Criminal Investigator II

Reviewed by: sukting

May 16, 2004

Rating: four

How long
30 episodes

This is one of the best detective serials produced so far. I did not write a review of part 1 because it is not as outstanding. It is rare that a sequel is better than the original. This is a must-watch serial for all detective fans.


1. Who is the real person?

Cao Hui (So Chi Wai) works for the trafficker mastermind Yang, so OG gets information from him to nail Yang. Zhi Cong is the Inspector now and arrests many with Gui. But they have no evidence against Rong Da. He is so mad when Yang still feigns concern to the victims whom he has harmed. He beats Yang up and vows to arrest him. Senior Superintendent He decides to bring Cao Hui back from Canada for further questioning. Zhi Cong decides to go there with wife, Song Lian to make up for their honeymoon.

Superintendent Liang Jia Wei is there to receive him. Zhi Cong only manages to enjoy 3 days with Song Lian as she is transferred to work in New York. Cai Hui refuses to listen to Zhi Cong. Jia Wei reminds Zhi Cong to follow the local rules otherwise Cao Hui has the right to sue Zhi Cong for threatening him.

Cao Hui tries to escape when Zhi Cong wants to bring him back from Canada. Gui informs Zhi Cong that Yang has sent killers over. A female corpse is found and records show that she is Yang’s ex-wife. Zhi Cong gets hold of their daughter, Yang Yan Ping’s records and searches for her. There are 2 women – one is Ruan Wen Qi and another is the real Yan Ping but he doesn’t know who the real person. They refuse to return to Hong Kong with him.

The immigration department finds out that Ruan is an illegal immigrant from Vietnam and wants to arrest her. Jia Wei comes with 2 cops and one woman is killed. Zhi Cong is miserable when Song Lian is killed in a car accident. He is so distressed and cries at night. Ruan (Pang Chi Ching) is confirmed to be Yan Ping and is brought back. Chen Gui questions her but Jing Yu suspects her and quarrels with him. Si Tu and Yi Chen protest her round the clock as she is an important witness.

Yang suddenly goes missing on the day of the trail and his wife claims that he is being kidnapped for a ransom. Yan Ping gets to meet a Vietnamese friend and she recognizes her. Zhi Cong feels suspicious and gets Uncle Long to check for him. And sure indeed, she is Ruan Wen Qi while the woman killed is the real Yang Yan Ping (Yiu Ying Ying). She begs him to conceal the truth to bring Yang to jail. He covers up and wins but he feels guilty over it.

Zhi Cong is transferred to the surveillance unit because Zheng Yang notices that he is still upset over Song Lian’s death and needs time to cool off. Gui is interested in Jing Yu and wants Si Tu to sound her out. Si Tu is unprepared when Jing Yu tells him that she likes him. He doesn’t know how to answer to Gui. Ruan decides to stay in Canada. Zhi Cong gets his brother-in-law, Li Guang, to join his team but he is angry because he doesn’t wish to pull strings.

2. The robber operation

Zhi Cong’s teammates include Xiao Fang’s younger sister, Xiao Min. Xiao Min’s grandmother opposes to her being a cop and urges her to be as demure as her elder sister, Xiao Fang, and be a tour guide. Li Guang’s father doesn’t get the monthly allowance from Zhi Cong and asks him. Zhi Cong knows that Li Guang has taken the money. Zhi Cong suspects that someone is going to rob a jewellery shop and plans an operation. But Li Guang blows the cover so Zhi Cong makes him stay at home with him. The robber, Liang Rong Zhao, reports to Da Tie about his failure in operation.

Gui quarrels with Jing Yu. All members have not seen him flare up before as they watch in curiosity from the opposite side of the building through the window. Upon seeing Jing Yu returning him his house key, they get the message. Gui tells Si Tu that he doesn’t have to trouble him anymore.

Zhi Cong finds that the phone line that Liang always calls is registered in Macau. Zhi Cong suspects that Fan is calling some company. Liang appears at the tour agency to apply for an air ticket. Zhi Cong asks Xiao Fang to stall him. He has no choice but to shoot when Liang tries to hold Xiao Fang when he retaliates with a gun. This injures Xiao Fang’s ear. Liang hides the money he steals in a fish tank. Gui urges Si Tu to work harder in English for a promotion.

Gui finds that 10 million is still missing and it is impossible for the two to hide t he money in 2 days. Xiao Fang is unwell after the shooting accident and keeps vomiting. Ma Li blames Zhi Cong for it but it is later discovered that she has an ear infection.

It is found that Tie is a champion shooter and Liang borrows money from him because he nearly becomes his brother-in-law. They finally arrest him using the phone bills as evidence.

3. The drugging case

OG suspects a stem of experts to drug others through drinks to get robbed. Zhen Yang decides to transfer Zhi Cong back and all are overjoyed. Xiao Min quarrels with Ma Li and moves out. She drinks a packet of lemon tea and suddenly faints. Someone steals her cards and she has no money left. Gui finds out what Jing Yu has done and is so angry that he hits Si Tu. He later asks for a transfer which baffles the others. All are reluctant to lose him and wonder who will come to torture them.

Zhi Cong brings all the packets for checking and notifies the public of the danger. Zhen Yang introduces Jia Wei to be in charge of OG ‘A’ team. Zhi Cong is stunned to see him. Jia Wei calls the men back. All are amazed that their new head is so young and westernized. Yi Chen flatters him for being handsome looking and he gives Yi Chen the job of settling his coat and suitcase!

Zhi Cong wonders why Jia Wei doesn’t freeze one victim’s account. Normally the culprits will only use the credit card once but Jia Wei senses that it will be different this time. They will normally withdraw the money at the Tsuen Wan ATMs from 4 to 4.45pm and will check the balance at about 7 pm.

Jia Wei knows that many criminals imitate the media. He tells Zhi Cong to upgrade and this annoys him. Jia Wei then announces to the media that there will be a change in their operation since many are injured. Zhi Cong sees the news on the street and rushes back – how can he alarm the public like this? Jia Wei doesn’t answer him but comments that the station’s Argentine’s coffee is good. He even comments that the television lighting is lousy to make his face look flat on screen!

