Healing Hands II

Reviewed by: sukting

October 26, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

Serial Length:
20 tapes - 40 episodes

Male leads:
Lawrence Ng Kai Wah
Bowie Lam Bo Yee
Cho Weng Lam
Michael Tong Mun Lung
Wong Tak Bun
Cheung Tong Jou
Mah Chun Wai
Chan Hou

Female Leads:
Ada Choi Siu Fun
Flora Chan Wai Shan
Mong Kar Wai
Chan Kit Yee
Maggie Shiu Mei Kei
Yuen Choi Wan
Koo Kei Kuan
Law Guen Lan
Chan Man Nah

I have to clarify here that I have not watched the serial. The details and help are given by my HK friends who followed it faithfully in HK and through TVB weekly. If there is any error, please let me know. I focus more on Paul and Henry as 80% of the serial is on them, not really much on the nurses and other staff as it's claimed.

Introduction on characters

(A) Paul Cheng Zhi Mei (by Ng Kai Wah)
Overall outlook/acting
He is spotting a shorter crew cut that makes him look mature and energetic. And all my friends adore his new look as he has also put on some weight, which makes him look stronger. Still scholar-like looking but changes his rimless glasses to dark rimmed ones. Although I prefer his original look, I also like his present look too. He is still dashing and preserves his good looks in his traditional dark suits! Of course, Kai Wah's acting has never disappointed anyone - he's still the most gifted person to play the most well liked role in the serial!

Character analysis
Paul maintains his image of being the caring, devoted and faithful lover to Jackie. He has not taken a day's leave and stays in the hospital to be with her. Everyone is full of praise for him as his experience in neurosurgery makes him one of Asia's top brain surgeons.

Filial to Jackie's father and taking good care of him although he's getting senile. However, he is strict in punctuality not only himself but also impose this on others. He can never forgive himself for wasting the extra 2 minutes on Jackie's operation.

Helpful to friends and not asking anything in return. Helps his first love to search for her favourite sweets. Also getting Annie and Tracy's older brother to help in her husband's court case. In spite of M.C.'s resentment towards him, he helps him to clear his name in getting the hospital staff's signatures to prove his innocence. And although he's tired from work, he stays up through in the night to seek a cure for Edmund's muscle cramps.

But perhaps he's still too devoted to his job. His initial attention on Jackie is being transferred to his patients under Jackie's advice. And indeed he follows her advice so closely that he still cares for them when Tracy is sick and makes her angry! Jackie's father is partly right in saying that although Paul is capable and intelligent as a doctor, he doesn't know any other thing. But there's still a change in him after Jackie's death. He spends more time on himself to learn scuba diving, golf and even horse riding, also under Jackie's advice!

However, one thing stays. Paul is still not taking the first step when it comes to relationships. He is the same super-retarded Paul, as claimed by Gilbert in Healing Hand. He doesn't realise that Anson and Tracy are interested in him. He only knows about it when being told directly. Normally, women have to approach him. The only exceptional case is he tries to save his marriage with Rebecca.

Paul is very cautious in sensing minor details. He can spot that something is wrong with the cleaner's son's eyes. He quickly makes a check and finds a brain tumour and saves him on time. Very observant indeed!

However, throughout the serial, Paul seldom smiles as compared to Healing Hands as he is being plagued by numerous problems. He has to deal with all the blows, some all coming at once! In most situations, he is not allowed to explain himself. Worse than in Healing Hands when he's only being wronged by Jackie, but in here…. almost everyone! Paul is so pathetic that he looks drawn and ill most of the time. I think he looks more like be a patient instead of a doctor!

Paul's emotional scenes
Plenty!!!! And Kai Wah has done it very convincingly! Paul has suffered for 2 miserable years trying all sorts of ways to cure Jackie. But Jackie is moving closer to death and of course, he can't bear to let her leave him and decides to operate on her. However, ALL doctors rejected his idea. Only Henry supports his suggestion. They remind him that she has signed a DNR to deny any operation and donate all her organs. M.C. remarks that Jackie may not get better even after an operation. Steven even tells him that it may be a blessing to Jackie since letting her die will end her suffering.

Poor Paul…. he feels very miserable when others say that they have patients who need her organs urgently. He cannot take it any more and walks out of the room. When he visits Jackie, he holds her hand and vows never to give up hope. The pain that he shows in his eyes makes my friends shed tears.

When Jackie wakes up, he is so overjoyed. But when she dies, his whole world is shattered to pieces. Paul sits by the beach and recalls all the sweet memories with her. When he reaches home, he hears Jackie's message telling him that she has bought the movie tickets and new snacks for him. He can't control himself and sobs. After placing the tape into the snack box, he flies to England for a medical conference as he can't concentrate on his work.

Upon reaching home, he has to watch his first love losing her life to bone cancer helplessly. This badly affects him again. This is already bad enough. Later his friendship with Henry is being tested because of his one-night-stand with Annie. He is at a loss on how to reconcile with him. Later a gangster chief dies although Paul tries to save him. His subordinate, Godzilla seeks revenge on him but he is rescued. However, Sukie dies partly because of the attack. Paul gets so moody and blames himself for her death.

