Reviewed by: sukting

November 19, 2008

Rating: three


This is the third time that Wan Siu Lun and Siu Mei Kei worked together after 'Looking Back in Anger' and 'Blood of Good and Evil'. This is also the second time that Siu Lun works with Kwok Oi Ming besides 'A Good Match from Heaven'.

Is there a third court inside you to remind you of your misdeed although you are not imprisoned by law? How will you deal with it?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ma Chung Bo – Wan Siu Lun
He stays in the cage because he is poor. Hoi Yee discovers that he has a fantastic memory and brings him out to work in her magazine company. He writes because of Hoi Yee. He slowly becomes independent to be able to take care of himself as he becomes a novel writer. Both fall in love. He keeps following Dai Yu, follows his actions and writes about him in an article. However, Hoi Yee can't put up with his unpredictable temperament. Thus he is sad when both break up. He only cares about himself. Luckily, Yu Nok is present to heal him.

He then turns to work in Yee Tin's newspaper company. Upon discovering that Yu Nok has cancer, Yu Nok has no courage to tell him. Chung Bo finds out himself and stays by her. He starts from being a small printing worker, assistant editor to chief editor. Even after Kum Ling controls Tien Dei, his position is unmoved as he is supported by the other directors. But when she forces him to take a long break, he returns to find his authority power reduced. He refuses to resign even though Hoi Yee harasses his family.

He tries desperately to find a way to buy back the shares for Yee Tien. Seeing him totally engrossed, Yu Nok is scared that he will break down. Seeing that he ignores her completely, she breaks a fish tank but this gives him a wake-up ring. He decides to set up a new magazine – New Tien Dei. He sells all his shares to Kum Ling so the others support him.

Chung Bo has thought that Yu Nok's cancer has reoccurred so he treats her well. But upon knowing that she is well, his feelings for her remains rooted. Seeing that she flies to Bangkok on her own for holiday, he is afraid that no one is taking care of her. When she returns, he proposes to her.
They are about to get married when Hoi Yee stops their wedding. She forces him to come to her yacht through his wedding helicopter. It is supposed to fly to his wedding venue but it goes to her yacht. She claims that they are married with a daughter. But she is only pregnant Unable to take the pressure that Kum Ling dies because of him and seeing that she will never let him off, he jumps into the sea and falls into a coma.

Hoi Yee has a miscarriage when trying to save him. Upon knowing that she loses the baby, she points at him as the culprit and charges into his ward. This is the first time Yu Nok is firm not to let them see each other.

Yu Nok stays by his side to wait for him to wake up. After this mishap, he is back to his autistic self and Yu Nok has to help him again although he has a low chance of recovering as he hurt his head. Siu Lun gives a lukewarm performance. I feel that he is more suitable to act as a rich man – not a pauper. Luckily, he shines towards the end.
2. Lee Ying Kit – Cheung Kok Keung
He is Yu Nok's ex-boyfriend but is a money-minded scoundrel. He is Hoi Yee's defence lawyer who doesn't help Hoi Yee much when she is detained for killing Yau Yung. Not because he doesn't want to but because she chooses to do her self-defence. He works as Dai Yu's lawyer later but Dai Yu never regards him important. He is eager to climb up the social ladder so he rapes Chi Yan in the lift. He keeps the tape to extort her frequently.

Enraged with his act, Dai Yu gets gangsters to hit him up after seizing the tape back. He is dismissed so he makes a big fuss over his love triangle. Dai Yu can tolerate this no more as he is going to marry Hoi Yee. Thus he sends men to beat him up. Kum Ling is with Ying Kit to get hurt too.

This causes him to walk with a limp from then onwards.
Sore over his fate, he joins forces with Kum Ling to harm Dai Yu. He brushes off his guilt as he claims that Big Sister Gu is mad so the police has to release him and Kum Ling. He keeps pushing all the blame to others. He also helps Kum Ling to get back Henry's money so Hoi Yee starts to find that there is no justice in this world.

