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Fathers and Sons

Reviewed by: BiInLurve October 09, 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Warning! Spoiler Review! Fathers and Sons is a TVB drama series starring Bobby Au-Yeung, Wong He, Yoyo Mung and Tavia Yeung. Man Tin-Chi (Bobby Au-Yeung) is a top-ranking market research manager at CJ Thompson. His father abandoned his mother and him when he was ten years old. His only memories of his father was that he worked in Hong Kong and would spend the weekend with Tin-Chi and his mother when he returned during the weekend. ...

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06-20-2008 01:16 PM


very good series


06-04-2008 01:48 PM


the cast had so much chemistry with one another. even for the kids. loved the series.


12-10-2007 11:53 AM


excellent series. Loved it


11-25-2007 03:55 AM


it's great


11-01-2007 09:36 PM


i wanna watch itt !!!!

x3 thi

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Fathers and Sons

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