Condor Heroes Return

Reviewed by: nath

December 31, 2007

Rating: four

Duen Chi Hing - Ekin Cheng Yi Kin
Lau Ying - Chan Ka Ling
Mu Lum - Fong Hui Man
Hung Qi (7) - Marco Ngai Chun Kit
Ting Xue Xin (Hung 7's lover) - Wong Siu Yeen
Thuy Ling - ?
Chow Bak Tung- Wayne Leung

Warning! Spoiler review! Detailed plot of the series.
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Beggar Union is divided in 2 categories : 1) true beggars : those who will really beg for money and food and are all dirty and etc. 2) false beggars : they make money and are just Beggar Union's members because they admire this sect, so they are clean and have a profession. These two groups are continually in fights. The leader is from true beggars and the assistant leader is from false beggars.

This is another series made up by TVB in 1994 to introduce "Legend of the Condor Heroes" and it's mainly about the story of Duen Chi Hing and Hung 7, our dear Beggar Union's leader.

Marco Ngai, Wong Siu YeenHung 7 loves food and has eaten a lot of exotic dishes. He is actually, the son of a really cheap man who owns a very big and nice restaurant. Even though his father disapproves, Hung 7 wants to learn kung fu and hopes to become the disciple of the Beggar Union's leader. He is really close to Beggar Union because he has a friend, Lo You Ke (Lee Ka Keung), who will later become the leader of Beggar Union in "Return of the Condor Heroes" and also, he met this girl, Ting Xue Xin (Wong Siu Yeen) with a lame leg . She is the daughter of the assistant leader of Beggar Union, leader of the false beggars. At first, their relationship wasn't good but later, they managed to become really good friends and finally, lovers.

Duen Chi Hing is the son of Dai Ly's (Li) king, but he doesn't know it yet. He has grown up with all women around him. His mother is very weak, she has been sick from the day she has given birth to him. Actually, she was the king's lover but he couldn't live with her because he had to return to Dai Ly. He sworn that he would marry her but after 8 months of pregnancy, when she came to search for him, she finds him on his wedding day. So she ran away and was rescued by a woman, who is a leader of a sect where they are all live together now. So, Duen Chi Hing doesn't know who is his father. Time has passed and it's now time for him to meet his father, because his mother couldn't live any longer and she wanted him to have a great and brilliant future. So she tells him to enter "mo lam" world, but first, she engaged him to his childhood friend, the two of them were deeply in love.

Just to introduce the bad guys in this series : the 4th prince of the Gum people, the brother of Dai Ly king, the Killer that the 4th prince has hired (who has 5 disciples : 3 guys, and 2 women: Thuy Ling and Mu Lum ), the father of Hung 7's lover (assistant leader), and Cuu Thien Nhan (Kou Tin Yun).

All of Beggar Union is searching for Duen Chi Hing and his mother because the Dai Ly king had asked the leader of the beggars to find them. He need to find a successor since he doesn't trust his younger brother. Duen Chi Hing went to Dai Ly but only met his uncle. This guy just wants to get rid of Duen Chi Hing and his mother so that he can be the next king.

Wayne Leung, Ekin Cheung, Marco Ngai, Lee Ka KeungWhen Duen Chi Hing and Hung 7 met, they immediately become great friends. A kind of solid friendship and they look like brothers. Duen Chi Hing has to leave soon though. Then the adventures really start.

Duen Chi Hing's uncle destroyed the place where Duen Chi Hing used to live and killed everyone--only Duen Chi Hing's mother and fiancee have escaped...but Duen Chi Hing believes that they are dead. At the same time, at Dai Ly palace, the king's younger brother, who is plotting with Gum, has made the 4th prince of Gum enter the palace. The king believes that the 4th prince is his son but little after, the king will find out that it was all a trick. Duen Chi Hing's mother will be killed by the uncle. From then on, Duen Chi Hing's relationship with his father isn't good because Duen Chi Hing blames his father for his mother death. Even though every time he was in danger, his father was there to help, but he can't forgive him. The 4 guards of Dai Ly usually go along with the king, our Duen Chi Hing. With the help of Duen Chi Hing's fiancee, the king will be able to make him learn some of Dai Ly's kung fu. He will rest at a house where his parents used to live.

