Every Move You Make

Reviewed by: sukting

November 12, 2013

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes


This is a detective drama. Crime Unit Senior Inspector, Hok Sam and his colleagues of West Kowloon Police Headquarter's CID unit use the Facial Action Coding System, body language study, microexpression interpretations, and applied psychology to solve and assist in criminal investigations. The human's gesture, can be pretended by the cerebrum, but when facing unusual events happening all of a sudden, or being questioned unawares, then the human's gesture will finally tell the truth. They solve many cases in the end.

Story/Introduction on characters

1.Senior Inspector Yiu Hok Sam by Lam Bo Yee
He wants to look for his father. Hok Sam has learnt his mind reading skills overseas. He is efficient and, by far, the most competent cop in his unit. He is able to analyze and read people's minds just by observing their body language, facial expressions and from the tone of voice. In addition, he is also highly skilled when spotting disparities in testimonies and evidence.

Thus, he is very careful in handling relationships and doesn't offend others easily. But due to this, he is easily hurt by others. He turns very negative and isn't as cheerful as he looks. He is very protective and doesn't trust others easily. So he doesn't love easily too. This has more to do with his childhood. At 8 years old, his father goes missing after a boat explosion when both go fishing.

After moving into Siu Hong's home, the elders keep giving him a hard time so he observes them closely in order to survive. To avoid them as much as possible is the best weapon. He is filial to his parents and close to his half-sister, Bui Yee.

After his university education, he doesn't help out in Siu Hong's restaurant to avoid rumours. He often cracks cases and his superior holds him in high regard. He isn't proud and even makes use of his holiday to go for extra courses overseas by forking out his money. He returns and finds two new members in his team.

After many exchanges, their conflicts reduce and he teaches Lai Hin the observation skills. He opposes work-love relationships but he can't control having 3 pairs in his unit. I feel let down by Bo Yee's performance. He comes across as boring and also inflexible. It lacks the sparks that he usually shows in detective dramas. Is he too tired?!

2. Station Sergeant Yip Chin Ting by Tin Yu Lui
Lai Hin and the other teammates find Hok Sam to be a real pain in the neck when he keeps stressing on body moves. Unlike the rest who are annoyed by the unconventional way in which he does things, Chin Ting can accept his method. She is mature, serious and understanding. She doesn't hide her feelings so the rest go to her for help.

They call her Ma-dom as she often buys necessities for them. She has a son but her impulsive gambler ex-husband leaves her plenty of debts to flee to China to be with his mistress. She only wishes to have a promotion soon to pay off the debts. Hok Sam learns of her difficulties to help her out and she falls for him.

Being an outsider, she becomes calmer than him and is able to maintain a cool mind. She is beside him to remind him of his flaws. She later transfers to work for a clerical job for the sake of her son. It is a refreshing change for Yu Lui and she does her part well.

3. Sergeant Ho Lai Yin by Wong Chung Zak
He is Chin Ting's subordinate in the previous unit and both are transferred to Hok Sam's unit. He is young and positive. But he is also impulsive and stubborn. He often has confrontations and misunderstandings with Hok Sam. He later accepts Hok Sam's style and Hok Sam adapts his methods too in solving crime.

He is overconfident and wants evidence but he is too fast to make conclusions as he is careless. He looks unreliable but he is very faithful to relationships. He likes turning his pen at work and Hok Sam finds this irritating and distracting when questioning suspects. But he refuses to listen to him. Bui Yee is attracted to him turning the pen and both become a pair after contact.

Things become worse when Hok Sam learns that Bui Yee is secretly going out with Lai Yin. He opposes strongly so Lai Yin has to find ways to please him. There is no surprise from Chung Zak as he has acted similar roles before.

4. Police Constable Mak Wing-hei by Lai Lok-yi
He is not really intelligent but he has a quick mind to please his superiors. He is a nosey parker who likes to dig into others' secrets. He often gives the most ideas and likes to get a rich girlfriend as he comes from an average family. Still, he is dedicated to his job and will not answer his girlfriend's calls when he is at work.

He later finds her overbearing and breaks up with her after she forces him to quit. Although he is offered a high salary job at her father's bodyguard company, he decides not to give in to her anymore. He later becomes Ying Yan's boyfriend. He really provides many laughs in the drama – a pity they are too few.

5. Police Constable Wu Hau-ying by Chow Ying Yan
Her personality is similar to Wing-hei but she is also serious at work. As she comes from a low income home, she is very thrifty. Her parents have retired and she has many younger siblings. She also dreams of marrying rich man and she knows that she is plain looking. Besides giving a bulk of her monthly income to her family, she spends on clothes and cosmetics.

She feels sorry for Wing-hei upon seeing him often bullied by his girlfriend. She later becomes Wing-hei's girlfriend and both are overjoyed when she wins a lot of money through lottery. As a newcomer, her performance is acceptable.

6. Police Constable (PC) Kan Ho-ming by Hui Kar Kit
Like the rest, he is young and cheerful. He obeys his superiors and he is the only one who doesn't get into trouble like the others.

