Section:TVB Series

Genre:Action, Police

Number of Episodes:30


Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 學警狙擊

Average Rating:       (out of 6 ratings)

Also Known As: Emergency Unit, The Academy III


E.U. (Emergency Unit) is a TVB produced television action series broadcast in 2009. Its plot line and characters are a continuation of the previous crime series On the First Beat. The story concerns Kong Sai-Haeo (Michael Miu). Freshly released from a ten-year prison stretch, Kong has business to tend to in Hong Kong. Some is triad business: he re-establishes contact with his boss To Yik Tin (Lam Lee) while secretly vowing revenge for sending him to prison. He then also offers the police information about the extent of To's criminal activities. And some is family business: Kong seeks out his daughter Yau Yau (Elanne Kong) in an attempt to heal their relationship, while cultivating To Yik Tin's wife (Kathy Chow) to consolidate his position. When To is killed, Kong unexpectedly takes his place as the triad boss, and all of Kong's relationships change under him in dangerous ways.


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Reviewed by: koolkat January 03, 2011

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Miu Kiu Wai is one of my favourite actors so I was really looking forward to EU. But I was totally disappointed. It seemed like TVB just wanted to get the same crew together because it was a winning combination after two earlier series, which happens really often, and by hook and by crook, cobble them together into a story. As a result, Miu had to act as a totally different person, because his earlier character had died. Totally confusing...

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Reviewed by: LittleLing March 30, 2009

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

E.U. is the third installment in a well-known and probably well-loved series that began with The Academy (学警雄心) and led to On the First Beat (学警出更), and now this. What is noteworthy, to me, is that E.U. is the best installment thus far. Although the two lead characters, Lee Pak-Kiu (Sammul Chan) and Chung Lap-Man (Ron Ng), are not new, they bring a new dimension to their roles as the former cadet cops are now bona fide cops...

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Member Ratings


12-15-2010 10:38 AM


It's an ok drama... A bit lacking in intensity, but overall, it's one of the better dramas from 2009.


11-28-2010 10:51 AM


I never knew E.U was a third instalment of The Academy. I didn't watch the first two instalments so I have no idea about them. I thought E.U would be boring but when I forced myself to watch this series, I just didn't want to stop. It was so interesting. I always liked Ron. I've begun to like Sammuel after watching E.U. I hated Michael Tse but suddenly I liked him so much. He was remembered till the end even though he died much earlier. The series ends with him wearing the police uniform. No one knew he was actually an undercover cop for 9 long years. Kathy Chow died an innocent death. Michael Miu brought his own downfall by being too suspicious on others. I only have one question. Where did Ellane go? She disappeared without meeting Ron. Nevertheless, it was great acting from everyone. Wish there was more romance between the pairs !


11-17-2010 07:28 AM


pretty interesting cop drama! don't really get the hype about laughing gor. i thought he was ordinary, but still, great acting from everybody, and a very fast-paced script as well! :)


09-30-2009 06:29 AM


i'm not a big fan of ron ng or sammul chan but they have certainly improved over the 3 series. hopefully, with talks of Academy 4, they will continue with the same people. it was disapointing to c fiona sit, tavia and michael tao not returned to the 3rd instalment.


08-06-2009 04:03 AM


I think overall this series was ok. It lacks action and excitement. I was not interested at all in ron and elanne's relationship. I think that they included too much extra stuff about ron and elanne and leung ka kei. I prefer that they focused on the triads since it is a cop series. I really enjoyed michael miu, laughing, ron, and the taiwanese guy's performance.

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