Healing Hands

Reviewed by: sukting

December 08, 2007

Rating: four

Serial Length: 32 episodes

Male leads:
Ng Kai Wah
Lam Bo Yee
Mah Chun Wai
Cheung Kar Fai
So Wing Hong
Wong Tak Bun
Kong Hon

Female Leads:
Choi Siu Fun
Chan Wai Shan
Leung Yuen Ching
Chan Tse Ching
Tong Ying Ying
Cho Chong
Kwong Mun Xun
Chan Mei Kei
Cheung Yuk Shan

Unlike Healing Hands II (hh2), I have watched this serial and I practically like it at once! No wonder it is so well received in all parts of the world. I focus more on Paul and Henry as 70% of the serial is on them and the women are related to them in some way. And of course more on Paul and Jackie together since Kai Wah and Siu Fun won the best couple award together. Also not missing the other male actors whose roles are supporting but not the least minor.

Introduction on characters

(A) Paul Cheng Zhi Mei (by Ng Kai Wah)
I am very curious to know why Paul's Chinese name is Zhi Mei. Like Gilbert's name Moon Yuet (Full Moon), it is more suitable for a woman. Maybe it is related to his job. Zhi Mei means perfection - maybe he wants perfection in his job and his love life. Too bad I have no chance to ask Tang Tak Hei for the answer.

Overall outlook/acting
Paul is my most favourite character in the serial. Kai Wah has both the looks and the acting skills in here. He is spotting a long fringe and he looks very refresh and refined - very charming looking! He has the gentleman look with his rimless glasses. The intellectual look is so obvious and actually he completed his 'O' and 'A' levels in England. No wonder he also behaves like an English man at times. Many have said that he is the most talented person to play a doctor's role. He is so different from his previous overly thin, dark, devilish and restless looks in other serials.
I can see the change in him in Files Of Justice V but in here, he is more handsome looking! He made the right move in changing his image. I like his glasses so much that I hunt high and low for the design in Singapore for myself. But alas - still no luck! Anyone who knows the brand or where it can be found can inform me. Well, I'm glad that To Da Yu did not take up this role. Although he is very good, we can see that he is not suitable to wear glasses and might not be as convincing as Kai Wah. I think he can portray roles as a cop or a lawyer well but not as a doctor. Maybe I am biased but I don't think he will be good in Healing Hearts.

I must also compliment Kai Wah's dressing - he looks dashing and cool in his traditional dark suits. But when he smiles, he adds an air of friendliness that drives the coolness away. But no dress sense in pyjamas - too dull looking! He should have a more casual wardrobe like Gilbert or Henry...but maybe this is the way that Paul should wear at home since he is so traditional.

Character analysis
Many find Paul to be a boring person but I find that actually he is a person of multiple faces, as shown in several scenes.

He is very cool. Notice that people become calm just by standing close to him? Somehow he has the ability to transfer his coolness to them and calm their nerves. So COOL when he has a massive nose bleeding, he calms Jackie instead. After knowing that Henry is shot, Paul hurries in A & E and calms the others. Even the difficulty of extracting the bullet from the nerves and bone fragments near the artery doesn't bother him. He tells them that he has seen worse cases and even jokes that he will find out Henry's problems and solve them to make him less irritating! The way he talks and gives advice - very steady and slow - no wonder so slow even in relationships. Wonder whether this is due to him being careful and slow in neurosurgery.

He is a good persuader. He can talk to Madam Ho to settle her womb removal case out of court. Also able to persuade Qing's bone marrow donor to change his mind by visiting him twice. By doing so, he is even prepared to face complaints from him. Although he is on bad terms with Jackie at first, Paul even risks the chance of being hurled remarks from her by relating his past as a trainee doctor. He advises her not to quit, as he doesn't want to lose a colleague. And surprisingly, Jackie listens to his advice and throws the resignation letter away. He can coax an old man to withdraw from under the bed when he wants to escape from a brain operation. He manages to convince Jackie too to tell her parents about her illness.

Paul is professional. He is badly affected by Rebecca's affair but he still operates on his patient. He also applies to go on leave to prevent himself from making the wrong judgment on Qing's killer, Fai. But somehow fate plays a joke on him and he is later forced to operate on him. Paul tries hard to suppress his anger and disgust. He makes daring decisions in the operating room. Fai nearly dies and at first all think that Paul has something to do with it. Later when Fai recovers, all praise him for his professionalism. Although he is troubled when Jackie goes missing, he has not let anyone down in his working attitude.

