Game of Deceit

Reviewed by: nath

December 31, 2007

Rating: three

Synopsis Review

Nick Cheung Ka Fai - Yue Chong Zheng
Jessica Hsuan - Gong Yuk Ling
Chian Ka Lok - Ah Jeng
Shirley Chueng Yuk san - Chian Bo Yee
Yuen King Dan - Gao Gun Yi

Warning! Spoiler review! Detailed plot of the series.

First scene of the series, you see a taoist tricking money from peasants. Then Nick Cheung Ka Fai arrives dressed as a rich man holding a box that seems to contain a lot of money. But this time, the taoist is the one who gets tricked. Actually, the taoist's trick is to have someone hidden inside a huge caldron who exchanges the money with rocks or puts some more money--depending on the taoist--and afterwards, the taoist gets an excuse when the money disappears. But anyway, Nick tricks lots of money from the taoist, because in his box, there's only an urn for urine.

game Nick cares a lot for his father who thinks Nick is a very honest man. Nick has bought some ginseng and asked a man to give it to his father, but when he comes back home, he sees his dad throwing away the ginseng as garbage because his dad thinks he got tricked. Anyway, Nick and Chian Ka Lok, his best friend, goes to the brothel. In another room in the brothel, Jessica Hsuan, dressed as a man, is getting tested by other men. Jessica comes from the "Best Merchandise's Evaluation" family. She knows like everything. Jessica went to the bathroom with her maid, Yuen King Dan, who is also dressed as a man. Nick had to go too, but he got kicked out by Yuen King Dan. Then afterwards, Shirley suddenly appeared at the brothel with her personnel. By this time, the men with Jessica had invited the 4 prettiest women of the brothel, and Shirley makes a jealous commotion because she is Jessica's fiancee. They even contested to see who is really a "pretty" woman and Shirley wins. Chian Ka Lok is captivated by Shirley's beauty.

Back home, we discover that Jessica is a woman. She has dressed up as a man all her life, because her family business can only be directed by man. Since her father is weak, she has decided to direct the business by herself. So even if Shirley is naughty, she doesn't say anything because she feels guilty about lying to her.

Next day, Jessica has a big business meeting. She has to prove that her customer's painting is a real one. For that, she has to argue with 4 other auction men. Nick has made another trick to attend the meeting, and because of him, she proves that her customer's painting was real. Jessica's future father-in-law has to make new coins with the name of the new king on it. But it turns out that the coins aren't heavy enough and it could cause big problems in the future to the family. So he has to make all the coins again to be more heavy. But bronze is very expensive... so Jessica has to find a way to help her father-in-law. Finally, she comes up with the idea of buying the coins of peasants to melt and make new coins out of... To think of this solution, Jessica has been walking on the streets and in a mini-casino, she sees Nick and they have another argument over how to win money... Jessica wins the argument so Nick isn't happy... Then just after, Shirley appears in the streets and she injures an old lady. There shouldn't be any problem, but Nick appears and makes it one... so he forces Jessica to drink a very disgusting wine, leaving her no choice. Back home, she vomits...

To buy the coins from peasants, Jessica and her father-in-law has opened a few stores where they buy 90 coins and give back like 1 dollar... so everyone is very interested... Nick doesn't have enough coins, so he concocts a new trick... He makes people think that there's gold inside the coin, so everyone buys his coins, like 50 coins for 1 dollar... So no one sold it anymore to Jessica's stores. Jessica has discovered his trick and is able to put him and Chian Ka Lok in jail. Nick's father visits them at jail and when he learns that it is Jessica's fault that Nick is in the jail, he is very angry and goes to Jessica's business.