Zhi Cong is angry but Jia Wei calms him down as he is only listing the possibilities on television. He has spoken to Jing Yu, so Zhi Cong need not be afraid of trouble from her. He deduces that some will get deceived that someone is hurt. Life will not be boring to catch the culprits then. He tells Zhi Cong that small shops will have ATMs. So far, he has checked that Mongkok has 3 stores near ATM.

These stores also have the stocks placed near the fridge at the store entrances. They must set traps for them at these places. Jia Wei is unhappy that Zhi Cong is late and asks him why he goes to Correctional unit to waste his time. He is really outdated. Jia Wei cites that he is easygoing but is particular in work.

Jia Wei tells the other 2 shops to close for renovations so the culprits have to strike at the last stop. If the victims drink quickly, they must follow them for 300m to check if the person is okay. Gui comes to visit them. Jia Wei jokes that he is over worried for his former subordinates as he will treat them well. Gui corrects him by saying that he will not worry as he believes they will do well under him. Jia Wei gives all a chance to chat with Gui as he takes over.

All question Gui why Jia Wei is a superintendent at such a young age. They are impressed upon knowing that he has nabbed the most wanted criminal, Huang You. Gui says that Jia Wei is the youngest Superintendent in the police force. Long still prefers Gui. All are so used to calling him Chief although he is now in charge of Intelligence unit. Shou Fa also confesses that he can’t get used to Jia Wei’s westernized ways. Gui assures them Jia Wei is impartial. Si Tu refuses to get a lift from Gui back home as he owes him too much.

Xiao Min blows their cover. The other 3 superintendents say that he hasn’t given orders and Xiao Min ruins his reputation. Jia Wei informs all members for the meeting for a follow up. He tells Xiao Min calmly to take her time to write her report. They find the culprit Zhi Hao but he escapes so they bring in his girlfriend, Jade for questioning.

Jade informs that their gang has one uncle who opens a pharmacy so that they can get the drugs easily. Zhi Hao does everything for her since she is an impulsive gambler. Later, she runs away when he threatens to kill her. Jade is angry with Zhi Hao for implicating her and breaks her handphone. Later, Zhi Hao kills Jade when she tells him that she doesn’t love him at all. Jia Wei tries to tell Zhi Hao to surrender himself but he pretends to kills others, making Jia Wei shoot him. Jia Wei feels very bad upon finding that his revolver has no more bullets.

4. The fish business

A gang headed by Hong extorts money for parking cars in fish sale transaction at the harbour. Many are amused to see Si Tu so well dressed all of a sudden. They examine a corpse in the hospital. After the checking, the doctor passes the document to him, wanting him to sign on it. The other guys are so amused as Zhi Cong is their actual superior and yet Si Tu is better dressed than him.

Yong Tai and Ming Hui return to Hong Kong to hold a wedding reception. Gui joins the celebration. Gui informs Zhen Yang that Hong Hua, the eldest son of Hong is injured in the prison. The rival gang leader, Sang Biao, is responsible for this and Gui worries that the two gangs will attack each other.

Sure enough, Hong Kun and Sang Biao are having dinner next door to discuss over the matter. Yong Tai wonders why there are no waiters around. The others find Hong Kun and others and their playful nature disappears to turn serious. Jia Wei tells Zhi Cong to call HQ but they can only reach in 20 minutes because of a traffic jam. Jia Wei tells them to bring their gambling tables near their side.

Sure enough, Shou Fa and others complain that the air-con is not cold enough and they take off their jackets. Hong Kun is shocked to see the cops and his cigarette burns his hand and drops to the ground. This is such a stupid signal that he has given to the henchmen - this means that he wants them to strike! Hong goes away freely because he is unarmed while Sang Biao is brought back for questioning. Xiao Fang manages to recognise most of the men and Jia Wei is grateful to her.

He starts to like her and send her together with her family home. He praises her for having a good memory. She humbly replies that it is her job. Ma Li gets to know that her ex-boss is Jia Wei’s father’s friend and her impression of him is good. Hui Hui is anemic and Yong Tai advises her to quit her job.

Although Zhi Cong suggests another team to track, Jia Wei insists that they should continue to know Hong better. Many find Jia Wei very arrogant indeed. Zhi Cong helps Xiao Fang to settle a dispute and she gives all OG members a treat at a Japanese restaurant. Hong’s men have fights next door and suddenly the paper door falls on her. The gangsters threaten the OG members for talking back at them loudly.

I really laugh at this scene when the men demand to know which gang they belong too. The members feel so disgusted. They step on the tables and flash their OG police passes to make them shut up! Xiao Fang needs to go to hospital to nurse her injured neck and Zhi Cong sends her there.

Jia Wei shakes his head upon seeing how soft Yong Tai is when grilling suspects. He is not going to get any results. Zhi Cong thinks Jia Wei should not be coercing suspects but he says that he is not. Jia Wei wants the suspect, Su Qiang to be their spy.

They bring Su Qiang out and arouses Hong Kun’s suspicion. They force him to be their witness but he chooses to kill himself to protect hiss own family. Yong Tai feels remorseful for forcing him.

Sang Biao mistakens Xiao Fang’s colleague as her and beats her up. Jia Wei locks Sang Biao up for 48 hours as a punishment. He then frames Hong for keeping drugs and Hong is locked. Yong Tai quarrels with him and he is sent to hospital because of a heart attack. Jia Wei is amused upon seeing Yong Tai so worked up for the first time. Later, he talks to Yong Tai and reminds him that cops may have a hot temper but not every criminal can take it.

Hong’s eldest son, Sheng is angry with Sang Biao and captures him. Yong Tai happens to know the whereabouts and informs Jia Wei. Others are skeptical because he has made blunders before but Jia Wei trusts him and sends enforcement. The police surround Sheng. Hong wakes up to find Jia Wei beside him. It is true that he has no right to teach him how to be a father but he has been someone’s else’s son. He can tell that Sheng loves Hong very much. He finally persuades Sheng to give up.

