Healing Hands III

Reviewed by: sukting

June 10, 2008

Rating: three

Male leads:
Ng Kai Wah, Lam Bo Yee, Cho Weng Lam
Tong Mun Long, Wong Tak Bun
Chan Hong Lit, Chan Hou, Wai Kar Hung, Chan Yu Sum, Cheng Chi Shing

Female Leads:
Liu Bik Yee, Lau Siu Tong, Shiu Mei Kei , Lai Kar Nei, Ng Mei Hang, Lai Chi
Tam Siu Wan, Yiu Kar Lei

My HK friends kept bugging me to write a review on this drama. One main reason why I didn’t was TVB didn’t take any of my suggestions mentioned in my Healing Hands 2 (just a joke). I only wrote this review after watching it over local television recently.

The drama follows the challenges that the characters face - including the medical obstacles faced by the doctors of Yan Oi hospital after SARS and the love life troubles that the various couples of the series overcome.

Introduction on characters
(A) Paul Cheng Zhi Mei (by Ng Kai Wah)

Overall outlook/acting
He is spotting an even shorter crew cut and remains intellectual. He also changes his rimless glasses to half-rimmed ones that make him look so stricter and threatening! I prefer his original look in Healing Hands and Healing Hands 2. But he is still dashing and preserves good looks in traditional dark suits. Kai Wah's acting powers still stays as the most suitable person to play the doctor role!

He has done it very convincingly to bring out Paul’s gentle and wise mannerism attractively. But how I wish that Healing Hands 3 makes him more involved in more romantic scenes. He seems not that at ease to be with his female co-stars – because he knows very well that they will fail to create the chemistry with him like Siu Fun?

Character analysis
Paul’s maturity and cool analysis of matters makes him the acting hospital director. He brings the whole staff through the SARS crisis and all respect him. After that, he still heads the neurosurgical department. He is very cautious. Upon knowing that a few pregnant mothers are having a fever, he makes the decision to seal off the wards and no one is to return home. He just wants to make sure that SARS will not reoccur again.

He is approachable, quiet and also impartial. No one can expect him to enjoy challenges. Angus admires him and learns under him. But I find him over demanding on Angus. It is good to train him and share his experience with him but the poor man suffers from lack of sleep in order to help him search for a cure.

Paul changes so much - he even learns horse riding! He also learns bowling and mountain climbing from Frances. He is strict in punctuality not only himself but also impose this on others. Thus he was strict on Derek – to disallow him to take the exam when he is late for half an hour. He is still helpful to friends and not asking anything in return.

Paul shows his sensitive side on how much he loves children. He will not strike anyone openly in the hospital but he does it for the first time when a father kills his daughter. He also reveals his alarm openly when seeing Kwong’s son having difficulty breathing and tries all sorts of ways to save his life. Seeing that Joe has difficulty tying his shoelaces, he also teaches him patiently – citing the way that Jackie used to tell him.

He is on the road of recovery from depression. Thus he doesn’t want to jeopardize his patients’ lives by operating on them. So he only makes appointments to examine them till he is more confident as neurosurgery allows little room for mistakes. Unlike his confident self in the other segments, Paul becomes doubtful and hesitant of himself. He is afraid of facing the ex-SARS patients as this involves his past.

Paul is rational and is a good listener. But he also takes advice from others. When he is at cold war with Frances over Mr Li’s death, he wishes to reconsider their relationship and thus requests Sarah to pass the chocolates he gets for her during his overseas conference trip. All grow green with jealousy to know that he ONLY gets the gift for Frances and not them!

However, they advise him to handle on his own so he asks her out to pass them personally to her. But this picky woman can still comment that he can get better ones! For goodness sake, Paul has taken time specially to get them at the transition zone despite his tight schedule. What more does she want?! She is definitely too hard to please!

But his efforts paid off when Frances learns to appreciate him more as he guards her protectively despite knowing that he is in danger of contracting the monkeypox virus from her. After TY’s death, Paul becomes the acting hospital director again till the new one comes.

Paul's emotional scenes
We could see that his love scenes are cut to a minimal. He also looks tired and ages a bit. We don’t see him as a devoted lover as before. Probably Chek wants to make Paul a weakling – to make him look as pathetic as possible. We often see Paul frowning and feeling troubled. More patients die as he fails to save them – Kwong’s son, Mr Li and TY. Has his healing skills dipped?

I did mention that it is really a miracle that Paul doesn't go mad after such a long cycle of torture in my Healing Hands 2 review. But the poor man breaks down this time. See how pitiful he is when he sobs over Tracy’s death in front of Henry and Edmund. He is very composed over Jackie’s death when he is alone but not this time. Jackie’s father died of SARS because he came to the hospital due to his advice to become a volunteer. Tracy has a miscarriage and she suggests a breakup to upset him further.

During an operation, Paul finds his hand trembling. Kuen’s favorite old horse that Paul takes care dies of old age and Tracy’s accidental death adds on to his sorrow. He endures the pain when the Hos blame him for her death. He starts to suffer from insomnia and headaches. Paul learns that there is nothing wrong with him physically.

He finds out that Tracy leads a destructive life after their breakup. Paul is being plagued by numerous problems to deal with them painfully. A man kills his whole family when running into financial difficulties. Paul can suppress his anger no longer and punches the man when he fails to save the little daughter. All the other doctors are baffled to witness this but it doesn’t come as a surprise to Anson, Henry and Chris. They know how much he likes children.

But little do they suspect that this is a beginning sign of depression. The last straw comes when he fails to save Kwong’s son when the baby has internal bleeding in the brain. Although there is a risk of the baby growing up having low intelligence, Paul insists of performing the operation as his main purpose is to save him. But alas, the baby is still dead.

Paul nearly jumps down from the top of the hospital building when he deems himself to be a useless doctor to witness so many deaths. Luckily Frances’s phone call saves his life. But he starts to behave strangely – his hand shivers and he loses sleep to become very violent. Can you believe that Paul actually has a pole in his car and nearly uses it to hit a driver when both quarrel over a car accident?

He begins a tailspin, but fortunately Frances discovers the symptoms to support him. But honestly, we have never seen Paul so stubborn and bad tempered before. He rejects her suggestion to see Tony, Tracy’s psychiatrist but later realizes his value when he saves a drowning man to accept her advice. Slowly, he returns to his normal self again after treatment.

Paul is at a loss when Frances goes for overseas holiday. Two lonely hearts get closer as they suffer from insomnia. He goes to the bowling centre and pork congee stall alone. He comes into contact with a patient who loses his right leg. That reminds him not to miss whoever is important around him. He lets go his feelings to Frances and both become a couple.

Chris sees Nelson with Frances and discovers that Paul needs time to cool off with her over Mr Li’s case. Anson also encourages Paul to take the initiative. Paul smiles without showing any reaction. Sarah also coaxes Frances to give Paul a chance. Paul is delighted when Frances agrees to have dinner with him after their cold war. His face lights up upon reaching the venue but the glow vanishes when she calls to cancel it. We will feel so sorry for him.

Many patients are sent into ER due to a car accident. One of them has tied Frances to a tree at Dai Yu Mountain as she goes mountain climbing alone after stealing her ATM card to withdraw money from her account. Another is TK who also has serious head injuries. Paul discovers Frances’s wallet with the burglar and he becomes fearful over what has happened to her. Still, he calms himself to operate on the two.

Upon knowing Frances’ whereabouts, he sets off with the policemen to search for Frances as he can’t concentrate at work! He finally sees her but also falls to the bottom of the hill with her. He asks her anxiously if she feels any muscle aches besides having a high fever. He feels her lymph nodes – it’s swollen and it confirms his suspicion that she gets the monkeypox virus.

Paul’s hand phone is broken during the fall so he can’t get in touch with the policemen. He quickly uses his suit jacket to cover her from the cold the whole night and hugs her close to him. He has been through the darkest patch of his life. Frances is the one who shows him hope. She also teaches him how to view issues from different angles. He blames himself – he shouldn’t have doubted her professionalism on Mr Li’s case.

Paul kisses her forehead fondly – he can’t imagine what will happen to him without her. They share a passionate kiss. (which both artistes do very well.) Frances is shocked to see the paramedics all in full gear. She is moved upon knowing that Paul stays with her despite knowing that he has a high chance of getting infected by her.

Paul isn’t as retarded as before. He senses that Frances is keeping something from him. Henry advises him not to ask to get disappointed. It is best to get her to tell him herself. Henry is getting his new car so he has a lift from Paul. Paul’s car breaks down midway and Henry is amused to see how he examines it. No one will know that Paul is a surgeon as he looks like a mechanic now! But knowing how inefficient he is outside work, we know he is unable to fix it!

As if he has not suffered enough, the producer arranges him to handle another brain operation on Phoebe!!!! But unlike Tracy who gives him a chance, Phoebe chooses to end her life to deny him of the opportunity. I really don't understand why he's so destined to operate on his girlfriends all the time??? How can he be so ill-fated? Thus he believes he brings bad luck to the three women and gets overly concerned over Frances. He nearly becomes hysterical after this. Frances has to calm his nerves.

(B)Paul with Frances Shum Ngar Ching (Lai Chi)
She is a forensic pathologist, spotting a short hairstyle like Jackie. If Jackie is a daredevil in motorcycle racing, she is another who keeps spiders and komodo dragons at home. She is also a savior to Edmund to rescue him twice from drowning. She doesn’t give the guys a chance to be a damsel in distress. Strange as it is, she is the one who saves them.

Henry suspects a boy of being ill-treated and asks Frances to check his wounds. Paul explains that the boy is epileptic who gets the bruises when he has an attack. This is the first time Paul meets Frances but Frances can’t reveal Tracy’s death details to Paul, except the comment on her destructive life to strike him.