Can you believe that this man is all out to get anything he wants – even by going to bed with Kum Ling and to get engaged to her? He is puzzled when Hoi Yee is lukewarm over this.

Hoi Yee seduces him and informs Kum Ling secretly to get him caught in the act. Kum Ling drives him away. He wants to settle this with money and meets Kum Ling at the rooftop. Hoi Yee is also present. Kum Ling pushes Ying Kit but she is knocked out by him. It is accidental for Hoi Yee to kill Yau Yung. But it becomes a deliberate attempt of her to kill Ying Kit. He nearly falls from the rooftop. Hoi Yee steps on his hand to make him loosen his grip to fall to his death. Chung Bo sees this and is shocked. Hoi Yee begs him not to tell the truth as she has reasons for this.

He finally hides this from the police but he can never accept her method of revenge. The responsibility is then shifted to Kum Ling for murder. He makes his shameless man come alive doing all these evil and unforgiven deeds. All will not pity him over his plight as he deserves it.

3. Kiu Dai Yu – Ng Wai Kok
He is a rich businessman. He has a dark past for being a Big Sister Gu's lover. She is so much older than him so he only wants her money. He dumps her at sea and seizes her fortune. He is arrogant but he often helps the unfortunate by raising funds as he often remembers his past. Of course, this can be considered one of his intentions to gain promotion. He knows Chi Yan's affections for him but he pretends not to know it. He has not wanted to fall in love as money is most important to him.

Meeting Hoi Yee changes his whole perception. He starts to admire her talents and righteous nature. (Of course, he doesn't know that she has indeed killed Yau Yung.) A mysterious person tries to knock him down but he causes Chi Yan to get injured. Even so, Chi Yan still refuses to resign. He can be firm at times. Upon knowing that Chi Yan is the one who leaks the news of his one-night stand with Hoi Yee, he warns her with a firm tone.

He starts to woo her and helps her to set up the magazine agency. He manages to touch her with his sincerity. Big Sister Gu turns up for his wedding. She wants Dai Yu to return to her. Dai Yu feigns to agree to it and wants to seize the knife that she holds. But she stabs him to death instead.

This drama spells Wai Kok's comeback after leaving the television screen for a few years. And it is a successful one indeed. He has never lost his charm and still looks dashing. In fact, he shows well why Dai Yu is so popular with the two women as he is really very reliable to solve their problems for them.

4. Kam Chi Fung – Yeung Tak See
This is an unscrupulous reporter who is eager to get all kinds of inside news. He is in change of the 'real' magazine. Henry buys over it and Kum Ling becomes his boss. Dai Yu can bear with Yee Tin's insults but this man can't. He gets information on Dai Yu's one night stand from a drunk Chi Yan and spreads the news. He is sore when Ching Tien wins his magazine later. He later gets into a bribery case done by Hoi Yee and is arrested.

5. Chow Yu Mun – Lam Kar Dong
He is Yu Nok's elder brother who is very protective towards his sister. He is more interested in writing novels like Chung Bo. That is why both become close friends. Yan is disappointed that he doesn't study hard to become a reporter so he pins all his hopes on Yu Nok instead. He is angry when Yan is demoted when Ying Kit takes over and confronts Chi Fung. He is disappointed that Hoi Yee doesn't stop them although she witnesses everything.

6. Kum Hung Leung – Chung Hon Leung
He is the only grandson of Yee Tin. His life changes in a month. His father is killed while his mother dies of a heart attack right after knowing that Hoi Yee is released. She actually falls after saying sarcastic insults to her. it is then said that she causes her death. He is sure that Hoi Yee is lying so he goes all out to ruin her job chances. Hoi Yee loses her reporter job at the television station after the scandal. He isn't satisfied when she sets up Ching Tien.