It turns out that in the past, Nick's father was making a feather blanket for a client, but however, there were missing feathers in the blanket and they accused Nick's father of stealing it... Nick's father then asked Jessica's father to help him to prove his innocence... Jessica's father was supposed to be able to prove Nick's father of his innocence, but that day, one of his servants came in announcing that his wife has lost lots of blood and was almost dying and also the baby was a girl... It was a great shock to Jessica's father, so he didn't think of anything else and told that Nick's father was the thief.... Nick's father was forced to close his business... It is only afterwards, when his wife died one night, Jessica's father, drunk, came back to Nick's father business establishment that he discovered that the feathers were caught on the roof in the process of making the blanket and it wasn't stolen... But Jessica's father couldn't find Nick's father to apologize... After telling the story, her father tells her to release Nick and Chian Ka Lok.

game Her father-in-law isn't happy about releasing Nick and Chian Ka Lok, so he arrested them again. During the court case, Jessica has to prove that Nick and Chian Ka Lok had been tricking the population.... But Nick and Chian Ka Lok aren't found guilty and are released because the coin that Jessica used does really contain gold : Chian Ka Lok's master, the man who had raised Chian Ka Lok has put gold in it.... But Chian Ka Lok almost revealed the truth to Shirley when she used her beauty to make him talk, fortunately, Nick arrives in time to stop him...

After a while, Jessica discovered that it's Chian Ka Lok's master who stopped her plans. When she told it to her father-in-law, he looks really scared. Actually, it's very easy to recognize Chian Ka Lok's master, because his 2 hands had been cut off. Finally, Jessica finds a way to distinguish the coins which are only made of bronze and the ones which contains gold... She only have to put it in salt water, the bronze coins will float while the gold coins will sink... Unfortunately for her, Chian Ka Lok's master found a way to stop Jessica's solution. He then tells Chian Ka Lok and Nick to put vinegar into the well, because the effect of salt will disappear because of the vinegar, so again, Nick and Chian Ka Lok are found not guilty. Jessica's father-in-law decides to meet Chian Ka Lok's master and they had a talk alone and you can see that the father-in-law is very worried because he's in great troubles and only the master can help him... finally, they asked Jessica and Nick to exchange some boxes. In Nick's box, there's a bottle of vinegar--that explains to Jessica how come her solution didn't work and in Jessica's box, there was money one the top, but in the bottom, there were some really precious white jade.

Episodes 6-10
Chian Ka Lok's master is injuring himself and Chian Ka Lok discovered, so his master has no choice but beat Chian Ka Lok too. Chian Ka Lok faints and is in coma... the master has hidden the money... Next day, when Nick comes in, the master told him it's Jessica's father-in-law's men whom had beaten them up like that... Nick wants to avenge them, so he goes to Jessica's house... then, he discovered that she is actually a woman because she was getting ready to take a bath...

Court case continues and this time, Jessica would have proved Nick's trick, but Nick arrives and then reveals that Jessica is a woman. He takes off his shirt and tells Jessica to do the same... So the judge thinks it's Jessica's family who has been tricking population with the coins affair. Jessica's family got in trouble because the minister who has asked her father-in-law to make the coin thinks they had tricked him and anyway, he knows that the coins won't be ready in time, so he wants to kill the father-in-law's and Jessica's family... he sent them all to jail, unfortunately, Jessica's father-in-law dies... and on his funeral days, soldiers come and closed his house, and takes Shirley to jail. Jessica's family got into the same situation. Only Jessica's maid got saved and her task is to keep the family business's sign, it can't touch the ground. They all get in jail and Jessica's father is sick, so she is very worried. There's also Shirley who is blaming Jessica's for her dad death and also what is happening to her. Jessica feels miserable, she didn't want to, she was forced, she had no choice.

game Nick is getting suspicious. Chian Ka Lok is still in coma and Yeun King Dan has met Nick because she blames him for what is happening to her mistress. So Nick is very suspicious about whether if Chian Ka Lok really got beaten up by Jessica's father-in-law's men... Also, he notices behavior changes in Chian Ka Lok's master and also, Chian Ka Lok's master is using expensive stuff to treat Chian Ka Lok. Finally, Nick found some jade powder and goes ask Jessica what it is... he finally, discovered that it's Chian Ka Lok's master fault, that it's him who had beaten up Chian Ka Lok and has caused the death of the father-in-law and put Jessica in jail. The story is :

Chian Ka Lok's master and Jessica's father-in-law were friends. The father-in-law was only a soldier protecting a very expensive statue. On the statue, there were like 100 jade hands and he planned to steal them, but he needed the master's help. Finally, when they succeed in stealing the hands, the father-in-law got rid of the master... he has also cut the master hands and he fell from the cliff... but the master was still alive and wanted to avenge himself... Finally, the house got burnt and Nick was only able to rescued Chian Ka Lok, after knocking some times on his head, Chian Ka Lok woke up...

game Then they wanted to rescue Jessica, her father, and Shirley... Yeun king Dan and Chian Ka Lok wanted to rescue them by fighting, but they both got caught and were also sent to death sentence... Finally, Nick appears and is able to prove that there's no gold in the coins and then after, he gathered lots of coins, enough to make the new ones so Jessica and the rest all got rescued...