And Tracy is the worst scum on earth who doesn't understand him. She goes into hiding after finding out her heredity brain disease. Paul sits in the garden and almost mistakens Henry for Tracy when he gives him a cup of coffee as Tracy does it the same way when Sukie dies. Kai Wah's expression is clearly shown to be sad and worried.

When he discovers that Tracy has dinner with Jackie's father, he is so anxious that he keeps on questioning him about her whereabouts and grabbing his notebook to read. After finding her, he has to tolerate all her scoldings, especially when he has to deal with many critical operations and has no time for her. And due to his quiet personality, he doesn't explain himself. Thinking over his past, he wishes to talk to someone in the pub but no one is there. He is so lonely and pathetic! Well, as if he has not suffered enough, the producer arranges him to handle another brain operation on Tracy AGAIN!!!! I really don't understand why he's so destined to operate on his girlfriends all the time??? It is really a miracle that Paul doesn't go mad after such a long cycle of torture.

(B)Paul with Jackie Tong Zhi Lai (by Choi Siu Fun)
Jackie wakes up finally! My friends can never forget the happiness and joy that Paul displays. The care and sensitiveness that he shows are equally touching. He follows Jackie in every therapy session. I guess that he is frightened of losing her again and thus doesn't wish to miss any precious moment with her.

Jackie still preserves her chatty, kind and joyful nature. Although she doesn't appear in here for long, she still does a good job in leaving an everlasting memory for Paul. When Jackie is discharged, Paul brings her home and she teases him over the expired tidbits that she finds in his apartment. When she knows that Paul has never been at home all this while to take care of her, tears form in her eyes. Seeing her crying, Paul suggests moving near the beach or somewhere else to stay if she doesn't like his present home. But Jackie advises him to put his patients in the first place at present or in future as he has sacrificed too much for her!

The next unforgettable moment is where both have dinner and buy the same crystal gift for one another. It is done very beautifully as both can read each other's thoughts. It has also proven that Paul has improved in his romantic sense and now knows how to please her in spite of the little time he has for her. No longer the same boring doctor who has no sense of romance and talking about responsibility at all times.

Another unforgettable moment is where both take a walk at the beach and both have an intimate conversation. She tells him in spite of being in a coma, he's her pillar of strength. Finally they come close together and Paul gives her a loving kiss……after all of us waited for so long!!!!!

The short scene where Annie goes to visit Jackie at Paul's apartment is also unique. Both are talking when Paul returns and wet by the rain. Annie really shows her envy and jealousy when Jackie runs up to dry him. There is really so much unspeakable chemistry between the two of them.

As Paul is busy with his work, Jackie decides to go to the same spot to watch the sunrise alone on her motorcycle. Paul finds out and goes with her. What a wonderful picture of both close together on the vehicle! But - sigh - the producer has spoilt our mood to arrange Paul to…. fall asleep due to extreme tiredness!!!! It can be frustrating to see Jackie hugging Paul beside her and watching the sunrise by herself. Can't they just enjoy a romantic moment together for the last time???????

AND many like me definitely feel that Jackie and Paul do not deserve such a sorry ending! Why must Jackie DIE????? To avoid letting Paul to be a heartless man to fall in love quickly again? Or is Chek trying too hard to get out of Tang's shadow? But really the scene when Jackie dies is too much for Paul to bear! He returns to the hospital after a medical conference and learns about the fire incident. When he rushes to A & E ward and only gets to see her lifeless body, he nearly faints due to extreme grief!!! Poor Paul - what has he done to deserve this to hit him such a great blow and many can feel his sorrow and disappointment…….

My friends have complained that Paul doesn't give Jackie anything special except the crystal gift. But I think seeing how he lavishes his care and concern over her which Tracy lacks in getting shows that there's a bigger room for Jackie in his heart. The arrangement where Tracy tells him exactly the same words that he hears from Jackie at the beach leaves him dumbstruck and unable to forget her! When he goes home, he looks at the photos that both had taken and cries. Very sad indeed…..

So Jackie always stays in Paul's heart whether she's alive or not. The experience between them is lifelong. Especially at the end, he will rather go to the beach alone. Maybe he wants to think over the happy times he spends with her.

(C)Paul with Tracy Ho Sun Yan (by Mong Kai Wai)
Frankly speaking, this character is really unlikeable. Mong Kar Wai is so raw and stony in her acting that she gets negative commends daily on the Healing Hand 2 message board!! Some viewers even call her character name Tracy as 'pig faces' in Cantonese. My friends have claimed that it is a torture to watch her but they have no choice but to bear with her because she is almost in every scene with the 2 versatile actors, Chan Hou and Kai Wah. Although both guys do a terrific job, she really pales in comparison with Chan Hou and worse with Kai Wah!

We are still puzzled how Paul can ever like such a petty, unreasonable, overdemanding and wilful woman. Although she is a splitting image of Jackie in appearance, her behaviour resembles…..his ex-wife Rebecca!
Does Paul like to be ill-treated? Doesn't he suffer enough at Rebecca's hands? The only sensible thing that she has done is to pretend to be Jackie when Jackie's father mistakens her for his daughter.
Tracy is already an insensitive and horrible jerk at the beginning. She accuses Paul for not doing an operation on her patient because he thinks that Jackie's operation is more important. Paul is enraged and tells her not to implicate Jackie's case into this. At that time, she is standing near Jackie's bed. Serves her right when Jackie frightens her by holding her hand suddenly…….

