Fate of the Clairvoyant

Reviewed by: sukting

December 22, 2009

Rating: two-point-five

It is a story of how a divorced couple is back together again. Do you wish to find out how they do it? It is another work by Chan Sau Mun and Chiang Dai Wai after ‘The Jade Green Dragon’.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Yuen Pui Pui – Chan Sau Mun
She is a housewife who puts all her concentration on her family that she neglects her appearance. She becomes plump, has permed hair and is bespectacled. Her husband grows sick of her and divorces her. She loses her focus and picks herself up again. She undergoes a makeover and becomes pretty. She is about to get married to Chi Yu when Lai Wo is accused of murder. She helps him to find out the real killer and later love rekindles between them. Both are finally together again.

Sau Mun’s fans may view it as her best drama but not to me. I find this character very shallow. The way that she portrays a housewife is not as humane as the actresses in ‘The Family Link’. She projects her to be too loud, gullible and uneducated. The later scenes are better as she mellows down. I disagree that being bespectacled can destroy the looks as we see how well some actors look with their glasses.

2. Yu Lai Wor – Chiang Dai Wai
He is a successful businessman and happens to engage Ling to shoot a commercial for him. He gets involved with her and starts to despise Pui Pui. After breaking up with Pui Pui,, he goes out with Ling for a while but their relationship doesn’t last. He starts to regret his act but now Pui Pui is going to marry Chi Yu. It is too late to win her back. One day, he is nearly knocked down by a car but Pui Pui gets to shield him to get hit instead. That gives Lai Wor a chance to woo her back.

Dai Wai makes all hate this shallow man who just goes for appearances. Lai Wor only learns to cherish his ex-wife when Ling can’t get along with his children. How I wish that he gets jailed to have a taste of punishment but too bad the producer thinks that he has suffered enough.

3. Cheuk Ling – Chow Kar Ling
She is a famous star who likes partying. She has a rich father who spoils her rotten. She likes Lai Wor but doesn’t want to give up her freedom. That is why she soon grows tired of him to go out with another man. She lets both men down when she is a two timer and refuses to help out her next boyfriend in his business. That is why she gets killed by the latter and Lai Wor is framed of murdering her. Although Chow hardly acts in dramas, I must say that she is very good! No wonder she was scolded by the public when the drama was shown.

4. Tong Mun Yung – Tang Sui Mun
She is of the same age as Pui Pui but she looks so much younger as she knows how to preserve her appearance well. She has no confidence in marriage and shakes her head when Pui Pui’s marriage fails. She helps her to work like her and gain her dignity back. She is a truthful friend indeed. Tang is as good as always. We get to see how both competent actresses act from friends to foes in ‘The Good Old Days’ later.

5. Hung Sai Leung – Lam Wai
He is a contractor who renovates houses. He also condemns Lai Wor’s act and pities Pui Pui. He dislikes Mun Yung and often quarrels with her. Yet, they end up to become a couple.

6. Ma Chi Yu – Chan Kai Toi
He is the doctor whom Mun Yung recommends when Pui Pui loses appetite due to her failed marriage. He nurses her back to health and falls for her. He can see her beautiful heart beneath her exterior. Chung Mun doesn’t like him to marry Pui Pui and ruins his dating chances. A pity she dumps him to return to the unfaithful ex-husband.

7. Yu Chung Mun – Lam Chi Kuan
She is Lai Wor’s elder daughter who has to stay with Lai Wor to take care of her younger brother as Pui Pui loses her custody of them. She doesn’t mind it so that she can watch on Ling continuously. She never gives up hope of helping her parents to be together again.

8. Mrs Ma – Leung Shun Yin
She has not wanted her only son to marry a divorcee with children but has to give in upon seeing how much he loves her and after knowing that Pui Pui is a nice person.

Most favourite character
Chi Yu, he is completely flawless. Who has as much patience as him to accept a woman with 2 children? Moreover, he tries hard to get along with them and finally wins over them. A pity that the woman he loves lets him down.

Most hated character
Lai Wor, his will power against temptation is too weak. A close second is Ling who loves breaking up happy families as she comes from a broken family.

The theme song is 仍然是最愛你 by Pang Ling. She does it well although it is a cover version by Zhang Yu’s Chinese song. The subtheme is 愛你愛到太傷痛 by her and Wu Qi Xian. The latter isn’t that nice, though.


I strongly condemn Lai Wor’s act and wonder if he is that repentant if the murder doesn’t take place. Does he deserve forgiveness? My answer is no – who knows if he will start another affair again. He has taken his ex-wife for granted. If all housewives do not take note of dolling themselves, is that the end of the marriages?

Pui Pui has also taken Chi Yu on a ride by wasting his time. Since she loves Lai Wor, why does she start going out with him? This drama is sending a strong signal indeed. I don’t really enjoy watching this drama as they lie to each other continuously.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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