Drunken Angels

Reviewed by: sukting

December 19, 2008

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes


This drama is very rare not to get a young man to be the lead. Do you wish to know why? Will he be able to hold the forte on his own? Are you interested to watch it?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Fong Tin Long – Yuen Wah
He is the son of a rich man. However, his mind is only on marital arts and nothing else. Thus his mothers worry as he is the sole successor of the family business. He thinks that he has gotten good marital arts masters to learn the best. However, his defeat by Chi Yong proves to be the biggest failure of his life. That means that he is being cheated all along. He has to adjust to another blow upon knowing that Kuk – the woman he likes all along is in love with Chi Yong too.

Due to his wrong trust in Yong, he loses his family business to him. Thus he learns martial arts from
Man Kuan. Finally, he masters the drunken fists and gains success – at 40 years old. Yuen Wah is a born actor and all will be won over although his looks are plain.

2. Ko Wai Ting – Yung Kam Cheong
He is Tin Long’s servant but is very loyal to him. He helps to support the family when it is down and out. Thanks to him, Tin Long gains his confidence back.

3. Kong Chi Yong – Ng Yik Jeung
He is initially Tin Long’s friend but doesn’t know why life is so unfair to him. Thus he cheats Tin Long of his money. Even though he knows that Kuk loves him, he forsakes her to be with the rich Mei Fung instead. Evil thoughts blind his mind as he is all out to make Tin Long difficult so Tin Long has to fight back. He becomes a cripple and can’t move anymore. Ng acts like Man Tse Leung – sometimes, I can’t take it.

4. Nie Man Kwan – Lau Kar Fai
He is like Wong Fei Hung who is afraid of trouble. However, like what happens in other dramas, he is motivated to teach Tin Long later as he wins him over with his sincerity.

5. Song Kuk – Chan Miu Ying
She is Tin Long’s child bride but she never like this identity. She falls for the tall and younger Chi Yong instead. But after knowing that he is a jerk, she returns to Tin Long’s side again. Miu Ying looks so sweet. It is quite unfortunate that she loves the wrong man.

6. Yuen Mei Fung – Yeung Yuk Mui
She is rich but simple-minded. She has never doubted that Chi Yong never loves her. Even after knowing the truth, she still stays by him and takes care of him even though he is crippled. Her fate is worse than Kuk as what she likes is only a dream.

7. Kong Chek Ying – Yeung Ling
She is Tin Long’s younger sister who never approves of his doing. Thus she returns to their hometown and refuses to share his luxury life.

8. Chung Yuk Shi – Wong Hoi Yan
She is Tin Long’s third mother. She is often at loggerheads with Song Ling but she is willing to endure hardship when they are chased out of the house.

9. Lo Siu Lan – Lo Lan
She is Tin Long’s first and natural mother. Wanting Tin Long to concentrate, she bribes all the martial arts masters to just teach him the basic skills. But this son still proves to be a big disappointment to waste so much time and money on it. She is the strongest among the three.

10. Chong Song Ling – Chan Man Nah
She is Tin Long’s second mother who keeps complaining when they become poor.

The theme song, ‘Legendary Man’ 蓋世男兒"is by Lam Chi Cheung. It is a great song which is one of my top favourites and well sung by his strong voice. It fits the drama well and all will love it!


You need not ask if you should watch it. You must watch it! How can we miss a drama by Lau Kar Fai and Yuen Wah? They are agile and skillful at their age. You will adore all scenes of them showing their strokes which will put most young actors to shame. My parents followed the drama faithfully when it was shown over television then without fail.

Acting wise, there is nothing much to pick on as the cast also offers reasonable acting. Please choose this over "The Master of Martial Arts" if you see both. This one is more entertaining although the story is similar to how the male leads achieve success after failures.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : ***** (Scale of 5) (as it is really perfect)

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