Crimson Sabre


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Genre:Martial Arts

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Crimson Sabre

Reviewed by: Prexous-Jen December 09, 2007

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Vietnamese Title: Tan Bich Tuyet Kiem Cantonese Title: Bik Huet Gim Crimson Sabre Cast: Gordon Lam as Yuen Sing Chi Kong Wah as Ha Suet Yee/Golden Snake Warrior Charmaine Sheh - Ah Gau/Princess Cheung Ping Sarah Au as Ha Ching Ching Melissa Ng as Wan Yee/ Wan Sin Emily Kwan as Ho Hung Yuet Crimson Sabre starts out with the current leader of the 5 Poisonous Sect who decides to pass on the position as leader to her most trustworthy student, Ho Hung Yuet (Emily Kwan). However, there are...

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The Crimson Sabre

Reviewed by: Tammy December 08, 2007

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A lot of people criticized this series for its cast. Personally, I think the cast was fine, except Sarah Au Chi Yan. She plays Ha Ching Ching, but at first, I would have liked her as the princess (but now I don't). Ha Ching Ching is supposed to be a stunning young woman. I disliked Sarah at first, but later as I got to the middle of the series, I changed my mind about...

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Crimson Sabre

Reviewed by: Ian Liew December 30, 2004

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Crimson Sabre is a story by Jin Yong set in the final years of the Ming Dynasty, under Emperor Chongzhen. The basic synopsis can be found in other reviews submitted by the contributors to this site. Setting In general, I enjoyed the Crimson Sabre a lot. Jin Yong had a penchant for integrating most of his stories seamlessly into China's history, from the Song Dynasty all the way to the Ching, and as far as...

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Member Ratings


07-08-2013 06:22 AM


Totally messed for wuxia fans. Sword Stained with Royal Blood 1985 is far much better than this.


08-14-2010 12:16 AM


Excellent in the beginning with Ha Shuet Yee but after Gordan Lam became the lead it wasn't nearly as good. This is not a blame on Gordan Lam but Kong Wah portrayed his character so well that I didn't want his story to end.

Kimmie Tran

01-15-2007 12:00 AM


Hey, I watched this series a long time ago. It's really good. Can't really remembered what happened though, but what happened to the character of Charmaine seemed really sad.


02-28-2005 12:00 AM


i was never a fan of charmaine Sheh See-Man, she is too conscious of her look and acting, she can't seem to really put herself in the character in most of the dramas i've seen. Despite which characters she's trying to lead,she always adds her own "innocent,pity"look to her role.Perhaps if she can takes this out of her personality and instead focus on the character she is told to portray, maybe she'll be good at acting. A very disappointed product.

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