Tracy is devastated to find out that M.C. has an illegitimate son and both have an argument. She gets close to Paul to make M.C. jealous and M.C. brings another woman to the hospital to spite her back. When she wants to make up with him, M.C. tells her that he has detested her all along and wants a breakup. She is so heartbroken that she goes on a hunger strike for days and destroys everything in her room. My friends told me that it is unbelievable that she can cause such a horrifying destruction.

Her father brings the forever-unlucky Paul to her home from the hospital. He is shocked to see her room in ruins and there is Tracy fainting into his arms. Paul's good nature and patience brings back her common sense and she goes back to work. But many dislike the way that she clings on to Paul. She thinks that Paul is forever around for her and harasses him continuously for advice. But Paul has to attend to his patient and leaves her alone. She loses her temper again.

After the operation, Paul is really fierce to her when scolding her for her misbehaviour, even chiding her for not being able to be a good doctor. And my, all doctors have only seen the gentle side of Paul and are speechless to see him showing his temper. Soon the whole hospital knows about this but hh fans will recall that this is not the first time that he does this - he reprimands Jackie before when he worries for Ruoqing's safety but that was in private, not public! This shows how he dislikes Tracy……

Anson, Henry and Annie come to the pub where he is drinking to affirm the rumour. Both women are surprised as knowing Paul being a high EQ person, they never expect Paul to scold anyone in public. Henry isn't that shocked as he has seen Paul storming out of his apartment because of Rebecca and Martin.

After the scolding, Tracy finally goes back to normal but she gives Paul another shock by declaring her love for him! He panicks and sits in the bar, thinking over his past with Rebecca and Jackie. He decides to avoid her for the moment. A smart move but too bad this decision doesn't stay for long!

Tracy finally sorts things out by herself by looking at Paul's favourite hippo toy. Knowing that he is bothered by work and his worsen relationship with Henry, she gives this to him to encourage him. Well, it is not as touching as how Jackie gives Paul the snack boxes, though.

But…..Paul's attitude changes when a killer escapes from prison and Tracy worries for his safety. She finally moves Paul by waiting under his apartment in the rain through the night for his return. NONE of my friends are touched but are ANGRY that Paul falls in love with Tracy so quickly! She has not done enough for Paul as compared to Jackie. They don't mind him with Anson or Annie but with Tracy? They were in fact astonished/baffled/furious when watching this part. It is so unconvincing!

Tracy's disappearance worries Paul and many may think that Paul has not tried his best in finding her. But we gather that Tracy is so wilful and rich that she can hide anywhere without Paul's knowing. Paul is smart not to waste time, as he knows that she will appear if she wants to. He finally finds her at Dorothy's home and has to tolerate her scoldings from her and her screams repeatedly for a breakup!! In all our hearts, we are hoping that Paul will say YES and JUST AGREE TO IT but too bad he DOESN'T!

Many feel that he is not concerned about Tracy at all. But we feel that he is confident because Tracy can be completely cured. He is nervous in Jackie's case because Jackie might die if things go wrong. But this stupid Tracy doesn't trust him. And the timing between them is really BAD. When Paul looks for her, she avoids him. When she looks for him, he is busy. She only knows how to scold him every now and then, reprimanding him of not loving her and not allowing him to explain himself. As a doctor and knowing Paul is responsible towards his patients, she should not wrong him.
Finally the stubborn Tracy goes against everyone's advice and goes to America. He does not send her off because of work again. When we think that she is gone away for good, she suddenly returns and wants Paul to do the operation for her. Luckily Paul doesn't have any heart trouble or he will have numerous heart attacks just from her. She is like a chameleon - changing every minute!

Before TVB showed the episode on Paul giving a gift to Tracy when she wakes up, a trailer was produced to let all viewers guess what is in it. My friends made wild guesses from the hippo toy, sweets to clothes. We had hoped that Paul isn't that stupid to propose to her with a wedding ring. One of my friends jokingly said that she might faint from shock if this comes true. To our relief, he gives her a diamond necklace and a white pigeon.

Tracy has not given Paul a happy moment for a single day. She calls him up while he shops cakes for her and tells him about her dream. Paul already has an unusual feeling when a white pigeon stops on his car. He can't believe his ears when Tracy tells him the same words that Jackie told him at the beach. He becomes so distracted that he doesn't visit her at the hospital and heads home immediately. Sigh…..why must the producers break Paul's heart continuously? My conclusion is Paul LOVES Jackie but only LIKES Tracy. She is just like Jackie's substitute - with her big eyes and long hair. Paul just likes her on the spur of the moment.

(D)Paul and...Annie Kong Sun Yuet? (by Chan Wai Shan)
The way Paul reads Annie's postcards at the beginning of hh2 probably reminds you the same way that he reads her favourite books in hh. He is astonished when knowing that she does not send any to Henry so he keeps it a secret not to hurt his friend. This is misleading - why on earth must she send him so many postcards? Is there any motive?

When Paul is depressed over not being able to save Jackie, Annie comforts him and Paul tells her his inner feelings for Jackie. If he loses Jackie, he will lose the focus as being a human. When they walk out, he tells her that he has not tried drinking for a long time and this reminds me of their one-night-stand!