He also suspects Chung Bo's to work with him. He doesn't like Yee Tin to keep comparing them together. When all crack over their brain to determine how to make Tien Dei successful, Chung Bo points out an idea so he rises to become a reporter right from the publishing unit. Soon, his novel on Hoi Yee is published and sales are good. Chung Bo gets promoted to be the assistant editor. Hung Leung decides to resign and Kum Ling buys over his shares. Kum Ling gets the control due to his moment of folly that upsets Yee Tien.

He feels remorseful and beats Chung Bo up in anger. Chung Bo has to calm his mind and both make up. Ying Kit and Chi Fung take over Tien Dei but promotes Chung Bo as editor to avoid disputes. Knowing that he has no brain for managing the newspaper, he follows Yee Tien overseas. You will never believe how terrible Hon Leung acts then. He can't cry well. How he tortures us with his unbearable acting then!

7. Chow Yan – Cheung Ying Choi
He is Yu Nok's father who is a newspaper editor. He thinks that she isn't cut out to be a reporter. Thus he sends her to cover horse racing news. He is dismayed over her decision to help Hoi Yee at her magazine company. He doesn't view Chung Bo important but later admires his ability to accept him.

8. Kum Yee Tin – Kwan Hoi San
He is the man who sets up Tien Dei. He grooms Yau Yung to be his successor but he dies young. He then concentrates to take care of Hung Leung. Both hate Hoi Yee and are determined to get more evidence to prove her crime. He transfers all his shares to Chung Bo to migrate overseas.

9. Mah On – Lau Kong
He is Chung Bo's father who takes care of him well although both are poor. Still, his main concern is how much money he can help him to win through gambling.

10. Kum Yau Yung – Lok Ying Kwan
He is Kum Ling's lover who sets his eyes on Hoi Yee. Hoi Yee struggles and kills him by mistake. She later burns the house down to destroy all evidence. Although he only appears in 2 episodes, he gives an unforgettable performance.

11. Wai Hoi Yee – Siu Mei Kei
Hoi Yee comes from a broken home and struggles to survive on her own. She takes over her mother's surname but is abandoned by her. It is bad enough when Ying Kit dumps her. But when she sees him in court, she is mortified. She is completely engulfed by hatred as both face each other. She is then determined never to love again.

Chung Bo helps her to get her freedom back so she starts to love him. But both are equally stubborn and will not listen to each other. She believes that she is wronged when news spread that she is Yau Yung's woman. So she decides to set up a magazine that only tells the truth. But what an insult - she has completely forgotten that she has killed Yau Yung and Chung Bo has covered up for her.

Chung Bo has tested her patience for too long and his actions are unpredictable. She feels tired when with him so Dai Yu slowly enters her heart. Both decide to get married but he is killed on their wedding day. Dai Yu has not signed a will or registered their marriage before their wedding. So she loses all his fortune. Filled with vengeance as she loses everything overnight, she plans her revenge.

She pretends to apologise to Kum Ling on television but she still doubts her. She does it again at a charity function. Kum Ling is moved this time. She pretends that she wants to die and Kum Ling rushes to save her. She gets to work in 'real'. Although she is at loggerheads with Ying Kit, she tries not to show it. She doesn't boast of her ability to help Kum Ling to purchase Tien Dei so Kum Ling trusts her now.

Mei Kei is given a lead role but she lets all of us down. No doubt she has kept longer hair to look more feminine, she looks very tired and unfocused. It seems that her hair isn't combed properly as it often curls in all directions. No more sparks created between her and Siu Lun – I feel cheated!

12. Chow Yu Nok – Kwok Oi Ming
She is a realistic character in the drama. She is the only friend that Hoi Yee has. Both work as reporters. She harbours hopes to reconcile with Ying Kit but later gives up on him upon knowing that he is a jerk from Chi Feng. She often lacks confidence and needs an extra push from others.