Her late mother passes away due to depression and thus she is the fastest to spot Paul’s problem. Frances is alarmed when Paul goes to someone’s wake…but he isn’t his ex-patient! Seeing how violent he becomes to nearly hit up another driver confirms her doubts. She informs TY and Henry about it but is astonished to know that Paul has gone missing. When he is on the way to recovery, she feels guilty for telling Paul the undesirable life that Tracy has led to worsen his depression problem but Paul assures her that this is no fault of hers.

Knowing that he still lacks confidence, she encourages him to meet the ex-SARS patients through a hiking event. Paul has felt guilty as he has changed some of their fates undesirably, especially when an ex-athlete can’t run anymore as he has injected a strong medicine to save him. They do not blame him but are grateful to him for saving them. Frances has succeeded in making him positive again.

The death of Edmund and his ex-colleague’s younger brother saddens Frances. She performs the autopsy on both and it is her chance this time to get agitated. She knows exactly how they are murdered but their killer; Mr Li has gotten rid of all evidence to be scot-free. Fearing for her safety, Paul tails her to the hospital building rooftop. She finally understands how he feels when he is there the other time. She obeys Paul’s advice to seek Tony’s help.

Frances’s superior allows Frances to go for a long holiday to get through the pain. But she tortures herself. Paul is alarmed to know that she has only slept for 5 hours in the 2 weeks after their deaths. He brings her to the place to watch the sunrise. He reveals that Tracy isn’t his first girlfriend. His first is Jackie who shows him what hope is.

He is successful to bring her out from her pain but….she ends up sleeping beside him! (This is funny – this place must be suitable for sleeping as one of the couples who come here falls asleep.)

Paul gets her to visit Tony and she comes to his hospital as an exchange program. It is more saddening for her than be at the morgue as a person’s life span is unconfirmed. Many think that Frances and Paul will become a couple after this incident. She chooses to date Nixon instead to their horror. She finds Paul and her having too much burden in their lives. Soon, both discover that they need each other and start dating.

Frances gets jealous upon seeing him taking good care of Phoebe. (This is a natural reaction as we see how Phoebe displays her charm so well and doesn’t look weak despite her illness.) Sarah advises her to voice out her feelings to prevent getting hurt. But Paul doesn’t even have time to sit down with her to discuss matters together. Phoebe’s suicide saddens him and it pains him to know how Phoebe fears death and failures.

Frances keeps from Paul what Phoebe has spoken to her about snatching him back from Frances. She is aware that Phoebe’s death gives Paul a big blow. This will also affect their relationship. Frances discovers that Sarah has a relapse to know why she doesn’t dare to accept Henry. She decides to do what she likes and returns to be a coroner again when her contract is up. Unknown to her, Paul is a bit reluctant to see her leave as he will not get to see her daily right at the same workplace!

But they don’t see eye to eye on certain matters. Mrs Li covers up for Mr Li again when he molests another 17 year old boy to cause the boy to jump off a building and died. Paul disapproves of Frances telling Mrs Li to testify against Mr Li. He even mistakes Frances to ask Tony out to get information on Mrs Li as he doesn’t like her tone of asking Tony.

He feels that Mrs Li deserves their sympathy but Frances feels that Mrs Li has let Mr Li harmed too many people by shielding him. Paul points out that she should know Mrs Li’s condition better as Paul and Frances have also been through depression. Mrs Li gets too emotional to burn charcoal at home to have a miscarriage and she turns into a coma.

Paul blames Frances completely for this and both have a big argument. Paul suggests that both of them should cool off and discuss further a week later when he is back from an overseas conference. Mr Li is acquitted again this round and the youngster’s mother pushes him against the wall in anger. Mr Li lately dies as the brain tumour in his head has erupted.

Paul has treated him for 5 years and he is fine all along. So he finds Frances’ autopsy report questionable when she attributes it to natural causes. How can his death not due to the shoving? Frances is angered when he questions her professionalism. But later, it proves that she sides with Mr Li’s attacker and she doesn’t dare to tell Paul the truth.

I find Frances – not Paul as an extremely boring person. She is a lone ranger to go mountain climbing and holidaying alone. She also expects Nelson to like bowling as much as her!! How can she bring Paul to only go for bowling and eating congee even though they start dating? Even Paul takes pains to arrange to go for movies – he longs to do what couples should do and not what they do as friends but this woman doesn’t change at all!

Luckily she changes for once to bring him to Edmond’s friend’s pub. Paul is amused – the cops look more like gangsters. He leaves his hand phone in the car and Frances urges him to get it in case of emergencies. He returns and his heart nearly stops upon seeing Frances’ handbag on the floor – what has happened to Frances?! He gets a bruise on his arm after arguing with a gangster. Frances turns out to be fine when the rowdy people are caught by the policemen.

She knows that Paul nearly turns into a paranoid because of the three women. He is unable to rest his mind to imagine that he brings bad luck to them. Frances assures him that she is healthy and will make sure that she is within his sight so that he will not worry for her. And indeed she is healthy as she often does yoga with Sarah.

Nelson initially wants to go mountain climbing with Frances. But he doesn’t turn up as he is ill. Despite feeling unwell, she still goes for mountain climbing alone…to get robbed! All become frantic upon knowing that she might be infected from monkeypox. Paul joins the search with the policemen to discover her finally at the bottom of the hill as he slips down.

Henry gives Paul a call to inform him that Frances might have contacted monkeypox. Paul remains steady and chooses to be with her. Frances is touched and they finally reconcile. After chairing a meeting to affirm that the monkeypox virus is removed, Paul rushes to make a call to Frances and he is puzzled that she doesn’t answer it.

Upon seeing her still waiting for him at the hospital, he rushes to her – how sweet he is! He has improved in his romantic sense to balance work and love. He makes sure that Frances should return home before midnight after their bowling game. Not because he claims to be old and tired, he is concerned that she should have more rest. Frances decides to keep the truth of Mr Li’s death from Paul as she is aware that he sticks to his principles.

Frances is chatty, calm, kind and joyful. She is mature than Jackie although they are similar. Sometimes I wonder – is this why Paul is attracted to her because they are slightly similar? I am a bit disappointed because although Chi improves, she can do better in emotional scenes. I have expected more from her as she has won the best actress award before.

(C)Paul with Tracy Ho Sun Yan (by Mong Kai Wai)
She stays in the hospital to take care of patients and the senile Kuen. But she has a miscarriage. She suggests the breakup and leaves for Canada. She lies to Paul that she has a boyfriend, Tony. She asks Paul to get a watch for Tony. But Paul is unaware that this watch is the same design that he has! Tony is actually her psychiatrist.

In reality, Tracy has never recovered from her breakup. That results in eating disorder and she has tried to kill herself more than once. One day, she is found dead. She has an overdose of sleeping pills before going to bed and a gas leak in her home causes her death. It is little wonder she has this ending as she has a destructive nature.

Chek paints her to be more caring as she sponsors a girl. (Probably she yearns to have a daughter when she is pregnant then?) Jackie’s supporters must be painting the town red in celebration upon knowing that Tracy has NO scene at all with Paul in this segment. There are only flashbacks of them together from Healing Hands 2. Producer Chek must have decided to finish her off since Tracy is unlikable to many.

(D) Paul with Phoebe Gan Suk Yuen – Tam Siu Wan
She was formerly M.C.’s writer girlfriend. She dislikes Joe and often finds excuses not to see him. She only wants to know influential people/patients through M.C to have exclusive interviews with them.

Henry doesn’t have a good impression of her when they film a television program together. He remarks that the dishes she recommends to the audience are too fatty. As a result, she argues with him over the set. Upon seeing her with M.C. later, he realizes why both are two of a kind – arrogant and spiteful.

Phoebe is calculative and also scheming. To publish her new book, she can go alone with the publisher overseas to please him. This man is also M.C.’s ex-patient and she accompanies him back to the hospital when he suffers from a heart attack. This sends tongues wagging. M.C. can’t stand her being so sloppy to treat other men intimately and breaks up with her. She insists that they divide their cash on the apartment and shares.

Phoebe’s friend needs an urgent operation urgently so Paul decides to be the doctor in charge. Phoebe opposes strongly, citing that he is a depression patient. M.C. is mad with her and reprimands her in public. Paul is considered one of the finest surgeons in SEA – there is no one more suitable than him and he has recovered completely. How can she still be so negative? Phoebe keeps her mouth shut this time.

The hospital PR unit has declined her many times to interview Paul over his depression issue but she insists of seeing him. Paul has to tell her in the face to reject her. There is an occasion when she throws up on Paul after getting drunk. She feels bad and gets him a tie to express her apology. Henry and Chris jump upon seeing them together for a meal.

Henry is on a radio program with her and both hold different views on Euthanasia. She supports the idea and Henry despises her for disregarding lives. He crosses swords with her twice and finds her unbearable. He even asks Paul to open her head to find out what is wrong with her. To his astonishment, Paul only finds her thinking unique!

Paul has not learned from two painful lessons through Rebecca and Tracy. What is actually on his mind to give Phoebe a chance even though he feels lonely?! No wonder Henry jumps upon knowing his decision and tries to dissuade him. I can also cry over Paul’s stupid choice – I don’t mind if he throws the chance to Grace as she is a dedicated nurse but why Phoebe? Urgh!

Phoebe’s first visit to Paul’s home is not to discuss about his home cleanliness but to seduce him to go to bed with her! Paul doesn’t know what to do with her. Henry comes to his rescue, chasing her away and offending her. They raise the same topic to quarrel and after this, Henry gets so angry that he becomes hungry to go to Paul’s kitchen to look for food! (Bo Yee is cute indeed in this scene!)

Paul has thought of her to be kind to help Kwong to raise donations for a kidney dialysis machine through writing a book on him. That is only one of her pretentious acts. Paul visits Ling and Phoebe also wants to see her. He soon discovers that her motive is to win the outstanding youth award. Luckily he isn’t muddle-headed now. Paul quickly forbids her from arranging interviews to protect Kwong. They fall out over this issue. And phew – luckily Paul hasn’t developed a serious bond with her.