He is capable and intelligent. Look at Paul's experience in handling the brain operations and the way Gilbert idolizes him. Kai Wah is very convincing in explaining the procedures of the operation to him. Also displaying his wit in answering all Peter's IQ questions correctly.

Several scenes show that he is helpful and caring. Knowing that his patient's family is anxious over the outcome of the operation, he quickly meets them before leaving the hospital to disperse their worry. He is nice to Qing and Xiaode although they are not his patients. He even helps Xiaode to find his father for a liver transplant. It is also kind of him to donate his blood. Although he has a cold, he skips taking his medicine to support the drive.

I do agree with Rebecca that Paul can be a good father. Look at the loving way that he tells stories to Xiaode! And the frantic way he tries to save him though his heart stops beating. It is so touching! Too bad Rebecca doesn't bear him a child otherwise he will shower all his love on the kid. See how anxious he is when Rebecca wants an abortion? Rebecca is right that he can be a responsible father. The way that he tells Henry that he wishes to be Billy's godfather if he is the father shows how much he likes children!

Sigh - he is so unobservant! How can he not realise that Rebecca has not worn her wedding ring for days? Gilbert hints to him that there are changes in his home. Paul doesn't know what the surprise is until he opens the snack boxes when he is hungry. To think that besides himself, all know how Jackie feels about him. He can be so super-retarded! She gives him so many hints at the restaurant and he still doesn't know. And how desperate Jackie tries to hold his hand - how can he be so unfeeling?

Not very sure whether he is over devoted though - why is he still wearing his wedding ring after Rebecca leaves him? He is still very nice to her. This hinders him from reaching out to know other women and also he has too frequent meetings with Rebecca. She captures too much attention from him which not even Jackie can match!

I dislike Paul too to be too shy and quiet. He is not willing to please everyone. He doesn't even bother to explain himself when wronged by Annie and Jackie. Perhaps he bears the blame because he doesn't want to affect their friendship with Rebecca...or he knows that they don't believe him anyway????

He is wishy washy when coming to relationships because he doesn't want to get hurt again. But what makes him progress so fast with Annie? He stresses too much on responsibility - his job, his marriage and even the words that he needs to say to Jackie! While he encourages Gilbert to pursue his love, he himself is so indecisive. You can get angry with him for he needs to be pushed!

Paul's emotional scenes
Lots and lots! Kai Wah does so well in all of them and makes all viewers to like him so much. He doesn't only show the pleasant side of Paul but also many other faces of him that surprises everyone! His anger definitely goes up by levels to a scary stage. I must say that his expressions can change very quickly in a scene. Although he acts even better in hh2, I like hh better as it shows a mixture of Paul's inner feelings - anger, joy, anxiety and much more.

When Paul waits for Rebecca downstairs after finding out her affair, we can see how hurt he is from the ordeal. Many criticizes him for being too calm - but I think he still harbours hope of saving their marriage. When Paul questions her on why she does this to break their marriage, her reply is that the special feeling between them is gone. Coincidentally, his pager leaves him a message at the same time asking him to return to the hospital for an urgent operation.

There are tears in his eyes and he looks so pitiful when she presses him for the answer whether she or his work is more important. Paul is disturbed as they are discussing a patient's life and death here. Knowing his answer, Rebecca just leaves him. Paul feels so miserable that he hides in a room without switching on the lights after the operation. He keeps the matter to himself and just tells Gilbert that he does not wish to be alone. Gilbert thinks that Rebecca has gone on a holiday trip and poor Paul tries to control himself from getting emotional in front of him.

Paul is very unlucky with women. As if nothing he has done will please them. First warning Annie about her friend having AIDS. Then advising Rebecca against an abortion. Lastly gets blamed by Jackie when Rebecca has a miscarriage. All these 3 occasions being scolded by them! But we can see that he finally gets fed up with Jackie that he is not in his usual self when seeing her. I think there must be something wrong with the way that he talks to them.