She suffers from stomach cancer but faces it bravely. She even saves victims out from a landslide. She also creates chances for Chung Bo and Hoi Yee to be together. Knowing that Hoi Yee chooses Dai Yu, she stands by Chung Bo to encourage him. She sends Chung Bo's novels to Yee Tin, hoping that it will get published. It does one day. Upon knowing her illness, she opens a fish shop. Same as for love, she retracts as she is very unsure of herself. Hoi Yee avoids her and Chung Bo in order to seek revenge.

She doesn't even turn up on her day of operation. Yu Nok doesn't blame her at all. She only turns panicky when Hoi Yee seizes her groom on her big day. Although Chung Bo becomes his old self again in the end, she believes that both can still communicate. They are easily satisfied and will never harm anyone. Oi Ming shines in this role as usual as a positive person.

13. Mok Chi Yan – Chan Suk Lan
She is another realistic character in the drama. Chi Yan comes from a rich family and can easily handle any company that her father gives her. She chooses to be Dai Yu's personal assistant instead. She gives all her might to love Dai Yu but is disappointed when all love is lost when he only loves Hoi Yee. This role is very pathetic. She has given up her youth to work for him for so many years.

She gets drunk and is raped by Ying Kit. Hoi Yee gets to know about it when she gets upright upon getting Ying Kit's call. Hoi Yee informs Dai Yu about it so Chi Yan forgives her to become her friend. After Dai Yu's death, she attributes it to her cause. She is about to leave Hong Kong when knowing that Ying Kit is the culprit indeed.

He insists that she is the one responsible and he still holds another copy of the tape. She loses her will to continue living to jump off a building to her death before telling Hoi Yee about it. Hoi Yee is too late to stop her to witness her death. When Hoi Yee confronts Ying Kit, Ying Kit insists that she dies because Hoi Yee seizes Dai Yu. Hoi Yee feels sorry for her and thus decides to seek revenge. Suk Lan has shed her comical image to show that she can act a decent role. Thumbs up for acting well!

14. Big Sister Ku – Fung Suk Bo
Who can blame her for killing Dai Yu? Dai Yu is the one who cheated her first. She loves him deeply, not doubting that he actually plots to murder her at sea. And yes, that is a very horrifying sight. Knowing that she can't swim, he thrusts her right into the water. He then flees all the way from the U.S. back to Hong Kong. She is rescued and is left disfigured. She injures him with a knife during an attempt and he recognizes her but he doesn't report her to the police.

Still, she is arrested and blurts out the past. Chi Yan then bribes Ying Kit to send her to the asylum. All reporters want to interview Dai Yu but he only chooses to get interviewed by Hoi Yee instead. Thanks to her to create chances for both to be together. She decides not to publish this news and both are in better terms.

Ying Kit manages to know her past to pass the knife to her and also let her know that Dai Yu is marrying. Kumthe Ling even confirms this with her by showing her the wedding invitation card. Thus she sends horror when turning up at the function. Others are speechless over Dai Yu's death. Kum Ling and Ying Kit do not expect that but they are still pleased that they have gotten rid of a strong opponent who keeps interfering into their lives.

15. Wai Kum Ling – Miu Kum Fung
Kum Ling only loves herself. She hates her daughter, Hoi Yee for killing her lover. She accepts HK300 million from Yau Yung's wife to become the chief witness by not revealing their adultery. But the story is nonsensical – the money is promised to her after the trial and not before it. Kum Ling gets the money and she soon marries a newspaper magnate, Henry Yau (by veteran Bao Fong) in London.

She still goes out with different men and Hoi Yee returns her intimate photos to her although she will not publish them in Ching Tien. Henry dies as he gets too agitated after seeing them. He changes his will, not leaving a cent to her. She hates Hoi Yee even more and ruins her wedding. She and Ying Kit wait for Big Sister Gu's release to tell her about the wedding news.

