Genghis Khan

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December 31, 2007

Rating: three-point-five


Man Chi Leung as Genghis Khan
Felix Wong as Jak Mok Hup
Jie Ling as Foo Yee Tip
Chan Ting Wai as Hak Sai Yee
Kwan Lai Kit as Song Quan
Lau Ching Wan as Cheut Lo Wan


Ironically, TVB only made this series 10 episodes long. This series portrays the life of Tit Mok Jun (Temujin) up to his proclamation as the "Great Khan (Genghis Khan)". Man Chi Leung is Genghis Khan and Felix Wong portrays his sworn brother, Jak Mok Hup. The series was filmed in Mainland China and thus gives a different type of scenery than most TVB series.

What about the story (Spoilers!)

Genghis Khan's father, Yesugei, had just conquered a small area of Mongolia. On the day of the birth of his eldest son, Yesugei captured a man. He spares the life of that man and asked for his name. The man's name was Tit Mok Jun and so Yesugei named his son Tit Mok Jun. Eighteen years later, Tit Mok Jun and his younger brother, Hak Sai Yee, are out hunting for rabbits. Tit Mok Jun's half brothers join in but treat Tit Mok Jun and Hak Sai Yee badly. They steal Hak Sai Yee's rabbit and all the brothers engage in a fight. Tit Mok Jun breaks up the fight and leave. Later on, Tit Mok Jun's half brother tries to kill Hak Sai Jun. Tit Mok Jun kills him with his bow and arrow but realizes too late his wrong doing. After that, Tit Mok Jun swore to protect all his brothers, including his half brothers.

Tit Mok Jun was of age to take over his clan because his father's sworn brother acted as regent. Tit Mok Jun and his family are ordered to be killed. Tit Mok Jun gets captured but then gets saved by his friend Cheut Lo Wan. Tit Mok Jun, again, almost gets captured but is saved by Jak Mok Hup, one of the three great khans of Mongolia. They wrestle and became sworn brothers, andap. Tit Mok Jun took the head of an arrow and Jak Mok Hup kept the feathered end as a symbol of their friendship. Tit Mok Jun then marries Princess Foo Yee Tip, one of Jak Mok Hup's love interest. He travels to find Wong Hau, his father's sworn brother, to help him regain his throne but is rejected.

During the ordeal, Foo Yee Tip is captured by a tribe. Jak Mok Hup, Tit Mok Jun, and Wong Hau rescue Foo Yee Tip, who was raped. Tit Mok Jun moves to Jak Mok Hup's kingdom but gains favor in the eyes of the peasants. Jak Mok Hup tries to rape Foo Yee Tip because of jealousy. Tit Mok Jun had to arm wrestle Jak Mok Hup to be released from his kingdom. Tit Mok Jun is considered a hero and many people follow him, including To Tai Wai and his uncles. With a massive army, Tit Mok Jun reclaims his land. Meanwhile, Jak Mok Hup considers Tit Mok Jun a threat and attacks him but is defeated. After this defeat, Jak Mok Hup turns to Song Quan, Wong Hau's son, for help. Wong Hau turns on Tit Mok Jun but the assassination failed. Realizing he had been set up, Wong Hau returns home in shame.

Later, Tit Mok Jun kills Wong Hau. Jak Mok Hup tries to attack again but fails. Jak Mok Hup then challenges Tit Mok Jun to duel but loses. Tit Mok Jun decides to spare Jak Mok Hup's life because he had saved him. Jak Mok Hup refuses because with his death, Tit Mok Jun can become Seng Gus Si Hon or Genghis Khan.

Man Chi Leung as Genghis Khan

His performance was not as good as Felix. However, Man Chi Leung did do a good job.

Felix Wong as Jak Mok Hup

Wow! Superb job. I just could not believe that Felix could portray such an evil character. His performance was flawless. From his portrayal of Guo Jing (Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982) to Cao Cao (Incurable Traits), you can tell that Felix can act.

Scenery and costumes

The scenery was amazing. I am glad that TVB decided not to film this series with many fake backgrounds. The battle scenes are great. The costumes are real because TVB used real tribes dressed in traditional costumes to film this series.

A little history

Yesugei was a small chief of a sub clan. One day, he captured a Tatar chief by the name of Tit Mok Jun (Temujin). By tradition, Yesugei bestowed that name on his eldest son. Yesugei father, Katula, was defeated during his rise to power and so there was no khan to succeed him. Yesugei married into the Onggirat tribe. He had three other sons and a daughter from his wife Ho-elun. He also had two other sons from his concubine. At the age of nine, Tit Mok Jun was taken to his mother's tribe by his father to find a wife. The chief offered his daughter, Foo Yee Tip (Borte). Tit Mok Jun was to stay there for the betrothal period while his father went home. Yesugei was poisoned by some Tatars but before his death, Yesugei begged his friend to retrieve Tit Mok Jun. Tit Mok Jun was taken home but could not ascend the throne. Other members of the clan chased his family out into upper Onon.

The family survived on wildberries, nuts, fish, and roots. While in exile, Tit Mok Jun made friends with Jak Mok Hup (Jamuka). One day, Tit Mok Jun shot to death his half brother, Bekter, because he was stealing necessary food from the family. Meanwhile, Tit Mok Jun's clan leader finds out the Tit Mok Jun was not dead and so searches for him. Tit Mok Jun was chased into the woods for nine days. Tit Mok Jun had to surrender out of hunger. He was put in chains and had a heavy collar around his neck. One night he managed to escape. Tit Mok Jun then claimed his wife and asked for the help of his father's andap, Wong Hau (Toghril).

Wong Hau was given a sable-skin coat and so Wong Hau protected Tit Mok Jun. One day Borte was captured by the Merkit tribe. At once, Tit Mok Jun, Wong Hau's troops, and Jak Mok Hup rescued her. At Foo Yee Tip's return, Tit Mok Jun's first son, Jochi, was born. Jochi was excluded for succession of grand khanate because there was a question of legitimacy. Jochi's father was either Tit Mok Jun or the Merkit chief. Jak Mok Hup was uneasy of Tit Mok Jun's growing fame and power. He set out to divide the clan but Foo Yee Tip warned Tit Mok Jun in advance. Tit Mok Jun separated from the clan. Years later, Wong Hau was disposed of by his kinsmen. Tit Mok Jun helped regain Wong Hau's throne. Tit Mok Jun allied with Wang-khan and the two became the most powerful rulers of the Steppes. Wang-khan later refused to wed his daughter to Jochi. This event led to war. Tit Mok Jun lost because he was outnumbered. He fled but was later joined by many loyal warriors and small tribes. Jak Mok Hup found shelter in the Naiman camps with other tribes. Tit Mok Jun led an attack on them and won. Jak Mok Hup was captured and killed.

Watch it or forget it

This series is short and easily followed. The story doesn't follow history that closely but is bearable. I did want the series to continue with Tit Mok Jun's supremacy in the Steppes and conquest of China. Too bad the series ended with only 10 episodes.

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