Phoebe gets admitted due to dizzy spells after winning the award. Paul finds a brain tumor in her head. Her condition is more serious than Jackie although the tumor position is the same. He cuts out a small piece to diagnose it as cancerous. He gives Phoebe 6 months more to live and she requests him to spend her remaining days with her.

Phoebe keeps writing to forget her pain. Paul tries his best to console her but she scolds him not being incapable to prolong her life. She nearly jumps down from the hospital building but Paul comes on time to stop her. We will beat our chests to see how she makes use of Paul’s kindness to enjoy his attention. Maybe Paul knows of her motive all along but gives in to her.

Having lost to the same disease before, he makes more preparation and even hires another expert to operate on her as he wants to put her life in safer hands. Phoebe takes his sympathy for granted and demands attention from him. Frances is sour over Paul taking care of her but still passes her a scarf on Paul’s behalf.

Phoebe declares openly that she wants Paul and Frances becomes agitated. She shouldn’t have made use of Paul and Frances wants Phoebe to give up. Phoebe refuses and demands Frances to push her elsewhere. Frances is no push-over and gets a nurse to do the job because she simply can’t stand her attitude! Phoebe sulks when M.C. drives her home as Paul is too busy. She points out that M.C. is as selfish as her so he is in no position to criticize her.

M.C. bears with her terrible attitude as she is a patient but warns her not to take Paul for granted. (Although M.C. is scheming and calculative, he is quite a gentleman.) He believes that Paul knows what she is up to. Another guy who can see through her ploy is Kwong. Kwong even asks Paul if he is treating Phoebe as Jackie’s substitute as both suffer from the same disease! He also reminds Paul from hurting Frances. Luckily Paul knows how to differentiate the two and is very sure of his feelings.

Even though Paul has settled the operation issue for her, Phoebe chooses to end her own life by jumping down from her apartment. She makes Paul say her final eulogy at her funeral to make sure that he remembers her forever. She sure does to the others when her book on Kwong is published and sold out after her death. As much as Paul doesn’t agree with her way of doing things, he has to admit that she writes very well after reading it.

Siu Wan makes Phoebe come alive – no one expects an elegant woman to act like a wily fox. She is worse than the willful Tracy. Tracy demands a lot to be a nuisance but she will never hurt others. Maybe Chek also can’t stand her so he decides to get rid of her like the way he disposes Tracy. Why must Paul end up with terrible women all the time – from Rebecca, Tracy to Phoebe?! Luckily his final choice is Frances and not her or all of us will boycott this drama.

(E) Henry Lai Kwok Chu (by Lam Bo Yee)

Overall outlook/acting
What a relief – Henry is back to his usual humorous self. Henry still heads the A & E department and continues to host television programs. He also carries on penning books. And also arrogant to go to bookshops to buy his own works or autograph for others. Henry appears with a new girlfriend, Jan having broken up with Annie. However, he soon breaks up and despite initial bad impressions of Sarah, the two become friends.

Bo Yee has proven himself to be a versatile actor again. The ease and experience that he shows in the ER room again is still capturing a lot of attention. And – the chemistry between him and Kai Wah is simply unbeatable. Be highly entertained by his witty dialogues. He can be serious and also jovial at the same time.

Character analysis
Henry still treasures friendship – but it is strange that both men don’t stay together this time as they stay in different dorms in the hospital. So close that he keeps coming over to help himself to his food or sleeping over! Paul jokes that luckily others don’t regard them as a pair of lovers. As his close comrade, Henry supports Paul’s decision to seal off the wards to play safe against another SARS outbreak.

Henry faces mid-year crisis due to his thinning hairline. He is very annoyed whenever Chris makes fun of him to remind him that he is in his 40s. Luckily he tells others that he is 25. Actually Paul also faces the same problem but the others only enjoy digging fun at Henry.

Knowing that Paul is upset over Kwong’s son’s death, he tries to console him. He is tongue-tied to see Paul’s x-rays when Angus brings over. Henry recognizes at first sight as he has seen them before. Knowing that Paul goes missing, Henry is equally as concerned as Frances but he gives him more breathing space to sort out his problems on his own.

He is willing to share his experiences with the younger doctors under his department. Karen has the experience but lacks the confidence. She is going to take the exam to be a specialist in order to continue staying in the hospital. Thus he stops Chris from saving a patient and gives her the chance.

However, he is a writer who seldom reads his fans’ mails. He tries to dissuade a paralyzed patient to end his life. This man harbors his thought after he writes an article after Betsy’s traumatic experience. The patient reveals that he has emailed to him – has he forgotten? Henry gets remorseful after this and wonders how he can be so insensitive.

But when he has problems with women, he still runs away from responsibility! He tells Jan that he feels suffocated when with her. He doesn’t understand why Chris yearns to get married. Paul can’t help laughing when he insists that this is ‘bad news’.

M.C.’s patient is hospitalized but M.C. insists of transferring him to another private hospital. Henry allows it unwillingly but he doesn’t show his displeasure on his face like Chris. He will just come up with all sorts of excuses not to sit with him. There is a rare chance that both are forced to sit together.

M.C. bets with him on which man among two that a woman will choose. Henry points out at one but it ends up that the woman goes away with none as both men walk out together! M.C. wins the bet because he has seen the two men together the previous night! How Henry’s face changes upon knowing why he loses. Not willing to admit defeat, both run in another race to see who is faster. He wins this time – Paul shakes his head upon seeing how childish they are.

Henry knows that Chris is in a dilemma since Anson considers aborting their baby. He urges him to grow up and view her opinion from her stand as she is the one pregnant. Chris chides him for being inconsiderate to go out with different women each night and he doesn’t have a child to know how he feels. Henry is silent – he does have a son but he doesn’t stay with him.

Henry dislikes M.C.‘s cocky manner. He turns a deaf ear even though M.C. and Betsy are against his philandering ways to hurt Sarah. He maintains that his character is to be afraid of handling responsibility and this is to avoid hurting the other party. He is forever hostile to M.C. but his treatment towards him changes after an operation.

He finds Chris too much when staying with him. Not only Chris washes his clothes and also cooks for him by using his treasured wine, he also arranges his movie date with Sarah! Henry knows that he will blow up if Chris follows them to dinner. So he deliberately gets him a different movie ticket to watch in another cinema or he will feel that he is watched!

Henry wants to throw Chris out but Chris pleads with him not to as he doesn’t know how to face Anson at home over his kiss with Grace. Henry softens when Chris cries. Henry tries to talk to Anson on Chris’s behalf but fails. He has done his best to help him out.

Sarah is wooed by a middle-aged professor, Albert and Henry helps her out by lying to be her boyfriend. Soon he discovers that he really likes her to be concerned if she minds his one-night-stand with other women. He also dislikes the feeling when seeing M.C. kissing Sarah. But he knows deep inside him, he hates to be tied down to get married.

He doesn’t attempt to lie to Sarah as he knows that she understands him. But M.C. shakes his head – there is no harm of Henry lying to Sarah as women normally likes to hear lies. M.C. seems to be more experienced than him with women. Henry only hurts women using the wrong ways – the ways that he presumes he is right.

(F) Henry and Sarah Yip Tou (by Ng Mei Hang)
Sarah is an orthopedic specialist and is very tactless although she is a good doctor. She ticks Henry off for continuing to work in the ER despite his hand injury caused by Jan. She also reminds him to be wary of osteoporosis. Henry gets embarrassed and lashes out at her to hate men. He comments that she and Anson are closer than lovers to worry Chris!

Sarah is Frances’ flat mate so they are as close as sisters. It is funny that Frances has to assure Chris that Sarah isn’t a lesbian. Like Frances, both lose their parents so they are close as sisters. Otherwise, how can Edmund feel safe for them to stay together?

Henry is injured in every segment. He was shot in the head in Healing Hands and stabbed in Healing Hands 2. Now he suffers again. Jan uses her sculpture tool to hit his left hand (he should count his lucky stars she doesn’t hit the right hand.) over their breakup. He ends up visiting her but refuses to rest at home. After his recovery, Sarah and Henry host a television program.

He helps a plump chef from being choked but ends up spraining his back. Chris brings him to his elder sister’s foot reflexology shop. Seeing that Henry feels his neck is in discomfort, she twists it and he has to visit Sarah again! Sarah taunts him to undergo a HIV test since he must have hurt himself in bed, refusing to listen to his explanation.

Poor Henry has to wear a neck brace to work…not to mention that he has to bear with her insults too. A patient threatens Sarah when she refuses to help him lie about his condition. She is peeved when Henry tells her not to be so harsh on her patients. Is this the way to thank this guy for chasing the fellow away?!

We can also see that she is very stubborn. Her patients die in the hands of a serial rapist but she doesn’t want protection! Sarah is very stuck up and refuses to change even after Henry’s advice. See how rude she is to cut him out in his conversation! Despite her nasty behavior, Henry stays with her till Frances returns home. Luckily Henry rescues her on one occasion and she finally heeds Edmund’s advice to go to the police.

A reporter tails Paul and both get involved in an accident. He injures his elbow and foot to get hospitalized. He wishes to shorten his hospital stay to return home. Sarah chides Henry although this is no fault of his to influence Paul to behave the same way. Both men are just too dedicated to their jobs to apply for leave.

Her third patient is M.C. as his thigh bone is affected by SARS. She suggests an operation but he only want painkillers as he wants to hide his condition from others. There must be something wrong with her attitude or way to talk to patients. She isn’t persuasive enough as ALL the three men refuse to listen to her.

Jan is hospitalized after a fire and she keeps clinging to Henry for advice. Sarah has the wrong impression that he is a womanizer to ignore him again. Her impression of him changes only when both do volunteering at an old folks’ centre.