She doesn't know that Hoi Yee deceives her to make up with her later. She spreads news of Hoi Yee getting pregnant to buy over Dai Yu's company. She hates Chung Bo for ruining her chance when he declares that the news source is fake. Seeing how her daughter has changed (Actually she is only becoming to be like her mother), she repents her mistake and leaves everything she has to her before her death. Standing applause for her – this actress is remarkable!

Unbelievable scenes – which I can hardly stomach

Knowing that Hoi Yee is going to be jailed for Yau Yung's death, Chung Bo creates fake evidence to save her. (Please watch it for yourself. I have no heart to describe it in detail due to his stupidity.)

Kum Ling hates Hoi Yee for killing Yau Yung. She is adamant to see her in jail so she becomes the chief witness to testify against her for the killing. How can she regard a lover more important than her own daughter? Since she only loves herself, is it worth asking for trouble to offend her daughter over a dead man? It will be better if she has agreed to testify for her but greed blinds her to change her statement later.

Kum Ling gets married to London. She gives Hoi Yee HK$50,000 as compensation as her release. Hoi Yee decides to go to England with Chung Bo after getting the money. Dai Yu also turns up there to sell an antique. Knowing that Kum Ling wants it, Hoi Yee and Chung Bo turn up to screw up the event by deliberating jacking up the price. How high a chance for these people to meet overseas? It is less than 10%.

Chung Bo breaks a vase that Kum Ling buys at the auction. (Sigh, if he wants to do it, he should only do this in private and not public to avoid witnesses from helping Kum Ling). Dai Yu is also present. The two have no money to pay and Chung Bo is detained by the police. Hoi Yee has an indecent proposal with Dai Yu to get the money. She will rather do that than to beg Kum Ling for help.

Actually, Kum Ling can get her present husband to let Chung Bo off. I start to feel that both are more suitable to be sisters as a mother will not do this to her child. Hoi Yee dumps the money to Kum Ling and vows to look up to money in future. The director must have borrowed the idea from 'Indecent Proposal'. But it is done so awkwardly that I can only shake my head.

I could not be bothered with how Yee Tin's newspaper, Yee Dei competes with Hoi Yee's magazine, Ching Tin. Obviously, the director hasn't done enough homework to check out the facts. The drama describes that all magazines state that Hoi Yee had an intimate relationship with Yau Yung before her trial. That inspires her to set up her own magazine company 'Ching Tien' – bright sky that will only allow facts to be published.

All magazine editors laughed after watching it. No scatterbrain will do this in the 90s – does she think that she is upright to make a clear stand? Is a bank that stupid to give such a big loan to someone who has nil experience in this line? She is a reporter – not an editor! Even though she has a powerful stepfather and even though Dai Yu has connections to help her secretly, the bank will not do this without any solid mortgage.

'Ching Tien' first issue is out. Chung Bo is scared that the readers can't accept such a boring magazine. He tries in vain to get Hoi Yee to change her methods of writing but she will not listen. Thus he doesn't want the readers to have a bad impression so he buys back many of them. Come on, this shows how shallow the script writer is. How can he do this alone to get back so many copies in one day? Morever, he doesn't have the money!!

Dai Yu helps Hoi Yee to mange 'Ching Tien'. Hoi Yee suggests stopping 10 issues of advertisements to increase the sales. This can't happen in bright daylight. How is she going to explain to the agencies? When on earth can the word 'trust' be used?!

Hoi Yee seeking revenge on Kum Ling. Hoi Yee prevents Kum Ling from contacting Chung Bo. She pretends to lose her sight so that he and Yu Nok can take care of her. Hoi Yee uses her charm to seduce him and both spend a night together. She pretends to be a person to extort money from Kum Ling to get her off the hook. Kum Ling is forced to transfer all her property to Hoi Yee. Hoi Yee gives Chung Bo sleeping pills in order to prevent him from going to court.