As for Hung 7, he'll take care of one of Duen Chi Hing's friend, Lau Ying. His relationship with his gf is now really good. During a charity event, the leader of Beggar Union will be poisoned and disappears, it will be the assistant leader who will replace him. However, Hung 7 has found the leader, just that the leader wants to know who is the spy of the Gum in the Union so he told Hung 7 to find Wong Chung Yeung, but Wong Chung Yeung was travelling, so Hung 7 could only bring back WCY's "see dai" : Chow Bak Tung to help and heal the leader. Later on, they'll discover that the assistant leader is the spy but that night, all of Hung 7's family is killed by the Killer and they have to run away. Hung 7 and the leader lost contact with Lau Ying while Chow Bak Tung, Duen Chi Hing, and his father will try to defeat the Killer. Hung 7 and the leader will have to work in a quarry under the Gum and they'll meet Lau Man, Lau ying's father. This man used to be part of "mo lam" world, fabricating swords and other arms. He was very well-known, because his weapons were really sharp. With a lot of luck, Hung 7's inner power has increased and he finally becomes the leader's disciple. They'll escape the quarry by boat by kidnapping the 4th prince and Hung 7 will hurt one of the 4th prince eye. On the boat, Hung 7 has to cure his master and starts to hit him, it's a way to transfer inner power, but Duen Chi Hing saw them from the shore and thought that Hung 7 was injuring the leader which will bring lots of misunderstandings.

Marco Ngai, Wong Siu Yeen, Lee Ka KeurngLater, Hung 7 will start to learn 18 Dragons Palms. One day, he went out and the assistant leader came and tried to kill the leader. Hung 7 arrives but it was too late, his master told in front of the assistant leader that Hung 7 was his disciple and the new leader of the Union, and soon afterwards, he died. Hung 7 blames himself of being too fond of food, so he cuts off a finger. He was chased by Gum persons but the Dai Ly uncle came to his rescue, dressed as a Taoist and pretended to be Wong Chung Yeung. When Hung 7 saw 2 of Dai Ly's guards attacking this Wong Chung Yeung, he was suspicious and run away. However, Duen Chi Hing thinks that Hung 7 is now with the Gum. The assistant leader came back to the Union and claims that Hung 7 has killed the leader, but Hung 7 appeared and tells them he is the leader, but Duen Chi Hing arrives and screws everything. He tells that he has seen Hung 7 injuring the leader and that Hung 7 was plotting with Gum, so Hung 7 is captured. The assistant leader kept him alive, he wanted to know where the 18 Dragons palms and Dog Stick's scriptures are, but even Hung 7 didn't know. Then he found a tooth in his pocket--it was from his master, when the leader spits on him like the Beggar Union tradition when he announced that Hung 7 was now the new leader.

Lau Ban, Marco NgaiAnyway, Lau Man and Chow Bak Tung will come to rescue him, but Hung 7 has already been rescued by Ting Xue Xin. They run away and meet Cuu Thien Nhan. Afterwards, they'll come back with the help of CTN to the Beggar Union headquarters to find the leader's bowl to try to find the scriptures, but there's nothing, just some words on it. Then they realized that CTN wasn't on their side so they ran to the cliff. To escape from them, Hung 7 jumped off the cliff and Ting followed him. CTN and the assistant leader thought that the scriptures are down there so they jump too. The assistant leader has found some scriptures but they were fake. Hung 7 will find the real scriptures and start to master it in a cave down at the cliff. They needed a place to avoid everyone. In the cave, Hung 7 will find the necessary medicines to heal Ting's leg so now she doesn't limp anymore. Later, Hung 7 will master 16 of the 18 palms, but they are disturbed by the assistant leader : he has discovered that it was a fake scriptures, so came back. Hung 7 managed to run away with Ting. They went to Dai Ly and found the king attacked by his brother and the Killer, but Hung 7 was able to bear the Killer's attack, which proved his martial arts improved. Hung 7 came to ask the king to help him learn the 2 lasts palms and tells the king he'll go find Duen Chi Hing and talk to him.