Chian Ka Lok is really in love with Shirley, but she is only using him... she now hides herself in a hotel room and she hates being poor.. Chian Ka Lok tries to take care of her by buying her expensive food and etc. She also hates Nick and Jessica because she thinks they had caused her father's death and are responsible for what is happening to her right now...

Now, because she's a woman, no one believe Jessica anymore but everyone treats Nick very well.... an old customer comes back with 4 auction's men about a painting which is only supposed to have 100 birds, but there's 101 birds... Because he still feels guilty about Jessica's situation, he comes to help them... The painting is supposed to make the family of the owner get lots of kids, but his son dies... and they think it's because of the painting... anyway, Nick proves that there's only 100 birds, because like in real life, female aren't person, so in the painting, one of the bird is a female, so you can't count it... anyway, to regain the name of their business, Jessica's father wants her to marry Nick, but she doesn't agree... Finally, her father discovered that Nick has seen her naked... so he went to talk to Nick's father... It's only now that Nick's father discovered that his son isn't as honest as he thought. So he too, is forcing Nick to marry Jessica... But both disagree... The 2 fathers make them drink tea and turns out there's sleeping medicine in it... next morning, when they woke up, Nick and Jessica are both in the same bed with only pajamas on... So they are forced to get married, but Nick insulted Jessica, making her angry, so she runs away... (Actually, it's very funny... it's really the first time, that I see parents using this trick to get their children married )

On both sides, the fathers are threatening their children... Jessica's father tried to hang himself, but she rescued him in time, he only fainted... as for Nick's father, he decided to write all of Nick's wrong actions on a shirt and wear it in the streets... he got so angry that he fainted too... So both Jessica and Nick had to bring their father to a doctor... While waiting, both of them argue... Jessica tells him why she dressed as a man, that she hasn't any choice and how difficult it was for her father to educate her, because she was really weak and everyone was afraid that she won't live... anyway, she had sworn that she'll take care of the business.... As for Nick, he told her that his mother died really poor and he has been tricking money while his father was thinking he was studying, so Nick couldn't trick great amount of money, fearing his father... At that time the 2 old men woke up and wanted to talk to the other child... Finally, Jessica and Nick had to accept the wedding... Nick and Jessica met to make plans : it's only a comedy, they aren't really wife/husband... Also, she'll take care of everything in the business....

game On the wedding day, bride's party plays numerous jokes on the groom... making him very embarrassed and angry. He swears that he'll take revenge... As for all the dowry money, Nick takes it all and gives it to Chian Ka Lok. He told Chian Ka Lok to hide it somewhere... Then, Shirley appeared and she asked for money, so Chian Ka Lok gives her all the wedding money, she runs away with it... On that night, Jessica and Nick argue for the one who will get the bed. When he learns about the money, Nick got angry but forgave Chian Ka Lok...

Nick and Jessica act as if they were a real close couple in front of the 2 old men, but in their back, they argue none-stop... Quite funny...

Nick has to go estimate a very precious wine, but he turns to drink it and got drunk... Jessica has to rescue him, but since he has tried the wine, she has to find another bottle and went to ask her close friend, Marco... She doesn't tell her family that she is the one who had estimated the wine, so Nick got all the glory and his father-in-law is very happy... Jessica doesn't want him to embarrass her or the business so sent him to another town... Turns out that during this trip, he has to evaluate if a woman is still a virgin... This woman turns out to be..... Shirley ! He finally finds a trick to prove that she is still a virgin... She now works has a prostitute... 3 men are trying to buy her and sleep with her, because Chian Ka Lok is upset to see her like that, he also get jealous and beats up the 3 wealthy men... But again, Shirley was only using him... she asked him to buy her food and during that time, she run away.. She now got a great amount of money...