Kum Ling is on trial and knows that Hoi Yee is all out to get her after listening to her statement. Getting disillusioned, she admits killing Ying Kit. Chung Bo rushes here upon knowing that he is being deceived. The judge sentences her to 5 years jail. But after knowing that Hoi Yee is the one to extort 13 billion from her, she doesn't even feel like living to die in jail because of sickness. She is willing to take the rap for her.

This is the moment that Kum Ling needs her most when she is jailed for killing Ying Kit. Yet Hoi Yee visits her to torture her with her remarks and extort money from her. She also sends someone to disfigure her fro revealing the truth to Chung Bo. Both women are vindictive indeed. Hoi Yee tries challenging the law as she and Ying Kit ruin her chance to marry Dai Yu. Both women keep sending killers to kill each other earlier on. Hoi Yee gets her money to buy over Tin Dei and starts pestering Chung Bo like a mad woman to force him to forsake Yu Nok.

She keeps saying that the daughter she adopts from an orphanage is his own flesh and blood. They are supposed to be a happy family. But she never expects him to jump into the sea. After he falls into a coma, she turns totally mad, yelling that this is the best that she wants for both of them. She locks both in a room together and it is only now that she gets sued for attempting to hurt Chung Bo.

To 'bluff' all, the director claims Hoi Yee to be mad because of hatred. I am definitely unsatisfied with such a blunt reason to escape from criticism.

To say that everyone will have conscience after all? Kum Ling to admit to her crime as she knows that the third court exists in herself so she can't escape? Hoi Yee to do the same thing? I can't accept this arrangement. Hoi Yee is unrepentant when she is at her grave. She tells Chung Bo that it all starts with him due to his lying for her since Day 1. This affirms Chung Bo's decision to jump into the sea later.

Hoi Yee holds a press conference to deny about Chung Bo's suicide and both are getting married. The reporters accuse her of lying and she drives them away. (Why did these people bother to listen to a lunatic?)

She discovers that Chung Bo has changed her novel's ending and is badly affected. She publishes it in Tien Dei and Yu Nok finally allows her to see him. She finally believes that he is in a coma.

She brings him home and the shares of Tin Dei dips. She locks him up in a room and Yu Nok alerts the police as she is afraid that she will harm him. Sure enough, they find her going to remove the breathing tube from his body and fire a shot at her to stop her on time. (If only they have locked her up in an asylum, they could have saved themselves the undue trouble.)

Moving scenes

Hoi Yee and Dai Yu often have conflicts with each other. He is amused that Hoi Yee chooses not to interview him like other reporters and start to get attracted by her.

The day both have the indecent proposal. Chi Yan watches Hoi Yee stepping into Dai Yu's room. She can only shed tears but can't stop it. One of the most touching scenes ever.

Chi Yan buys a present for Dai Yu, intending to spend Christmas with him. She is down when knowing that he doesn't have the intention. Dai Yu invites Hoi Yee to a ball. After agreeing, she then realizes that it is Chi Yan who accompanies him yearly. To prevent matters from getting worse, she declines the date. He gives her a yacht to brag to Kum Ling. She starts to like him from then on although she rejects the present.

Dai Yu and Hoi Yee become business partners. He is concerned when Hoi Yee doesn't eat her dinner so he gets food for her. Knowing that she is still sore over her indecent proposal with him and she is keeping her distance from him, he doesn't mention this incident to her anymore.

Afraid that she might meet into villains at night and she works so late, he stays downstairs after leaving her office. It is freezing cold but he can't rest his mind to wait in the car. So he steps out.

Hoi Yee sees Dai Yu still around through her window. Touched, she comes down to meet him. Both can control their feelings no more and Dai Yu hugs her. Hoi Yee plants her kiss on his lips and both kiss passionately in the cold. Chi Yan witnesses this again and gets drunk in the bar.

Ying Kit seizes this chance to rape her and keeps extorting money from her. (see how low he becomes as a scum.)