Rebecca and Martin go into his apartment to get her things. Her attitude makes him storm out of the apartment. Even Henry is baffled to see his reaction and runs out with him! And also the way he chases Jackie to meet her friend. She harasses him about his failure in broken marriage when he is worried for Qing. He is normally so polite and chatty. I like the part he snaps at her to shut up - he does look scary and fierce when he is angry.

The part when Jackie sits besides him, Paul sees her and tries to walk away. A nice guy finally shows his temper! Normally he will tolerate her presence - I guess he can't take any wrongly accused insults from her any more. Well, he does show regret on his face for staying back when she declares her apology for upsetting him the other time but still thinks that it's his fault for hurting Rebecca.
Paul is so upset when Qing's body is found and there are tears in his eyes. When he sees a picture of him, Long and her together in a picture, his expression turns stern as he recalls that Fai finds him familiar looking. When he suspects that Fai is the killer, he still treats him but he shows his anger and disgust on his face clearly.

When he discovers that Fai is INDEED the killer, he is really angered. The scene that he is so mad and pushes the lift door open is fantastic! He can't contain his anger any more and hits him! Too bad these scenes are too little! And he is very pleased when Fai is killed - he even praises the lunatic and says well done!

Of course, there is another occasion where he can't remain calm when he finds out there is a tumour in his nose. He worries but doesn't tell his friends, except the nosy Jackie. When he gets the result, he is very relieved that he is all right. His friend, Nelson comments that he can imagine how terrible Paul feels while waiting for it. Paul says that what Nelson does is only imagine. He confesses that he practically let his imagination goes wild! Even thinking of taking up an insurance policy too!

One conclusion I have noticed is Paul cannot get drunk. He is completely wild or talkative when that happens! Things that we will never imagine happen before our own eyes- asking Annie daring questions and going to bed with her is a shock. Sleeping on the staircase after drinking with Jackie is another surprise. So drunk that he still wants to send her home in his car...

Jackie has a relapse and we can see how worried he looks when he receives the call from Annie. He even turns up late at night to visit her. But Jackie attempts to evade the issue by making coffee and cooking for him, saying that he should not eat irregularly instead. Paul is really MAD at her because she doesn't give him any chance to talk at all! He softens when she has another attack. He quickly presses on her hand to reduce the pain. After his persuasion, Jackie agrees to think over. Sigh - why at this point he is still treating Jackie as a friend?

Paul is troubled by Jackie's illness. His other colleagues are concerned about him and his boss, Kelvin even tells him to approach him when in need. This shows that he is well liked by all his colleagues. After Kelvin leaves, he opens the snack boxes and smiles when he finds new snacks and Jackie's letter there. But his smiling expression turns to shock when learning that Jackie leaves! Kai Wah is very good here as we can only see the expression in his eyes as the major part of his face is hidden behind the letter. His worried expression is so real when he arrives at Annie's home, feeling miserable that Jackie may regard life unexciting even with him.

All can see that Paul gets more agitated per day, as Jackie is not found. I am very shocked to see him losing his temper and throwing an empty bottle to a driver who nearly hits his car! That is very surprising! And who can forget his disappointment when Jackie leaves the harbour and he can only watch from shore helplessly? The smile that he wears when he recalls his moment with Jackie is so sweet! I can't wipe this scene off my mind when Paul finally tells her how he feels - the part where he says that he is happiest when with her. It also touches the chord in my heart when he mentions that he doesn't want the snack boxes to lose their magical powers and he likes to see them filled. What a letdown when Jackie rejects him!

Knowing that Dr Fong is handling Jackie's operation, he goes with Dr Tsang to meet him. To his dismay, Dr Fong's hands tremble and even knocks down a glass of water. Both doctors suspect him of having a thyroid problem. They advise him to go for a check-up and he refuses. Paul gets so agitated. saying that he is irresponsible to his patients and having the feeling that he is well is not enough. Of course, he gets a dressing down by Dr Fong, as he is more senior.

Paul asks Dr Tsang whether he is too much but Dr Tsang says that it is understandable. Paul now feels that it is fortunate that Jackie is hesitant to undergo Dr Fong's operation. Dr Tsang asks why Paul doesn't do the operation for Jackie since he also has the experience. Paul replies that he has the confidence to do better than Dr Fong if Jackie is any ordinary patient. But since they are so close, he is not that sure now. At this time, Dr Fong suddenly calls Paul to cancel the operation. Dr Tsang advises Paul to take over and not to think too much. However, Dr Tsang has not faced his problem before and he is helpless too.