She knows that M.C. is interested in her but she doesn’t accept him. It is funny that she doesn’t allow Henry to explain himself but she insists of clearing the air about her relationship with M.C. to Henry! See how horrible and unfeeling she can be – M.C. shops with her for Joe’s farewell present to go to the U.S. But this woman can buy Henry’s favorite fishing rod in front of M.C. to hurt him!! But M.C. doesn’t give up that easily.

But yet, upon knowing that Henry sleeps with another woman, she can request M.C. to put her up for the night as she doesn’t want to face Frances at home! Luckily M.C. gives in to her and provides all the wine that she needs. How terrible she can be to take advantage of him!

Sarah breaks up with her former boyfriend as she has cervical cancer in the past. Although she has passed the 5 critical years and there is no relapse, she still doesn’t have the confidence to accept another man. She later has a relapse but Henry doesn’t mind her condition so they start dating. After knowing that Henry knows of her condition through another patient long ago, she breaks up with him not that she doesn’t want him to pity her.

Sarah is kind to rescue a boy from being a gangster’s hostage during the monkeypox crisis. No one will be as daring as her to strike the man with a knife. She ends up hurting her foot and Henry doesn’t visit her after this.

She is aware that Henry will not change his character and this is just an excuse for him to try out by being with her. He will not take the initiative to woo her if he doesn’t know of her illness. Alice gets her to work in Singapore so she parts with Henry peacefully with a goodbye kiss after celebrating his birthday. But please beware – the last episode of this scene drags till no end and I wonder why these two never stop talking before parting!

It is strange to see Mei Hang in a doctor’s robe. She fails miserably and she just doesn’t bring out her concern towards patients. Her Sarah has this nonchalance attitude which I simply dislike. I also find her not warm enough to Joe. But yet this boy can grow so attached to her?!

Mei Hang has zero chemistry with all the guys….she is a mismatch with Bo Yee even when she holds his hand. All except with Kai Wah. Did you notice that she often sits beside him in the bar scenes and not with Hou or Bo Yee?! It is little wonder that she gives me this opinion as both have worked together in some dramas before.

(G) Henry with Betsy Tsang Suk Kei (by Liu Pik Yee)
She is TY’s only daughter and many think that she gets the ER doctor job through her father’s connections. She is Anson’s understudy and Anson is annoyed that she misses out important chances to observe operations (because she goes with Angus to watch how Paul operates!) How can she be considered a good doctor in her eyes?

She and Angus witness a man suffering from heart attack. Angus uses his pen to pierce his heart to help him to breathe. Fearing that he will be punished for not acting according to procedure, Betsy claims to be the culprit to take the rap. But to her surprise, Chris and Henry praise her for reacting fast. Henry feels that she can cope well during emergencies and considers taking her in. But…Betsy takes over the credit without telling Angus to get into the ER department! (Luckily Angus’s interest is in neurosurgery and he isn’t aware of this.)

Grace gets to know that Betsy gets involved in complex relationships in another hospital although it isn’t her fault. It is always the men to harass her. Actually Betsy does this to seek TK’s attention. One man’s wife even insists of aborting her baby because of Betsy. Henry manages to appease the woman upon knowing that she is his fan with his autographed novel. That makes Betsy think highly of Henry.

Betsy is afraid that Anson will not recommend her to ER but Angus knows Anson well that she is a fair person. She is observant to suspect that Ling hurts her son to make Tak Kwong rushing back for her. Angus doesn’t agree as she seems normal. But she is proven right.

Betsy gets a camera for TY’s birthday present. She has an unhappy childhood when her mother remarries Hou Mun. She died of a heart attack when Hou Mun did not know how to do CPR on her. She hates him for it and slashed her wrist when she was 15. Henry has just started working at the hospital and has a deep impression as she was his youngest patient. He has wondered all these years what happens to this little girl. He recognizes her at first glance when she comes in the doctor robe.

Betsy has a close brush with death before so she deems people who often committing suicide not deserving a second chance. Henry rectifies her view – she should know better and doctors are supposed to give patients hope. He is sometimes upset when he fails to save a life but life still has to go on. (Probably this reminds him of his late mother.)

Betsy isn’t on close terms with TY as they seldom talk even during meals. Once, Betsy lends Henry her hand phone. Henry answers it on her behalf and TY thinks that they are an item. He gets both to join him for dinner. It is a torturous moment for Henry to sit with his boss but Betsy is delighted over the arrangement. She has not spoken so much to TY for a long time. Henry has to touch his temples when TY requests him to send Betsy home.

Betsy becomes very unreasonable when Henry suddenly stops his car to look for Hou Mun – who is Sarah’s patient. Betsy points out that Sarah has entered his heart and he should respect her since both are on a date now. Henry gives up in despair – he is only concerned about the man as a doctor and she is reading too much into it.

Betsy becomes interested in Henry so she tries to find out more about him. But almost all his colleagues have negative remarks about him on his philandering ways. She isn’t deterred and makes the first move. Henry doesn’t show response to her to make her sigh. Upon knowing that Henry and Sarah do volunteering work together, she insists of joining them – to the extent of forgetting her meeting with Angus to play squash.

Betsy has thought that Hou Mun is the third party into her parents’ marriage. Little does she know that her father is the one who first starts an affair with Alice. Her mother divorced him to remarry Hou Mun. Betsy’s respect for TY reduced to zero as she has regarded him as a role model. She lost her confidence to be a doctor. When Henry goes to the beach to console her, she cries in his arms and later kisses him!

She is very self-centered and has not thought from Henry’s stand to invite gossip. How can she just move into his home without asking him? Henry doesn’t say anything much to her so she vents her frustrations on Angus. Angus has doubts on her staying in her boss’s home. She tells Angus in the face that she likes Henry although she is aware of the fact that Angus likes her! Angus is upset although he doesn’t voice it out. How insensitive she can be!

Derek can’t stand it happening and criticizes her – she should have moved in with them as the three of them are close friends. If she is so capable, she should be asking Henry out to play with her and not them! Never have I been happier with Derek for teaching her a lesson!

What a joke – she doesn’t want Henry to like her because of this and confides in Angus about this. She makes the poor Angus send her back to Henry when she is drunk. Seeing that she is late for the profession exam, she skips it. She refuses to change her mind even though TY and Henry try to persuade her.

Henry’s rejection wakes her up and she moves into the hospital quarters. She stays beside M.C. Henry chooses to keep a distance from her. He forgets to bring along his home keys but is reluctant to get her spare ones to open his door and will rather trouble a goldsmith.

M.C. criticizes her ability so she decides to transfer to the cardio department. I don’t blame patients to have little confidence in her. Because she jumps from one department to another – from gyna, ER to cardio!! Luckily she hasn’t caused trouble in Paul’s neurosurgery department because she has never been there.

She grumbles that it must be M.C.’s prejudice towards Henry to ill-treat her too. Even as she does more homework this time, she can’t prevent getting reprimanded. She is still as stuck up as before when M.C. helps her to fix her light bulb. She points out that M.C. is only doing this to curry favor with her. M.C. admits that both of them are unscrupulous so they can make use of each other. M.C. steals a kiss from her, leaving her heart fluttered for the first time.

Betsy is sensible for once. She stays with a seriously injured TK in his ward but leaves her pager on. She will go into ER to save any patient who comes in. But if that happens, she can’t leave a quarantine room that easily. Luckily M.C. goes on her behalf. He comments that she hasn’t learned the necessary skills as yet but he is giving her more time to be with TK. Betsy is grateful and asks him to take care genuinely for the first time.

TK’s death gives her lots of regret as she has ignored him for too long. She has tried to become a doctor for his and her own sakes by taking the professional exam. But she fails. M.C. encourages her to try to be a doctor for the patients. She is successful in her exam and M.C. decides to give her a treat, depicting that they are starting to become a couple.

Betsy is like Sarah – jumping to conclusions very easily and behaving impulsively. But she is more immature than Sarah. Both women are unsuitable for Henry. No wonder Henry looks bored with no love life this time. He probably misses the good old days with Annie.

Many find Bik Yee very wooden. She is not acting to behave like a rock - she can’t express feelings at all. All will be put off by Betsy’s attitude because she makes her to become so nasty. After watching, I finally know why Bo Yee was so strict with her in operation scenes because she is not up to mark while the others are successful.

(H) Anson Man On Sang (by Shiu Mei Kei)
Anson is cool but warm at heart. But it seems that she isn’t caring to others anymore. She isn’t petty to allow Chris to give Grace a lift in his car. She only dislikes him for not telling the truth. She blames herself for not noticing that her friend, Vivian is suffering from pre-natal blues to commit suicide. Vivian is someone’s mistress and kills herself, leaving behind her baby. All call him the miracle baby to visit him to cheer themselves up when they are down.

Seeing that an old couple goes through a lot of hardship to be together, she marries Chris. She is pregnant but the discovery of her fetus having Down syndrome disappoints them. Their friends do not know how to console them. Seeing a baby trapped in a car, she smashes the car window and hurts herself to save him out. Anson, after seeing how a girl suffering from Down syndrome to get raped and forced to have an abortion, decides to do the same.

Chris is upset and quarrels with her. He protests that she is the one always making decisions without consulting him. Anson decides to keep the baby after serious consideration. She becomes a weak woman to have mood swings due to the pregnancy. She overworks and has a miscarriage after performing an operation on a patient. Chris blames her for it and she attends her friend’s wedding in Taiwan to cool off.

She kicks up a fuss when discovering Grace’s earring on their bed. She ‘confirms’ her suspicion when both have similar hand phone accessories bought from the same game shop. She throws away the bed sheet and poor Chris doesn’t even know the reason when she gets temperamental. She treats Grace hostilely and Rosanna speaks up for her.

After she discovers that it is only a misunderstanding, she apologizes but later goes into cold war with Chris after knowing that he takes the initiative to kiss Grace. Chris and Grace are locked together in the same room under quarantine as both come into contact with the monkeypox patient. Anson has no confidence in them but it proves that she thinks too much.