5. The prostitution case

A psychopath keeps on killing men and OG is alerted. Jia Wei suspects that it might be the work of prostitutes who are jealous of men. A witness has seen a long-haired woman appearing at the scenes of the murder. Shou Fa finds a matchbox that indicates the discotheque that the victim has patronized. Zhi Cong gets to know Li Ying. Li Ying is bullied by a police officer and Zhi Cong saves her. Later, he sees her removing her long wig to reveal her short hair and suspects her to be the murderer.

Jia Wei’s girlfriend, Shan Mei contacts Jia Wei to keep her things for her, especially her clothes. This suddenly dawns on Jia Wei that the deceased might keep the clothes. They search through the home but can find no winter clothing. Jia Wei sees the laundry receipt on the calendar and claims them. He sees a photo with Ah Hon on a picture, showing a discotheque. They decide to work from there.

Gui finds out that Si Tu is with Jing Yu and boxes him. Later, he is calm and tells Jing Yu that Si Tu is still green with personal affairs and warns Jing Yu not to make use of him. Gui asks for a transfer. Zhen Yang’s friend dies in a car accident and his gold credit cards are missing. They suspect Rita to be a killer and want Yong Tai to get her fingerprints. She wants her to bring him to his place.

The other members are nervous because many die in their own home. Zhi Cong is about to tell him to cancel the operation when Jia Wei says that his own home will do. When the two are trapped in the lift and Yong Tai shouts for help, they rush in and find that it is a false alarm. They then suspect Li Ying (Tong Bo Yee) of the killings. She bites the cop on his hand and this man is killed later. They bring her for questioning and she informs them that Rebecca calls her for deals.

Suddenly she gets a page and Zhi Cong has no time to inform Jia Wei about it. Later, she claims that Rebecca has left. Jia Wei is very furious after the failed operation. I am so amused by the scene. He gives Zhi Cong his namecard with his handphone, pager, fax numbers and addresses. He cites that he is 24 hours on duty. How can Zhi Cong let the suspect make the call? Zhi Cong calls the paging centre and finds that Liying really lied to him.

Xiao Fang is depressed when her tourists’ passports are missing and calls Jia Wei for help. Jia Wei manages to get them back for her from the ex-convicts. She is so overjoyed and hugs him. He asks her to go to a movie premiere with him. Jia Wei finds out that the stolen passports are given to prostitutes who exceed their stay.

Rebecca is caught and Jia Wei orders for Li Ying’s release when a 4th murder is committed. Li Ying rejects Sting’s invitation to go out as she is now interested in Zhi Cong. Zhi Cong and Yong Tai discuss the killer’s identity. They suddenly realize that all murders are done on Mondays. They also find that Sting’s off days are Mondays. A check in his home realize that he is indeed the prime suspect as he puts many of Li Ying’s photos in his home.

The other members tease Yong Tai for saving Rita. The caller can be the murderer although he says 66 but the body is found at 80. Jia Wei and Zhi Cong tracks out by taking a bus to count the number of bus stops. Jia Wei gets a surveillance tape to watch and sees a man in black with a black cap.

Li Ying pretends to work with the cops but hints to Sting to escape. Li Ying tells Zhi Cong that she is going to meet her boyfriend in England and Zhi Cong wishes her well. Suddenly, he is stabbed by Sting but he manages to kill him with his gun. Zhi Cong is rescued and Xiao Fang visits him. Jia Wei prepares a candlelight dinner at home for Xiao Fang but she doesn’t arrive. He listens to music and feels disappointed.

6. The missing jewellery

The rich’s addresses are being publicized in magazines and they become victims. Xiao Fang goes on the yacht with Jia Wei and listens to unusual music. He asks her to be his girlfriend but she only smiles. Sen is reminded that he is now a security guard and no longer a cop when he is doing his rounds in the neighbourhood.

Yu Chen happens to know that Si Tu woos Jing Yu. He and the others are so mad that they ignore him. A woman is kidnapped and her home ransacked. Even the police commissioner is also a victim, which is a big disgrace to the police force. Zhen Yang gets Jia Wei to be in charge of the case. Jia Wei woos Xiao Fang, but she is unmoved despite Ma Li’s advice.

3 robbers try to rob but are chased by Sen, Li Guang and Shi Xian. Sen tells Yong Tai that one of them has a goatee. One owner of missing jewellery is kidnapped but she denies it. Sen finds her together with the man with the goatee and brings them to the police station. Later, they find that this man is only out to woo women.

Ming Hui is bored being a housewife and intends to tell Yong Tai that she wants to return to work. After talking for a while outside the bathroom, she suddenly hears nothing from him and charges in. She is half amused to find him dozing off in the bathtub and not listening to her! Xiao Fang gets Zhi Cong to take care of her dog and hints that she likes him.

OG finds out that Wendy has been gang raped and trails her to find the kidnappers. They conclude that they are linked to another case where a rich man’s daughter is being kidnapped. They only manage to recover the money but not the girl. One kidnapper angers Si Tu and Si Tu is suspended from duties. The rich man decides to put up a reward for the search. Si Tu worries that the suspect might die.

The suspect dies and his wife hits Si Tu. Zhi Cong discovers that the cloth taken from the girl’s dress contains oil and guesses that she might be locked in a garage. They find nothing but get the clue that the deceased repaired lifts. The superintendents chat in the conference room. They feel that Jia Wei has problems communicating with his subordinates. He is over confident while Zhi Cong is too bad tempered.

Jia Wei and Zheng Yang suspect that the girl might be locked under the lift. Xiao Min finds some clues from Gui and they find her. The rich man donates the money to the police charity fund. Xiao Fang tells Jia Wei that they can only be friends. Jia Wei feels down. Si Tu is demoted and all feel sad for him. They feel that Jia Wei has misled him to hit the suspect. Xiao Min is promoted and both end up in the same team to patrol the streets with a new superior, Che Zi Long.

