Healing Hands III

Reviewed by: Quinn

January 15, 2006

Rating: three-point-five


Though I must say I'm a little disappointed with "Healing Hands 3", I wouldn't say it's completely bad. I don't remember any parts in the first"Healing Hands", but I remember loving it. What really made me stick to finishing this series is Gigi Lai, and Lawrence Ng, and Bowie Lam, who was also a brilliant actor. Although most of the actors aren't my favorites, they were talented. The story wasn't as deep or interesting as I would have wanted it. Throughout, I didn't even shed a tear. But, keeping in mind all these actors and actresses worked long hours I won't criticize too much.

What is "Healing Hands 1", "Healing Hands 2", and "Healing Hands 3"?

All 3 are about doctors and their lives either at the hospital (the spread of a disease) or their lovelives. To all of those who've watched the first or second Healing Hands, the cast is of course changed. Yoyo is no longer in it, and neither is Ada. Gigi Lai has joined the cast of "Healing Hands 3" along with Melissa Ng.

Actors/Actresses. My personal comments on their job.

Lawrence Ng
I would like to say: Wow how long has this guy been in business? I remember watching this guy onscreen ever since I first started watching Hong Kong series. I must say he is getting old, which of course isn't his fault. But since he is getting old, it looks like he has no energy. Which leads to my point, onscreen he does not put life into the character. This fits perfectly into the series; his character is suppose to be tired, in pain, and needing therapy. Lawrence Ng as the "top" doctor which everyone listens to and respects really looks real. He looks like a doctor, his personality is like his character, even their values seem highly similar. But I'm happy to say I'm not opposed to him being paired up with Gigi Lai. They have acted together in another series "Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre" and I loved them together there. So to conclude on his performance, I'm satisfied because that is what I believe his character is suppose to be, but yet he himself in real life seems like that, so not much acting there is it? All in all, he was the right guy for the job.

Gigi Lai
Now for one of my favorite actresses, I love her. In this series what I got out from her character (because of her acting) is that her character is strong, calm, smart, and always in control. One thing that annoys me about her character is that she always seems too smart, too all-knowing, and always right. Her face always showed she was certain and had confidence in every decision she made (including the one at the end). Her acting was good, but it wasn't a hard person to act. All in all I was disappointed with her. This isn't one of her best series.

Bowie Lam
I'll just say what I want to say, what a stunning actor! Although I don't really want to say I loved this guy, I have to say I loved his performance in this series. He was one of the reasons "Healing Hands 3" leaned a bit towards my good side. One thing I realized is that Bowie Lam is blessed with a perfect acting face. His face lets him act any type of character and it would fit. In this series, it was pretty cool how his face was serious, but yet he was joking. So success to him!

Bernice Liu
I'd like to say I hated her so badly in this series. If that was what was supposed to happen then good job to her! But if not, then wow she took her character's life in the wrong way. She lacks the skills needed to portray this character. She cannot show pain or sadness, such as in scenes like when she was drinking in a bar and telling Henry her life story. I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her. And of course there are the scenes in which she shows her anger and annoyance at a person. These scenes where she played the spoiled little princess are those she just shines in. Yes, they could have picked a far better actress for this part, but she did look okay (as a couple) with all 3 guys.

Melissa Ng
Where to start? Most of her characters are all the same in a lot of series she's been in. Seeing her as a doctor was a little strange at first, but started to look ok. She doesn't suit being the other person with Henry (Bowie Lam) in the series. Her scenes with Bowie Lam were awkward and lacked a huge amount of chemistry. You saw no sparks nor any love between the two. So as a actor, or actress, you cannot look good just independently but as a couple as well. While watching their scenes together, I always felt like at any moment they were going to break up soon, or they would fight, or something, but every single time I was wrong. Why did I feel this way? Because they were a bad match. Her beginning scenes with Bowie Lam in the series were fun, after a while they both became serious and it ended up looking not right. By herself as an actor she met my expectations, but as a couple, no.

Moses Chan
His face shows no expression. Or at least to me. He looks like he has a stone face, or at least everything he said didn't feel like he meant any of it. Especially wih him showing his love for his little kid. It felt weird. Again, Moses and Bernice weren't a match made in heaven. I thought Moses and Yoyo weren't too bad. Sadly, they took her off and she's gone.


This series will not make you cry, laugh a lot, or even smile much. It's a light-hearted and not a romantic type series. If you're someone who's used to watching Korean series that send you bawling, then this is not recommended. The whole series felt fake. Everything actually felt planned out and not naturally falling into place. So watch it? Sure. It's a good "catch a movie at the last minute thing" that'll satisfy time. If you're a fan of any of the actors, you should watch it.

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