Chi Yan getting hysterical after her rape incident. She can't sleep well when Ying Kit keeps harassing her with his calls and letters. When Dai Yu is with her in the lift when she comes to work, she faints right into his arms. Finding consolation and security at last, perhaps? Another touching scene.

Hoi Yee and Kum Ling compete to become the women's association chairman. Hoi Yee emerges as the winner and Kum Ling is mad over it.

Dai Yu deliberately chooses the hotel and the room that he has stayed with Hoi Yee. She is disgusted by her past but he suddenly proposes to her. He wishes to help her to erase all the unpleasant memories. She is touched and agrees. Chi Yan helps with the wedding preparation and decides to migrate after that. Dai Yu understands and feels terrible for her.

Hoi Yee pretends that she is pregnant to stop Chung Bo from marrying Yu Nok. Chung Bo discovers her lie and reprimands her. Later, she discovers that she is pregnant indeed to tell Yu Nok about their one-night stand. Yu Nok is affected and is nearly killed by the killers sent by Hoi Yee. Luckily she has conscience to rescue her with Chung Bo.


I suspect that the director is also from 'The Intangible Truth'. The story goes out of control and some characters are also equally cold-blooded. A successful drama doesn't require a special role to lure the audience. How can a person be so unscrupulous to this extent? The story focuses on a mother and her daughter. Of course, we have seen how different families bring each other to court but these two hate each other so much that they must see bloodshed as man-eaters. Are both mad? But mad isn't the word to convince me.

How these two behave sends a chill down my spine. They doubt each other and also destroy each other. Are they beasts? I can accept Ying Kit's hatred towards Dai Yu as both are totally unrelated. But a firm no to Kum Ling and Hoi Yee. Mei Kei fails to hold the forte alone after Wai Kok's departure. She can't act as a villain well. I have been thinking - if this role is done by Siu Lun to act as a son, he will do an excellent job.

Also what a waste! I have complained that both don't have enough scenes together. What makes it more disappointing is Chung Bo's role is reduced to a minimal too as the drama is only focused on revenge. We hardly see affections between the two. Why?! Isn't this supposed to be a drama to bring them together again? Many of their supporters must have cursed at this outrageous arrangement. The only consolation is that Siu Lun manages to work well with Oi Ming or I would not have written this review at all.

The title should be changed to 'Revenge'. The feud between them also implicates the men surrounding them. The four capable men are used by Hoi Yee in a certain extent to seek revenge on Kum Ling. Luckily a few characters behave normally or I will not know if I should go through 30 episodes of agony. Luckily the supporting cast does a wonderful job but they don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment from the director over the lousy, half-baked script.

By right, Hoi Yee should not be jailed immediately. But the producer arranges Hoi Yee to be unable to face her conscience to admit hurting him. She is a murderer herself and isn't even fit for her magazine agency's name. What an insult to call the kettle black. This is just to show that everyone has a third court in them and they will be pricked by their conscience. How righteous is Hoi Yee? Even though that they escape the law, they will never defeat themselves. What a lame excuse. How many fugitives did we see giving themselves up?

I can't help laughing at the watery arrangement of the disputes among the newspapers instead of getting excited. I know it is meant to be serious but I can't help it. Even an outsider can't be as gullible as the characters. It is definitely considered a joke of the year. It seems that the producer has taken law into their own hands to neglect so many details. Are they about our age to write such low-rated stories? What happened to the experienced planners? We have to be realistic at times although this is a drama. Or maybe I am too practical to think too much to notice too many loopholes.

Who is the final winner? The person isn't the rich who never gets to enjoy despite their wealth. It is Yu Nok. Her simplicity and earnest nature has win Chung Bo. That is enough to sustain a lifetime. This drama is strictly for the cast's fans. Luckily we don't get to watch such bloody dramas now. It is surely a drain on everyone's time and energy to follow the plot. If you are eager to go through the 30 hour marathon, you may give it a try.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5) (better than other themesongs that Siu Lun sing for other dramas. He finally finds the right songs to sing)

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