Crime Fighters

Reviewed by: sukting

December 19, 2008

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes


Do you wish to know how Ekin and Mei Kei became lovers off screen after filming this drama? And also to see how Ekin looked in short hair? This drama is able to satisfy your curiosity. It tells about how the cops fight with criminals.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lau King Shing – Cheng Ekin
King Shing is a cop and is injured because he tries subduing a robber. Thus he is transferred to the clerical department. When the transferring period approaches and he recovers, he applies to get to the front line again. He joins the CID department. Initially, he doesn’t trust Fai but both later become close colleagues. He discovers a bomb in the police station and manages to alert the others to escape. Thus he becomes a hero overnight. He later marries Chi Kuan after she helps him to get over Jing Mun’s death.

Ekin is dashing as the cop – you will love this role. And he matches so well with Mei Kei. Do look out for the wedding scene!

2. Chan Kar Ming – Chan Kar Fai
He is King Shing’s buddy in the CID department. He likes Jing Mun but doesn’t have the courage to tell her about that when she is with King Shing. Even after they part, he also doesn’t dare to tell her that. That becomes his greatest regret in life after she dies.

3. Yip Sam – Ou Sui Wai
He is Mun Hou’s assistant helper and is jealous that Fai gets the glory upon joining the triad so he often makes life difficult for him.

4. Dik Fai – Fong Chung Shun
He is an inspector who heads the CID department. But he is later asked to resign as he has fits. Disillusioned with life, he becomes Mun Hou’s right-hand man after joining the triad. That causes lots of conflicts between him and King Shing. As usual, he is suave as a cop.

5. Cheung Sai Kit – Tsang Wai Kuen
He is King Shing’s arrogant lawyer friend. He will do any despicable deed to gain success. Thus many criminals are let off the hook. King Shing has many arguments with him over this. He is also a womanizer so Chi Kuan leaves him. He is Mun Hou’s legal advisor but later finds his conscience back after he witnesses how Mun Hou kills.

He decides to work with King Shing to obtain evidence. So he becomes a spy for him. However, he is hit till he becomes paralysed when he manages to get it. King Shing has no choice but to retaliate.

6. Cheung Mun Hou – Lam Sheung Mou
He is the underworld boss who doesn’t like King Shing to screw up his illegal activities. He sends men to rape Jing Mun to serve as a warning. That sets King Shing to be more against him. Thus he enjoys getting Fai to deal with him as he wants to see how both are torn between rivalry and loyalty.

7. Fong Chi Kuan – Shiu Mei Kei
She is another lawyer and is Sai Kit’s ex-girlfriend. She can’t stand Sai Kit’s ways of accepting clients. Neither can she tolerate his philandering ways. She breaks up with him and is very upset. She can’t focus on work and King Shing has to help her to go through all this. She later becomes a couple with King Shing.

8. Cheung Mun Lai – Cheung Fung Ngai
She is Mun Hou’s sister who never approves of his ways. But she falls helplessly in love with Fai as he joins their triad.

9. Yuen Jing Mun – Leung Pui Hu
She is a kindergarten teacher. She yearns for a stable life and dislikes Jing Shing’s job as a cop. Both break up in the end. She is badly affected by the rape incident and King Shing stays with her all the time. But she still manages to commit suicide in the end to upset him. She slips into the role well and it is why she is paired with Ekin for two dramas. All should see how both of them bring the kindergarten children to the playground. The way they carry the kids really make you feel that they are a couple.

10. Mr Fong – Cheung Ying Choy
He is also a lawyer and dislikes Chi Kuan’s choice to choose Sai Kit as a boyfriend. He is pleased when King Shing becomes his son-in-law in the end.

The theme song is the "Front Line" by Ekin. The song is quite okay to listen to.


This drama is considered average. The criminals are too one-dimensional and their plights are too familiar as they are shown in many dramas. However, the cast displays good acting. They are convincing as cops and criminals. There is a lot of chemistry between Ekin and his two female co-stars. You will be thrilled to see how energetic he is – he is simply glowing then. This is unlike how tired and restless he looks in most movies now. Sometimes, oldies are still the best to cherish.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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