Episode 11-13
Shirley has ran away and Nick knows that Chian Ka Lok is in troubles so he tries to help him... So they go back to the brothel and try to destroy every clue that Chian Ka Lok has left... At the same time, Marco needs Jessica's help... He also has a business affair... it's about making wine... His grandpa has invented the "Best wine of the world" and every 60 years, he has to distribute 10 bottles of this wine, like a reward.... So he asked Jessica to help him selected the 10 persons... Back home, Nick notices that Jessica and Marco seems very close to each other... So Nick wants to prove that he is superior then Marco... So after drinking wine, Nick sets a fake fire, but turns out to be a real one... Marco has rescued Chian Ka Lok...

game Then after, Marco and Nick are competing to know who can drink more wine, and again, Nick used tricks.. During the competition, Marco tells Nick about his intimate conversation with Jessica and Nick got very jealous. He scolds both Marco and Jessica, even spilled wine on Marco's head and asked Jessica how many man she has slept with... Jessica slapped him... Chian Ka Lok then told him it was his own fault... Nick discovered how much he cared for her, so that night, in front of all the family, he admits it was all his fault. Then, he told Jessica to punish him, 40 hits, but she didn't do so, and she told him it was all her fault, first marrying him, then covering his errors and all. And everyone left him... At night, a man dressed in black entered the house and then bothered everyone and even tried to kidnap Jessica, of course Yeun Dan King rescued her and everyone hit the man... turns out it was Nick, it was like if he got punished... Jessica and Nick had a talk and he gives her all the power and let her choose the 10 persons... While she was working, he even cooked a soup for her, turn out it wasn't really good, but he was touched by Jessica because she has eaten it, so both of them drinks the soup, their relationship got a big step forward...

Jessica and Marco has selected the same 10 people for the rewards. Marco and Jessica both feel that they have met each other too late, they have feelings for each other, but Jessica can't... she can't because of the business, but also because she is now Nick's wife...

Nick is again asked to evaluated if Shirley is virgin... This time, it's a little far... Shirley tells him she wants to get the money of the rich man, so told Nick to help her, if not, she'll drink poison wine. Nick doesn't believe her so drinks the wine and turns out there was some medicine in it. So when he wakes up, he found himself in the same bed with Shirley and thinks that they have slept together... So Nick has no choice then but to help Shirley... Later, Shirley runs away with the money and some jewelry... The rich man then discovered that Nick has been tricking him... so he beat him up and forced him to drink poisonous wine, but Chian Ka Lok drinks it instead...

Back home, Nick doesn't know how to rescue Chian Ka lok. Fortunately, Marco is able to rescue Chian Ka lok. Also, Yeun Dan King is showing how much she cared about Chian Ka Lok...

Episode 14-15
Nick has to announce the winners for the 10 bottles of wine... During the ceremony, he feels kind of jealous when he sees the contestants so happy to win. But a drama happens, one of them got killed, because he won a bottle... so Marco and Jessica has to choose a new person again. But Jessica can't find of a new qualifier, so she goes to Marco to apologize. Nick is very jealous, because she has been staying up all the night... Marco wants to give the last bottle to Jessica, but she refuses, she's afraid of creating rumors... So finally, Marco gives the last bottle to Nick. Jessica goes to find Marco to tell him how much problems he is causing her by giving the bottle... Nick is very jealous and is even more so when he discovered that the bottle was supposed to be for Jessica... He drinks the wine and discovered it was only water... so he invited all the qualifier to a ceremony to drink the wine... He wants to prove to everyone that Marco has lied to everyone...

Marco declares his love to Jessica... but she refused it... she feels uncomfortable and Marco gives her some advice.. She wants to get drunk, she wants Nick to come to her and walk home... but she knows it won't happens.. Marco guessed her hopes and tells her that she had fallen in love with him... she cares for Nick that's why she has those hopes... Nick is really jealous, it's very late and he finally can't stand anymore, because Jessica isn't back yet... so he goes to find her.... Then they fight all the way home... back home, she cries, telling him her feeling... she is only a simple woman, she hopes to be loved, she hopes that someone cares for her... that someone will considered her as a real woman... then Nick takes her in his arms and says that she is really a woman, his woman and that he'll never leave her...