All know that Jia Wei is getting married but doesn’t know who the bride is. Yong Tai is unhappy that Ming Hui returns home late after work. Yi Chen urges him to make her pregnant. She knows his motive and chases him out of the room. Jia Wei’s fiancée, Shan Mei, is caught by Si Tu for speed driving. His superior, Zeng Sir, decides not to sue her to treat it as a wedding present for Jia Wei. All then realize that he isn’t marrying Xiao Fang.

The OG guys chat over it and point out that Shan Mei is an ex-Miss Hong Kong, so she is a perfect choice while Xiao Fang is only his plaything. Yi Chen, who likes Xiao Fang secretly, guesses that she might be upset now. Zhi Cong sends flowers to her but Xiao Fang informs them of the misunderstanding.

Ming Hui buys a new pair of rings because she loses her present ring. Jia Wei decides to marry Shan Mei as he wonders why women don’t have a sense of security with him. He gives himself a chance to settle down. Xiao Min tries to attract Yong Tai by wearing a skirt but he doesn’t see it.

Thomas’ gang steals jewellery from 4 jewel companies. They even place their tools as a form of defiance. They are experts in using the computer systems. Sen is in charge of one company to change the password but is hit on the head by a man. He suspects that Shi Xian is the culprit and quarrels with him. Zhi Cong asks Xiao Fang out for a movie date and sees Ruan. He is upset to know that she needs to sleep with clients in order to get the insurance deals.

Yong Tai is unhappy that Ming Hui still uses her own surname at work and quarrels wit her. Jia Wei decides to hold his wedding at a small church. The OG members help with the preparation while Ming Hui becomes the bridesmaid. Yong Tai wants to make up with her but sees that she doesn’t wear their wedding ring (she lost it). Gui is glad that Si Tu still attends the wedding but Yi Chen still ignores him. All are amused when Shan Mei cuts the priest abruptly as she is too eager to marry Jia Wei.

Zhi Cong finds out that the robbers like soccer and join in the game with them. However, Thomas’s radio records Gui’s conversation with Zhi Cong. Xiao Fang helps Ruan to find out that she is not working. Zhi Cong never knows that she is Thomas’s girlfriend. She sleeps with others just to get more information on the jewellery shops’ information. Zhi Cong sees Xiao Fang being bullied by a drunkard. He drives him away and declares his love for her. Both spend the night together.

Thomas tells Ruan that the following deal will be their last. Xiao Fang dresses up for their date but Zhi Cong misses it because he needs to track Thomas down. Thomas gets the jewels and Zhi Cong checks that Ruan has rented another room close to the shop to make sure the theft takes place smoothly. Thomas finds that the products are fake. The owners place the imitations to deceive the insurance company.

Ruan visits Yan Ping’s grave and Zhi Cong tries to arrest her. He is unprepared when she gets his gun and is forced to handcuff himself to a pole. Thomas is angry that Ruan betrays him and wounds her. Jia Wei and Shan Mei get married while Zhi Cong is at the hospital with Ruan. Thomas gets through the customs using a fake passport. Ruan is dying but refuses to tell Zhi Cong anything on Thomas.

Jia Wei opens Xiao Fang’s present. It is a pair of China rocking dolls. He places them in front of his wedding photo. Jing Yu decides to break up with Si Tu.

7. Revenge – the most exciting story of all

The most wanted criminal, Huang You escapes from prison and kills 15 people. The police offer a reward of $500,000 to sort him out. Many know that he is prepared to have an arms deal with the mainland triad. Jia Wei decides to cancel his honeymoon and Shan Mei is disappointed. Yong Tai quarrels with Ming Hui so she moves in to stay with Zhi Cong. Yong Tai wants Zhi Cong to be their mediator but he feels that they should give in to each other. Yong Tai brings a woman, Ada home and is reprimanded by Sen.

5 years ago, Supt Zeng of Regional Crime and Jia Wei were partners and caught Huang You. Both were lucky as his gun was jammed. Later, Jia Wei was transferred to Interpol. He was promoted because of this. Usually, Jia Wei is calm and cool but because Huang You is a dangerous man, he gets anxious. Shan Mei brings cakes to all colleagues in the office. Zhen Yang tells Jia Wei to take 2 days leave to accompany her since she tells him that they miss their honeymoon. Jia Wei is angry as his job is important and doesn’t want personal affairs to interfere.

Yong Tai decides not to bring Ada home again and Xiao Min admires him. Supt Zeng is killed by Huang You on the way home. He manages to tell Jia Wei about it before he dies. OG knows his next target is Jia Wei but he refuses to take leave to have protection.

He loads his gun and calls home to hear a man’s voice. No one answers him when he calls again. He gets worried ad is armed when getting home. When he pushes the door and raises his gun, he is surprised to find all his colleagues. All freeze upon carrying the food. They are there for a surprise party. Yi Chen deliberately put down the phone as not to let the cat out of the bag.

The guys can see that the atmosphere is ruined and leave. Jia Wei tells Shan Mei not to give him any more surprises. The next day, Jia Wei wants to drive out to have lunch with Yong Tai. The following is the most exciting scene that I have come across. Yong Tai apologises for the last night. Both enter his car and Huang You leaves a tape telling them that the car has a bomb and both will be blown to death if they open the car door.

Jia Wei stops Yong Tai from touching the car door. Zhi Cong checks the car and is about to report to Jia Wei that everything is all right till he sees the bomb under his car. Upon seeing his expression, Jia Wei knows but still keeps calm. Zheng Yang rings the bomb disposal unit to the spot. Shan Mei watches the news on television and rushes there. She tells him not to be frightened. Jia Wei is touched and assures her that he is fine. She faints in grief upon knowing that the bomb is tightly sealed and can’t be removed.

His other colleagues frown and are worried too. Zhi Cong has no choice but to use a crane to lift the car. When he counts to 3, both will have to jump off. Yong Tai envies Jia Wei as Shan Mei is here. Jia Wei says that women are a nuisance to appear at the wrong time but Yong Tai welcomes it. He wants to see Ming Hui before dying. Jia Wei says that they will not die easily so they have to catch Huang You. He only feels guilty towards Shan Mei and regrets marrying her as he is not cut out for marriage. They jump to safety and the whole car explodes. Both are sent to hospital.