But how can Paul not think about it? He and his colleagues look through both successful and failure cases. Kelvin says that Paul has always been an outstanding surgeon in making correct decisions. Paul has the confidence but if he makes just one mistake and mishandles it, he is putting Jackie's life into danger. Peter offers to extent the maximum limit to 15 minutes. Paul is thankful saying that he dares not challenge his or rather Jackie's limit.

The night before the operation, he opens the snack box at home and is dismayed that it has not been stocked. Upon reaching the office, he almost has no courage to open the other box. But upon lifting it, he finds the weight and is very relieved to find it filled. Jackie's father says that Paul will be held responsible if anything happens. Paul replies that he is not the only person who is worried and consoles him although he is troubled himself. The route to the operation room seems very long for him to walk through.

In the midst of Jackie's operation, Paul comes up with his own IQ question - what will they do for their loved ones? The other colleagues reply that they will die or marry them. Paul's reply is he will open the skull for her. Well, I really HATE him for saying this same sentence to the jerk Tracy when he did another operation for her in hh2. This statement should only be saved for Jackie! All are silent and says that he is the noblest of all. Something drastic happens and Paul goes overtime. He is so upset that he leaves the room and cries. He wonders whether Jackie knows that he is responsible for it. So far, I have not seen Paul crying so bitterly and I really feel sad with him.

Kelvin consoles him and says that Jackie doesn't want him to give up. Paul calms himself down quickly and returns. He talks to Jackie, telling her what he will do to her in steps as if she is still awake. All his colleagues are stunned by his calmness but they do not dare to say anything. They only comfort him when he removes the deformed artillery and completes the operation at the end.

Jackie's parents blame him for the failure. Seeing that he is exhausted, his friends advise him to take care and he says he will but they are not convinced. He assures them that he still wants to help Jackie and will not let anything happen to him. He will return after a break. Jackie's father is enraged but calms down when Paul tells him that they are not able to take care of her if they can't even take care of themselves since she might not wake up for a long time.

Paul reads 'The Little Prince' to her, as he knows that she cries at the end of the ending. Suddenly she wakes up and he is so thrilled that he bursts into tears. She says that she dreams of being alone and can't find him. when Paul wants to give her a check-up, she asks him not to let her go as she is scared of not seeing him again. Paul vows that he will not let it happen again and calls for help. Suddenly, Jackie walks in and Paul is stunned to see her! He wakes up and is so disappointed to see her still lying in bed! He is so upset that he puts the book aside.

Paul is thrilled that it rains and wants to show Jackie the rainbow. But she still sleeps. He is desperate, saying that he knows that she tries very hard but can still make it as it is still outside. She still doesn't respond to him and Paul starts to sob. He later says that it doesn't matter as it will appear again. He continues reading the story before holding her hand and kissing it. Well, I'm in tears when I watch this part. I must say that Kai Wah is really very good. No wonder he is well received by all.

Why such a dreadful ending? I can feel Paul's sorrow and disappointment every now and then. He has tried several times and fails miserably. URGH...why always sad endings all the time???

(B)Paul with Jackie Tong Zhi Lai (by Choi Siu Fun)
After seeing Kai Wah and Siu Fun in FOJV, I have wished that both would work together again. They are compatible in heights and looks. After watching hh, I find that they really live up to the reputation of capturing the best screen couple award. They have so much chemistry together. But what a spoiler ending again - not together in both serials! Actually in here and in the movie 'returning my love', both have good rapport - even Wu Qilong can't match with Kai Wah. But why in the end they are not a couple off screen since they are so good on screen???

Siu Fun is really a talented actress - as Jackie, she is childish, nosy, and frank. They are really a funny couple. Their personalities are entirely the opposite. Paul is serious and prefers to listen or give advice while she is playful and loves to play jokes on people. Yet, they compliment each other well by giving in to each other. See how Paul begins to joke more often and Jackie becoming maturer towards the end?

I have heard that Jackie dislikes Paul from the start. From what I see, Paul dislikes her even MORE. At first, Paul can sense her resentment and still brushes it aside. But when she goes too extreme and doesn't allow him to explain himself when seeing him, he gets enraged and starts being nasty to her too. I guess anyone will do the same too. To avoid confusion, I split into different sub-parts that show their development.

