Reviewed by: sukting

September 24, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes

Do you want to see Wong Fei in her first drama? She will be ina future period and also modern outfits because this is a science fiction story. I am very sorry that I can’t recall the details so please let me know if I’ve made any mistake since I watched it a long time ago.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Liet Fung – Fong Chung Shun
He works for a magazine as an editor. He doesn’t like to pry into other people’s affairs. However, he can’t help feeling curious why Jing Hong is so scared of Sai Chun. He falls for her and tries to protect her from harm upon knowing her real identity. His role doesn’t require much of him except to show his ‘man’ side.

2. Leng Hak Yeung – Lam Bo Yee
He is a cop so he is very suspicious of Jing Hong’s identity. However, he can’t help being drawn to her as she is very independent and mysterious. Bo Yee was an ex-cop so he slips into the role comfortably.

3. Ying Chin/Sheng Sai Chun – Shum Lap Mun
He is Emperor Ying Cheng’s cousin. He sets his eyes on Yim Chi and vows to woo her. But she keeps avoiding him, driving him nuts. Upon knowing that she takes the eternity pill to flee to present Hong Kong, he also swallows a pill. How has his love persisted for so many years!

He still preserves his immoral nature to others except to Jing Hong in this modern era. He looks very intimidating in his long pony tail. Wonder how Hung falls for him as he doesn’t even send her any signal?!

Poor man – he strives so hard to win Ping Yee in ‘Gentle Reflections’ in vain. He still fails in his attempt in her after a thousand years. Lap Mun shows that he acts well in drama – enough to make us forget that he acts more in movies and has little experience in dramas.

4. Ho Chun Fu – Kok Tak Shun
He has wished Chin Wai to take over his science technology business but has to give in to her as her main hobby becomes her occupation. He keeps disapproving her to be with Hak Yeung because of his job. Upon knowing that Chin and Jing Hong are from the past, he is interested to keep them as his specimens to find out the secret of their longevity.

5. Bo Dip – Fung Hiu Mun
She is Yim Chi’s close friend. She also swallows a pill to follow her to the present.

6. Yim Chi/Bo Jing Hong – Wong Fei
She is a graceful dancer but never knows that her beauty can cause her so much trouble. She doesn’t love Chin so she feigns death by swallowing the pill. But the crafty Chin sees through her attempt to follow her to the present. Even though she changes her name, she can’t alter her looks.

Attractive, cold and quiet, she wants to lead a quiet life but men can't help being lured to her. Wong Fei was only required to keep a straight face all the time so I could hardly detect acting from her. i can only comment that she is very beautiful.

7. Ho Chin Wai – Hsuen Huen
She has her mindset to do what she wants and she will get it in the end. She looks photography and enjoys her job. Her curiosity in Jing Hong is triggered but doesn’t expect her boyfriend to like her too.

8. Liet Yin – Chan Mui Hing
She is Fung’s younger sister who is a party animal. She is attracted to Sai Chun but doesn’t know that his real motive is to find out whether Jing Hong is his beloved Yin Chi.

The title is ‘perturbed’ – which means动心. Unlike other themesongs which are sung in Cantonese, this is a Mandarin song. It shows well how love moves all. It is excellently sung by Wong Fei. I really love it very much. It is a pity that she hardly sings these days.


The story is only average – that is why I can hardly remember the details. What puzzles me is the number of successful immortal pills produced in the Qin dynasty. I can understand how Chin gets it so easily but how do the two lowly madiens get them? Is it so massively produced?

But it really shows that love can’t be compelled. Chin’s long pursue for his own desire still ends up in smoke because Yim chi simply dislikes him. There are no affections – only fear in her eyes whenever she sees him. I must say that the title was well-chosen – Yim Chi is regarded as Chin’s 1000 year lover although she might describe him as her long-lost bane.

All will be captivated by Wong Fei’s beauty. She used the name, Wong Jing Mun when she first started out. She was every inch a graceful maiden with her watery eyes and gestures. Her weakness will be her height but luckily all the guys are nearly 6 footers to compliment her well. It makes it very convincing that three men fall for her.

Acting wise, we can’t fault her as she seldom acts. I can only say that she acts the same as she is in real life. She has not failed us in capturing the attention with Lap Mun although he calls the shots by acting so much better than the rest.

This is also Hsuen Huen’s debut drama so she seems a bit stiff in many scenes. So is Bo Yee in his first attempt too. It can be quite fun to see how both started out. It is impossible to see how these artistes acting together again as many have retired from showbiz. So you should not miss it if you have the chance.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : **** (Scale of 5)

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