Although they claim to be friends,, they watch the sunrise together. Jackie and Annie wish to bring the person they most love to see it together. Huh? How does the person turn out to be Paul instead of Henry? The scene when Annie drives Paul to buy a whole box of sweets for his ex-love, Kar Wing is equally misleading too. Especially the part Annie prepares the dinner and Henry returns, saying that he brings someone back with him. She is so delighted to see that it is Paul who returns from England. She gives him such a hug that give all viewers the idea that both are in love.

And poor Paul has to smile and envy them for being a pair when he still misses Jackie. When the two men are asleep, she covers the blankets over them. She gives both the same attention and only later an extra kiss to Henry finally makes the difference. Although Paul explains that Henry is not a romantic, Annie is unconvinced and says that Paul is really a true gentleman. Geez……they do look compatible together, don't they?

(E) Henry Lai Kwok Chu (by Lam Bo Yee)
Overall outlook/acting

Although the causal clothes of Henry has brightened the look, but TVB…..can't anyone do something to his hair? He looks horrible - how can he attract Annie, Dorothy and Fion in this ugly hairstyle? But it is obvious that Bo Yee has shown himself to scale greater heights in his acting. Though not as charming looking as Kai Wah, the ease and experience that he shows in the ER room again is still capturing a lot of attention. Any sad or happy scene can make you feel together with the character. The few scenes where Chan Man Nah appears upstage almost everyone in her acting, except for him and Kai Wah. Bo Yee portrays the love-hate relationship between Henry and his mother exceptionally well, especially on how he tries to tolerate her childish behaviour and his change in attitude when she is dying. This shows that experience really counts when coming to acting. Also displaying his charm in women every now and then - very realistic. But his hairstyle is really a bother to be seen…...what a pity!

Character analysis
He still treasures friendship and is willing to share his experiences with the younger doctors under his department. He is very daring to break rules to save his friends' lives - first for Jackie and then for Sukie. Even though Jackie's heart stops, he still doesn't want to waste any chance of saving her, his normal cool self that changes into an anxious manner really scares all his subordinates in A & E then.

But when he has problems with women, he still runs away from responsiblity! Or maybe partially avoiding as I find that he wants the child but not the mother. And this time round, all viewers find it unable to forgive him because he is married! Really a jerk here as he is no longer the nice Henry we have known in hh.

He becomes over confident and arrogant after being popular as a columist 'Ching Fung' And also selfish in hurting Annie with his remarks and even tries to cover up his wrong doings after betraying her. It is disgusting of him to disclose his identity to Dorothy first instead of Annie. And telling this pack of lies on television later……….a very insincere action.

However, everyone forgives him when he shows care and concern towards his mother during her last days. He is very distressed when his mother dies. He walks to the baby room and finds Anson crying there. Although he is trying hard to fight back his tears himself, he gives her a hug and consoles her.
Also manages to win their hearts back when he yearns for Annie. But the sad part is he still seeks help from Dorothy. He is really a coward!

(F) Henry and Annie Kong Sun Yuet (by Chan Wai Shan)
Bo Yee and Wai Shan have better chemistry here than in hh but….Wai Shan's role is so minor here! The worst part is the crazy arrangement - it is already sad that Paul and Jackie can't be together but why also Henry and Annie? What is there to look forward to when the most-liked couples are seperated? No wonder the complaints department and the daily hh2 message board received attacks when Siu Fun and Wai Shan left hh2. But still, Wai Shan's performance is excellent, as she has done her best in projecting romantic and also sad moments with Henry. Annie buys a lighter for Henry. I am touched to know that Henry comforts her as she misses Gilbert. Of course, even more touched when he increases the insurance amount in his policy that makes her the beneficary. A patient nearly kills him. Bo Yee is terrific here as Henry as the sweetness is all shown on his face though he is suffering from pain and tiredness when he wakes up - because Annie's concerned face is right in front of him. She is disturbed that he has been shot and now stabbed. Wai Shan's worried look is also very real in the viewers' eyes.

I wonder why Henry can't go to watch the sunrise with her together. He starts to take things too lightly and becomes insensitive towards her. And also switching off his mobile phone when she needs him most. The scene where she forgets her house keys after Jackie's death is very heartbreaking. She really cries her heart out, saying that she is not used to Henry always not leaving her to speak to a lifeless voice.

After Henry's affair with Dorothy, Henry and Annie are involved in a car accident. She sees Dorothy wearing his watch and recognises it because it is a gift from her. Still, she keeps the pain in her heart and asks Henry how much he knows her. She is so disappointed in him when none of his answers is right and says that she accepts everything he likes because he is the most important person to her.

When Henry finally admits his mistake, Annie says that she feels that Henry and Dorothy keep a memory over their affair. It is BAD that Annie drags the innocent Paul into the picture by saying that she also has a romantic experience with him before she starts a relationship with Henry. So it is fair play between them.

It is strange that Annie normally forgives his philandering ways in the past - with Judy's sister, Sukie and Monica. But this time round, she chooses to leave and poor Paul has to endure resentment from Henry.
Luckily to appease fans, the producer finally gets her back to film the last part. Henry finds that the weather is snowing and looks at his lighter. Suddenly, Zai Zai and Wai Shan appear in his home and greet him Merry Christmas. At last, at least one happy couple is still together.

