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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: do^aho March 09, 2008

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

CAST (in Hanyu Pinyin): Paul Chun as Mr. Ding Rong Bang Gallen Lo as Ding Shang Ben Deric Wan as Zhong Shou Kang Raymond Lam as Ding Shang Xing Jessica Hsuan as Cheng Tian Lan Michelle Yip as Cheng Xiao Yu (Jessica's sister) Shek Sau as Xiong Bai Tou Anne Heung as Gui Li Fu THE STORY: Gallen Lo is orphaned at young age and was adopted by Paul Chun (Ding Rong Bang), a renowned jeweller in Hong Kong who treats him like his real son. He then takes on...

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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: Dugu Yibi February 03, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Brief Summary Golden Faith is one of TVB's grand productions this year with a star-studded cast including seasoned favorites like Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan and Deric Wan, and fresh young talents like Raymond Lam and Michelle Yip. Here's the story in a nutshell. Ivan (or Ding Sin Boon, played by Gallen Lo)'s foster father is a successful businessman with a shaky past and complicated connections to the Triad. After his foster father's death, Ivan vowed...

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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: purpleprose November 11, 2006

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast: Gallen Lo as Ivan Ting Deric Wan as Chung Sau Hong Jessica Hsuan as Rachel Ching Anne Heung as Sabrina Kwai Raymond Lam as Oscar Ting Michelle Yip as Rain Cheng Siu Yu Tavia Yeung as Kiko Tsong Myolie Wu as Ting Sin Yan (Yan Yan) Gigi Wong as Mrs. Ting Weng Pong Sek Sau as Hong Pak To Paul Chun as Ting Weng Pong Power Chan as Si Tou Kai Lok Ying Kwan as Ting Weng Tong Synopsis (Spoiler Warning): Ivan Ting is the CEO of the...

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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: frostbite March 03, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast: Gallen Lo: Ding Shan Ben (Ivan) Jessica Hsuan: Cheng Tian Lan (Rachel) Deric Wan: Zhong Shou Kang (Richard?) Michelle Yip: Cheng Xiao Yu (Rain) Raymond Lam: Ding Shan Xing (Oscar) Tavia Yeung: Zhong Cui Er (Kiko) Anne Heung: Gui Li Fu (Sabrina) Myolie Wu: Ding Shan Yin This is the only other series I have watched in Cantonese (besides Twin of Brothers). I reckon only by watching the original Cantonese version, I would be able to fairly judge the performances. Therefore,...

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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: priorities March 27, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Golden Faith has quite an usual plot of a bad relative and a good person who saves the whole story. Although the basic plot ia a bit of a cliché, the details of the story are quite original and pretty interesting. Ding Shan Ben (Gallen Lo) might be such an altruist that it could be hard to find such a person on earth, but what's worth noting is that things on TV are just...

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Golden Faith

Reviewed by: Bridget February 06, 2004

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Cantonese Title: "Lau Kum Sui Yuet" (roughly translates to The Age of Flowing Gold) Year: 2002 # of episodes: 45 Theme Songs: Gallen Lo - "Sui Yuet Dik Tong Wah" (opening theme: roughly translates to The Fairytale of the Age), Raymond Lam - "Mong Kei Seung Hoi" (interlude: roughly translates to Forget the Pain, also opening theme to Survivor's Law), Gallen Lo – “Yeung Kong Chan Lan Dik Yut Ji” (closing theme: roughly translates to The Days...

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Member Ratings


10-22-2010 01:46 AM


It's very boring & predictable series. Compared with other complicated modern drama like LBIA & BOGAE, sorry to say Golden Faith is far far behind. Don't impressed with this series, wasting my time to watch it :(


10-23-2007 10:23 PM


Golden Faith was a great movie to watch. But woow why Gallen had to do Jessica soo dirty like that! But at the end they still get to be together. Which is very sweet after everything they went.


05-29-2007 02:43 AM


I've watched an immense amount of TVB series, and Golden Faith must probably be the best all time. The script was complex but profound. The series was at quick pace; therefore, you won't be bored. 30 episodes will go by fast. Try not to miss any parts of the series, or else you wil be missing out. You might have to watch the movie a second time so that you'll fully understand the nunace and intracacies of the series. There's a lot to digest. Apart from the storyline, Jessica, gallen & Deric displayed wonderful & amazing acting skills. Jessica & Gallen engaged in a poignant love relationship, and they had great & unprecedented chemistry. Jessica & Gallen were a perfect match. I've never seen that chemistry before. In addition, there is a lot of drama in this series. Furthermore, the Jessica & Gallen Love relationship was like a roller coster. Fasten your seatbelt & watch this must-see series. DON'T MISS OUT! 5/5


03-24-2007 11:23 AM


Hmmm... don't know what it was about this series that just didn't satisfy. Dare I say the whole did not live up to its parts? So much potential: Gallen and Jessica - together; Deric Wan, Raymond, Michelle, Anne, Tavia... you just knew it was going to be a grand production with tears and heartaches galore, evil plotting, unexpected twists and turns... And it did deliver this, quite earnestly too, yet in the end it failed to leave any lasting impression. Deric was terribly mis-cast, his relationship with Jessica unconvincing, Michelle's character turned out to be superfluous, Myolie irritated, sub-plots were tired and predictable, and Gallen's character way too unrealistic. But saying that, wouldn't you just love to bring Ivan home to mother? And didn't Gallen look simply gorgeous in this series? Not as good as in "Secret of the Heart" where he was much younger, but the whole Ivan package, mmm...
I can't help comparing "Golden Faith" to "Cold Blood Warm Heart", one of my all time favourite series despite all its flaws. I've seen CBWH like 3 times, but I walked away from Golden Faith knowing I wouldn't watch it again. 3.5/5

Jenna L

12-03-2006 12:00 AM


This sereis was well long and I did sometimes get a bit bored.

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