Nick and Jessica have finally fallen in love and sleep together... the next morning they both wake up early and act as a very loving couple... then, Yuen Dan King announces Marco's arrival, so Nick goes to meet him and he finally announces to the family that the wine is only water... the family even tasted it... And they ask Marco for an explanation : Marco's grandpa did invent the "Best wine" and it was even chosen to be drank during the 1 month anniversary of the king's son. But just the day before, something went wrong and the wine wasn't drinkable... so the family put water instead of wine... they prepared themselves to die, but turns out that when the King drank the wine, he declared it was really the "Best wine", so from then on, water became "Best wine"... so Marco did this because of his family... Nick realized he did another mistake and want to repair it. So they decide to go family to family to announce that the ceremony would be canceled... but turns out, everyone is too excited, so Nick and Jessica can't cancel the ceremony.

Guests have begun to arrive, so Jessica and her maid go back home. As for Nick, he tries to find a solution. On his way, he see the taoist (from the beginning) using the same trick to lure money. And that gives him an idea...

At home, everyone has arrived and is very excited. Nick also arrived and he invited the guests to try durian... Because durian is the king of the fruits, but everyone, after eating it, is disgusted by the smell and the taste. Then Nick invented an excuse telling it's because they aren't pure and etc. So they all went to an old establishment and Nick tells them to put all the bottle of wine in a closet. This closet had been already rigged by Nick and can be opened on both sides : front and behind. And then, after, he tells all the guests to pray until the next morning...

Nick's plan is to steal all the bottles of wine during the night and run away with it and then find an excuse... So while they were praying, Nick and Jessica walked and talked... when he came back home, he saw Chian Ka Lok packing... Turns out Chian Ka Lok wants to take all the blame on himself and run away, go search for Shirley. But because they were brothers, Nick didn't let him take all the blame... During the night, they planned to go steal the bottles, but on their way, Nick and Chian Ka Lok are kidnapped by black dressed men.

Next morning, every guest is really impatient to drink the wine. Jessica and Marco are very worried because Nick didn't show up yet. Jessica finds an excuse to gain time and tells them to pray 3 more times, but still Nick doesn't show up. So finally, they have to open the closet... Jessica and Marco are getting more and more worried... Everyone has taken back their bottle and got prepared to drink it, but finally Nick shows up. He even distributed glasses to them. Jessica and Marco still are worried... Just before drinking, Nick invited a special guest, Nick said if someone has the rights to drink the "Best wine", it was this special guest and also, is this special guest who gave them the gold glasses.

Episodes 16-20
Finally, every guest started to drink the wine, but were all surprised it tasted like water. They were about to ask, when they saw the special guest drinking. Turns out the special guest was the KING ! Even the king said it was the "Best wine", so all the other guests have no choice but to say it was the best wine too. Then the King left, but he stopped by to talk to Nick and said he has done what he promised, now Nick shouldn't forget what he had sworn. And then, he left.

game Back home, everyone harassed Nick and Chian Ka Lok, because they want to know what Nick did to invite the King. But Nick and Chian Ka Lok kept their silence. Then after, Marco arrived and he announced that he will close the business. Then after, he admit to Jessica that he always thought that he was the only one who could be with her and he didn't understand why Jessica chose Nick, but now he admits that he can't compare to Nick... Then he left.

Jessica goes back in her room, Nick is waiting for her and asked her what did she say with Marco. She said she didn't ask him how he invited the king, so she hopes he don't ask her what she said... Nick then tells her he can't tell anyone how he invited the king, but if his wife asked, he must tell her.

