! However, his character is very one-dimensional, unlike the way he acts in ‘Challenge of life’ or ‘Breaking point’. It is my first time seeing Hsuen Huen keeping a short fringe although she usually has long hair. Yee Hong is still raw then and her Cantonese pronunciation prevents her from doing a good job.

It is an average drama on what happens in school. The same formula is repeated in ‘Shine on you’, so please don’t expect too much from it. Credits must go to the veteran artistes. They provide so much laughter and entertainment. The young ones really have a lot to learn from them.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : **** (Scale of 5)

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