Xiao Min donates blood to the wrong ‘Tai Ge’ who is injured by Huang You in the police station when he attempts to fix the bomb on Jia Wei’s car. She faints after the donation after knowing that Yong Tai is okay. Jia Wei only has a scratch on his face. Ming Hui is in France for an assignment and doesn’t know about it. Jia Wei gives Yong Tia a few days' leave. Zhen Yang wants Jia Wei to go for a meeting abroad to avoid the trouble. Si Tu is jealous to know that Jing Yu is involved with different men.

Shan Mei gets over anxious after the incident. She locks the door after he enters and gives Jia Wei a jade piece to calm his nerves. Jia Wei finds her placing a knife near their bed. He tells her that he has his principles and doesn’t like explaining. He doesn’t wish his wife to talk like an ignorant lady.

Xiao Min tries to gain favour from Sen but Shi Xian thinks that he is seducing his daughter. Both men quarrel. They happen to see Huang You nearby and Zhi Cong suspects that he might be disguising himself as a monk. They seal off the buildings to do a massive search. Huang You steals a police uniform and flees. On his way, he sees Xiao Min and shoots her. Although she is unharmed, she is too shocked to do anything.

They get her hypnotized. The guys laugh non-stop when she mentions that she was getting Yong Tai’s favourite egg tarts at that time. They finally get to know that Huang You is carrying a pink plastic bag that carries a jewellery shop label. Jia Wei and the others finally find him at a shopping complex. Both shoot at each other in the toilet, damaging the pipes and wetting themselves. Later, Huang You flees by jumping onto a truck from the 3rd floor for escape. Huang You is a master of disguise and they are troubled as to how to find him again.

Ming Hui wants her ex-boyfriend, Gary to stay with Zhi Cong and Yong Tai is annoyed. He tells Zhi Cong that he has not touched any other woman and misses her. Jia Wei and Shan Mei move to a hotel. Si Tu tells Gui that he suspects Jing Yu of having another lover. Gui has no heart to tell him the truth. Zhi Cong tracks Huang You’s call with his sister. Jia Wei comes to join them. Huang You even comments that Jia Wei’s wine isn’t pure while Supt Zeng is waiting for him. They track the call to know that he is at his home. But they can’t find him there but they are relieved that Shan Mei isn’t at home.

Zhen Yang wants the couple not to go out unnecessary. He is unhappy to be ‘jailed’ instead of Huang You. Si Tu is angry that Dui cheats him and boxes him. Xiao Fang avoids Zhi Cong and he is confused. Jia Wei reads information on bomb manics. He comes down for coffee and sees Xiao Fang. Huang You has wanted to kill him but stops upon seeing Yi Chen and the rest.

Xiao Fang coaxes him to go on a honeymoon. She loses confidence when Zhi Cong is serious. Uncle Long notices that Jia Wei looks happy with Xiao Fang and Zhi Cong is unhappy. Jia Wei tells Xiao Fang to book air tickets for him. Huang You places the bomb at the tourist agency while the couple goes there to get the tickets. Suddenly, they get a call that there might be a bomb in the car. Yong Tai stops driving. Jia Wei stops Shan Mei from jumping out of the car as it might explode. But she gets too hysterical and goes out upon hearing the ring from Yong Tai’s phone.

Zhi Cong calls the agency just in time to hear the explosion. They rush there to see Xiao Fang on the stretcher to be sent to hospital. Both men are worried as Jia Wei touches her forehead while Zhi Cong helps to raise the stretcher into the ambulance. Jia Wei and others become wary of the whereabouts. Jia Wei loses his senses and tells all about his decision to seal off Tsum Tong. Shou Fa finds it difficult to dispatch men but Jia Wei is too angry to listen to him. He must check every car and person. They don’t know that Huang You is right on top of the opposite building. He shoots Jia Wei twice and the others move him to the side.

Huang You goes down while Zhi Cong and the rest go up. Jia Wei is lucky to wear the bullet proof vest. Zhi Cong is about to pull open the emergency door when he suddenly remembers that they have only 2 security guards but they have seen 3 earlier on. Huang You is one of them so they turn back. That is a close shave as Huang You placed the explosives at the back of the door!

Huang You walks close to Jia Wei and is about to kill him. Jia Wei sees him and tries in vain to reach for Yong Tai’s gun. Wht a stupid Yong Tai – he holds him back and is oblivious to what is going on! Suddenly Si Tu shoots Huang You from behind. Jia Wei is relieved. All pay their last respects to Supt Zeng. Si Tu is made the representative. Jia Wei thanks him but he is indifferent.

8. The counterfeit notes

Zhi Cong visits Xiao Fang at the hospital and she treats him coldly. Jia Wei is glad that she can joke. She wants him to stop blaming himself. He deosn’t wish anyone to be hurt, especially her. She tells him not to worry as she will not sue him since he is shot too. He confesses that if he hadn’t seen her hurt, he will not have panicked and given Huang You a chance to shoot him. It is it is at that moment of danger that he realizes that he has never given up his feelings for her. She doesn’t know what to say till Shan Mei comes.

Shan Mei decides to make bird nest soup for her. This takes 3 hours and she will not get enough sleep but Xiao Fang was injured because of them, so she feels bad. Gary uses counterfeit notes and is on bail. Yong Tai scares him by saying that he might get jailed while Ming Hui defends him.

Jia Wei returns to work and Zhen Yang wants to add more staff before retiring. Jia Wei looks at the phototgraphs of the applicants and comments that each one is getting more and more handsome looking. Xiao Fang is discharged and is informed that a Taiwanese tourist, Ji, is looking for her. Zhi Cong informs all that Si Tu is rejoining them. All wonder why Jia Wei doesn’t make noise. Yi Chen promises not to bring it up again so both reconcile.

