Don Juan DeMercado

Reviewed by: sukting

February 26, 2012

Rating: three

This is a TVB Mini-New Years series that makes fun of Hong Kong singers. The story is about an ugly looking vegetable market seller who becomes the most popular after he eats a magical chocolate. The problem is that when the chocolate effect wears off in a day, he becomes the old person again. He likes On Fei who doesn’t know his real identity. Will she still love him after knowing the truth?

Story/Introduction on characters
1.Gan Lik Sun –Wong Chung Zak (Spoof of Chan Yik Sun's name)
He is Yan Tung's tall and handsome alter-ego celebrity. After becoming popular overnight in the singing contest, he loses himself but also worries daily that his real secret will be revealed. His dog eats all the chocolates, leaving none left so he begs Doctor for a remedy.

2. Gung Yan Tung –Wong Cho Lam (Spoof of Chung Yan Tung's name)
He is a short and plain-looking vegetable market worker. He is Lik Seun's true form who has a nice voice. Many are attracted by it but once they see him, they walk off. When he participates in the singing contest, he is shooed off the stage immediately.

3. Yeung Sin Wah – Kuo Yun Hui (Spoof of Yeung Chin Wah's name)
She is Yan Tung’s love interest and also Ji Ko's true form. She is disappointed that Yan Tung only goes for looks and doesn’t know why he wants to woo her. She is actually his ugly secondary school classmate who is bullied and he has helped her before. Yet he doesn’t remember her since she has transformed so much. She is delighted when he chooses to be himself again. Although she is taller than him, she sticks by him.

4. Tse On Fei– Tsui Chi San (Spoof of Kay Tse's name)
She is Lik Sun’s love interest and is the queen of pop. She discovers Lik Sun’s secret and hopes that he will remain the same. However, Yan Tung chooses to expose his true form in the final show with her. She steps aside, disappointed as she can never accept him now.

5. Li Chung Tak, Mark– Oi Wai (Spoof of Lui Chung Tak's name)
He is a fussy music writer. Upon seeing Yan Tung on stage, he hits the bell as he doesn’t make the cut. But when he appears as Lik Sun, he quickly signs him on. How fast he changes!

6. Cheung Chai Chun – Chan San Chung (Spoof of Tse’s husband Cheung Gai Chung’s name)
He is formerly in love with On Fei but his career goes downhill when Lik Sun appears. Filled with jealousy, he traps Lik Sun, attempting to expose him in a performance. Luckily, On Kei saves him to bring Yan Tung out on time when hecomes smaller and smaller.

7.Jing Ji Ko– Yuen Siu Yee (Spoof of Yeung’s husband Ding Chi Ko's name)
She is Lik Sun’s manager who looks after him and she is the only person who knows his secret. She is annoyed when Lik Sun treats her like a maid – even to buy desserts for him and On Fei when they are dating. It is at the end when Yan Tung realizes that he truly loves Ji Ko. It is after this that she reveals that she is actually Sin Wah who invents the chocolate to test him.

8.Yeung Sou Yee – Lo Mun Chong (Spoof of Yeung Jo Yee's name)
She is a chicken seller who idolizes Lik Sun. She stalks him when he appears.

9. Cheng Chung Koi – Wong Ching (Spoof of Cheng Chung Kei's name)
He is a fish seller and wonders why Lik Sun has the feel when acting a vegetable seller.

10. Choi Cheuk Yim – Lam Chi Sin (Spoof of Choi Cheuk Yini's name)
He is a pork seller who falls for Ji Ko during the shoot. That causes Lik Sun’s jealousy.

11. Wilson – Chan Kok Bong
He is a producer who goes for looks and will place artistes with negative news in the ‘fridge’, not giving them a chance to make a comeback.

12. Doctor – Chun Wong
He is the one who invents the chocolate. He warns Yan Tung that the last chocolate that he takes will make him become Lik Sun forever. Yan Tung has an internal struggle and decides to be himself again. Doctor is actually another form by Sin Wah to test Yan Tung.

Interesting facts

Yun Hui only came to Hong Kong from Taiwan for 4 months so her Cantonese was not good so her voice had to be dubbed. This was her first drama so Chung Zak and Cho Lam were very patient with her. Her first screen kiss was given to both of them. When asked who to choose as a boyfriend as in the drama, she chose Cho Lam as she liked talented guys. Chung Zak praised her for having good taste.

Many raised their eyebrows upon watching the part where Chai Chun kicks Lik Sun. It was definitely the real incident on how Cao Ge kicked Zak Tin in the cab incident. However, most complained that it was a total copycat from the Japanese movie ‘ Handsome suit’. The rating for the drama was 24 points which was considered good.

I had a good laugh when watching it. The artistes really let their hair down for the drama. But if compare with Show Time Blues, that drama is even more splendid as the make-up, speech imitation and images are exactly similar to the singers in person. The singing scenes can be unbearable at times but we can’t be too demanding as most are not professional singers. However, the ending is a spoiler for me as I watched ‘ Handsome Suit’ before this drama so the suspense is no longer there. TVB could have come up with a better ending.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : ***2 (Scale of 5)

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