D.I.E. Again

Reviewed by: sukting

March 04, 2012

Rating: three

Although D.I.E had been dissolved and the officers return to their previous departments, their blunders still cause them to return to D.I.E. This time, chief inspector Ferguson has returned and it is now headed by Lo Sir, Yue Sir's former supervisor. Yue Sir and Jing Jing have a baby boy.

Together, the two face breakups, illness (when Chi Long falls into a coma) and attacks, and Baby Yue has special powers just like his daddy as well. How are the two adapting the change in their lives?

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Yue Chi Long - Kwok Chun On
He is still the intelligent cop who solves cases to get clues when touching on evidence belonging to the dead. He still likes reading comics. He has his principles and only wants Jing Jing to be at home. He often says that Jing Jing is biased against Dai-Hau-Ying but he also commits mistakes this time. Chun On can be over the top when he reacts crazily.

2. Ying Jing Ying - Kwok Sin Nei
Jing Jing returns to work after discovering that she is tricked to be a housewife to take care of the baby. Knowing that she isn't as smart as Chi Long, she relies on Baby for clues. The couple often quarrels due to this. I find her character overbearing at times.

3. Kan Ji Mei - Lau Yuk Chui
She is Chi Long's aunt who has to close her dating agency due to poor business caused by a murder. Ji Fung admires her talents and gets her to join his entertainment company. She starts to fall for him (the other self with the wild personality disorder.)

4. Ying Pui Pui - Ng Ding Yan
Pui Pui becomes jobless when the dating agency closes. She joins the entertainment company as a helper too. She rises to fame as she becomes a celebrity-dancer-model in Kam Ji Fung's entertainment company. She helps Cheng Yee in trying to win back his girlfriend but fails and falls for him instead.

This sequence has a lot of focus on the political ways within entertainment industries, and has a few episodes showing visits into TVB city. Pui Pui wins the dancing competition after learning the skills from On Tung.

Disappointed that Ching Yee isn't present for the prize giving ceremony, she thanks Ji Fung to kiss him when he offers her flowers. Strangely, Ji Fung doesn't fall for the sexy On Tung to finds Pui Pui resembling his former girlfriend instead. He starts to fall for her. However, her heart only has Ching Yee.

5. Lo Yau Hang - Kwok Fung
He is Chi Long's ex-boss in Crime unit. He is also the superintendent who suggests setting up D.I.E. in season 1 so he is forced to head it now. He is reluctant and tries to dismiss one of them, claiming to be Yat Ding's decision. He hopes that it will be disband soon so that he can return to Crime Unit soon. He helps to take care of Baby Yue and relies on him to win horses races. Soon, he grows attached to him and buys gifts for him even though he is on leave. He is bald and wears a wig.

Shu Bong and Choy Sang have thought that he has designs on Pak Chi. When she celebrates her birthday with him, the two push him into the pool and his secret is revealed. It takes a long time for him to get back to work. Seeing the others capable, he fights for them now.

6. Cheung Ching Yee - Kwok Cheng Hung
Yue Sir's father and sister left Hong Kong, leaving Ching-Yee alone. He has thought that he suffers from cancer to find many ways to die to leave insurance for Muk Lan but ends up being the hero instead. Chi Ching asks for a breakup so he gradually develops affection for Pui pui who often consoles him. It is funny when they start wearing yellow track suits together as he is a big fan of Bruce Lee.

7. Pang Mei Wan - Lo Mun Chung
She marries Mun Long but feels insecure. Although she is only a month older than him, she looks much older in person so she relies more on make-up. When On Tung appears, her confidence is completely crushed and regards her as the third party as Bik claims. The third party is the baby she is pregnant with.

8. Tse Siu Fung - Sin King Ying
He is tall in built but is still scared of blood. He still faints at the mention of the word and also at the sight of tomato juice too. Even though Pak Chi tries to help him, he can't overcome this fear.

9. Lo Pak Chi - Chan Mei See
She is Lo Sir's daughter who is a uniformed policewoman. She admires Jing Jing to follow her into D.I.E. She doesn't want special treatment so she keeps from the rest. Lo Sir doesn't want her to stay in such a lousy department and tries in vain to transfer her out. She like Shu Bong than Choi Sang.

10. Jim Shu Bong - Law Chung Hin
His nickname is James Bond but he screws up when putting up undercover policemen's details on the net by mistake while in his CIB department. He is very creative and innovative. So he is sent to D.I.E. and is regarded as a walking dictionary. He is an expert in noise discrimination and inventing new gadgets. Thanks to him, Chi Long can return to his body.

11. Mun Long - Wong Cheung Hing
He is the forensic Pathologist and is Mei Wan's husband. He is observant and intelligent to give Yue Sir clues almost immediately. Tall, suave and handsome, he is popular with women but is devoted to Mei Wan. Mei Wan always tears her hair when she sees him with On Tung. You can laugh when the two keep dancing together to Mei Wan's annoyance.

12. Luk On Tung - Sum Cheuk Ying
She is called Icy and is Mun Long's subordinate. After Mun Wah goes overseas, she takes over. Unlike Mun Long who examines dead bodies, she looks out for particles and DNA. She is very cold at work but is a fabulous pole dancer. The others are stunned by how hot she looks after work. You can't blame Mei Wan as whenever she is with Mun Long, they look more as the ideal couple.

13. Cheung Muk Lan - Suet Nay
She is Ching Yee's aunt who is still crazy over acting to work as extras. She is still in different roles disguises - killer, sailor moon, ghost and even servant. She often attacks Ching Yee to test his reaction when he gets home. Getting along well with Pui Pui, she acknowledges her as younger sister. But this is to create chances for her and Ching Yee.

