Happy Return

Reviewed by: sukting

October 07, 2008

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes

The love war between two women also has an extended marathon for their daughters. Do you wish to know who is the winner at the end?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Tang Kar Keung – Lui Yu Yeung
He is a good-for-nothing. He wants to be his own boss but trusts others too easily. He gets cheated of his money and runs into debts. Knowing that his father gives up on him and will prefer to help his future son-in-law, he coaxes Bing Yan to pretend to be his sister’s boyfriend.

2. Kwan Bing Yan – Ngai Chun Kit
He is an honest man who doesn’t mind working hard. He is actually Dong Yan’s boyfriend. He can’t believe that he can be coaxed to be part of Dong Yan’s conspiracy. Still, he agrees reluctantly. During the acting process, he falls for Kar Lai. Both women try to get his affections through their mothers’ instigations. Trapped with both for pestering him, he pretends to be a playboy. He discovers that Kar Lai has complete trust in him while Dong Yan doesn’t. So he becomes a pair with Kar Lai.

3. Tang Kar Lai – Leung Pui Ling
She is also another unwilling party. But seeing Kar Keung really needs help desperately, she gets the loan for him and falls hopelessly in love with Bing Yan later. Her friendship with Dong Yan is being tested. They become friends again when both get the different men they love.

4. Wong Kwan Dai – Choi Kar Lei
She is the siblings’ cousin who is in love with Kar Keung for a long time. Knowing that Hou Cheung discovers his ploy to deprive him of the money he needs, she stands by him.

5. Mah Dong Yan – Ng Wing Hong
She is as ambitious as Kar Keung and is Bing Yan’s girlfriend. Thus both set up the business together. When it fails, both discuss to make this desperate measure.

6. Ha Yik Sheung – Doi Chi Wai
Dong Yan is sad over Bing Yan’s betrayal and becomes anorexic. She visits Yik Sheung for treatment. He is convincing as the professional doctor who is so worried over Dong Yan who turns a deaf ear to skip her medicine and meals. He often makes house visits to make sure that she eats. Under Yik Sheung’s care, she recovers. Yik Sheung is a caring man who showers her with all his attention. Both become a couple.

7. Tang Hou Cheung – Kwan Hoi San
He is the siblings’ father. He is initially overjoyed when knowing that Kar Lai starts dating. But alas, it turns out that both siblings deceive him. It takes him a long time to forgive them.

8. Wong Siu Yin – Nam Hung
She seizes Yik Cheung from Yuen Kwan when young. Scared that she will return for him, she squabbles with her frequently. Through the process, she discovers Kar Keung’s motive.

9. Chan Yuen Kwan– Bak Yin
She is initially Siu Yin’s close friend. Both become bitter enemies because of Hou Cheung. Not willing to lose out to Siu Yin again, she instigates Dong Yan to seize

You will like the fast paced theme song ‘Moshi Moshi Moshi’ like me. It is a special and cute song that contains Mandarin lines which blend so well. The slower sub theme is ‘Regardless of Right or Wrong’. Surprise, surprise – both songs are from an actor who never acts in this drama. He is Lau Sek Ming. He sings very well – both songs are in his ‘Moshi Moshi Moshi’ album.


It is only an average drama. But unlike other dramas, men become the supporting source. You will raise your eyebrows upon seeing the old women still fighting over insecure love at their age. They are even fiercer than the younger folks. The race continues with their daughters. But at the end of it, they realize that they are very foolish to ruin their friendship because of men.

Luckily, it has a happy ending or you will find it too noisy. The cast only provides passable acting. The only breakthrough is Chi Wai. We have seen him in many villain roles for too long. This serial finally shows fairness in to let him shine as a good guy for once.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***** (Scale of 5)

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