Jackie thinks that Paul is irresponsible when Rebecca commits suicide. I thought she knows him well since they are colleagues? She even refuses to listen to Carmen's explanation. How can she jump to conclusions so easily? He is VERY angry with her for spreading his divorce news in the hospital. In return, he has nasty remarks in store for her. The scene where she gets drunk, the ever-helpful Paul suddenly becomes reluctant. He looks really funny when he holds her handbag and tries not to touch her, scared to be hit by her perhaps? He even tells Gilbert that he cannot handle a drunken woman and wants to go off! He only stays on when Gilbert threatens to break off their friendship.

When Jackie has an accident, he says that she must be mature after the accident since she is no longer young. When she goes on leave, he even suggests that there is something wrong with her working performance! Coming to her point of loving Kwong, he can be hilarious. He says that she is irrational in love. To put it crudely, she is willful. To put it more crudely, she has no self-respect and is sado-masochistic! I can't stop myself from grinning when watching these scenes. The ever-polite Paul suddenly becomes sarcastic when mentioning Jackie! It is amazing!

Better relationship as friends

When Jackie knows that she has wronged him, she is apologetic and finally makes up with him. He lends money to her to refill the petrol in her motorcycle. She thanks him and he jokes that it is so easy to bribe her with money. Paul says that he doesn't explain to her about the mistake since he doesn't know her well.

Their friendship improves when Kwong needs money to set up a stall. He is generous to lend her the majority sum of the money. But it is so mean of her to say that he has so little money! I think Rebecca has almost squeezed him dry after he buys over her share of the apartment.

He is concerned when Jackie confronts Kwong on switching his job. Although she tells Paul to leave, he still waits for her. He gives a stupid excuse that he wants to buy something on the way. In actual fact, he is worried that she might do something silly. A very nice guy here. And after understanding her thinking of sacrificing love, he tells Gilbert to give up on her behalf.

Jackie calls Paul when he is choosing Annie's favourite books. He is so shocked that he drops all of them on the floor! She knows that he actually dislikes reading them and is going to ask Annie to find out whether she likes him. After hearing this, Paul gets another shock and drops them again! He looks dismayed when picking them up and putting them back on the shelf. I like the way that he confesses to Jackie about it. Jackie praises him for being an outstanding brain surgeon with the brains to please a woman without going for the looks. Paul is amused as having brains and he being a brain surgeon is two different matters. Jackie is so touched and decides to help him. But Paul, knowing how she is like, is afraid that things might backfire in stead and runs after her!

The sunrise scene/celebration at the bar
Jackie gives back Paul's cheque, joking that she has wanted to keep it longer to accumulate interest since Paul earns so much more than she does. Paul accepts it and drives to stop suddenly. Siu Fun's expression is so real-like - she practically rushes to check out what is wrong with him. Paul has a massive nose bleeding and she wants to send him to A & E. But Paul says that he is all right and goes to see his friend, Nelson instead. He nearly turns to a nervous wreck when knowing that he has a tumour in his nose.

His attitude changes when he wishes Jackie to come back when she pretends to leave. He is pleasantly surprised that she comes back to comfort him. He has a better understanding of his patients when now he personally feels threatened that his end is near. The day before he knows the test results, Jackie brings him to an ex-bike racing ground and later to a quiet spot to watch the sunrise. Paul's expression turns every minute - wondering why each place is getting eerier every minute. It is really romantic of him to lend her his shoulder to sleep on. After seeing the sunrise, he finally gets calm. He can even joke that her saliva has stained his jacket and wonders if it can be removed!

Paul is happy that he is okay and goes to the pub with Jackie. Too excited and after drinking a whole bottle of red wine with her - he tells her that he has realised his mistake of placing too much responsibility on his job and marriage. He will just follow his feelings in doing the things he likes in future. Notice how talkative he becomes after drinking. I'm afraid that he might reveal his one-night-stand with Annie and spoil a wonderful evening with her! Luckily he only says that he is seldom like this for a long time and never let her know when he is drunk the last time. The quiet moment they share together is really sweet which I will focus more later.

