Gun Metal Grey

Reviewed by: rockingout81

March 29, 2011

Rating: five

*Before I begin my review, I would just like to say that this is a
must watch series! I know how there are a lot of reviews that say
this, but seriously, I MEAN IT! If you haven't watched it yet, go
watch it or you'll regret missing out on such an amazing series. I
have not seen such a well-done series in a long time!

Storyline (4.5):
The story did not lag (like other TVB series) and everything was well
-paced. All the cases are original and seeing everything unfold keeps
you wanting more. The love side stories did take a while to develop
and makes you want to skip the parts (except for Nancy and Vincent's)
since the main storyline (the cases) were much more interesting. Be
prepared to watch at the tip of your seat because the twists and turns
will leave you speechless.


I would just like to add that that although it was expected that the
both Michael Miu and Felix Wong would do an amazing job, they still
created a wow factor. They did an amazing job! I can't imagine anyone
else that could fill in those character's shoes!

Main Characters

Michael Miu as Mai On-ting aka Mad Sir (5)
Michael Miu is able to play his role like always, but there is
something about this character that only Michael Miu could have
filled: the way Mad Sir cares so much about Stone Sir, his humorous
scenes with Jessica, the way he is interacts with his team, etc. I
enjoyed watching his scenes with Felix Wong; you could see the
tension, the care, and all the mixed emotions without them having to
say a thing.

Felix Wong as Shek Tung-sing aka Stone Sir (5)
Felix Wong has not acted in a TVB series for a long time, but he still
has it in him. His acting was superb and I think he is the only one
who can show the complexity of Stone Sir well. He was so natural and
real, you could see the many sides to Stone Sir. I began to consider
what he was thinking because Stone Sir's mind is just so...convincing.
He is just so...seriously, the series is worth watching just to see
Felix Wong in action in a TVB series again.

Jessica Hsuan as Kim Hui (4)
I have seen Jessica Hsuan in many roles, and she truly shined in them.
However, in this series, she was outshone by her onscreen sister,
Nancy Wu. She did fulfill her role and was a crucial character in the
plot, but I felt that after seeing her in so many series, she could
have done a lot better. I was looking forward to seeing her chemistry
with Michael Miu and Felix Wong, and although there was some sparks,
she blended into the background (even though she is one of the main
characters). Kim Hui could have had a lot more depth, but Jessica
Hsuan does the job okay. It was kind of hard to watch her scenes drag
on, even though she is one of my favorite actresses.

Nancy Wu as Sze Hui (4.9)
I know it's weird that she is so close to a 5 but there is just one
critical scene that she could have acted a lot better. I was impressed
with her acting the whole time and then this one part made me go: "No
Nancy Wu! Why?! Why can't you ace this critical scene!!!" It was a
crying scene and she didn't even look sad! Why?! I was going to give
you a 5! (Sob) Other than that, Nancy Wu has improved a lot since she
has entered TVB. This series proves her ability to shine in a
supporting role. She is one character who I did not mind watching
simply because she is able to portray Ah Sze so well. She added so
much to the character. I love her scenes with Vincent Wong and I was
pretty sad to see how everything unfolds (watch the series and you'll
feel the same). They have so much chemistry! Her interactions with the
rest of the cast like Michael Miu was absolutely great. I really
enjoyed watching Nancy Wu and she has truly grown as an actress.

Vincent Wong as Carson Ko (3.5)
Vincent Wong was a bit stiff in many scenes, but the rest of the cast
makes up for it. I think as a newbie, he did alright. Carson was a
very interesting character and I think another actor could have done
the role better. Maybe Bosco? Ron? I can't think right now, but many
could have filled the role perfectly. Vincent Wong could have shined
and proved his potential because Carson was a character that would
have given whoever acted him a chance to stand out. But I guess with
the star-studded cast he got to work with, he was outshined. There's
much to improve, but his acting was bearable in the series. Much
potential in the future.

Rest of the Cast (4.5)
I think the cast overall have great chemistry. Everyone fits well
together and did pretty well.


Michael/Jessica (4)
I guess they were a cute couple, but there's just something about them
that's off...they do have great chemistry though.

Felix/Jessica (4.5)
It was an interesting pairing that kind of keeps you thinking "What
if?" It's a nice change from the usual pairings and kind of
refreshing, but not enough to make you go "Wow!"

Nancy/Vincent (5)
A nice pair who fills out the 'wow' factor love story-wise. I like
this pair and would like to see them collaborate more. Both emotions
were well played out (except for one particular scene when...I don't
want to spoil it...) and you could see how much Carson and Ah Sze
liked each other.

Two words: AMAZING SERIES. You are missing out on an epic modern drama
series that beats out the others. Everything plays out well. The plot
is unbeatable and the acting is superb. I truly think that it was this
series that should have won Best Drama at the 2010 TVB Anniversary
Awards. This was just too great a series. 'Can't Buy Me Love' does not
even come close. CBML is pretty good, but it doesn't bring out the
emotions and suspense GMG does.

I don't know what else to say but to go watch it! There is no series
like it! I'm a huge TVB fan and I truly think this is the best series
I have watched in the longest time. I think you'll agree with me.
Watch and be shocked.

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