7. Ching Bui Yee by Chan Yan Mei
She is Hok Sam's younger half-sister. They share the same mother. She is cheerful and chatty. Even though she is well taken care of since young, she isn't proud and is very innocent. She is respectful to elders so all like her. She regards family relationships important and often cares for Hok Sam's feelings.

But she tends to over-simplify the real world. She shows her feelings too obviously but she doesn't mind it. She doesn't want to hide her feelings like Hok Sam. Her relatives pamper her but she doesn't understand why they are so hostile to Hok Sam. She will secretly help him out. She wants to be a cop like Hok Sam to understand him better.

Her family opposes to it and she can only work as a PR officer. However, she finds a chance to work with the cops for major events. This also creates chances for her to be with Lai Hin. I find Yan Mei to be stuck to act in this kind of roles most of the time.

8. Chung Sau-han by Tse Suet Sam
She is the siblings' biological mother. She works as a swindler with her ex-husband, Tin Bo to deceive Siu Hong of his money. She is now a housewife after marrying Siu Hong. She is very tolerant and Hok Sam inherits her observation skills. She is contented with what she has as she struggles hard as an opera singer in her younger days. Tin Bo fakes his own death when Siu Hong's mother runs after him for the money.

Sau-han knows that she is just a chess piece to Tin Bo and remarries Siu Hong. She bears with all the insults as she treats them as her benefactor. She is often cheated by Siu Hong's sisters and sister-in-law of her money but she doesn't retaliate. It is kind of weird to see Suet Sam suddenly so submissive as she is often portrayed as overbearing roles. I take time to get used to her being bullied here at all times.

9. Ching Siu-hong by Yu Yang
He is the youngest son of the Ching family and is Bui Yee's biological father. He is a shareholder of the restaurant but has been cheated by Hok Sam's father before. He is kind, sympathetic and honest. He trusts others easily so he is controlled by his elder siblings. He is tolerant towards them too but after meeting Sau-han, he is persistent to marry her after seeing her becoming helpless after Tin Bo's disappearance. He doesn't mind being cheated by Tin Bo and losing his authority in the restaurant.

He has treated Hok Sam as his own son and doesn't mind him not having his surname or calling him father. He gives him his personal space and knows that Bui Yee can be willful so he is stricter with her. Hok Sam finally calls him father when he stands up for him as the others force him to change his surname. Both become even closer from then on.

10. Ching Siu-on by Lau Kong
He is the eldest son of the Ching family who has the biggest share. He is very arrogant and is strict with spending. He is very traditional and insists that women should stay at home. He has the authority to make the final decision and business strives.

11.Lo Sui-heung by Fung So-bor
She is Siu-on's wife who pampers their only son rotten. Very vicious and narrow-minded.

12. Ching Yin-ha by Ma Hoi Lun
She is the eldest daughter of the Ching family who is another shareholder. She likes to sneer at Hok Sam and forces Sau-han to give her money.

13. Ching Yin-ping by Chan Man Nah
She is the youngest daughter of the Ching family. She also belittles Hok Sam if she gets the chance. She also looks for chances to sneer at Yin-ha.

14. Yiu Tin Bo – Lok Ying Kwan
He is Hok Sam's father who is a swindler. He can be ruthless to make use of his family and Hok Sam is deceived as Sau-han doesn't dare to tell him the truth. He returns to want to deceive Siu Hong again. He is touched when Hok Sam offers to give him money for retirement but greed blinds his eyes so Hok Sam has no choice but to arrest him. He repents in jail.

15. Cheung Chi Kit – Ko Kwan Hin
He is Yin Ha's son. He is dependent on Yin-ha to borrow money from his relatives, lying that they are good investments. Their first

16. Ching Sau Yip – Tsui Wing
He is Hok Sam's cousin. He nearly falls into Tin Bo's trap to believe that he has killed a married woman's husband and his family is nearly tricked to give money to Tin Bo. Tin Bo's gang has pretended to be businessmen to want to extend their business in China.

Award nominations - TVB Anniversary Awards (2010)
Nominated: Best Drama (Top 5)
Nominated: Best Actor (Lam Bo Yee)

Most favourite character
Chin Ting – she should be the team leader. She is responsible and treats every member well, unlike Hok Sam who prefers to keep a distance from everyone.

Most hated character
Tin Bo – he is totally selfish to leave his family in the lurch. Poor Hok Sam even blames himself for Tin Bo's disappearance and loses his confidence in men.

It is sung by Bo Yee. It is as boring as the drama. This has never changed my impression of Bo Yee acting better than his singing.

It is not just similar to the American drama 'Lie to Me' but I also find Hok Sam's image similar to Jane in 'Mentalist'. The only difference is Jane formerly has a lucrative career as a con man, successfully posing as a psychic medium and enjoying near-celebrity status.

The first few episodes are entertaining but it loses its suspense after that when Hok Sam attempts to repeat every detail on how he naps a criminal. Some cases are solved too easily. The love relationships also have little attraction and the leads can tear your hair as they keep on wasting your time avoiding one another. Somehow, the guest stars for every segment fare better than the leads although they have less exposure.

The final showdown proves to be a major disappointment as it is supposed to be the most exciting. The producer should have tied up the loose ends before showing it. Other detective dramas are more watchable than this one so only watch it when you have the time.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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