Forensic Heroes III

Reviewed by: Bridget

March 13, 2012

Rating: two

Chinese Title: "Fat Jing Sin Fung" (roughly translates to front-line forensics)

No. of episodes: 30
Theme song: Horrible

People say the definition of insanity is when you do something over and over again and expect a different result. By this logic, I must be insane, because I keep watching the Forensic Heroes series even when previous ones have blatantly suggested I should do otherwise.


Obviously TVB didn't read my review of FH 2, because if they did, they would know that 'NOT MATCH' is incorrect grammar. I told you, TVB, it's either NO MATCH or NOT MATCHING. No one listens to me. Anyway, that was enough to kill any credibility for this series, even with their individual tablets for each cop and gigantic table-sized touch screens in the lab (aren't we in a recession?). I laughed during all the meetings with those gadgets, because while they were there to demonstrate that the forensic team and the cops know what they're doing, anyone with a brain who has watched the FH series knows not to take them seriously.

Subtlety is a rare thing these days, so the audience should be able to appreciate the acting from both Wayne Lai - who can do no wrong - and comeback-er Maggie Cheung. While this is not Wayne's best performance, it was refreshing to watch him in a beta academic role and also as a father, both of which we do not see often. Maggie Cheung convinces as in her role, although her chemistry with Wayne leaves something to be desired.

Nancy Wu continues to improve, and her performance as the ambitious, arrogant Eva is very good. Watching Eva's relationship with her husband wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I thought of it as creepy as first, especially when it was revealed that she was a 'fan' of his when he gave a presentation as a guest speaker at her university. A very Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes relationship that was a bit disturbing, especially since Wayne and Nancy don't have great chemistry.

The little girl who played their daughter is excellent and reminds me of Jo Jung-eun (who played young Jang-geum in Korea's Jewel in the Palace). Cilla Kung was a big surprise - her performance here as the abused Sky Eye Girl was quite good. I suppose everyone should be allowed a horrible performance or two (in Cilla's case, it was her turn as Ron's lover in The Four).

Ron Ng is Ron Ng in here, meaning a mediocre performance and he looks distracted and weary half the time (I'm sure Viann Zhang was a factor in that). In fact, if I were Viann Zhang I'd be pissed too because he and Kate have good chemistry and look like a couple in here. Kate's interpretation of her character, for her part, is misguided. Gone are her usual spunky, I-can-throw-a-punch tomboy portrayals. Instead, she strikes me as girly and even a bit naïve, which is all wrong for the role and doesn't help the fact that visually she really does not convince as a Senior Inspector. But even she and Ron can't beat Wu Fung in the bad acting department, who takes the cake for worst performance.

I'm on the fence about Ruco Chan in here. I watched him in The Other Truth, a series that I couldn't finish and mainly because while he can act, I don't think he has the leading man charisma. Here he plays a secondary character and I wasn't bored to tears. The main issue I have with him other than the lack of charisma is his look is very arrogant, and when he smiles, he looks pretentious and patronizing. Not his fault, some people just have that issue but I find him hard to like because of that. I kept thinking his character was a villain while watching FH3 every time he smiled because it was such a patronizing smile. Nil chemistry with Maggie here.

Who else was in this? Oh yeah, Edwin Siu and Aimee Chan. Neither of them were memorable and both struck me as idiots. Every time I watched their bickering, I would ask myself 'how did you get this job?' and Angel used to work for CSI? Sorry, I had to cancel what I had planned for the following week after that episode because I was still laughing my a-- off. I also have a strong suspicion that if Aimee hadn't gotten together with Moses, TVB would have pushed Edwin and Aimee as a cash cow couple because they had numerous scenes in here (that alternate between predictable, uninteresting and unfunny) and also an anti-climax ending. The much talked-about bra scene was also unnecessary and overhyped. The one good thing about their pairing is that Edwin really seems to like Aimee, and I believe the rumours that he actually fought with Moses for Aimee's hand (so to speak), and well, lost spectacularly.

The case cameos? The best was the trio of actors who played Ron Ng's family members (Lui San, Florence Kwok, and that actor who played the villain in A Kindred Spirit). I don't know why TVB does not use Florence Kwok more. She is amazing. The worst cameo? Stephen Huynh, hands down.

The cases themselves in this series? Meh. The only one I remember was one of the first where there was a shooting at a wedding or something. Everything else was forgettable.

To Watch or Not To Watch, That is the Question
Even Wayne Lai can't save this one. Save your time.

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