Devil's Disciples

Reviewed by: lizzyd

June 25, 2009

Rating: one-point-five

Main Characters

Bosco Wong - Shing Fung/Sima Fung
I like Bosco and I’m saying this first because you won’t be able to tell based on my review. His character is a combination of boring, stupid, and stubborn. I think he’s supposed to be very loyal and honest but they over did it. Bosco usually has a lot of personality but the part and the script squeezed it out of him. The love triangle was pitiful. After watching this, I’m not convinced he can carry a whole series on his own.

Bernice Liu - Pak Tong Chi-Lung
I like Bernice although I’m starting to wonder why as I’ve only ever liked her in Love Bond. I’m not sure if she’s trying too hard in this or if the script is difficult for her, because her Cantonese was worse in this series than in her modern ones. She’s barely acting because most of the time it feels like she’s just trying to pronounce the words correctly. The costume/hair did her no favors either. She walks around a lot with her hands behind her back, not sure if she thinks it makes her look more ancient. In real life, she's graceful but here she is awkward. She has some chemistry with Bosco, but I’m not sure it’s the romantic kind. It felt more like buddy or sibling chemistry.

Kevin Cheng - King Lui 荊磊
This character was slightly better than Bosco’s, but that’s not saying much. He spent most of the first half looking for (= whining) about his mom and the second part trying to avenge her death. He’s good at martial arts and is brave. That’s about it. I’m not sure when he fell for Sharon, which they probably should have shown because it would have been more interesting than what they did choose to show.

Sharon Chan - Mok Man/Sima Shuet
This is only the second series I’ve seen her in and I didn’t like her in the other one (Last Breakthrough). I can’t tell if my standards have dropped or because everyone else was so boring or bad that she was ok to good in this. Her character was more interesting and I generally like the evil female characters rather than the pure and kind ones. She also had the best costume, hair, and make-up in the series. My only issue with her is that she seems to over-enunciate and talk a little too slowly. She sounds like a grade school teacher.

Shirley Yeung - Shui Ling
A lot of people don’t seem to like her or her character. That is a little unfair in my opinion because she has to play the kind-hearted and sacrificial third party which hardly ever garners sympathy. I thought she looked cute though her character was lame.

Wayne Lai - Dong Fong Mou Ngai
This was my favorite character in the series. He was fun and useful. The role was easy for him and he played it well.

Eddie Ko - Pak Tong Ngo
He was around when I was young but I don’t remember much about him. Here his face looks frozen into a slightly startled expression as if from too much botox. His character is the typical villain, nothing new.

The Others
Ranged from forgettable to annoying.

General Thoughts

I would pity the actors for wasting their time here but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself for the time and money misspent. This series was an insult on my eyes, ears, and mind. This was a very long 20 episodes. The plot was: Good guy joins sect, sect leader turns out to be evil, takes him VERY long time to realize it. Good guy is caught in love triangle with sect leader’s brave daughter and kind-hearted girl who loves him. Other good guy finds out sect leader kills his mom, seeks revenge, falls for “evil” girl. Big fight at the end between good guys and bad guy, some people die. The director/writer tried to make this all as boring as possible and succeeded.

I consider this cast to be on the attractive side. For some reason, TVB decided to do everything in its power to detract from their looks. This series boasts the worst hair I’ve ever seen in an ancient drama in recent times. Kevin has a bad perm, Johnson Lee has a rooster on the back of his head, Bosco has a mohawk/mullet thing, Bernice has a sloppy pony tail, and her villain dad has two-toned multi-tiered folds around his head. Hint to costume/hair dept: A villain’s hair piece should never be more complicated and feminine than all the female leads if he’s to be feared and revered. The other people didn’t even have hairstyles, they looked like they just rolled out of bed and pinned a piece of hair on the back. The costumes looked like they were styled after homeless people. There were many mismatched pieces haphazardly layered. There were complaints that Bernice looked “large”. How would you look if you had to wear several layers of stiffly starched polyester? I’m pretty sure if she and Bosco were in regular clothes standing side-by-side, they’d look fine together.

The combination of Bernice’s choppy Chinese, Shirley’s high-pitched voice, Bosco’s slurring, and Sharon’s over-enunciation was really rough on my ears. I usually hate how all Chinese series are dubbed but I’m starting to think it may not be such a bad idea after all.

As I wrote this review, I tried to think of something good. I’m still thinking...ok, it’s not the worst series I have seen, but it’s definitely forgettable. If you love Kevin, Bosco or Bernice maybe you’ll still like the series. Or possibly, you may start to wonder why you are a fan of theirs.

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