(G) Henry with Fion Wan Mei Kwan (by Koo Kei Kuan)
Although Koo Kei Kuan is a successful compare, she is a failure when it comes to acting. Many find her very wooden. There is no chemistry between her and Bo Yee - really unsuccessful in replacing Wai Shan. She doesn't have the lawyer look too. But we do pity her - who is not shocked by the fact that Henry is married to her for only 4 days and he escapes? Many will wish that Annie and Henry to be together. It is unfair to Fion as she is still Henry's wife. So much nonsense from him - how many wives can take it? A sorry ending when she loses heart in him and returns to America in the end.

(H) Henry with Dorothy Yuen Long Ping (by Chan Kit Yee)
Although Kit Yee acts well, it puts viewers off because her character is a third party. Even worse when she smokes in the serial. In hh, all doctors go to the pub but none of them smokes. And she doesn't really blend in the crowd as she always mixes Cantonese with English phrases. Looks a bit out of place here.

It is amazing that the two can have an affair. They can't stand the sight of each other. Zai Zai is even the cause of the trouble. Dorothy claims her reward when finding Zai Zai and Henry HATES her when he is forced to pay her as ordered by Annie. Then suddenly, after Dorothy saves him from being stabbed, she falls in love with him? I mean - this happens too fast! Till the extent of getting his favourite salmon sandwich after finding out that he dislikes hospital food.

I can't believe the fact that she calls herself Annie's friend and yet betrays her. She is cunning to do it secretly and this is so different as compared to the openness of Joe and Peter in wooing Helen. Actually Henry has tried to avoid personal contact with her but why does he accept her later - after blowing her eyelash and she kisses him repeatedly? He takes so long to get over his dead ex-girlfriend Suki and accept Annie. But in hh2, Annie is still present and he still fools around with a woman he only knows recently? I really detest her when she tries to make use of Chris to forget Henry. How can she do this??? But at least she has the conscience to break up with Henry to avoid hurting Annie.

What position is Henry in to blame Paul as he has one-night-stand with Dorothy….twice????? The first starts because he comforts her when she blames herself for causing a girl's death indirectly. And the worst assumption that he makes is Dorothy is like him - for not taking things seriously. Well, it is proven VERY wrong. The second is because both are drunk. Henry is regretful for the second incident but is still irresponsible in leaving Dorothy to face the hostility of the nurses when they discover their affair.

I am wondering whether Dorothy is having Henry's child. If so, why doesn't she tell the truth? Because of Annie? In hh, Henry also has a son. Maybe TVB should arrange Monica to come back and teach Dorothy what to do. Although he treats her well because of her pregnancy, it is due to the fact that he wants to bear responsibility to the child but not really in love with her.

(I) Henry with Zai Zai

If you have the impression that Henry loves the dog, you are tricked! Only Annie likes him and Henry in fact dislikes it VERY MUCH! This mischievous dog can break or overturn every single thing in the house. Henry can go into a rage and leave footprints on Zai Zai.

He dislikes his smell and thus disallows Annie to touch him after she hugs Zai Zai. No one can blame Henry for abandoning it, as he really can't stand it. He leaves it at the beach and the dog can actually act very well! My friends commented that it really looks very sad when seeing Henry driving away. It is not a normal dog as it is the best paid 'ca-le-fei' per day - even more than people. Chek Kei Yee chooses it to be the star because he finds that it resembles Bowie in appearance on the first look!

Henry's plan backfires when Dorothy finds it! Henry cannot even stand the sight of it and the poor expression that he sees it again really brings laughter to everyone. When Zai Zai goes missing again for many episodes, many viewers complain that without it, it is not as funny as before. Bo Yee and Wai Shan are actually very glad to get away from it finally, as they can't bear the smell of its drool and the skin. They practically go crazy when it is back in the final scene.

(J) Paul with Henry and Joe (by Ma Chun Wai)
The close bond between them is something that the other younger actors can't portray well. Being Paul's best friend, Henry agrees immediately to work with him to operate on Jackie. Both even resigns together. When others are making wild guesses on who is Ching Fung, Paul knows Henry well and guesses correctly.
Paul is also a true friend when Henry confesses to him about his affair with Dorothy. Paul is so shocked and furious with his act but relents because Annie has lost Jackie and Gilbert. He is more disappointed in him after knowing his marriage with Fion but he still keeps quiet.

Henry tries to find out whether Paul has one-night-stand with Annie tactfully. However, Paul insists that he has done nothing - he has long forgotten about it. Henry slips into Paul's office and discovers that Paul puts all Annie's postcards into a nice-looking box. He gets into a rage and feels that his best friend has cheated on him. He hurts him in a tennis match and insults him when Steven and M.C. are around.

The confused Paul has no idea why he is doing this. Henry gets angrier and jealous when his mother compares Paul with him. And thinking that Henry is in a bad mood, Paul tries to console him. Henry demands to know more about the postcards, Paul mistakens for something else and gets beaten up. Although I have not watched it, I can feel Henry's anger just by looking at the pictures in TVB weekly. Bo Yee is really a very good actor.

Henry resigns from his job, as he wants to avoid Paul. He even says that he regrets building friendship and relationships on his job when Paul tries to talk him out of it. Paul is solemn over the happenings - my goodness - how things turn out to be like this - it is bad enough that both are losers in love. But also losing each other's friendship, what is there to look forward to?