Mei Kei loses steam in this segment! ‘Siu Mai’ is too icy in here. She doesn’t inject Anson’s feelings – even to her friend who has pre-natal blues. Anson becomes a simple woman who doesn’t have confidence in her husband. She also doesn’t make Anson to look upset over her miscarriage too. Her Anson role just can’t replace Annie or Jackie to hold the forte.

(I) Chris Heung Chung Yan (by Cho Weng Lam)
Although Chris is younger than Karen, he is more daring than her to come up with tough treatment methods for the patients. He gets along well with all the nurses from different departments so they sms him the latest information. He wants to marry Anson so much – to the extent of cohabiting with her. He does the cooking and also works very hard. Although Anson will not expect him to become a SMO soon, he hopes to be successful to fit her status.

He feels insecure when Anson is with her ex, Bosco. He is still as nosy as ever – even worse than Jackie. He gets prejudiced against Paul over Tracy’s death and calls him the present ‘Chen Shi Mei’ (a famous character that ditches his wife during Justice Bao era) he is lucky that Paul doesn’t get furious with him for passing insinuating remarks to others about him.

Knowing that Anson has pressure of having a baby, he decides to give up the idea but he is pleasantly surprised to know that she is pregnant. He gets a big blow upon knowing that the fetus has Down syndrome. He takes some time to adjust to this to get insurance for it. But Anson still suffers from a miscarriage. He blames Anson for it and doesn’t return home. It is Grace who wakes up his senses to reconcile with her.

He also doesn’t attempt to explain to the rest on how Henry hurts his neck. The two poor men suffer in agony - one is ignored while the other gets teased. Grace kisses him when he is sleeping and he gets perturbed that she hasn’t forgotten him.

He is appalled upon knowing that Grace likes him. As though he feels awkward with her, he gets close to her unknowingly because of their passion for computer games. But theirs is only a platonic relationship and he knows where to draw the line. It is unexplainable that he kisses Grace even though he has a clear mind when drunk!

Things get worse when both are involved in a car accident and the spot is right outside a motel! Serves him right to tease Paul and Henry to get fixed this time when he admits his mistakes to Anson. He is really stupid and passes the inconvenience to Henry when putting up at his home. He cries when Henry wants to force him to return home. What Anson wants isn’t an apology – but an explanation on why he kisses Grace. But he can’t provide any because he is unsure if he likes Grace! He wants to answer this question herself.

Grace is an irritating pest but Chris is very indecisive and childish. He doesn’t dare to be frank to Grace even if he doesn’t love her. He ends up troubling his friends to fix his problem. When both are locked together in the storeroom, it is a big test to him again. He keeps thinking what he should do with Anson if this is his last day of survival.

But yet when putting his doctor’s robe on a sleeping Grace, he has to fight against the temptation of kissing her again! It works this time and he promises Anson that he will be able to overcome any difficulty in future as he only has her in his heart.

Weng Lam is good as the simple-minded but dedicated Chris. His role is as the male Jackie version to spread news around – he even knows Henry’s birthday! He provides so many laughs in here with his foolish acts. It is also obvious that he has more chemistry with Kai Wah and Bo Yee now. I remembered that that Joe is chosen to replace Henry – where did he go now? Chek did not tell us.

(J) Lam Mun Chi or M.C. (by Chan Hou)
M.C. strikes out on his own to set up his own clinic in the town area beyond his budget. But he is soon surrounded by financial problems as his patients go to other specialists after it is known that he has not recovered completely from SARS. M.C. finds pain recurring in his right thigh and there are times when he can’t even stand properly. He wants to sue Mr Ho angrily for spreading the news but soon finds that he loses the case.

Although Sarah advises him to use a walking stick so as not to strain the bones, he will not hear of it. He reprimands her for not understanding his feelings. Sarah has to tell him of her own experience of suffering from cancer to make him stay in hospital. Once, she has the honor of sending him to hospital as he nearly faints after quarreling with Phoebe.

This illness affects his relationship with Phoebe and his family. He closes down his clinic to return to the hospital to work as a cardiology MO. He is very impatient with his mother and son, causing his mother to die from a heart attack as he is totally ignorant about her condition. It is right of Bryan to scold him – what is he doing as a son for not knowing what medicine she is having? Her death results bad blood between him and Joe as Joe can’t forgive him.

Although the psychiatrist advises M.C. to let another family adopt Joe to let him reduce his pain, M.C. still insists of taking care of Joe although there isn’t anyone else to look after him now. He tries to communicate with him but it gives little success.

He is on good ties with Paul now as Paul advises him to spend more time with Joe. Paul even gives him a lift in his car home before he gets his own car. He also speaks up for Paul when he finds injustice with Phoebe’s remarks.

In order to bring Joe to the beach, M.C. undergoes the operation. He recovers and discovers Joe’s interest in animals so he gets Sarah to help him out. In his eagerness to recover quickly, he even tries to speed up his treatment! M.C. loves Joe and treats him as his own even after knowing that he isn’t his biological son. Although he gets Joe’s custody, he hopes that Joe gets better treatment overseas so he allows Martha to take him away.

He gets interested in Sarah and tries to woo her. He gets her a ring but she rejects him. Henry is his arch love rival but to protect Sarah, he keeps his one-night-stand incident from her. But Henry thinks too lowly of him to misunderstand that he will reveal this to Sarah so he spills the beans himself to anger her instead!

M.C.’s heart patient is sent to the hospital. He is slightly late to go to ER to fetch him as he just finishes another operation. The ER suddenly admits many casualties from a fire so there aren’t enough beds. Henry decides to send the patient up using the lift. Chris also needs to help out so that only leaves a nurse with the patient in the lift. The lift breaks down and M.C. is furious with Henry for endangering his patient’s life.

Henry admits his mistake to TK but his staff’s morale becomes low as they attribute it to be an accident. They even question if M.C. is out to seek revenge on his ‘love rival’. Even Betsy feels that M.C. is out to ruin Henry but M.C. doesn’t feel that he is wrong. He finds her immature when she voices this out to TK.

M.C. gets promoted to SMO quickly and all think that he pulls his strings. Sarah, Paul and Henry doubt it although the others believe so. He was already SMO before going into private practice so he is just regaining his position. We can see that M.C. is a very serious person and has little trust in Betsy who has a bad name in creating blunders in the ER. M.C. also does a lot of homework before going for seminars.

M.C. is very calculative in planning his career and love life. He dates Phoebe to bring more business to his private clinic. His love for Sarah is genuine. When he fails, his target becomes Betsy who is also his understudy. He is extremely strict with her but still lends her books to make sure that she gets her professionalism confirmation.

He speaks up for her when a patient refuses to receive treatment from her. He also arranges meetings between TK and Betsy to improve their relationship. Betsy accuses him for making use of her to get into TK’s good books but M.C. chides her for being insensible. She is too full of herself to judge on others based on guesses. So she doesn’t fit the bill as his girlfriend.

Due to TK and Paul’s absence, the hospital is in chaos when a monkeypox patient whom Frances helps is admitted. M.C. takes the lead to get all to seal off ER to forbid anyone from leaving to spread the disease. When a heart patient is admitted, Henry asks him to cure him but he replies that he isn’t coming as he is going for an overseas conference the next day.

Henry gets very worked up – he is the one suggesting to seal off ER and yet he isn’t saving the patient. If he has known this, he will not waste his time on an ‘official’. Henry’s subordinates are speechless to see him hanging up the phone in fury.

Henry’s words wake M.C. up and he comes before Betsy goes to ER. Henry and M.C. bury the hatchet when Henry becomes M.C.’s assistant to stitch the patient up. M.C. suggests Henry to go for surgery while Henry suggests him to become a runner since he comes so fast! TK’s selfless act of donating his kidney makes him rediscover his value of becoming a doctor.

So when all presume that he will grab the offer to work in Boston in order to stay close to Joe, he chooses to stay to become a better doctor. Knowing that the blackout will come again, he arms with a light to Betsy’s flat to find her studying for the exam. He examines her hand to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt from the fire. Not only he is successful to work better, he also manages to make Betsy know her value to make her pass her examination this time.

Hou is excellent as a doctor with his personality! His dark-rimmed glasses, instead of the golden glasses that he wears in Healing Hands 2, give him a gentler look this time. I adore the scenes of him with his son. Both of them look like a true pair indeed. He shares equal footing with Kai Wah and Bo Yee which is fair to boost his acting. So it is undeniable that they become the three musketeers in the end!

(K) Edmund Tam Yong Meng (by Tong Mun Long)
Edmund finds a new girlfriend, Frances after he becomes a lawyer. His muscle cramp disease is still affecting him but he faces it bravely. M.C. engages him as his lawyer due to this weakness – he wants to claim damages from Mr Ho for defaming him to be suffering from SARS side effects (which is the truth). He is stressed when he loses the case.

Edmund looks after his ex-colleague’s retarded brother but this teenager keeps getting into bad company. He has trouble educating him. Paul introduces him to work in his accountant friend’s firm. They never know that the creep is a pedophile. Edmund is saddened to know that he is molested by his boss, Mr Li but he can’t help him. Both men are killed one day. This shocks all their friends when they learn the news.

This reminds Anson on how she loses Suki, her younger sister. It takes a long time for Edmund to get over Suki’s death. She attends his law graduation ceremony and is glad to witness him with Frances together. Why does he have a sad ending as Suki?

(L) Angus Lam Ching Wai (by Chan Yu Sum)
He is like the young Paul – gentle, mild-mannered, dedicated and bespectacled. Paul treats this junior well to point out his weaknesses every now and then. When Paul gives him a task, he will go all out to finish it. Angus gets nervous when a patient vomits after an operation. Paul shakes his head – he needs to calm down to analyze before scaring the patient that he needs another operation!

