Eternal Happiness

Reviewed by: Jasmine

April 16, 2008

Rating: five

Main Cast:
Michelle Ye as Meng Lai Kuan
Raymond Lam as Wong Po Siu Wah
Joe Ma as Teet Muk Yee
Tavia Yeung as Ying Suet
Rain Lau as Wing Lan


Initially, I hadn't taken any notice of some of the fresh-faced TVB casts that appeared in this drama series. However, after watching a few episodes of Eternal Happiness and familiarizing myself with the different cast members and their characters, I was totally mesmerized by how well these newly discovered artists performed. The story revolves around Meng Lai Kuan (Michelle Ye) and her away from tradition. Lai Kuan was the smart and intelligent daughter of an ancient Chinese Herbalist, but was always getting into trouble whenever she dresses in men's clothes. Lai Kuan had her own way of thinking and decided not to follow her parent's honour of a pre-arranged marriage with a guy she hardly knew. Her only recollection was that he was a fat and chubby boy. Unexpectedly, this fat boy turned out to be Wong Po Siu Wah (Raymond Lam), a handsome - noble swordsman. To control her fate, Lai Kuan decided to run away from home with her assistant - Wing Lan (Rain Lau). The amusing pair begins to encounter many memorable and humorous scenes together and thereafter both of them meets their love interest - Lai Kuan with Wong Po Siu Wah and Teet Muk Yee (Joe Ma). While Wing Lan encounters Arh Song Ko (Joe Ma's Bodyguard). So you have to find out who Lai Kuan chooses at the very end?

Michelle Ye (Meng Lai Kuan)

I must say that Michelle matched the role as Lai Kuan perfectly. Her acting skills shone throughout EH, most notably - when she pretended to be Lai Ming Tong (A Han Scholar that became a Mongolian Judge). I also agree that Lai Kuan looked better when she was dressed in men's clothes. This could be due to the amount of make-up that was applied on either characters and their respective hairstyles. In my opinion, I think Michelle looks more beautiful with less make-up on as this brings out her natural beauty. Scenes where Lai Kuan is shown smiling would be another added bonus to watch out for. She had a fantastic smile and a cute dimple that makes everyone's heart weaken. Her delightful smile radiate with charm, especially when she and her assistant (Wing Lan) discussed love/relationship problems. Even though, Lai Kuan's female costume made her look slightly clumsy and sometimes plain, there are in fact many scenes that compensated for this as the script unfolded and her acting came out TOPS.

Raymond Lam (Wong Po Siu Wah)

One question that I have always had at the back of my mind while watching EH was how dumb Wong Po Siu Wah had been. It took him a long time to finally realize who Lai Kuan really was. By that time, I felt really sorry for him because he was already taken by another person - Lau Yin Yuk (Myolie Wu). On the whole, Raymond's portrayal of WPSW was what all heroes are characterized under. He had many characteristics that we all fell in love with, such as nobility, honesty, sensitivity and charisma. The one thing that I had admire most would be the way he kept Lai Kuan's bracelet throughout the story and in may scenes we get to see him thinking about his bride-to-be (Lai Kuan) even though he had feelings towards the disguised Lai Kuan.

Joe Ma (Teet Muk Yee)

Poor Teet Muk Yee, he did so many things to try to win the heart of Lai Kuan, but in the end, Lai Kuan decided not to choose him. Joe Ma played a very convincing Mongolian Emperor, with an air of royalty about him whenever he ventured out of the palace. It was too bad that the timing was wrong for him especially when Lai Kwan liked him most. Unfortunately, he had his chances but blew it. This was because he had the tendency to disappear without any solid reasons when Lai Kwan needed his help the most.

Rain Lau (Wing Lan)

Rain made the series a lot more comedic. I found that she has the talent to bring out the funnier sides of the other cast members such as Ah Song Ko and Lai Kuan and Lai Kuan's brother. Her role as Wing Lan was an enjoyable experience to watch and I couldn't stop laughing. Too bad that nothing happened between Ah Song Ko and herself at the end.

Top Five Most Memorable Scenes:

1. When Lai Kuan mistakenly thought that Wong Po Siu Wah was about to die after he had hit his head against a wall. This was the all important turning point where Lai Kuan finally disclosed her true feelings towards WPSW and blurted out that she was in fact her bride-to-be.

2. When WPSW was practicing his sword techniques and Lai Kuan was studying near the river. Lai Kuan, slipped and WPSW prevented her from falling. How sweet!

3. WPSW finally discovering that Lai Ming Tong is in fact a female and called out her name, Lai Kuan. She in turn responded unknowingly and the secret was finally broken, much to the relief of Lai Kuan's brother.

4. The end scene where both WPSW and Lai Kuan plays the flute and the chinese harp together.

5. The scene where Lai Kwan fell asleep on WPSW's arms after a long day and night of studying.


I really enjoyed this series and would recommend this to everyone. The script is fantastic and I never encountered anything that I could be critical about. I have decided to give it a wholehearted 5 out of 5. In addition, a round of applause for the whole cast, especially to Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam for their explosive on-screen chemistry.

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