Things only improved when Paul shows concern to Henry after he knows about his mother's illness. And unknowingly, the bond between them is still strong. Otherwise, Henry will not have rescued Paul from being attacked by Godzilla.

Joe's return is like the sunshine that drives away the dark clouds in the hospital. Still jovial but more mature. He tries to smooth things out within his two best friends. He brings them to the pub and although both are uneasy, they still talk. An arrangement to play basketball manages to break the ice between them. Tracy's disappearance makes Paul worry but Henry comes just in time to comfort him. Joe's confession of gratitude towards Paul in helping him to becoming a doctor is equally touching too.

Kai Wah has made a deep impression on how Paul has mixed feelings when Joe comes back to replace Henry and Henry leaving the hospital. He gains an acquaintance but loses one. Luckily, Henry finds himself unsuitable for the compere job. He goes back and share the workload with Joe at A & E. Of course, the happiest people are Paul and Joe as the three are together again.

(K) Anson Man On Sang (by Shiu Mei Kei)
On the whole, Mei Kei cuts an edge over other actresses because of her experience. But my friends think that she is a bit stiff in acting and this role is a repeat of her previous roles of a headstrong woman with short hair. I think that Chek Kei Yee is too daring to name the character so close to the ex-Chief Secretary, Mrs Anson Chan!

Anson is cool but warm at heart. She agrees to take care of Jackie when Paul is working, treating her like a younger sister. A ridiculous part that reveals her other side is the way she screams and yells when going to Chris's foot reflexology for a session. Also displays the calmness that Paul has when she has to operate on her ex-lover's girlfriend and her sister's killer. Too similar in the way that Paul has to operate on Ruoqing's killer in hh. At first, Anson's mind is a total blank when she sees Tracy, Chris, Henry and Paul trying to save Sukie. When Godzilla is badly injured as he falls from the hospital building, Paul turns his attention to him instead. Perhaps seeing that Paul can be that professional to save his attacker, Anson also comes up to assist him. This surprises everyone, except Paul who shares her same inner feelings secretly.

After saving a patient on a plane with Paul, she falls for him. Although she doesn't believe in Chinese drugs, she attends the course because Paul signs up for it. "Shiu Mai' shows her disappointment well when Paul misses the first lesson due to work. But her face lits up when he is present. And she really shows impressiveness when Paul can answer the tutor's questions even he has not attended any lesson.

The way that she reveals her past romance to Paul during dinner later is also another side of her. She is delighted when Kar Wing comments that she and Paul look compatible and tries to find out more about his personality. Unfortunately, Paul does not reciprocate her love although Annie and the whole hospital staff wish them to be a matching pair. It does not state why things do not work out between them but I guess she gives up when seeing Paul still pinning for Jackie. Really a pity as both are compatible in looks.

But with Chris, she has tons of complaints for him. She thinks that he is childish. But an attack on Chris by a patient makes her realise his importance and they go steady. Like Helen, she is also very self-conscious of what people think of her in this relationship and has to be consoled by Chris every now and then.

The close sister bond between Sukie and Anson is memorable. She places high hopes on her little sister and criticizes her every now and then. After Sukie's death, she cries in the baby room and regrets her actions. All along she has thought the birth of babies makes her happy but this time, the feeling is different. The way that Edmund calls her the way Sukie does makes her emotional again.

(L) Chris Heung Chung Yan (by Cho Weng Lam)

Weng Lam is very good here. But his role reminds you of Joe who is also cute and persistent in finding his love. He is dedicated to his job and treats all well. A loyal friend to help Sukie to find a cure for Edmund.
When she is dying, he tries his best to save her, forgetting his job as a doctor and leaving Paul alone to save Godzilla. Paul doesn't reprimand him but Steven scolds him to get back his senses. But you can see how reluctant he looks when he assists Paul. He can tell nurses the entertainment rumours and this makes him popular among them. Anson disapproves of his way of telling Chinese physican's advice to colleagues and patients but this does not bother him.

Because of Anson, he helps her to look for a missing baby and ends up having skin irritation. However, the ever-cool Anson refuses to admit that she buys the medicine for him when both meet in the same medical shop. This makes him sad but he is really overjoyed when his family and Anson finally accepts his way of thinking. He tries very hard for a promotion to be at par with Anson. Henry recommends Chris to replace him but unfortunately, Joe is chosen in the end.

(M) Lam Mun Chi or M.C. (by Chan Hou)
Thumbs up for his acting although he is a newcomer. His character is scheming and ambitious but not completely with flaws that stands out. He doesn't believe in Steven's advice in mixing with the rest and he is very arrogant with his medical skills. Even daring to buy condoms in front of a senior colleague but he manages to win him over when he saves his daughter. He is egoistic when a well-known magazine interviews him. A striking comparison to Paul who is still humble after being interviewed but in the end, Paul gets more attention from Tracy's father instead. Strange, isn't it?

He is jealous of Henry and Paul's successes, actually more on Paul. He always goes against Henry in the procedures of surgery. He dislikes Paul VERY MUCH as he thinks that Paul is the culprit of breaking him and Tracy for revealing the existence of his illegitimate son. And worse when he thinks Paul is the one spreading the negative rumours about him to lose his patients. But he changes when Paul helps him to clear his name by asking the hospital staff to sign a supporting petition statement.