Paul hands his own case file to Angus to ask him to look for similar cases. This is to the extent of risking his own health when he doesn’t sleep well to faint right after he knocks off from work! When he fails to find out, Paul continues with the research on his own case after his discharge but keeps it from Henry.

Seeing that Betsy’s new camera is damaged, he brings her to a repair shop. He knows that Derek is always against Paul so he tries to be their mediator. He likes Betsy secretly but doesn’t dare to reveal his feelings to her. Still, Betsy knows it and doesn’t reciprocate his kindness. He suddenly has difficulty breathing and thinks that he has overworked. But it turns out to be a skin allergy ailment and he is forced to resign.

He is so sensible not to endanger his patients’ lives to make this decision. Angus stays in the countryside for better health. He grows his own vegetables and his two friends often come to visit him. His friendship with Derek is tested because of his illness but they manage to become close buddies again. I must complain that Chek gives him too little screen time – what a waste when he speaks English so well!

(M) Ho Tuck Kwong (by Wong Tuck Bun) and Ling (by Wong Gei Ying)
Many will forget that Kwong is also another character who appears in 3 segments too although not as a doctor. It is strange that Lam Tin breaks up with Kwong and Kwong marries a mainland woman, Ling so suddenly. He has two sons, both are killed by Ling. Ling is alone in Hong Kong while he works in the mainland as a driver.

Thus she ill-treats the babies, wanting his attention. Always demanding him to rush to the hospital right away. Kwong doesn’t know where the problem lies after his elder son dies. Betsy senses that something is wrong – so is Henry but they are still too late to save the younger child. Kwong bursts into tears when he looks at his family photos but he doesn’t blame his friends for failing to save his younger son.

Ling is sent to the asylum and he changes his shift to work in Hong Kong to visit her more often. He is upset when she doesn’t recognize him. He tells Paul how lonely he is to stay alone and that prompts Paul pondering if he is going to lead his life alone till old age. He then decides to go out to Phoebe to try it out.

Kwong is dying from kidney failure and Ling attempts suicide, wanting to donate her kidney to him. But their blood groups do not match. This incident lets both reconcile. Initially he doesn’t know how to forgive her but now he knows how she feels.

Paul finds a match. But the man’s wife refuses to donate her husband’s kidney to Kwong because Kwong causes her ex-boyfriend’s death. Although Kwong has paid a price of getting jailed, this doesn’t reduce his guilt. He knows her agony and doesn’t blame her. He is contented that she accepts his apology. He even thanks her for giving him happy remaining days as Ling is discharged earlier to keep him company.

When he is on the verge of death, TK’s kidney arrives to give him a new life. Too bad Chek doesn’t make use of this opportunity to let Kwong voice out his feelings after the operation.

(N) Grace Doi Yuk Ying by Yiu Ka Lei
I am amused that Chek is so obsessed with the name, Yuk Ying. He used it in ‘War and Beauty’ and here again. She is a nurse working as Anson’s assistant. Her family opens a furniture shop. She looks for a romantic partner – it will be best if the person is a doctor. But it is undeniable that she cares for patients as she helps old people on the street. She brushes Anson aside, not knowing that she is her superior and even calls her a housewife!

She eyes Chris as her prospective bridegroom and is unhappy with Betsy for getting along well with the male doctors. A man holds Grace hostage and Chris risks his life to save her. Chris takes this chance to live with Anson to upset Grace further.

Grace gives a treat to her life savior. This must be the most regretful choice made. Chris does not only bring Anson along. He also orders lots of spicy food which is unsuitable for her! When taking measurements in their bedroom, Grace snoops around on their clothes and everything! Anson finds out that she likes Chris.

She is very direct in her words – always harping that Anson is too old for Chris. Who isn’t amused when she gets 2 separate mattresses for their king-sized bed? She is very daring to want to get close to Chris. Chris is terrified by her – once he sends her home because she voices out her insecurity of being alone. She takes a photo of them together with his hand phone. Chris has to do lots of explaining to Anson.

Chris is mad to know that she actually stays beside a police station! So he refuses to give her lifts from then on. Seeing her with many things, he even ignores her to leave, not knowing that she really sprains her ankle. That makes her a target for attack by a rapist but luckily she is saved by the hospital policemen.

She isn’t happy when both get married. But when she sees Chris evading going home to face Anson over whether to abort her down syndrome fetus, she reprimands him for not thinking from Anson’s stand. Anson has requested her to call her in 2 minutes time after she consoles another patient for losing her baby. This shows that Anson can’t take it anymore and she needs Chris’s support. Upon knowing this, Chris returns home.

But what does she actually want? She can’t forget him and kisses him when he is sleeping. She doesn’t want to face a formal rejection but masters the courage to meet him. It turns out that he kisses her and she believes that Chris has feelings for her. But Chris chooses to evade the issue to set her guessing so she can only wait for his answer.

She is actually awake and pretending to be sleeping when she is locked in the storeroom during the quarantine period. She speaks up for Chris to clear the air to Anson.
This character is also undesirable – her presence is just for creating tension between Chris and Anson.

(O) Joe Lam Jou Yeung by Bao Chun Yin
Joe doesn’t stay with M.C. but with his grandmother. He is very filial to her and doesn’t like M.C. for neglecting them. He only visits M.C. occasionally but is often wronged by him for making mistakes. Their relationship can be distant and also close. Once, he gets into a fight as others jeer at him for having a SARS father.

It is traumatic for him to discover his grandmother dead. Since then, he stops talking. M.C. tries very hard to make him forgive him in vain. He doesn’t forgive him even though he gets his lost CD back. He makes M.C. remorseful when he gets skin allergy due to the cherry ice-cream he gets for him.

M.C. gets troubled when Henry accidentally kills the frog that he prepares for Joe for his Science amphibian class. This is a rare chance for him to get closer to Joe. Sarah has no choice but to get Frances’s komodo dragon as replacement although she dislikes the animal as the markets are closed at night. That triggers Joe’s interest on animals and he often looks up her for help. He soon becomes very attached to her.

There is an occasion when M.C. is so tired that he sleeps in the office after locking the door. Seeing him motionless, it reminds Joe of how he discovers his grandmother dead. He panics and finally calls him father. Both become close and Sarah understands him well to know what toy is suitable for him.

M.C. has Hou Mun to thank as he helps Joe out of depression by teaching him how to play the flute. Knowing that M.C. likes Sarah, he tries to bring them together with Hou Mun to do the cooking. Joe also treasures the CD that M.C. gets for him back.

He doesn’t know how to communicate with Martha when she comes for him. They have never met after he is two years old. He drags M.C. along with him and Martha only sees how well they communicate. There is once he has breathing problems and this is how M.C. discovers that Joe isn’t his son as his ailment is hereditary. Betsy promises him to keep the secret.

Joe is obedient to listen to M.C. to study in the U.S. He also doesn’t blame M.C. for choosing to stay in Hong Kong instead of Boston. He understands that M.C. wants to teach him on how to be a good person to set a good example.

(P) Martha by Belinda Hamnett
She is Joe’s mother and is also a totally redundant character. She leaves the Lams and remarries a foreigner. M.C. apologizes to Sarah when Martha turns up for Joe’s birthday. Sarah doesn’t mind and even encourages Joe to accept Martha. Her coolness results in M.C. to be unable to concentrate at work – no jealousy means she isn’t interested in him.

Martha is here to want her son back. She gives M.C. money but he rejects her. Joe chooses to be distant from her as she doesn’t know his needs at all. Sarah doesn’t understand why M.C. is so persistent to let Joe be with him. But through Joe, she finally knows how Martha neglects Joe from young and M.C.’s worries are not unfounded.

Her relationship with Joe improves with M.C.’s help. Both get along better – to discuss calmly over Joe’s education. She is even willing to let Joe stay in Boston to let the two be together.

(Q) Bryan Wong Kok Bun (by Cheng Tse Shing) with Amy (Ding Ju Wai)
He works in the ER but is on bad terms with Paul all along. He doesn’t like Henry too but will not dare to oppose him openly as he is his superior. He opposes to Paul sealing off the wards when there is a suspected SARS outbreak to create unnecessary anxiety.

He sneers at Angus when he passes out due to exhaustion so Derek beats him up. See how cutting he can be when he snaps at Paul for causing so much trouble to his wife, Amy to answer to the press over his depression problem. He also sneers at Betsy for depending on T.K. on the ER job. But we can detect that he loves children – he is more patient than Karen in disciplining her son. Even Chris also does a good job too!

Many will think that he will side Amy but he speaks up for ER staff. Karen once gets a complaint but he is aware that the patient is unreasonable as he witnesses the incident so he gets Amy to find out the truth herself. Bryan stays with his colleagues as he is dedicated to his job and contacts the monkeypox virus. Fortunately, he recovers.

Amy is from the PR department. She and Daisy handle complaints from patients and they also prevent the media from disturbing the doctors in their work. So they have to find out from doctors on their causes so that they will know what to answer on their behalf.

Amy tries committing suicide upon knowing that Bryan has an affair with Rosanna for years. They head for divorce and Henry introduces the lawyer who also handles his own divorce. After the divorce, he becomes a more compassionate man.

(R) Derek Lou Chi Keung (by Wai Kar Fai)
He can’t become a doctor like Angus because Paul disallows him to take his examination as he is late. But it is for a good reason as his father passes away. He becomes a physiotherapist and is bitter that he isn’t a doctor as many patients do not listen to his advice. Thus his hatred for Paul deepens. Paul can’t remember their feud and is puzzled when he is sarcastic when doing physiotherapy with him. You will laugh whenever he warns Angus to be wary of Paul!

Derek is also angry with M.C. when he wants to speed up his therapy session process. He always thinks he will do a better job in conveying messages if he is a doctor. He hits Bryan for insulting Angus and also hits Paul when he tries to stop him. He nearly loses his job but Paul speaks up to TK for him. Still, he isn’t grateful but Paul finally knows why he resents him.

