Glittering Days

Reviewed by: juphelia

August 19, 2009

Rating: five

I must first clarify that this review may be a tad biased, because firstly, I love anything nostalgic, and secondly, I love music / musical movies / musical dramas, etc. This show is both set during the 1970s, a nostalgic era, and a musical drama, so the combination is perfect for me!

Despite all that, the plot itself is pretty good. At least there is a clear beginning, middle and ending. There is no ambiguity and every scene flows properly, unlike some of the other dramas around where the scene jumps or the ending is too rushed. Hence, I find this a perfect show.

The show started out with performers of a veteran troupe, but because their troupe is barely surviving, the leader goes all out to find new venues for their performances. It is exclusively on the singers and performers of a club, how a famous star with his ego later falls from grace due to the sabotage of his brother, and then the girl who loves him later becomes a star after winning a singing contest. He later falls for her but deems himself not good enough for her since their status have changed, but he made a comeback in the end.

I really really love the songs! I find them so much nicer sounding than the modern songs! The actors and actresses who sang the songs are great too! For instance, I never know Charmaine (Sheh) can sing so well! And Roger Kwok too, although it was a pity his voice was dubbed over at the end as I would so love to hear him sing!

The costumes are great too, being the high fashion of those era. The storyline even incorporates the time when university students were influenced by Western songs and bands, like an era where more and more young kids are behaving like hippies. It is a good piece of history. Hence I find it a perfect show!

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