Still a kind man at heart when he encourages a girl to testify against her father for molesting her. Also revealing Tracy's whereabouts and informing Paul. But…..must he leave his profession to be a businessman? I have the impression that he likes his job and that's why he refuses his fiancée's suggestion initially. Because he will never surpass Paul's medical skills or he wants to compete with him in other areas? I don't have the answer for this.

(N) Edmund Tam Yong Meng (by Tong Mun Long) and Sukie Man Ning Sang( Yuen Choi Wan)

At first, they do not do too well but they show better performances when coming to the later part. If you wish that Edmund were as hilarious as Peter, you will be disappointed. He is a cool cop who is eager to present himself as the best. Unable to become a cop because of a muscle cramp disease, he transfers to work in the lawyer's firm under Fion. He wallows in self-pity, rejecting everyone including Sukie. The part where he falls in love with Fion is absolutely unnecessary. She is too mature for him and they have nothing in common!

Sukie is one of the well-liked characters in hh2. Her bespectacled look is very pleasant looking. She relies on Anson and does not have a mind of her own but she is romantic at heart. As a houseman, she tries very hard but is continuously put down by Anson. But she never gives up and is very friendly with the nurses which Anson disapproves. A sweet girl who does not deserve the ending of being killed when she and Edmund decides to face his health problem together.

(O) Steven Lo Hau Chai (by Cheung Tong Jou) and Mok Suet Fong (by Lo Kuen Lan)
A weird pair in hh2 as they are no longer young. But they display the romance like any younger pair. It is very unusual that Steven, the hospital director is middle-aged and still single. And hilarious when he is nice to Chris, everyone thinks that he is a homosexual. In actual fact, he is too shy to reveal his feelings for Suet Fong, a social worker in the hospital.

Another nurse Lam Tin shows interest in him and he doesn't know how to handle both women. Tin is vocal while Suet Fong is quiet. I like the way they show concern to one another by cooking dishes. But when Suet Fong is angry with Steven being too involved in his work…..isn't this a repeat of Paul and Tracy's case? However, a very sweet gesture of Steven to propose to Suet Fong when they go bowling. A special place to do that!

(P) Ho Tuck Kwong (by Wong Tuck Bun) and Lam Tin ( by Chan Kei)
Very small roles for both of them but remarkable. Kwong is at first in love with another nurse Ho Ping. When he gets ditched, Lam Tin consoles him and both are together. Because of him, she even changes her unreasonable ways of being a stubborn and willful woman - unlike Tracy who can't change at all. It can be confusing though - Chan Kei appears as Henry's one-night-stand acquaintance being raped in hh and in here she has a dark past of being gang-raped.

Why elder sister and younger brother relationship?
This is something that I will never understand. We have it in hh and more in hh2. But I must say that the Anson and Chris pair is done tastefully. The audience likes them when they were outdoors promoting the serial. But seen as a repeat of Joe-Helen story can be boring. The puzzling part comes when all along she has been rejecting him but in just 2 episodes after Chris treats her for her injured ankle, her attitude changes immediately. This is too fast!

The Edmund and Fion pair makes my friends disgusted as both really look like a mismatch. AND Tong's fans are enraged when Fion kisses Edmund before declaring him unsuitable for her!

Interesting facts
It has numerous souvenirs that help to promote the serial. First, 10 quoted beautiful bookmarks for HK$8 are only sold at 5000 copies to help the charity organizations. Then comes a set of hh2 jewelry sold to the public and given to the hh2 cast. My friend bought a silver heart-shaped necklace, which I find nice!

As much as you might have guessed, Bo Yee chose a lighter, Weng Lam a ring and Mei Kei a telephone chain. Surprisingly, Kai Wah and Kar Wai chose gold chains but of different designs. Kar Wai excitedly put it on Kai Wah first. Poor Bo Yee had to hold her shawl while Kai Wah put the chain on her. A very amusing photo I saw on TVB weekly.

It's rumoured that Bo Yee and Kar Wai is a pair but both denied. But another interesting part is Chek Kei Yee and Shiu Mei Kei may have made up after a separation of 10 years. Till now, both have not denied or admitted it. Well, I like Chek Kei Yee as he is very talented and he treats every one well.

Fans are mature in filling complaints in the message board. But normally they discuss the story development and the characters. They praise the cast's performance - except for Mong Kar Wai.

The highest viewership is 39 points while the average is 33 points, coming in as the 8th position in year 2000. Still no statistics on the overall as it spans to 2001. But in 'Yi Zhoukan', hh2 is rated as the most popular serial. Surpirsingly, only Wai Shan made it to the top of the list where Kai Wah, Bo Yee and Siu Fun do not even get into the 10 places. I guess probably in hh2, Paul falls in love too quickly, Henry is still a flirt while Jackie's role is too minor that make the voters retain their votes.


I like the music arrangement of the theme song best. It is fast moving and there is more life in it. What a waste when the stupid slow-moving storyline does not match with it. I also like all the hh2 songs, especially Kai Wah's 'Falling in love next time.' He really sings out Paul's sadness when Jackie leaves him and when seeing others in love while he is still lonely. The different music arrangements of the same song by piano, saxophone and string are pleasant too.