He stays with Angus and often offers him trips back on his motorcycle. He stays in Angus’s apartment. He gives all his medical books to him, pinning all his hopes on him. That is why he is so worked up when he resigns. Paul has to wake up his senses. Actually Angus needs his consolation now and he should not have forced all his hopes on him. He finally becomes buddies with Angus again. He is interested in Grace and offers her a lot of help. Even after knowing that she loves Chris, he doesn’t force her to accept him.

(S) Rosanna So On Sin (by Ho Kei Wan)
Rosanna is Grace’s nurse colleague and knows that she hopes to marry a doctor. Laugh when she gets her all the doctor name cards – M.C., Paul and even Chris! She only omits Henry’s because she hears of Betsy staying with him. She tells Grace to give up on Chris but she refuses. She has been through the painful process by being Bryan’s mistress.

She can’t face the staff when her affair is uncovered and has to quit. She feels very sorry for hurting Amy. She often initiates breakups but their last parting is raised by Bryan. That is why she doesn’t want Grace to wreck Chris’s marriage too.

(T) Karen Liu Jing Kuen (by Lau Siu Tong)
She works in the ER and is married with a son. She is very dedicated but lacks confidence in herself. She studies hard for the professional exam. She is nice to give discount coupons to buy milk powder for Chris’s future baby. Her husband works in the mainland so she has to bring her son to work. The other staff does not mind his presence and enjoy talking to him at the lounge when he does his homework there.

Her husband turns out to have affairs and transmits sexual diseases to her. She divorces him upon seeing him so unrepentant. All feel sorry over her plight and try to help her at work. Knowing the pains of divorce, she urges Bryan to try to save his marriage. She knows that Bryan is not as bad as he seems since he gives her support after her divorce. Chris even jokes that she should offer him consolation after his divorce since both go through the same pain.

Although she seems to be vulnerable, she is brave to tell the patients that she has a 5 year old son alone at home although she feels like going back. But she has to stay to avoid spreading the virus. If they also return to spread the virus to their loved ones, the sequence is disastrous. All heed her advice to stay in the hospital after listening to her story.

A very realistic portrayal by Siu Tong! This is a rare female character that I like so far. She shows how a working woman balances her home and family. She is dedicated to both areas. Even though her marriage fails, she still strives to do her best.

(U) Tsang Tat Yin (by Chan Hung Lit) and Alice Tsui See Hang (Chan Kar Yee)
TK is the new hospital director and is also Mr Ho’s close friend. Henry is afraid that he will not be impartial to Paul. But he announces to the media on Paul’s behalf that Tracy’s death is accidental. He doesn’t mind M.C.’s financial problems and hires him to work in the hospital again. He also gives Paul and Sarah chances to face up to their health problems.

The reporters are engrossed in M.C.’s law suit with Mr Ho that they pretend to be patients to dig out more information. M.C. apologizes to TK for causing the trouble but TK gives him the support he needs. He ensures better security to prevent M.C. from being harassed.

TK offers a lift to Eva and Betsy thinks that he asks her to get another pen that she has scratched. TK has to explain to her that he doesn’t have another relationship. He doesn’t see why he should clarify this but he has to since she is his only child.

TK has serious head injuries in a car accident. Although Paul operates on him, he soon dies. When Paul suffers from depression, TK shares with him a story on how he prolongs a kidney patient’s life for 8 years – to allow him to take care of his family before he goes. That makes TY to do the best for all patients to let them live.

Paul finds the organ donation card on TY after the accident. He shows it to M.C., telling M.C. how TK cements Paul’s belief in saving patients. This also helps M.C. reconsider his values to stay in Yan Oi to continue offering his services here.

TK and Alice worked in ER together formerly to start the affair. After being discovered, they feel remorseful and stop their relationship. Alice moves to Singapore and returns for a visit. She transfers to orthopedic department to become Sarah’s senior. TK doesn’t speak much to Betsy not because he doesn’t love her but he is unable to come clean with his past.

When Betsy does not face the truth, she wishes to return to Singapore soon. She also passes her paralyzed patient to Sarah. How selfish she is to leave TK to face the music alone when she tries evading responsibility again. However, it is good that she lets Betsy know the truth otherwise Hou Mun will suffer for being wronged for so long. By Sarah’s word by mouth, Alice only feels sympathy and not anguish over TK’s death as she only treats him as a friend now.

(V) Ho Sau Yan (by Lok Ying Kwan) and Alan Ho Chi Wang (by Wong Yin Chi)
Mr Ho manages his business single-handed and it is so obvious that he shows favoritism more to Tracy than Alan. He has wanted her to help him in his business but she insists to be a doctor since young and he has to give in to her. Little does he expect her to change after the SARS period. He is so upset over her demise that he is impatient with M.C. for wanting to get into his good books during this critical period. M.C. has wanted to examine his heart condition and to pretend to lose to him through a tennis match.

This poor father takes Tracy’s death too badly that he has a heart attack after the game. M.C. saves him. This is how Mr Ho discovers that M.C. is still ill when M.C. passes out. So he tells M.C.’s other patients about it so as not to endanger their lives in his hands. Tracy has dedicated her life to SARS – so will he look down on a doctor suffering from SARS side effects?

He is completely pissed off with M.C.’s attitude for wanting money through the law suit. He doesn’t give his tenants a chance and refuses to lower their rent although they have financial difficulties. He is no longer the kind and understanding man that we know. He envies his chauffeur’s daughter who folds a paper ring to slip into his finger to celebrate Father’s Day.

Paul brings him and Alan to an orphanage. Tracy has sponsored a little girl and the little girl wishes to give a card she has drawn to Tracy’s father. The old man accepts the drawing in tears – he has thought if it is really that worthy for Tracy to give up her life. Now he changes his mind. He doesn’t counter-sue M.C. Nor is he asking for damages. He is only interested to rope in Edmond to help him!

Alan dotes on Tracy and equally grieves over Tracy’s demise. He is also put off by M.C.’s attitude but he is also bewildered by his father’s change when he tries to speak up for the tenants. Still, he is glad when his father softens after their visit to the orphanage.

(W) Nelson Lee Chi Keung (Tang Chi Fung)
He is from internal medicine and is a very dedicated doctor. Although he disapproves of Hou Mun taking liberties on nurses, he is concerned when he goes missing as he needs urgent treatment. He also treats Angus early to prevent his allergy problem from getting worse.

Nelson knows Frances through a wedding many years ago. When she is transferred in to the hospital, he decides to woo her. Once, he meets her with Henry and Paul at the pub so he offers to send her home. Henry wants to bring her and Paul together so he insists of getting into his car to get Paul to send her home! Nelson nearly explodes on the spot in anger when we can see that he is so angry with Henry!

Frances decides giving herself a chance and goes out with him. Poor chap – Frances is over demanding to want him to do whatever she likes – bowling and eating congee. He has membrane imbalance in his ears so he can’t stand noise.

Actually he is a very nice guy who prevents her from meeting Edmond’s murderer. This woman can say that the congee he gets for her is awful – not knowing that he gets it from the same stall she patronizes with Paul!

Luckily Frances realizes that her mindset is wrong and suggests a breakup as he is going for further studies in the U.S. He is so sweet to get them gifts when he returns for a seminar. Sensing that they have an argument, he urges her not to ignore the problem. He has thought that he only suffers from normal flu but he is later hospitalized due to high fever. All are relieved that it isn’t monkeypox as suspected but he gets worried for Frances as she has been with him for a few days. Will he spread the virus to her? Luckily he isn’t the culprit.

(Y) Eva Lee Yee Wah (by Lam Yee Kei)
She is the matron and shares her expertise with the younger nurses. Knowing what M.C. has been through, she talks to him and he becomes a better doctor. Knowing that Tak Kwong is waiting for a kidney transplant, she also urges him to be patient as her son also goes through the same process.

Betsy has misunderstood her to be TK’s latest mistress – she has forgotten completely that she is married! Her experience with SARS makes her the person in charge of the wards during the monkeypox quarantine. It is strange that her scenes are minimal although her photo is seen with the cast during intervals.

(Z) Kam Hou Mun (by Cheung Chi Kwong)
He is Betsy’s stepfather who dotes on her. He calls her Kei Kei fondly. He lands up in hospital disturbing other patients so Nelson sends him to the psychiatric department. But, he still sneaks away to avoid provoking her. Betsy has thought that he causes her parents’ marriage to break up but after knowing the truth, she doesn’t know how to face him.

Hou Mun stops hooligans from threatening Karen’s classmate. He also does volunteering work at the old folks’ centre. But he is unwilling to seek treatment even as Sarah tries to persuade him. He is upset when Betsy treats him coldly when she comes to do volunteering work too. He blurts out that she is his stepdaughter when the poison goes into his brain due to his liver disease. Betsy masters her courage to tell him to go for treatment at Alice’s hospital.

They finally hug each other and their relationship turns out well. He has wanted to return to Hong Kong to accompany Betsy after knowing TY’s death. But his condition has not improved so he decides not to so that he will not let her worry for another kin.

Interesting facts

This was Lai Chi’s first time acting as a pathologist. She was very afraid of blood but she overcame the fear. Bo Yee teased her as the corpses were unreal. They used the pig’s blood and organs to replace the real human parts. Chi had never watched ‘Jewel in the palace’ but her younger brother, Ying is a doctor so he helped her in her homework.

Chi complained that it was hard to overcome her 3 fears when shooting this drama. She was afraid of lizards, spiders, snakes and mice but Frances loved them! She was also afraid of seeing corpses and heights. She joked that Paul was ill in Healing Hands 3 but she was the one who needed a psychiatrist.

Chi and Mun Long complained that it was hard filming the kissing scene in water. But poor Hou had to wear a business suit to appear at the beach. Many were worried that he might suffer from heatstroke. It was not that he liked to show off but he had to film the scene where M.C. looked for his son.

