Five Knights From Shanghai

Reviewed by: sukting

November 09, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes

Will Chin Mou era end after Master Fok and Master Chan? His 5 disciples hope to restore its glory in Hong Kong. They are reputed to be Chin Mou 5 tigers. Are they able to do it?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lau Chan San– Lau Kar Fai
He is the leader of Chin Mou clan after Masters Fok and Chan's death. However, the Japanese frames them upon seeing that the school is getting strong. He has to bring his juniors to Hong Kong to rebuild the reputation. Many members die and they lead an unstable life. He looks after his juniors well and they respect him. As a pugilistic expert in real life, he does his part well.

2. Mou Tang – Li Kar Ding
Needless to say, his face is evil and so is he. He is the Japanese samurai who drives the tigers away from Canton. He still tries to seek them out even when they are in Hong Kong.

3. Kwok Dai Lou– Lam Mun Long
He is the second senior from the school. He is the most talented among the younger ones so his skills improve fastest among them. To earn more money, he becomes a cop and befriends Kim Ying.

4. Song Chi Hou – Ou Sui Wai
He is the third senior from the school. He is upright but his feelings are easily swayed. That is why he almost fall out with Dai Lou over money.

5. Fok Dong Yeung– Ng Yuet San
He is the fourth senior from the school. He is the most rebellious among the five. Can you believe that he can steal Xing Chi's clothes to make fun of her? In the end, he has to endure punches

6. Ma Tik Fu – Wong Chan Ning
He is the fifth senior from the school. He is the most gullible among them.

7. Lee Long Kai – Wong Wai
He is Hong Ying clan leader. He is the bully and often bribes people to destroy other schools. Chin Mou's signage is broken by him. The five tigers grieve over it but they are still strong to accept the failure to practice their skills harder.

8. Chan Chan - Lo Mang
He delivers very powerful kicks in this drama. Too bad his coverage is limited.

9. Yam Chong Tien – Wong Long Wai
Another villain in the drama. He is also agile in his stunts. Do look out for his scenes with Chan Chan when they fight.

10. Fong Kim Ying – Kong Yan Yin
She is the daughter of a Chinese Inspector. She is gentle and that is why she wins the love from both men. She is Chun's cousin and tries to help him every now and then.

11. Far Mou Yau – Mak Chui Han
She is Chan San's confidante and stands by him all the time. She offers to help chan San open a Chinese medical hall as he has little money. But his pride doesn't allow him to do that.

12. Yip Hor Sheng – Chan Pui San
She works in the brothel but is only willing to be a maid and not a courtesan. She becomes Chi Hou's girlfriend.

13. Lee Yin Wah – Lo Mun Yee
She is Long Gai's daughter and is pampered since young. Chun saves her from getting hit from the signboard and she falls for him. She later becomes Chun's girlfriend.

14. Gong Muk Chun – Tsang Wai Kuen
He works for Mou Tang but isn't as evil as him. But later, he changes as his greed for power increases. He ditches Kim Ying for Yin Wah because she is rich. But he is caring to his only sister and will never allow anyone to bully her. He hates Dai Lou for keep coming between him and Kim Ying.

15. Gong Muk Xing Chi – Chan Mui Hing
She is Chun's younger sister who is also demure and sweet. She doesn't know martial arts and is against her brother's doings. She loves Dai Lou but later likes Chi Hou.

The theme song is 'Might As Well Start Over Again' by Lam Yik Lin. It is a very pleasant song to listen to. All should not miss it. No one should doubt her terrific singing.


As expected, this drama fights all the way. It proves how much substance the veteran actors have. They are really good in their punches. If not for them, I could have discontinued watching. The younger actors look clumsy in their moves and lack the physique. If only they work harder. Only Sui Wai is competent in his moves. The romantic element is also lacking as all look so awkward. This drama is easily forgettable but still worth your time if you wish to see how the veteran actors present the fighting scenes.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : ****1/2 (Scale of 5)

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