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Reviewed by: Lily4ever

April 10, 2008

Rating: four

Viet Title: Huong Ruu Tinh Nong

Ah Shun-Gordon Lam
Shun Fung-Charmaine Sheh
Sheren Tang
Yuen Wah
Paul Chan
Joe Ma
Rain Lau

Main Cast Intro:

Ah Shun-Gordon Lam Ka Tung

I think he did a really good job in this series as Ah Shun. His looks weren't bad in here either. He did a really good job in expressing his emotions.

Shun Fung-Charmaine Sheh Si Man

I really love her character in here! I had refused to rent this series because I hated her before but I started liking her again somehow and now here I am writing this review. Her acting was superb! Charmaine personality in here was "danh da", or cold-hearted and mean, but in a cute and smart way. She was really nice on the inside though and risked her whole life happiness for her family. She was also determined and would never give up. The quote that she mentioned a lot in this series was "I will accept my fate but never give up." I really admired her character and Charmaine too! I know a lot of people thinks she can't act or tries to be cute all the time. If you do, I would dare you to watch this, because this is probably her best series ever. My opinion of her changed after this.

Co Ut-Sheren Tang

This girl was all right to me. At her scenes I really wanted to fast forward, but I didn't. She wasn't mean and evil or anything, but I just didn't like seeing her on the TV. Co Ut was really nice to everybody and she was incredibly smart too. Her lover died in a fire just right when he and Sheren were eloping. I felt really sorry for her but sometimes her scenes are boring.


The story is like the title, or the Vietnamese title anyway. Huong Ruu Tinh Nong, the smell of wine with love? I'm a bad translator. In the beginning, Charmaine and Gordon hated each other like mortal enemies--she was the person that pulled people across the river and she was mean to some people so they called her a mad chicken. Char and Gordon were really cute together, but Gordon love interest was Sheren Tang (Co Ut). Sheren was a respected member of the Co family, too bad for Gordon she already had a fiancee. Charmaine love interest were Joe Ma (Hue Xanh) at the time.

Charmaine family was really poor. When Charmaine brother stole wine from the Co family and shipped it on a boat, Sheren fiance coincidentally found out and fought with them. They struggled with each other and accidentally knocked over the wine bottles, and a lamp, which caused a great fire. Charmaine family was able to get out safely. When Sheren found out that the boat was burning, it was too late. Her fiance had told her to leave, and had told her to live happily. He knew he was going to die. If Charmaine dad hadn't held her, Sheren would have jumped into the fire with him. A lot of people died in the fire or drowned. Joe Ma (Hue Xanh), the heir of the whole wine company, was on the same boat. He drowned because he tried to save a little girl. (I'm not going into details.)

Charmaine dad was the person who drove the boat, so everybody blamed it on him. They hit and tortured him, and tried to make his life miserable. But truly, it was their fault too. Co The Long, the owner of the wine company, got really sick after that, and his wife thought it came from the bad luck that a wedding had turned into a funeral. Joe Ma was just about to get marry, but because he didn't want to have a planned marriage, he ran away and thus was on the boat. And who knew that the boat would catch fire? Joe mother then tried to search for a girl with a birthday that could match Joe birthday so they could get married, even though he had already died. She wanted to switch the bad luck to good luck.

Charmaine dad, after feeling so guilty about killing Joe Ma, had drank a lot of wine, so he was drunk. He ran to the Co house and gave them Charmaine birthday, but he was kicked out. But the thing was that Charmaine birthday DID match. When they brought the stuff over and asked her to marry Joe Ma, Charmaine didn't agree and chased them out with a broom. But after seeing that her family was in really big trouble, she had to do it. Her brother had sold himself to do work somewhere far away, nobody else would give her family a job. She had to do it so she could save her brother and her dad. I really admire her spirit because she had agreed to marry a dead person and be a virgin widow.

After she married, Charmaine was treated harshly like a slave and worked from morning till night. It was so unfair that even I cried for her. Then Gordon finally got his courage up and asked Sheren to marry him in front of Sheren whole family. Since Sheren fiancee had die, Gordon had another chance. Even though Gordon was really poor, Sheren didn't object. And at that time, Charmaine had just realized that she liked Gordon too. Right at the wedding, Gordon finally woke up and realized the person he loved was Charmaine, and Sheren realized that she wasn't ready and didn't want to marry after all. Everything went crazy then and rumors came up. Even more, Joe Ma returned alive..

When Joe came back, he was a cripple, and because during the war he had shot someone and killed that person, the image had been haunting him. He was surprised to discover that he had a wife, but would not come back to his house because he saw that he didn't match with her. He saw himself as a useless person, he couldn't do anything because his hands kept shaking. He had sort of a mental problem, his hands were actuall perfectly fine. He was finally persuaded to come back to his family and take over the wine business. He also decided to make it up to Charmaine and was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Before he faked death, he and Charmaine had liked each other. But Charmaine didn't love him, she used to but not another. She couldn't accept it and was really cold to Joe. He was really sweet to her, trying to do whatever she pleased. Gordon backed away when Joe came back, he knew it would be impossible for him and Charmaine to be together. There were a lot of sweet scenes between them, they both loved each other but couldn't be together. It was very touching.


All I can say is happy happy happy. Joe finds someone else. Sheren finds a guy that looks exactly like her ex-fiancee. But he was evil in a way and I don't think they ended up together. But aside from that, Charmaine and Gordon lived happily ever after. Gordon comes back to her, and they were at the bridge where Charmaine used to pull people across. She looks up and sees him standing there on the other side of the river and you can see the joy on her face. She gets onto her little raft and pulled herself toward him. I think he jumped down into the river and swam towards her, and then she hugged him tightly.


Hmm...let me see...YES YES YES! This series is the best in my opinion..or one of the best. For those who say Charmaine can't act, I recommend that you watch this series. I love the theme song in this movie. Gordon and Charmaine scenes were so touching and beautiful. Don't miss out on this series. It really quite funny and cute too.

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