Bo Yee surprises me with his debut - not bad at all! He even makes a personal change of adding the lighter line between the lyrics that touches the heart. It is crucial in bringing out Henry's feelings for not being able to forget the past and telling Annie that he loves her. The duet with Kit Yee is equally good, except that her pitch is too high at times and her pronunciation is a bit weird when listening to her 2 songs. Wai Shan's singing has improved but it is a pity that she misses the chance of singing a duet with Bo Yee.

There is a big flaw here - Kai Wah's EP album is separated from the main soundtrack. Trademark's 'Only Love' and Jacky Cheung's 'Loving Beyond' are also not included. The whole hk audience is mesmerized and are looking for the song that start with 'Don't cry….' Which appears in Sukie's dying scene but have no idea who sang it. It is not in the album as well. This is unlike the original hh album that has all the songs and comes with a special VCD that makes it complete. What a pity!

Old vs. new

I really miss hh's original cast - without Gilbert, Peter, Joe, Judy and Helen, this is not hh any more. Poor Joe only comes back for the last 5 episodes to fill Annie's gap. It seems that everyone is acting on their own and not as a team. There is not much closeness between the doctors in here. All of them are quite individualistic - only caring for themselves.

Notice a pattern? The producer likes to arrange deliberate breakups and deaths that leave viewers grumbling. Remember ER on how Lucy and Mark's father are dying? It is really a copycat of it by switching the roles to Sukie and Henry's mother. And another flaw is the love relationships develop too fast - at a speed that all of us can't swallow and accept at all.

Chek Kei Yee has not been able to shake off Tang Tak Hei's shadow. All characters, although under different names, resemble the original cast in their personalities in some way. He has also caused a mess out of it. In relention, he allows Annie to return to Henry. But….why not Jackie too? Must we miss her finally? (borrowing the title from Ma Chun Wai's theme song for hh) and also the rest of the cast? Maybe he should have done the sequel when all of them are available. It is better not to shoot it after all.

If there is a hh3.......
I have come up with our own endings. I personally like possibility 4. What do others think? Please let me know.

Possibility 1

Arrange Paul not loving anyone at all in the end. We rather him to be alone and have full concentration on his patients. He misses Jackie so much and thus cannot be having a change of heart so soon. Moreover, his professionalism takes the first priority over his relationships and thus each patient to him is a chance to develop his skills and leaves no room to develop his social skills. So we can foresee that Tracy will leave him very soon - not like Rebecca only doing it after 7 years or marriage. Probably in a year or a month………..since Paul is 'married' to his job and has neglected her countless times.

Or it can be Paul who finds that Tracy is over-demanding and her bad temper reminds him of the irresponsible Rebecca. The scene of her room being destroyed to ruins still leaves an everlasting impression in his mind which also reminds him on how Rebecca flares up the hospital canteen when trying to persuade a client to settle a case out of court. After serious consideration, he suggests the break-up.

Possibility 2

This whole thing is just Paul's nightmare when he is together with Jackie to watch the sunrise. When he wakes up, he anxiously holds Jackie tightly to make sure that she is still alive and breathing well. Also counts himself lucky that he doesn't end up with Tracy the menace!

Possibility 3
Paul rereads Annie's postcards and discovers that she is now looking for a stable relationship. She is now thinking at the same frequency level as Paul and becoming more suitable for him. Henry also prefers Dorothy now, as Annie is becoming as serious as Paul. M.C. goes back to Tracy, the spitfire as his present fiancée is too demure and he finds his life boning with no sparks at all.

Possibility 4

Tracy sells away Jackie's motorcycle. Paul is so furious that he breaks up with her. When he hurries to the showroom, it is no longer there. Miserably sad to go back to work later, he has a surprise when he comes out of his car. A person is riding Jackie's motorcycle! He is so stunned that he stands in the middle of the car park. The poor motorcyclist, being played by Choi Siu Fun again, injures her ankle and hits her head on the ground in order to avoid him.

The over-anxious Paul carries her to A & E and insists that she has a brain scan. The previous experience with Jackie and Tracy has left a scar on him. She turns out to be okay and to Paul's delight, she joins the hospital as a nurse in the neurosurgery department. Well, what can happen next since they meet daily?

But my friends prefer the new character to be very adventurous in life - to go for bike races although she is as nice as Jackie. This makes Paul worry all the time for her safety and afraid to do another brain operation on her if anything happens again. And also Tracy is always out to challenge her but she is smart to dodge all her blows……

Possibility 5
At the beach, Paul is devastated by the thought that since it can snow in hk, why can't Jackie be brought to life again? He still believes that miracles can happen. So he stands in the snow and makes the wish of turning back the clock to the old days.

As he stays in the snow for too long, he suffers from severe pneumonia. He gets hospitalised and calls out Jackie's name when he is in a coma. Surprisingly when he wakes up, his wish comes true and there is Jackie bouncing back to life. All his friends are back to visit him as well.

This is of course quite unbelievable but possible since there is snowing in hk in this serial anyway.......

Sukting's Ratings:

On the cast:* * * * (Scale of 5)
On the story: * * 1/2(Scale of 5)

Screenshots: (Images fromTVB.)

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