Corner the Con Man

Reviewed by: sukting

December 03, 2009

Rating: three

Many professional gamblers are out to cheat the people’s money. How are the detectives going to solve the cases? Will their jobs affect their love lives?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Kong Yat Guk – Ou Yeung Chun Wah
He is in charge of the anti-con unit but is still a sergeant after so long. Being well versed in gambling, he has good self-control not to sink too deep to become a gambler. He teaches what he knows to the subordinates so that they can break cases like him. He seems to be happy-go-lucky to not put everything in mind. However, his quick thinking often breaks cases and wins respect from his subordinates.

2. Yeung Wai Ching – Chan Fat Yung
She is Yat Guk’s girlfriend who grumbles that he doesn’t work hard enough for his promotion. That is why she is reluctant to marry him after 6 years of courtship. She presses him to go for English enrichment classes and this sets him frowning. She uses to look down on his job but later discovers his importance.

3. Shing Kok Dong – Ko Goi Kei
He is formerly from the criminal division and is an CID there. His reckless act causes hi mto be transferred to the anti- con unit. He feels indignant and keeps going against Yat Guk. He later works well with him to solve cases and he looks up to him.

4. Wan Kar Bo – Fu Ming Hin
She is new to the team but is willing to work hard. Knowing that Kok Dong is eager to arrest the culprit who causes Chi Ho’s death, she assists him and later they are successful.

5. Kong Yiu Kuan – Ng Fung
He is Yat Guk’s father who is supportive of his career. He only grumbles that he has little time for him.

6. Yim Wing – Kong Hon
He is the master gambler who cheats many of their money. Yat Guk is determined to nap him for his crimes.

7. Lam Chi Ho – Yin Yeung Ming
He is an inspector and Kok Dong looks up to him as his idol. However, he has a dark secret. He loves gambling. Wing cheats all his money and he is cornered. Unable to clear his debts and also being unable to pay off the wedding expenses, he kills himself. This makes Kok Dong vowing to avenge his death for him.

8. Yip Wing San – Ho Kar Lee
She is supposedly to get married to Chi Ho when tragedy strikes.

Favourite character
Yat Guk, his intelligence is unchallenged as he can look into minor details within a short time.

Most hated character
Chi Ho – he is a coward. I don’t see why the money issue cant’ be solved as long as he is alive. He just wants to evade the issue to cause agony to others.

They are 精彩故事(Splendid Story) and 难得有你(Has You Rarely). Both songs are by Roman Tam. They are written by Ko Kar Fai and Wong Jim. They are quite okay to listen to although not outstanding.

Unlike other dramas, this drama can be quite uninspiring as the cases are not that tough to solve. We have seen enough of gambling movies so the tactics here are quite plain. Even Chi Ho’s death doesn’t stir up any feeling – is it because this old method has been used for too many times? Plus the actresses are still in their trademark short hair – how boring can this be?

Thus my review is so short. I don’t understand why Goi Kei and Ming Hin are paired together. Maybe Ku is free so TVB just writes a script hastily to invite him to act. They look so ill at ease and there is zero chemistry. The only person who stands out is Chun Wah. Do look out for him if you get to rent this drama.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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