Nick and Chian Ka Lok got kidnapped by black dressed men. Then, they got released in front of a man, hidden behind a door. The guy asked Nick to help him, but Nick answered that he was busy enough with the "Best wine" problem that he wouldn't help the man. Then the man answered that he could solve the "Best wine" problem and Nick was forced to help him. Nick asked who the man think he was, the King ? Turns out Nick has guessed right, it was really the king...
*** End of flashbacks***

Now Nick has to go to the capital and asked Jessica to accompany him. Next day, the couple, Chian Ka Lok and Yuen King Dan are heading toward the capital. Yuen King Dan also knows about the secret because Chian Ka Lok told her... At the capital, the king's men are waiting for them and the King's personal eunuch guided Nick and Jessica to a secret room where lot's of precious things are stocked. Turns out it was all very precious things from past generations and dynasties.

The King comes in and praised Jessica for her knowledge. Then he asked her to choose some ornaments that their business could sell for the price of $100,000,000 and they can't tell that the ornaments come from the palace. So Jessica selected 4 ornaments that they sold during an auction. There's one man, hidden behind a curtain, who buys all 4 ornaments for a price of $300,000,000. Nick and Jessica are very happy, since it's 3 times what they hope. When they told the king about the price and the man who bought the ornaments, the king seems a bit worried, but he rewarded Nick and Jessica and told them to leave. On the road, Jessica, Yuen King Dan and Chian Ka Lok got arrested by soldiers, only Nick escaped. He runs back to the palace and asked for the King help. After hesitating, the king agrees to help him, he knows who has captured Nick's group.

As for Nick's group, they are trapped in a room filled with money and gold. The 3 of them are attached with a special rope. While Jessica is telling how the rope is special, a man comes in and also praised her. Then Jessica guesses who the man is, it's a high ranked official who's very wealthy. He has a lot of power in the court, even when the king arrives, he doesn't welcome him immediately. Nick has to rush in, so they can enter. But unfortunately, the high ranking official accuses Emperor Hin of selling the country's treasures. The official blackmails Emperor Hin into giving him the power of constructing the Royal War ship. After the official gets what he wanted, he still refuses to let Jessica go. Nick is angry at the Emperor for not being able to help Jessica. Nick decides to rescue Jessica himself. But Nick has to run away, because he got spotted, so Nick has to run away and Jessica shows her confidence in Nick, being sure Nick will escape. Actually, Nick escaped because Shirley helped him. She now lives with the official, because of his money. When she heard Nick wants to rescue Jessica, she leaves him in the streets. She hates Jessica a lot, back to the official house, she let snakes in Jessica's cell, fortunately, Yuen King Dan kills them.

Nick's father and father-in-law are in the capital, his father-in-law wants to transfer their business to the capital. Nick then told them what happened and they search for a solution. Finally, they came up with a solution. Years before, Emperor Hin's grandfather has asked Jessica's business to build 4 statues, now known as "Four Sacred Statues". Because he was so satisfied with their work, he named the business as number 1 in the world. He even left scriptures and because of those scriptures, the official has to let Jessica go. Then Emperor Hin charges Jessica and Nick to find the "Four Sacred Statues", because it contains a very important secret. As for the official, he wants to find the statues too, because he knows that this secret could affect Emperor Hin and it could let him become king.

Nick and Jessica investigate a long time before figuring out where the "Four Sacred Statues" were hidden. Then they go to search for it, but they are followed by the official's men. When they found the statues, they are only able to hide the 4th statue because it was the most light. As for the 3 other statues, they are taken by the official's men. But it turns out under the statues, there's scriptures and it got printed on the floor so Nick and Jessica brings it back to the Emperor Hin. The scriptures tell the story of Emperor Hin's grandfather fighting for the throne and why he was afraid of his son becoming Emperor. Nick and Jessica finally discover the rest of the secret in the 4th statue. Different from the 3 other statues, the scriptures aren't under the statue, but inside of it. Anyway, it tells that Emperor Hin's father wasn't a Manchu, but Han. When Emperor Hin discovered the secret, he asked Nick and jessica to destroy the statue, because this secret could make him lose the throne.

Because of money, Shirley has agreed to help the official to find the 4th statue. She threatened Nick to give her the statue, if not, she'll tell Jessica that they slept together. So Nick has to make a plan to give Shirley the statue because he don't want Jessica to know. He tricks them to have a false statue, but it ended up the official and Shirley had the real statue. Also, Jessica got suspicious of Nick because he was acting weird, so she had followed him. She got spotted by Shirley, so Shirley acted as if Nick was her lover and they were running away... Anyway, Nick got slapped and Jessica fainted. Yuen King Dan brought her back home and Nick left because even Chian Ka Lok thought that Nick treated Shirley badly, so he got angry at Nick.