Ji decides to make Xiao Fang his sworn sister and Xiao Fang is shocked to know that he is from the underworld. Zhi Cong and others are taken aback to see them together. They jump when they find out that their ex-boss and criminal, Guo Zhao works for Ji as a legal assistant. He is not of sound mind and works for a counterfeit gang too in the dark. Because he knows the rules well, he is always a step ahead of the OG members to bail the culprit, Shi Hui out.

Gui suspects that Ji and Shi Hui are in cahoots. Xiao Fang visits Ji at the hotel and Yi Chen thinks that she is working as a hooker. Zhi Cong talks to her and she is annoyed. Zhi Cong is beaten up but he can’t see his attackers because he is covered in a sack. Ming Hui is pregnant but wants to abort the baby. Gary doesn’t tell Yong Tai the good news but claims that he will still woo her. Zhi Cong gets news that Guo Zhao is having a deal but they only find porno magazines in his car.

Someone informs the police that Zhi Cong hid Ruan’s identity. Zhi Cong is angered to know that the culprit is Thomas. He has offered the information in order to reduce his sentence. Zhi Cong is stopped from his duties. Interpol wants Jia Wei to meet them in the investigation division. They have given this file to O Bureau. Long consoles Zhi Cong that they still have no evidence to prove it. Thomas will not have been caught if not for Ruan’s blessings.

After Zhi Cong’s case, the investigation unit opens a separate file for the entire A team. Jia Wei defends them as they have contact because of past relationships but there is definitely no misconduct. (I applaud for him here as he knows them so well.) He is their superior so he should have a file with them! They don’t understand his complex feelings. They want him to view from a different angle. He is facing a criminal who knows policemen well. He wants to stop secret societies so he isn’t interested to make juvenile reports. He tells them to stop harassing his subordinates but Zhi Cong is still suspended from his duties.

Jia Wei and Yong Tai have a good talk on their wives. He even tells Yong Tai to lie that he has left as he still wants to play a computer game. Later upon reaching home, he accidentally breaks one doll and places the broken pieces in a box. Shan Mei finds them. Jia Wei is sleepy and Shan Mei types a document for him. She then realizes the next day that it is useless as he places aside.

Once, the OG group eats sashimi that Guo Zhao buys for them while they think that it is Yong Tai’s treat. Upon getting Guo Zhao’s call, all of them throw down the chopsticks. Long wants to buy an apartment and fins the rent lowered. This starts to show that all are bribed by him. Jia Wei wants Li Guang to shadow Guo Zhao since he has never worked under him. But Guo Zhao steals his gun and he doesn’t dare to tell Jia Wei about it. Only Xiao Min knows about it and gets him a fake one. Do laugh when Yi Chen plays with it and yet can’t tell the difference!

Thomas is jailed for 10 years and other still worry for Zhi Cong. Thomas is unrepentant until Zhi Cong tells him that Ruan is innocent. Zhi Cong can return to work and all are happy for him. Shi Xian also returns to work after being stopped of his duties for spending counterfeit notes. He is touched when Sen refuses to tear his resignation letter. He finds 2 arms and is frightened. Jia Wei finds out that Ji is killed.

They bring Guo Zhao back for questioning. Xiao Fang receives pig organs and Jia Wei sends someone to guard her round the clock. Shan Mei’s friend sends a PI to check on Jia Wei and Xiao Fang. He is angry over it.

Ming Hui still doesn’t tell Yong Tai about the pregnancy. Gui warns Zhi Cong to be careful of Guo Zhao because the case still has a follow up and the consequence can be drastic if he knows of his case. Zhi Cong tells Yong Tai about Ming Hui’s incident and he is overjoyed. He spills the beans and she ignores him. Both refuse to give in to each other. Jia Wei manages to crush the gang but it is also through here where Yong Tai grabs Li Guang’s gun to shoot to discover that he keeps a fake!

The investigation unit brings Long away and hs is stopped from his duties. The doctor advises Ming Hui to abort the child. Zhi Cong feels bad for implicating Long and reveals the truth to Jia Wei. Ji’s legs are found in Zhi Cong’s car. Jia Wei wants him to concentrate on the cse instead. Zheng Yang tells the officers who protect Xiao Fang to return to headquarters and Jia Wei is worried.

He suggests breaking up with Shan Mei. She tries to salvage to no avail and he moves to stay in the hotel. She washes the car for him and yet he isn’t moved! Guo Zhao places money into Zhi Cong’s account and ICAC steps in. Jia Wei tries to clear his name but fails. Ming Hui has a miscarriage and Yong Tai feels remorseful for neglecting her. He sleeps near her bed in the hospital and she is touched.

Jia Wei declares his love for Xiao Fang and wants her to reply to him at 6 the next day. Xiao Fang helps Ji’s brother to arrange Ji’s body to be cremated. On the way, she is kidnapped by Guo Zhao. The police find the different body parts at different places. Zhi Cong consoles Xiao Fang’s family and is shocked to know that Guo Zhao has disappeared.

He seeks desperate measures to get the underworld to help out. Jia Wei is unhappy over it but he says that he will use any way to seek him out. The police find a headless woman corpse and as Xiao Fang has an appendix operation before, it might be her. Zhi Cong believes that she is dead and regrets not telling her that he loves her. Long is dismissed and whatever Jia Wei has promised comes to naught. Zhi Cong beats him up and cites that he will bear all the responsibility.

Zhen Yang checks out the whereabouts and the whole group goes. Guo Zhao gives Zhi Cong a call, saying that all police are stupid and wants him to meet him alone. The corpse is actually his doctor’s body. Zhi Cong leaves the team but Jia Wei tails him. Guo Zhao is angry that both come and wants him to kill Jia Wei. Xiao Fang screams to them to run because there are bombs around. Both jump off the building.

Guo Zhao is killed and Xiao Fang is accidentally killed by Zhi Cong‘s bullet. He hugs her and cries. Jia Wei's car suddenly breaks down and he starts to miss Shan Mei. He returns to find her still around and hugs her. Zhi Cong cries upon seeing the dog and goes under inquiry. The story ends here in suspense – to indicate that there is a Criminal investigator 3? But why isn’t it out yet????