Chan Ka Ling, Wayne LeungDuring all this part of the series, the love relationship between Hung 7 and Ting got really well now, even though she defended her father, but later she'll understand how bad her father is. As for Duen Chi Hing, he'll fall in love with the daughter of Lau Man, Lau Ying. He still loves his fiancee and Mu Lum has fallen for him. Mo Lam has left the Killer after the tragedy of Hung 7's family, she couldn't bear it because she wasn't a bad person. The Killer just forced her to kill, but thankfully, she met Duen Chi Hing and he helped her. Chow Bak Tung has been taking care of Lau Ying for a time (from the moment when Hung 7 family gets killed to when they all get reunited at the place of Duen Chi Hing's). They were searching for her father, but when Chow Bak Tung has found her father, she gets kidnapped by the 4th prince. 4th prince wanted to force Lau Man to make arms, but Lau Man commits suicide when he is sure that his daughter will be saved by Chow Bak Tung. Chow Bak Tung blames Duen Chi Hing's so they went to search for Duen Chi Hing so she could punish him.

Fong Hui ManEveryone reunites at Duen Chi Hing's place. He apologizes to Hung 7 because Chow Bak Tung has explained him what happened. Together, they wanted to help Hung 7 to become the leader, so all the men went to the Beggar Union to get the leader's dog stick, but Hung 7 and Duen Chi Hing gets poisoned by the Killer--the same poison as Hung 7's master. They were saved by the women and brought back to the house. Mu Lum went to steal the antidote but she was only able to get one antidote. Duen Chi Hing forces Hung 7 to eat it, so Duen Chi Hing is still poisoned. Lau Ying tried to find the medicines to cure him, but it wasn't successful. In the Gum's group, the Dai Ly brother went to see his brother and told him he would exchange the antidote for the throne. The King didn't agree, telling him that Duen Chi Hing doesn't consider him as a father, his real sons and daughters are the population of Dai Ly. The truth is that he has decided to heal Duen Chi Hing with "Yat Yeung Tsi", even if he has to lose his inner power for 5 years.

Ekin ChengAs the King was healing Duen Chi Hing, the group gets attacked by the Killer, but they managed to avoid him this time because Thuy Ling, one of the Killer's disciple, went to tell them so they could run. Anyway, the Killer ran away after having been sort of defeated by the king. Everyone goes to the palace of Dai Ly. When Duen Chi Hing's woke up, he thanks his father, but it was all, he still blames him for his mother death. Then rumors spread that the King was seriously sick and all the peasants loved their king so much that they went to pray. Duen Chi Hing went to his mother's grave and talked. Hung 7 arrived and told him the king was dead and that even if he didn't want to admit it, Duen Chi Hing loves his father. He was just too proud to admit it and that caused him the lost of his only close parent left. When Duen Chi Hing shows his concern, Hung confesses that the King is still alive, but not for long. At the same time, Dai Ly uncle comes and asks for the throne, since the King didn't have any successor, but Duen Chi Hing arrives and tells him not to forget this nephew. The King died on the day Duen Chi Hing became the new king of Dai Ly.

As for Hung 7, news in Beggar Union spread too. Two important beggars will be executed because the assistant leader has forced Beggar Union to reunite with Gum and they didn't agree. Hung 7 came just in time, Duen Chi Hing was also there to help. They successfully won against the Gum and Hung 7 becomes the leader and the assistant leader lost all his kung fu.

So now, Hung 7 has to defend the North, Duen Chi Hing, the South, against Gum. Duen Chi Hing has chosen his fiancee to become the queen of his country. But there was an epidemic in Dai ly, something like chickenpox. Lau Ying tried to cure it, but wasn't able to find the medicine and Mu Lum and the fiancee were sick too. Strangely, Mu Lum gets cured by herself. They figure out it was because of the poisons she had in her blood. So in the medicine, she puts some of her blood. At the same time, Duen Chi Hing's uncle came and tells his nephew that he'll give the antidote for the poison in exchange of the throne. Thankfully, they've found the antidote in time, and Duen Chi Hing killed his uncle to avenge his mother.

