Forensic Heroes II


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Drama, Crime

Number of Episodes:30


Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 法證先鋒II

Average Rating:       (out of 3 ratings)


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Forensic Heroes II

Reviewed by: juphelia December 21, 2012

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Normally from experience, sequels do not fare better than the original. However, for Forensic Heroes, the second part is just as good as the first part, at least that is what I feel! The series continues with the knowledgeable Tim Sir (Bobby Au Yeong) and his best friend and brother-in-law Dr Sam Koo (Frankie Lam). The beginning of the show started off with Tim Sir and Siu Yau (Yoyo Mung) contemplating marriage as Dr Koo and Ding Ding (Linda Chung) were...

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Forensic Heroes II

Reviewed by: Bridget January 22, 2009

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Chinese title: "Fat Jing Sin Fung" (roughly translates to the leaders of forensics) Year: 2008 No. of episodes: 30 Foreword The series responsible for reviving Niki Chow's public image, pushing Charmaine Sheh into the depths of third-party hell and casting Kevin Cheng as a two-timer in tabloids is actually not that bad. One of the few examples of a sequel topping the first series. But how much is that worth if the first series sucked? I thought so. Quick Plot TVB takes...

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Forensic Heroes II

Reviewed by: Itrymybesttobefair July 04, 2008

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Synopsis: A sequel to the highly successful series "Forensic Heroes", Forensic Heroes II (FHII) continued to bring the audience through several bizarre cases and how the forensic team, together with investigative work by detectives and the pathologist, uses state-of-the-art scientific technology to solve cases. In FHII, the script aims to achieve variety by dabbling into several arenas of life, ranging from simple traffic accidents to the cryptic relationships between movie stars. In addition to the exciting cases, the relationships inherited from...

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Member Ratings


01-27-2011 11:14 AM


this series totally disappointed. i couldn't stand the fact that bobby, frankie and yoyo, who were instrumental in making the original FH drama a huge success, were sidelined to become supporting characters in the so-called sequel.

i did not like the fact that the cases were so simplistic to solve and that dead bodies could still "move". and unforgivable oversight from the director. the romance of kevin cheng and charmaine sheh ate up a lot of screen-time, which could have been used to develop bobby's, yoyo's and frankie's story more.

what a waste of bobby, yoyo and frankie.


12-15-2010 12:06 AM


I personally loved FH2 more than the original. I liked the cases and I love Charmaine and Kevin chemistry. Although I would have liked to see more scenes between Charmaine and Yoyo.


05-28-2010 04:41 AM


an insult of my intelligence.

i didn't know witnesses/suspects talk so easily, without any motivation to get lawyers.


08-31-2009 01:33 AM


I liked this series for the most part, but the girl they cast for the final villain was a serious error. Her acting made me cringe!


07-19-2009 05:10 AM


shut you mouth.

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