14. Ko Choy Sang - Ko Ho Cheng
He is nicknamed intelligent talent to be an inspector to love to make poses in branded goods. But D.I.E. often teases him for relying them for clues instead as he bases on instincts and not the brain to make conclusions. They are very annoyed when he steps in to seize the evidence to claim them as his own to fawn to his boss. That will also stop D.I.E.s investigation.

He has disliked D.I.E. to be an insult to the police force. So Pak Chi dislikes him but pretends to like him in order to get clues from him. This actor also creates many laughs when he reminds you of Tse Yin.

15. Ma Oi Lam Janet - Chu Yuen Yee
She is Choy Sang's assistant but doesn't really like him. He treats them as cheap labour. Shu Bong strikes with Choy Sang to see who will get Pak Chi if the person solves a case faster. He makes sure that Choy Sang do not get help from Janet and Jackson.

16. Chung Lap Mun Jackson - Cheng Sai Ho
He is also under Choy Sang and is also a reluctant follower. Choy Sang often refers the two as 'Janet Jackson' - we know who they stand for.

17. Kam Ji Fung - Siu Cheng Nam
He opens an entertainment company and is nice to his workers. His two girlfriends die mysteriously and he is very upset. He is in love with Pui Pui and is upset when she returns the necklace that he has made for her. He will make necklaces for the gals who are under the different horoscopes. He isn't aware that he suffers from personality disorder and kills the two when they reject him.

His other personality is scary. He flings one down a cliff and pierce the other to death when at sea. His nice self has phobia for water due to a shipwreck but his evil self is an expert in diving.

18. Chan Gai Ying - Wong Ching
Initially working with the homicide unit again, Jing Jing is still always chasing Dai-Hau-Ying. After several blunders, she is sent back to D.I.E. Ying is less evil than before to commit petty crimes but Jing Jing continues to attempt arrest, much to the displeasure of her supervisors. Have fun when Chi Long's spirit enters his body. All can still accept him except Jing Jing as she detests him so much.

19. So Bik/ Ng Siu Yee - Yuen Siu Yee
She is a fortune teller but only cheats money. Jing Jing and Chi Long have thought of her to be Siu Yee so she assumes the identity. After knowing that she is a fraud and she is nearly killed once, she repents and starts looking through her father's fortune book to learn better skills.

20. Kam Sam Sun - Ha Ping
She is Jing Jing's grandmother who quarrels with Suk Tak over the way to take care of Baby Yue. They leave a black bruise on his leg. Feeling unsafe, the two bring him to work.

21. Ying Nam - Chun Wong
He gets a headache when the women quarrel and requests the couple to take care of the baby themselves.

22. Ng Suk Tak - Lee Fung
She dreams of getting a celebrity daughter. That is why she is delighted when Pui Pui becomes a star.

23. Wong Shu Kei - Chung Chi Kong
He is Choy Sang's superintendent boss who likes to be in the limelight to get television interviews. He tries to belittle Lo Sir for heading a lousy unit and gets jealous to see Lo Sir on television indeed. He gives Jing Jing plenty of chances but she often makes mistakes so he dumps her back into D.I.E.

24. Lau Yat Ding - Tang Chi Fung
He is the chief superintendent who has a mistress Coco. They call him as Ding Ye or Yat Gor as he heads all of them. He has wanted to keep his affair under wraps but D.I.E. members keep exposing him. He is in the newspaper headlines every time due to this. Thus all of them return to D.I.E. It is very funny whenever he is caught - in the car, hotel room or walking out from a hotel.

25. Ho San - Cheuk Chi
She is Ji Fung's classmate and subordinate. She has fallen for him for a long time but never expect to be his partner in crime when his evil self makes use of her to sleep with him.

Most favourite character
The top is Mun Long. He is able to derive conclusions easily like Chi Long. But I must complain that his scenes are too limited. A close second is Ji Fung - he is basically a nice and caring guy but too bad his evil personality destroys him.

Most hated character
Lo Sir, he can't wait for D.I.E.'s downfall to get away. He wants Jing Jing to commit with each other to see who is the loser but he will not give the winning team any treat. It is only for show. A close second is Jing Jing - she is still very demanding.

Interesting facts
Below are the Award nominations TVB Anniversary Awards (2009) - all have a good laugh as it seems that the Kwoks from the same family dominate all categories. : Best Drama, Best Actor (Kwok Chun On), Best Actress (Kwok Sin Nei), Best Supporting Actor (Kok Cheng Hung), My Favourite Male Character (Kwok Chun On) and My Favourite Female Character ( Kwok Sin Nei)Ratings ranged from 29 to 33 points.

The director, Kwan Wing Chung just filmed 'When a dog loves a cat' before this drama. Reporters asked how it felt working with animals and animals he was relieved that the babies was obedient. They rushed in their shoot so they used 2 babies.

It is Variated Cases by Kwok Chun On. Only passable.

I find some parts nonsensical. Luckily, the story writer is still able to create suspense for the stories. The acting for most of them can be over the top. The ending is absurd indeed - all have wanted D.I.E. to be a formal department. Yet, Lo Sir reminds them that they can't lax on the job and take care of Baby Yue here. Upon knowing that Yat Gor is still with Coco, they decide to extort him to change his mind.

Although it can't surpass the former, the pace is still maintained with a good sense of humour. It is still watching after all.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)
On songs : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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