The Gum has decided to find the tactic book of Nhac Fei, they even went to dig up his grave, but it turns out that the clue to finding the tactic book was in the Beggar Union. It was in the bone's jar of Lo You Ke's father. Lo You Ge's father was a follower of Nhac Fei that the leader and the king of Dai Ly had rescued. As for Thuy Ling, she has failed in her duty to find the tactic book, so she gets punished. She was half dead when Hung 7 rescued her and it makes Ting very jealous, so she brought Thuy Ling to some place and made the dogs attack her. Thuy Ling ran away and Hung 7 punished Ting--she has to kneel in front of important beggars members' graves. Afterwards, he asked her to marry him and she accepted. Thuy Ling has started to love him and was very jealous when he proposed to Ting.

Chan Ka LingDuen Chi Hing has married his fiancee but is still in love with Lau Ying. She has moved out of the palace and opened a clinic. One day, she got kidnapped by 4th prince again and this time, he threatened Duen Chi Hing. He saved her but she was badly injured and lost her memory. One day, she run away and fell in the water. Duen Chi Hing followed her and they ended up on an island. On their last day, Duen Chi Hing and Lau Ying married but she ran away again. The queen had asked for Hung 7's help to find Duen Chi Hing and protect the country against Gum. They finally managed to find their king on the island. The queen announces to Duen Chi Hing she was pregnant and told him she would love to share and educate this baby with Lau Ying, meaning that he should marry Lau Ying as a concubine.

The Killer has made the assistant leader recover his inner power and kung fu. On his daughter's wedding night, he plans to explode the Beggar Union's headquarters. Thuy Ling has kidnapped Ting, she wants Hung 7 to choose and of course, he chose Ting. On his wedding night, Thuy Ling came again to tell him that the assistant leader was planning to explode the headquarters. He rushed out and had to kill his father-in-law. Ting has seen everything and blames him for her father's death. She thinks that he killed her father for Thuy Ling because he loved her more, so she left. From then on, her attitude changed a lot. Then later, she saw Thuy Ling and Hung 7 naked together, actually, Thuy Ling had become a member of Beggar Union--she has brought the heads of her 2 "see hings" to prove her loyalty. Hung 7 was only practicing his kung fu since Ting left and he got sick. Thuy ling and Hung 7 were naked, but Hung 7 wasn't awake, he didn't know. Anyway, this caused lots of misunderstandings and Ting has been trapped by 4th prince who raped her. It completely makes her flip out. Once she was fighting for food against a dog and got saved by Chow Bak Tung who brought her back to his Quen Zhen sect.

Duen Chi Hing went to search for Lau Ying but got attacked by the Killer and CTN so he was seriously injured. Lau Ying reappeared, saved him and decided to bring him to Wong Chung Yueng to get him healed. There, he told her his true feelings, even the queen came to tell her that she would like to share her husband. Chow Bak Tung was so happy but there was Ting who blamed Lau Ying for stealing someone else's husband and future baby. They tried to tell her to talk with Hung 7, that he still loved her, but she wouldn't listen and left.

Chan Ka Ling, Ekin ChengThen after, she went to the palace to steal the clue for the tactic book. But after stealing it, she was captured by the guards, so she hid the clue in some sort of aquarium. Same day, Hung 7 was coming to celebrate Duen Chi Hing's second wedding. When he arrives, Ting was with Duen Chi Hing and she decides to commit suicide with Duen Chi Hing's sword because she wanted to turn the two good friends against each other. Hung 7 thought it was Duen Chi Hing who had killed her and left very sad (sometimes, i wonder if she still love Hung 7).

Another problem occurred--the king of Han was plotting with Gum and wanted to give to Gum the tactic book so he asked the Beggar Union for the tactic book. So now, Hung 7 has to come out with the tactic book but no one knows where the clue is and if he doesn't hand it, he would be executed. The queen has given birth to a little prince, but Thuy ling kidnapped him and asked for the clue. When Hung 7 knew about it, he told her to give back the baby, but she wouldn't listen. Thuy Ling brought the little baby somewhere but she met the Killer, who kidnapped the baby and also asked for the clue. Thankfully, Mu Lum, Duen Chi Hing, and Wong chung Yueng arrived with a false clue. Thuy Ling was brought to the palace. The beggars thought she was trapped there, so they went to save her. On the same night, CTN came and saw Lau Ying and Chow Bak Tung learning kung fu so he gave them some love poison which made the 2 of them sleep together and Duen Chi Hing saw them together. He was mad at everyone especially when he learned that Lau Ying was pregnant--well he still loved her, but felt uncomfortable, so she decided to move in a small house. Hung 7 saved Thuy ling, but since he couldn't give the authorities the tactic book or the clue, he had to run away and he was somehow injured and all.