Jessica has to face the Emperor. When he asked her if the task was completed and she answered no, he got angry. Then Nick appeared and he would have gotten executed, but the official appeared and saved him. Then the official forces Nick and Jessica to end their relationship, so Jessica agreed by drinking the wine. From then on, Nick and her weren't related anymore. She did so because she didn't want Nick to get executed. Because if they weren't related anymore, he wouldn't be related to her family business.

At the official's house, Nick asked him why he had rescued him. The official forced Nick to reveal where the scriptures were in the 4th statue. Nick had no choice but to help the official, because it turns out that in the wine Jessica has drunk, there was poison. And the antidote was hidden in his necklace, so if Nick wanted to rescue Jessica, he had no choice other than helping him. As for Jessica, she is pregnant, that's why she fainted. When Chian Ka Lok heard about her pregnancy, he went to the official's house to announce the news to Nick, but Nick has to act cool. Then, Chian Ka Lok got spotted, but he got rescued by Yeun King Dan. However, because of saving him, Yuen King Dan got injured and she is trapped in the official house. She hides herself in Shirley's room and is surprised that Shirley rescued her. They had a talk about what is true love. Afterwards, Shirley go to the official's room.

Next day, in the court, Jessica presented another 4th statue, telling the one of the official is a false one. Then, Nick appeared and they got into an argument and Nick wins, so Jessica left the court. Nick has to prove which one is the true statue, but turned out that in Nick's trick, the official's statue is also a false one. Then, they read the secret in Jessica's statue and say that the Emperor knew that some bad minister would create problem and plan to take over the throne... Then, in a poem, they figured out that it was the official who was the bad minister. The official was really angry because Nick has betrayed him and tell him that Jessica will die. But Jessica appeared and ate the antidote in front of him : Shirley went to the official room and slept with him. He figured out she was still a virgin, that she never slept with Nick. To reward her, he told her to choose anything and she chose the necklace, containing the antidote. Yuen King Dan was standing outside of the room and heard everything. Shirley asked to meet Jessica and she gave her the antidote. So Jessica tries to meet Nick and told them for their plan, about creating another statue. Finally, the official got executed.

As for Shirley, she decided to leave for another land. Just before, she has a talk with Chian Ka Lok and told him that Yuen King Dan was really concerned about him. Chian Ka Lok answered he understands. Even if Yuen King Dan wasn't as pretty as her, she was the one who cared for him and he would never forget it. Actually, Yuen King Dan had listened to their conversation... then Shirley left. On the boat, she met a person that looks exactly like Jessica when she was dressed as a man, except this guy has a mustache. And then, we see both of them, standing on the boat.

As for Chian Ka Lok and Yuen King Dan, Chian Ka Lok admit his love and asked Yuen King Dan to marry him. She answered that she'll answer him when Jessica have given birth to her child.

Few months later, it's one month anniversary of Nick's children. Jessica has given birth to twins... the 2 grandfathers are arguing about which one is their grandson, because one has Nick's family name, the other, Jessica's family name. Finally, their name was written on their clothes, so both grandpas had to exchange babies. Then, they asked Yuen King Dan about her decision. Jessica went to talk to her, and discovered that Yuen King Dan was worried, she was afraid that Chian Ka Lok would still love Shirley, but after a misunderstanding, she agreed to marry him.

Finally, Yuen King Dan and Chian Ka Lok got wedded, then Emperor Hin appeared. Everyone is afraid that the Emperor wants to keep the secret and decided to kill everyone who knew the secret, but he just came to give a present : he honored the business as "Number 1 Appraiser in China". Then, everyone lived happily ever after...

My comments: The series is ok. I didn't like the beginning very much, but the more I watched, the more I enjoyed the series. Actors did a wonderful job, especially Nick. But the series doesn't sound very new - it's like the wedding-comedy in "Lady Flower Fist". I just mean that it's not a very original storyline.

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