Eternal Happiness

Reviewed by: viv_rev

April 16, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Michelle Yip
Raymond Lam
Tavia Yeung
Rain Lau
Joe Ma

Michelle's character is a girl who loves to dress up as a boy to go around and play. She thinks that anything a guy can do, a girl can too. She and Rain always goes out to play while Tavia stays at home finishing up Michelle's work (kind of like doing her homework for her). Rain and Tavia are both Michelle's maids but she treats them like sisters. Michelle then later meets Joe Ma, who is a Mongolian prince (the future king). She also meets Raymond Lam (whom she doesn't know is her fiance). There was this one time when Michelle heard a certain song being played on the flute and fell in love with the flautist after that (or it could have been the music she fell in love with). Joe fell for Michelle (Joe knew that Michelle was a girl) due to her intelligence (I guess). Raymond later falls for Michelle also.

Then there was this one time when Joe asked Raymond how to play the flute (guess who the guy was who was playing the flute when Michelle heard it the first time round?). If you guess Raymond you're right! When Michelle entered she saw Joe playing the same song and thought the flautist was Joe. Michelle then later fell for Joe, thinking it was him who played the flute. She later finds out that it was actually her fiance, Raymond. How? Well, you'll just have to watch to find out.

On the whole, this series is very funny. Rain Lau and Michelle just make you laugh throughout. That, and plus the fact how stupid Raymond was.

My opinion on the characters:

Michelle Yip - she did a wonderful job as the lead female. She looked so cute every time she tried to force Raymond to admit his feelings for her. She always pouts when she doesn't get what she wants. Did I also mention that Michelle looks so much better dressed as a man than a woman?

Raymond Lam - what can I say? He is a terrific actor. He was great in 'A Step In The Past'. You can see how cute but stupid Ray's character can be. There were moments when he thought he was gay for actually liking Michelle =) His facial expressions were just so cute and adorable.

Joe Ma - I personally think that he is way too old to be in a love scene with Michelle. They look more like brother and sister than lovers. He did a decent job.

Tavia Yeung - She is wonderful in here. After watching her play the role of a playful and non-serious girl in 'Awakening Story', she shows another side to her with a more serious role here. Yet she still looks so pretty in those ancient clothes. Tavia has a natural look for ancient series. I hope I get to see her in more series in the future.

Rain Lau - this is one funny actress. I just love her in here. She's so cute, and every time she says something you just crack up. She really lightens up this series. Rain and Michelle make a wonderful duo. =)

Overall, this series is wonderful. I love it. Go rent it if you love Michelle and Raymond. Don't rent it if you hate seeing Michelle and Raymond together.

Favorite Characters:

Raymond Lam and Michelle

Supporting Characters:

Tavia and Rain

Least Favorite Characters:

Joe Ma, Myolie, Natalie

Favourite Scenes:
- Every time Ray and Michelle are together
- Every time Tavia is on screen
- All of Rain's scenes with Michelle
- When Ray fought with Joe
- When Ray finally found out that Michelle was his fiancee

Least favourite scenes:
- All of myolie's scene
- All of natalie's scene
- When Joe tries to break Ray and Michelle up
- When Tavia was forced into marriage with that mean guy

My Rating:
Michelle - 4.5
Raymond - 5
Tavia - 4.5
Rain - 5 (she made me crack up so hard)
Joe - 3
Myolie - 2 (she needs a lot of improvement)
Natalie - 1 (come on, even Myolie did better)

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