Failure to hold Paul's hand
Jackie decides to reveal her feelings to Paul under Annie's advice. Look at the shy way that she observes him when eating. Paul discovers that she is too quiet and gets uncomfortable as they are seldom like this together. Jackie says that she doesn't know how to tell him. Paul jokes that she can even ask him for a loan so he gathers that she will not need any help in telling him later.

Jackie tries to hint that she likes the song 'Angel Eyes' which the restaurant is playing then and it should be enjoyed with someone she loves. Paul replies that it depends whether the other party feels anything at all. Sigh - he still has no response and is very BLUR! She then asks what he thinks of their relationship. This blur Paul answers that it is not something they give a label too but depends on what they will do! What an ambiguous answer! When she decides to hold his hand, she misses the first time. And my, Paul puts his hand in his pocket suddenly during the second time she tries!!! She is so angry and asks him what is wrong with him. The poor confused Paul gets the scolding but still doesn't know the reason. My whole family practically roared into laughter when they watched this!

Later they see a Dipper. Paul believes that many things can be eternal. He just wants to find a never changing love. Although he has failed once, he will be more careful in future. When he says that he will not commit himself to do something that comes to naught, she is very sad. So sad that when his hand is finally out of the pocket, she decides not to hold it anymore.

She suddenly faints - perhaps because of his negative answer. We can see how alarmed Paul is. He even ties the seat belt for her in the car. At the same time, the radio station plays the song again before he sends her home. Paul senses that something is wrong through his experience as a brain surgeon. He is very concerned and asks Annie to call him if things crop up.

The next day, he sees Jackie and is shocked to find out that she has AVM - which is his area of expertise. He is very depressed that Annie knows it all along but keeps it from him. He knows that the drugs can only reduce her fits but not helping her to recover. When Peter says that since he can remove bugs from Fai's brain, he should be able to handle her sickness too. But Paul is helpless, as her case is complicated.

Finally in love
Paul confesses to Jackie his feelings at the harbour but Jackie is still unsure whether to accept him. She discovers that Rebecca broke up with John and Rebecca says that she has the least problems with Paul out of all the men she knows. Jackie gets upset and is not convinced that Paul will not reconcile with Rebecca, as he replies 'no' too fast. He finally gets Rebecca to do the talking, which shows how much he cares for her.

Both go to watch the sunset. Jackie comments that this is easier as watching the sunrise can be a chore for him. Paul indicates that nothing he does is a chore for her. He tells her that he lost his wedding ring. He also wonders why he wore it for so long - and it is silly of him to look for it. At first, he thinks that it is part of him like a watch but after losing it, he does not feel any discomfort. Probably long ago he has been used to not having it and the failure to find it is time for him to accept a new relationship.

At this time, Jackie starts talking strangely and at first he only recites lines from the book that she has also read. When he sees her crying, he finally realises that her condition is getting very serious and demands to know why she delays the operation. Jackie confesses that she is afraid of leaving him if she loses the battle. Paul hugs and pacifies her, saying that she is not the only loser if that happens. They have to be positive, as there is still life after sunset, no matter how limited the time is. This scene is very touching!

After Dr Fong backs out of the operation, Paul checks the x-rays and frowns. He can't do a gamma-ray treatment for her as there is bound to be a relapse. A brain surgery will ensure a complete recovery but Paul is worried over the 10 % possibility of failure. She might be blind, paralyzed, slipping into a coma or die from it. But Jackie is so calm. She says that she is doing it for Paul and the figures don't mean anything to her. She knows that there is no way for her to evade Paul's pressure in whatever she does but she will help him. Although Paul is troubled by it, he manages to smile with her.

Paul and Jackie go to watch the sunrise again. Jackie is glad that she has a silly man to lend his shoulders. Paul says that they have many years to come. Besides seeing the sunset, he wants to see the lunar and solar eclipses too. Jackie admits that she has never seen a rainbow before and Paul is surprised by it. He says that he will try to show one to her. She wants to remember all the things she sees now but Paul thinks the future is more meaningful if someone shares with him.

Before the operation, Paul gives her medicine and how lovingly they look at each other! The next time he comes, he jokes and says he stares at her because he wonders how she will look when bald! At this moment, he even holds up a big pair of scissors in his hands. But when he walks out, both Paul and Jackie wear worried looks on their faces.