Bo Yee joked that viewers must be delighted that he and Chi were not acting as a couple this time to bore them. The two went to Shanghai to promote this drama. Her only complaint was she needed to wear the mask for most of the time.

Will the change in actresses affect the viewership? Chek thought his cast had given their best. (but I beg to disagree.) Chek wanted to bring the viewers’ attention towards SARS, Parkinsons’ disease and other illnesses. Thus he made the doctors patients this time so that doctors could feel how patients suffer. (But it is prolonged suffering for viewers as the cases are too often.)

The parts where Chi operated on a naked Tracy’s ‘corpse’ and the close up was on the first half of the body. Even Kar Wai also felt the chill down the spine when watching it. All her friends called her to tell her that it looked so real. But she thought that it had no sexual content involved as all corpses would look the same.

Kar Wai felt calmer when Chek passed her a red packet because he used her photo for the ‘funeral’. Paul also did some brain operations. Kai Wah was also afraid when handling the Parkinson patient operation scene. But he was fine during the shoot.

There was a part on how a family was killed by a father. These were said to be too bloody for the viewers. The corpses are actually dummies that they bought. They only used real faces for the expressions. Chek explained that this was the real job of a pathologist. He made the model wear a special clothing to make the scene real. So did Mun Long when he was going to be ‘dissected’ too. There were only 20 pathologists in Hong Kong and only 3 were females. Thus Chi was made to be different from the rest.

They promoted this drama by getting the cast to donate blood to the Red Cross Society. Kai Wah found it a pity to be unable to join them as he was going to China to shoot another drama. He, Chi and also Bo Yee had not donated blood before. Many laughed upon knowing the latter two are scared of needles.

Hou had donated four times while Mei Hang had donated once when studying in the U.S. She wasn’t afraid of that after watching ‘Extreme Makeover’. Her parents are also doctors. She wished to marry a doctor when young but she opposed cosmetic surgery because this would make her look different from her family members.

Kai Wah hoped that the viewership would be close to ‘Jewel in the palace’. Only Bo Yee and he filmed the 3 segments together as doctors. Both had hoped to work with the original cast but they also looked forward to work with the new cast. Out of curiosity, both took a doctor Q & A test. Bo Yee scored higher and all teased him to have the basic qualities of a doctor.

Bo Yee wanted to be a pilot since young. He became a policeman when he grew up before coming into acting. After filming Healing Hands, he liked to be a doctor. The pay was good and there was financial support for housing. The working hours were not as long as artistes too. Sometimes, he really wanted to be a doctor. He was happiest this time because he was the A&E head and he supervised how his subordinates did their work.

Lau Hoi Wai was supposed to act as Angus but he turned down his role to take leave from TVB for six months to film in the Mainland. Yu Sum took over. Bik Yee was happy to be photographed with Yu Sum during the blessing ceremony.

Many physiotherapists and viewers were not happy over how Derek was looked down in the drama. Kar Hung explained that Derek disliked Paul for damaging his chance to be a doctor but he was still on the job. Derek also straightened his thoughts in the end.

Bik Yee was happy to play an emergency room doctor and the happiest thing was that she could speak in English. There are also lots of 'foreigners' in the show such as Hou and Siu Tong, so they all spoke the same language. She also hoped that she could work with more people this time so that she could take on more experience.

Bo Yee was impatient with Bik Yee for not acting up to mark and he criticized her. He accumulated experience from the earlier 2 segments so he taught her once. He taught her the second time when she made a mistake. However, he wasn’t happy when she made the mistake the third time. He didn’t scold her but he admitted that he was a perfectionist.

Bik Yee knew that he did it out of concern and wasn’t angry as she herself also felt that she didn’t act like a doctor as he said. Her Chinese standard wasn’t good and she only got the script a day before the shooting. Thus she took up a lot of his time. This was also Chi’s first time working with Bik Yee. A real nurse who came to supervise the shooting praised Bo Yee for acting well – because an ER doctor was as fierce as him! Bo Yee maintained that he didn’t hurt Bik Yee and he got along well with the other ER crew.

Wing Lam admitted that he was exactly like Chris, a supporting actor. He admired Bo Yee and Kai Wah. It was not only about their acting but also how they treated their juniors. It was strange that he did not get meatier roles after getting good reviews in Healing Hands 2but had to wait for Healing Hands 3 to be popular again for another 3 years.

Kai Wah wasn’t close to Kar Wai. Chi’s acting style was also different from him although they have acted in ‘HSDS2000’ and ‘Fate Twisters’ before. (Faithful viewers recall fondly this drama also has Siu Fun. Probably this allowed him to work with both actresses at the same time to discover the difference.) His favourite partner was Siu Fun as they had worked in 4 dramas.

Many thought Chi’s makeup was too heavy and many were attracted to her long eye lashes instead when Frances did forensic checks on the corpses. Another thing they talked about was her excellent figure which was shown in the swimming scenes. They thought she did not have much chemistry with Mun Long or Kai Wah.

The drama’s viewership was over 30 points when first shown in Hong Kong. However, the average was around 27 to 29 points. The final episode brought 28 points and was unable to reach 30. It was no.7 in the 2006 viewership list. It wasn’t as popular as expected.

It was a pity that Wai Shan ended her contract with TVB. Healing Hands was regarded as TVB’s ER but this time round it used ‘War and Beauty’ cast as promotion slogan. The only consolation was most male actors were still in here although there was a major change in cast for the actresses.

They still used back the old starting theme music. Bo Yee sang the ending theme ‘everyday with you’. Gosh – it is better that he sticks to acting alone.

It went too far over the top. With too many doctors falling ill, where is the hope in life? I have an overdose of doctors suffering in Healing Hands 3.Even their close ones or friends are not spared the agony – please look at the list below :

Paul/Tracy/Frances – depression Sarah – cervical cancer M.C. – SARS side effects - joint disintegrating Anson – fetus having down syndrome Angus – skin allergy
Frances – monkeypox
Tak Kwong – kidney failure
Phoebe – brain tumor Joe –breathing problems

The same thing repeats when doctors are forced to save people whom they detest. In Healing Hands, Paul has to save Ching’s murderer. In Healing Hands 2, Paul and Anson try to save his/Suki’s attackers. In here, Frances has to perform an autopsy on Mr Li. Come on, we know that they can’t choose patients so why harp on it? No wonder Paul can’t take it anymore to hit a killer this time.

Chek created love pentagons, not love triangles. My mind goes giddy upon seeing how they exchange partners. It was a BIG mistake not to involve Wai Shan in here. I am certainly not amused or fascinated – let’s see some examples below:

i) Paul to Phoebe (just to try out) to Frances (Tracy is omitted as they have broken up.)
ii) M.C. to Phoebe to Sarah to Betsy (They should name him a Casanova to replace Henry as he has the most women in Healing Hands 3!) iii) Henry to Jan to Sarah (Betsy is hardly considered to be one as she is the one crazy over Henry. His one night stands scenes are limited this time so he lost out to M.C.)

iv) Frances to Edmond to Nelson (for a test) to Paul

v) Chris to Anson to Grace (also another test)

Unsuccessful relationships include unrequited love or marriage failures:
Angus to Betsy to Henry to finally M.C.
Derek to Grace to Chris
Karen’s failed marriage
Bryan to Amy to Rosanna
TY’s failed marriage to Alice

The love tests are totally redundant. No doubt the producer wants them to go through lots of ups and downs but they don’t need the extra experiment. Frances and Paul are wasting our time to choose the wrong people to heal their lonely hearts. We don’t regard that as dating even though they go out in pairs but laugh uncontrollably when they suggest breakups when they don’t even hold each other’s hands!

If we talk about chemistry, Kai Wah is at his best with Siu Fun. His working with Kar Wai or Chi is lukewarm. Bo Yee fails to create sparks with Mei Hang or Bik Yee as he is very natural with Wai Shan. One is too cold while the other is too wooden. Even the chemistry between Mei Kei and Wing Lam isn’t as remarkable as in Healing Hands 2 to lose its magical touch.

Almost most women here are detestable. I urge to throw all out of my sight! Since Chek is capable of creating snow in Healing Hands 2, can’t he create twisters here? The monkeypox saga is exciting but why isn’t it arranged to be as the final episode? The ending doesn’t have any anti-climax. All just give us boring speeches to bore us!

I long for more scenes of Henry arguing with Phoebe. Paul with Henry, Henry with Chris….why are they so few? The actors are simply wonderful with their poise, humor and eloquence. The actresses lose out completely as they simply can’t blend into the scenario. What a pity to get unsuitable love partners for the guys.

Nevertheless, this part was slightly better than Healing Hands 2. Healing Hands 2had 'borrowed' too many ideas from ER. Also, the operation scenes were more realistic than the other 2 parts. I am impressed by how Paul operates on a Parkinson ’s disease patient when he is wide awake. In fact, so impressive that Betsy requests to watch him in action. I also find the autopsies and ER scenes realistic.

Some suggestions if there is a Healing Hands 4.......

1) Allow Paul to have a smooth love journey. Can concentrate on how he discovers the truth on Mr Li's death to have arguments with Frances.

2) Annie to pair up with Henry again. (Provided Wai Shan is back with TVB)

3) Anson and Chris to have a child this time. This couple has suffered long enough.
4) Karen and Bryan to start a love relationship.
5) Please only retain Anson, Karen and Frances as the female leads. Chek can dispose the rest as they are not helping much in the story development. They are around just to occupy screen time. Please do not create unnecessary characters and not develop them properly anymore!

On story : *** ( Scale of 5) (too overly stretched at times so I cut down 1/2*)

On song : *** ( Scale of 5) (It might have been 2.5* due to Bo Yee’s bland singing but the opening music saves the day.)

On acting : *** ( Scale of 5) ( The actresses are unable to match up to expectations. Although the actors did a splendid job, I have to cut down to 3* instead of giving a 3.5*)

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