Introduction on characters

1. Wang Zhi Cong – Wong Yat Wah
He is the senior inspector of OG ‘A’ team. He is a warm person who goes extra miles to help others, even if the methods aren’t appropriate. The juniors adore him as a senior while the seniors regard him as an upright man. He is a strong man to all. But his loves are short-lived and both the women that he loves die, breaking his heart. Yat Wah is a veteran actor so we don’t have to doubt his acting ability. Many are impressed that he looks as young as Kar Leung in here.

2. Liang Jia Wei – Lo Kar Leung
He is the superintendent of OG ‘A’ team. He is confident, ambitious but also gives all his subordinates all the support they need. He is very westernized and is at first having conflicts with them when he first joins them. They can’t get used to the appalling ways of work that he has come up with. Later, they are impressed by his working ability despite his young age and follow his instructions dutifully.

He is strict but knows how to be humorous at times to relax. However, many will not like the way that he treats love relationships. He only married Shan Mei because he feels lonely. And when he ditches her, he finds her having a place in his heart then.

This is the best performance that Kar Leung has shown. This is also one of the roles that I like in recent years. He presents a man’s arrogant side so well. He is simply amazing. The way that he tries to size Zhi Cong up can make your blood boil but you can’t help agreeing with him. The comical lines can be funny, yet he puts a straight face. The witty dialogues that he shares with other Superintendents show his intelligence and eloquence well too.

3. Lin Yong Tai – Chan Kum Hung
He is the sergeant in OG ‘A’ team. He is dedicated to his job but isn’t as alert as Zhi Cong. That is why some still doubt his abilities as he has made blunders before. However, Jia Wei and Zhi Cong give him chances to improve himself. What I dislike about him is that he can be very petty to quarrel with Ming Hui and questions about her faithfulness to him. He isn’t as likeable as in part 1.

Chan shot to stardom with Part 1 but he doesn’t really shine in here. I feel that more can be shown on how he tries to win Ming Hui back. But he does place effort in making a policeman come alive here.

4. Si Tu Wen An – Ma Tuck Chung
He is a green horn in love. That is why he is so crazy over Jing Yu. However, when he is demoted, you will pity him. All his ex-colleagues avoid him and he has problems communicating with new colleagues (except Xiao Min). He hates Jia Wei but being a fair man, he still saves him from harm. He is devastated when Jing Yu returns to Gui but he concentrates on his work when he rejoins OG again.

This role is memorable. I actually like it. No one is perfect and this shows the weaker side of man. How is he going to resist the love of a capable lawyer? And when a person is down and out, how will he feel? He really shows his acting well and I am happy for him to be given the lead roles in recent works.

5. Hu Shou Fa – Ng Bo See
He is the no-nonsense man who is also serious in work. He seldom talks but when he is angry, he can be terrifying. However, he is normally calm when handling cases.

6. Chen Gui – Choi Kok Kuen
He is OG ‘A’ team’s ex-boss. Many call him the ‘scholar’ because he got into the police line because of his high paper qualifications. However, the team learns to respect him when they find him accommodating, yet firm. Unlike Jia Wei who keeps a distance from the rest, he can joke with them and go for dinners. That is why many can’t bear to let him transfer out and wish him to consider his decision.

How can he face Si Tu who steals his girlfriend? He still returns to visit them every now and then and is forgiving to Si Tu. In fact, I find him too magnanimous to give Si Tu a lift home! He is in a dilemma when Jing Yu returns to him. However, both guys reconcile later.

7. Wu Guo Zhao – Chan Wing Chun
This man causes so many headaches to the A team. They have to crack their brains hard to spot his weakness. He nearly ruins Zhi Cong’s happiness in part 1 and is successful this time in here.

8. Lin Yi Chen – Doi Yiu Mun
This man is comical, street smart and is a sweet talker. He loves to seduce women but he is loyal to friends. Upon knowing Si Tu’s involvement with Jing Yu, he is very angry with Si Tu for being so unfair to Gui. He is initially interested in Xiao Fang, but gives up when he knows that she doesn’t like him. Many witty dialogues are from him and I always laugh when I see him.

9. Wu Li Guang – Wai Kar Hung
He is Zhi Cong’s former brother-in-law. I find him very incompetent as he always slackens on the job. Zhi Cong finds the need to transfer him under his charge so as to keep an eye on his gambling activity. He changes for the better and works harder after meeting Xiao Min. I find is absurd that he loses his gun and no one knows about it. How can this happen?

10. Senior Superintendent He Zhen Yang – Wong Wai
He is the head of the superintendents. He knows that the others are always looking down on ‘A’ team so he tries to give them more cases to prove themselves. Other superintendents deem it unfair for Jia Wei to be a superintendent at a young age but Zhen Yang defends him. He is retiring but still fights for benefits for them.

11. Zhu Ri Long – Lu Tian Wei
A senior in ‘A’ team who is highly respected by all the other members. They go to him for advice at all times. All feel sorry when he is forced to resign to take the rap for Zhi Cong.

12. Wang Ming Hui – Chiu Hok Yee
She is a fashion designer. She is initially a housewife but returns to work after feeling bored. This causes conflicts with Yong Tai, who is a dominating husband.

13. Fang Xiao Fang – Lai Chi
She is a tour guide who has a good memory to help the police solve their cases. She attracts 3 men because she is sweet and gentle. She is also filial and a caring sister. She likes Zhi Cong but avoids him when he neglects her. I actually pity the guy because he tries so hard to find time to keep her company but she gives him the cold shoulder.

Sorry to offend Lai Chi’s fans, but I feel that she hasn’t given her best shot in here. Most of the time, she is quite wooden in her acting. It can be annoying to see her swinging her hair so often – we’re not watching television commercials, but she is overdoing it.

14. Fang Xiao Min – Ho Chiu Yee
She is Xiao Fang’s younger sister who is like a tomboy. But she finds that she isn’t as brave as she seems. She likes Yong Tai but unfortunately, she is unable to win his heart. Ho is expressive in acting – we can see that she is talented – no wonder she wins a best supporting actress award in the HK academy awards.

