Devil's Disciples

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

April 13, 2007

Rating: two

Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheung
Bernice Liu
Sharon Chan
Wayne Lai
Shirley Yeung
Eddie Ko
Johnson Lee

The Sacred Sword Sect is the most powerful and the most well-known within the Wuxia World. Eddie is headmaster of the Sacred Sword Sect school where Kevin, Bosco, Johnson (not a student) and Bernice are. They all look up to him like the respectable man that he is known for, but their opinions slowly change when his real agenda is revealed.

Eddie is actually a villain of the Wuxia world, who is obsessed with becoming the dominator of Wuxia. He is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goal, even if it means killing.

The series revolves around Bosco and Kevin learning Kung Fu, defeating Eddie, accomplishing their personal goals and finding love.

Corny right? Yeah I thought the plot was weird too.

Simple Analysis

The Bad

Bosco Wong:
He is the honest, caring and innocent student of the Sacred Sword Sect. Probably the only one who does not have a secret and shows his real emotions in front of people. However, he is also the dumbest person in the entire series! Not to mention one of the most useless. His character was so blinded by Eddie's lies that he actually believed that Eddie is the good guy while everyone who says otherwise are all wrong. Everyone could see that Eddie is evil except Bosco. He mentioned that he hit his head when he was younger so I think that is the reason why he cannot think logically. I am sorry to say but I can not give you an analysis of his acting performance because his character annoyed me so much that I fast forwarded every time he was onscreen.

Shirley Yeung:
I have never liked her because I have always find her performance very flawed and fake. Plus her characters always annoyed me. In here she plays the Healer, the one that everyone turns to for help when they are in danger of dying. Personally I think her character is very unnecessary. She was basically just put in the series as a third wheel (every series needs a love triangle). I thought she was so selfish when she tricked Bosco into sleeping with her. She can't have him so she lied to him (and herself) by telling him that her dirty trick was all for Sharon's sake. I was actually hoping that she would be one of the ones that die at the end since she can't fight but once again the series disappointed me by having her live.

Bosco and Bernice:
Some people say that he looks too skinny for her but actually I think he looks too young for her. She looks much older than him (even though she is not) when they are onscreen together. She looks more like a sister than a lover. Maybe that's why TVB made him end up with Shirley.

The love triangle with Bernice, Bosco, and Shirley:
It was stupid.

Kevin's personal story:
It was boring. Yes, it was sweet that he was searching for his mom and all but it was very boring because it feels like he was not able to accomplish anything that he wanted to.

The Good

Wayne Lai, Johnson Lee, and the rest of the students:
They are entertaining to watch because they are funny. They are the comic relief in the series. Wayne gave an amazing performance like always. His chemistry with Bosco was excellent and he seems to light up the screen whenever he came on.

Sharon Chan:
Her performance was much better in here than her other ones in TVB's 2006 series. She was the only one that was actually useful and can actually do something. I enjoy her strong character very much.

Unsolved Questions

1. Bosco kept saying that the Sacred Sword Sect has done a lot for him but what did they actually do for him? His Godmother raised him, his Godbrother watched over him, Wayne taught him most of his Kung Fu and dies for him, Bernice loved him, Kevin and Sharon saved him, even Shirley did something for him. What did the Sect for him? It allowed him to meet Bernice and Kevin? Is that it?

2. The ending. Bosco and Shirley had a kid but then it was mentioned that Bosco would be going on a date with Bernice. So does that mean he is cheating on Shirley?

3. How did Bosco and Kevin learn a kung fu style that took 2 years to master in just two days? They were obviously weaker than Eddie but somehow they could master kung fu that he couldn't in less than half the time he does. That makes no sense.

4. Kevin letting go of Sharon's ashes at the end was weird. She was buried (with her body still whole) when they made her a grave but then he had her ashes. What, did he dig her back up so that he could cremate her?

Final Words

Watch this if you:
1. Are a loyal TVB fan and wants to show support by watching all the TVB series.
2. Are a Wayne or Sharon fan
3. Are a possible Kevin fan

Avoid if you:
1. Are a Bosco fan
2. Are a non-ancient series lover
3. Are a Bernice Lover

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