While they were living together, Thuy ling was poisoning Hung 7 with some poison that made his inner power become very low, he couldn't use it anymore. As for Duen Chi Hing, well he found the clue back, by dropping his wine in the aquarium and since it was wet, some words appeared on the painting (the clue) and he went to CTN mountains to find the tactic book. As for Chow Bak Tung, he has investigated and learn that it was all CTN fault, so kept disturbing CTN's sect. CTN decided to kill Chow Bak Tung, but Duen Chi Hing arrives in time and announces to Chow Bak Tung that Lau Ying was pregnant. Duen Chi Hing has found the tactic book and asked Mu Lam to announce it to Thuy Ling and Hung 7. When she came, she saw where Hung 7 was practicing kung fu and guessed that Thuy Ling was poisoning Hung 7. She wanted to tell Hung 7 but Thuy Ling killed Mu Lam. When Duen Chi Hing discovered Mu Lam's body, he was really sad and made a grave for her stipulating that she has done so much for Dai Ly that her faults was all erased and she will be now one of his concubines.

Ekin Cheng, Chan Ka LingHung 7 has seen Mu Lam and guessed that Thuy Ling has killed Mu Lam, so he got suspicious of Thuy Ling and stopped eating or drinking the poison. When Thuy Ling force him to marry her, he was able to run away.

Later, Hung 7 and Duen Chi Hing solved their misunderstandings. Beggar Union's members were trapped by Gum and Hung 7 managed to save them with the help of Thuy Ling who has cut her hand for him but she was badly injured, so before dying, she asked him for a kiss, then bit him. It turns out that she had poison on her lips-- but don't worry, Hung 7 survives. He was saved by Chow Bak Tung who brought him to his see hing, Wong Chung Yeung. Hung 7 survived, even though the Killer attacked them. Duen Chi Hing has come to the rescue ! Then they decided that together, they would get rid of the Killer but both were really weak because Hung 7 just got injured and Duen Chi Hing had transfer some of his inner power to Hung 7. Then, Lau Ying and Chow Bak Tung (Lau Ying has given birth to her baby son, but he was injured by a black dressed guy who also injured the queen, who has fallen into coma. Lau Ying killed her baby because she didn't want him to suffer (her hair turned white). Afterwards, when Chow Bak Tung came to his son grave, CTN has also come, and she recognized his voice. Chow Bak Tung and Lau Ying tried to defeat CTN, but both were injured and Duen Chi Hing has transfer his inner power to them, because he felt guilty). So both were really weak--their only solution was that one would get killed and they decided to let god decide and Hung 7 was the one who would get sacrificed.

Beggar Union's most powerful members then transferred their inner power to Hung 7 until they died, but for some reason Hung 7 also died. Next scene, you see a funeral reception and then the Killer arrives and says that he would not let Hung 7 die so peaceful like that. He plans to destroy Hung 7's body but then Duen arrives and did something (?) that made Hung 7 woke up. The two of them were able to defeat and kill the Killer.

Ekin Cheng, Marco NgaiThe queen woke up but died really soon after. Hung 7 and Duen Chi Hing met each other, the two of them has recovered all their kung fu and inner power, at the house where they all lived together once and talked about their life and loves-- how they have destroyed the lives of the women they cared for. Duen Chi Hing decided to become a monk. Hung 7 has tried to stop him but wasn't able to. Duen Chi Hing also gives him back the tactic book but Hung 7 surprised the king of Han when meeting the Gum 4th prince. He killed the 4th prince and decided to hide the tactic book, not giving it back to the King.

Last scene, you see Hung 7 really well-known, but still young, saving a young lady and drinking wine... ;) The End.

*Note : The events of the series could be mixed up, but it's mainly the story.

Comments: I just love this series. I like Marco Ngai being Hung 7, he did an incredible job. I also like Ekin in this series, he has the look for Duen Chi Hing, but looks awful as a monk. His performance was pretty good. Nothing to say about Wayne, he was just perfect for the role since he played it so many times. As for the women's performances, I think they were pretty good too...even if it's not a faithful adaptation to the novel's events, I really liked it.

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