15, Chen Shan Mei – Chan Miu Ying
She is the most innocent victim to get married without knowing that the man she loves doesn’t love her. She is so innocent during the marriage ceremony to make other laugh. She becomes a housewife at the young age of 24, intending to devote her time to him. But what she has done is unable to move him. I pity her but am glad that she finally wins him back with her perseverance and sincerity.

Chan was a newcomer at that time. Although she is wooden in certain scenes, she gives a satisfactory performance. I like her matching with Kar Leung – they do look like a couple.

16. Yu Jing Yu – Lam Heung Kei
She is a lawyer who has many lovers. She is still professional but almost all the cops dislike her arrogance and self-centredness. I also wonder what Gui and Si Tu see in her. She is so unbearable.

17. Zhu Ma Li – Leung Shun Yin
She is another unbearable person. She worked for Jia Wei’s father’s friend as his secretary. She always looks out for suitable men for her two granddaughters. This is understandable – who doesn’t wish for the best? She looks young as Shi Xian’s wife but she is in fact his mother-in-law. Being English-educated, she looks down on Shi Xian and wants him to be more cultured. She is glad that Xiao Fang follows her but dismayed that Xiao Min is uncivilized. She is the main reason for Xiao Min to move out.

18. Lin Shen – Choi Kok Hing
He is Yong Tai’s father who is forced to retire early because of a gun wound. Even though he works as a security guard, he always forgets his duty and works like a cop. He dislikes Yong Tai for being petty and tries hard to persuade him to win Ming Hui back.

19. Fang Shi Xian – Hui Siu Hung
He is Xiao Fang’s father who is often at loggerheads with Sen, his superior. Both men are on bad terms because of Xiao Min. However, they make up later when he knows Sen is nice.

20. Gary – Lien Kok Wing
He is Ming Hui’s ex-boyfriend. He is quite cute and innocent. His appearance will also create laughs here.

Favourite character
Jia Wei for his positive attitude towards work. A close second will be Zhi Cong for being selfless.

Most hated character
Xiao Fang for hurting Zhi Cong. I also dislike her for dragging so long to tell Jia Wei that she doesn’t love him. She can see that he likes her and yet she wastes his precious time.

It is sung by Cheung Hok Yau. Part 1’s themesong is also done by him too.

Interesting facts

Yat Wah is Kar Leung’s senior. He helped him a lot in here. Kum Hung is also close to the two. They dreamt of working soon. Never did they expect to work in ‘Secret of the heart’ again as the producer is also Chek Kei Yee. But their initial wish was to have a ‘Criminal Investigator 3’ which I don’t think will become true in the near future since Yat Wah and Kar Leung have left TVB.

Have you noticed that Kar Keung shines unusually in here? That is because he got to work with his favourite idol, Wong Wai! He had desired to work with him since he sang the themesong for ‘Emperor Qin’ and was fascinated by his role as Lu Bu Wei in there. When he knew that he could be with him in many scenes here, he was excited as a child and many teased him.

Kar Leung was troubled because he disliked dyeing his hair golden for 8 hours for this role. He found that he grew a lot of white hair after the change. Within 15 days, the colour faded fom silver to white, white to golden and now grey! He was so scared of getting cancer after suffering from hair loss. Because filming lasted for 3 months, he had to dye 3-4 times.

As a result, he seldom used gel and gave up his favourite swimming. His doctor warned him that the chlorine in the water could damage his hair. He knew that he had a high price to pay for it although many liked his hairstyle. His brother had to console him, saying that having white hair showed that it was a good sign. It could mean that he would not go bald.

The guys performed the stunts on their own. They felt a sense of glory because they could carry the revolvers everywhere. They were too immersed into the roles and were so reluctant when working stopped.

When this serial was shown in Singapore, the average viewership was 600,000. The first episode got 700,000. Many loved the serial and still followed it closely even though they had watched it before on cable television. The final episode was 900,000.

Some die-hard DIF fans feel that it wasn’t as good. They felt the car-chasing after the criminal scenes too fake and manly. The development wasn’t that perfect too. DIF allowed flow of thought. The chemistry between the leads were not that close and not as interesting as DIF. They felt Hor Ying looked more like Cheung Dai Yong’s girlfriend than Wang Zhi Cong’s wife. The supporting cast wasn’t that good too.

But CI fans argued that cops are supposed to look manly and that is why the 3 leads can stay in showbiz for so long. And the conflicts between Jia Wei and his subordinates are realistic. How many of us will get to have Dai Yong as a good boss as close as a brother in real life? Thus despite the fierce argument, this serial won the best serial in the 2000 Asian television awards.


I don’t like the way the producer try to introduce female roles in here. Not to make Xiao Fang to be a third party to come between Zhi Cong and Song Lian, they kill Song Lian. To make Xiao Min like Yong Tai, they make Yong Tai break up with Ming Hui. This is so common in the sequels these days.

Lai Chi is not experienced enough to act with Yat Wah or Kar Leung. Both actors are terrific and wonderful, but she is so expressionless. Most of the time, she looks evasive or frightened. Sigh – how to have chemistry with them? It is sure a waste of their acting powers on her. They should have gotten a better actress. I find it a real pity as whenever she appears, she weakens the plot. My choice will be Lee Yuk Tong or Ng Mei Hang.

I like the intriguing stories, although some can be too bloody. Some really give unexpected endings. The dialogues are well-planned and we can feel the closeness among them. The part I like most will be the case on Huang You. Jia Wei’s subordinates aren’t that close to him but when he is in danger, all of them show their concern.

The cast has given a spectacular performance. The supporting cast has done well – that is why I can still remember their names and faces even after watching it a long time ago. As expected, this is a man’s drama and actresses aren’t given enough exposure. I do welcome the arrangement of getting singers to play different roles for different segments. This is better than watching the same faces all the time. This serial is worth re-watching because of its high entertainment value.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ****1/2 (Scale of 5)

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