Food For Life (Yummy Yummy)

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

August 21, 2006

Rating: three

Kevin Cheung - Chicken Boy
Raymond Lam - Goose Master
Charmaine Sheh - Mandy
Tavia Yeung - Yan (Lemon)
Ben Yeo - Terry Ng

Short Plot Summary
This series is about 5 friends who met at a food competition. They lost at first but they gained some great friends. After the show, everyone went back to their normal lives but eventually find that their lives meet up again. Throughout the series, each one of them faces a challenge in their personal life, but the others help them through it. They all end up opening a restaurant together when the game show gave them the grand prize after the winner was found cheating.


Kevin - He’s the looking-on-the-positive-side-of-things guy. He always helps his friends out, especially Tavia, but doesn’t ask much when he’s in trouble. He doesn’t like to rely on others to help him so he usually tries to solve his own problems by himself. He soon becomes a chef at his restaurant and made the best noodles in town.

Raymond - He’s the rich boy that wants to prove to his family that he can make it on his own. At the beginning he would always just quit when things became too hard for him but he soon changed into a more determined person.

Charmaine - She worked for the game show but she never really liked them because they would always exploit the contestants. She got fired when she wouldn’t let them film Tavia crying. Her character is the mature one of the group that usually says or does the right thing and not just mess around like the others.

Tavia - She is the shy, self-conscious one. At the beginning she showed lack of confidence, but Charmaine and Kevin helped her through it and she eventually became a stronger person.

Ben - He is the Singaporean that came to live with Kevin. He was looking for his girlfriend but she was just playing him. His character is not so bright due to the fact that he always did what his mom told him to do. From that, he does lots of things that made people mad, however his kind heart always stopped their anger.


Kevin and Charmaine
Their relationship did not even start until half the series was over. I honestly thought that she was going to end up with Raymond because most of her scenes were with him. Well anyways, I think that they looked good together but the ending when he told her that he liked her all along and not Tavia, I was annoyed with that because it was like Kevin used Tavia (Charmaine’s sister) to get to her.

Raymond and Michelle Chia
To tell the truth, I do not like her character all that much in this series; I thought she was so annoying when she kept on stalking Raymond! Physically they look good together and mentally... well, they are just ok. Raymond had to show how to grow up, so that just shows how childish she was and she was a full grown woman. In my opinion, they do not make a good couple when you get past their outer appearance.

Ben and Natalie Tong
This couple was very cute to watch. It was so funny how she would always boss him around and he would obey, his face was so funny when she yelled at him. It was too bad that it didn’t really show how they got started, it just went from Ben being heartbroken, and then a few episodes later he was with Natalie.

Charmaine and Tavia
They started off being best friends probably when they met. Charmaine was always trying to protect Tavia like a good sister. But when she found out that Tavia was her real sister, she got mad (their dad abandoned Charmaine and her mom). When Charmaine finally forgave Tavia, that was such a sweet moment, I almost cried.

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