Right before the operation, Paul asks if she has something to tell him or any request to let him know. Jackie asks him not to say anything anymore because he sounds as if they are parting. She tells Paul that she can hear and know when he chats to her even if something happens. Paul is so touched that he holds her hand. How reluctant they look when she is being put into a coma!

(C)Paul with Rebecca To Wai Ling (by Leung Yuen Ching)
Although Leung Yuen Ching is playing a hateful role here, I must compliment her for her acting. My blood practically boils whenever I see her -especially when I don't like the way she treats Paul. Both of them are compatible and have the couple look. But alas - they are being arranged as a broken-up couple here. Why do they get married in the first place? Rebecca is self-centered, unreasonable and arrogant. They are really poles apart. Paul suffers continuously at her hands.

Although Rebecca claims that Paul doesn't care for her, we can see that he is a very caring husband. After the operation, he phones her for a date. He even returns home to see if she has returned home. But there she is, committing suicide in her lover's home! Although he rushes to the hospital and shows her his concern, she still blames him for neglecting her.

He feels remorseful but she rejects his invitations repeatedly. Later she even questions his professionalism in removing her client's womb. Paul is disturbed when Rebecca doesn't support him. He has tried his best to make up to her - by buying another ring for her that craved their names. Look at how anxious he is when Henry picks it accidentally. But what a shock in store for him when he reaches home! At first, he is concerned when he thinks Rebecca is sick but then finally finds Martin's shoes and knows about the affair!

Rebecca is selfish of thinking of selling the apartment - without asking Paul first! Paul is alarmed and tries to buy her share of it. She thinks that she is so great that Paul still loves her. However, the fact is Paul has nowhere else to stay. And she is so inconsiderate to get the agent to go over to the apartment, awakens Paul in the morning to give him such a shock!

She blames Paul when Henry suddenly cancels all his insurance policies. Paul tries to explain himself when she thinks he does this to save their marriage. The nosy Jackie comes at this time, thinking that he is bullying her while the fact is the other way round!

I like the scene that Rebecca and Martin come to collect the television. Even Martin gets so embarrassed and wants to leave but she insists on staying. She harps that Paul doesn't take care of her things and wants to check the problem on the spot. This is the last straw when he can take, as Rebecca does not respect him as Henry is also there borrowing his CDs! He storms out of the apartment, shocking Henry too! Later he is heartbroken when Rebecca says that she is going with Martin to France - where they have spent their honeymoon before! Paul is too nice to bring out her luggage. If I were he, I'll kick them down the stairs and tell her to pick them herself...

Paul is ridiculous - how can he not change his door lock for so long! Rebecca just walks in and out of it as if the apartment is still hers. This makes Henry and Gilbert uncomfortable. She has no manners at all! She is also weird, confiding her problems to Paul all the time. Rebecca has Martin's baby and wants an abortion. Paul advises against it. She starts to love the unborn child but what's her motive of her telling Jackie that Paul has something to do with it? Poor Paul is being framed again for being the irresponsible father.

Why must Rebecca be on the yacht? Look at the way Paul waits anxiously for her to arrive - who doesn't think that they are rekindling their love? Especially when she sits so close to him and feeding him with the chicken wings! I think Jackie nearly tears her hair when Rebecca wants to get drinks for Paul. She remarks that Paul doesn't like the apple juice that Jackie has prepared!

There is a scene, which I find her a terror. When she is unable to persuade Carmen's patient to settle the insurance case out of court, she starts accusing Jackie and Carmen of influencing her to go against her! Everyone in the canteen is stunned by her outburst, including Paul! When Paul touches her shoulder and wants to calm her down, she pushes his hand away and starts to hurl remarks that all doctors are insensitive! How rude she can be! After this, she has to cheek to ask Paul to settle it for her! She throws her temper again when Jackie and Paul refuse. Paul has to drive her off to cool her down. And poor him to apologise to his colleagues by giving them a treat on her behalf. Sigh - he is just too nice to her!

Rebecca tells Paul that she is leaving Martin and he should ignore Martin if he looks for him. If I were Martin, I will also get the wrong idea since she keeps going back to the ex-husband. He is nice to offer explanations to Martin although he is surprised that she gives him up just to be with Martin for such a short while! Paul feels that there is a problem with Rebecca as when something happens, she quickly looks for another guy. He tries to point it out to her but gives up, seeing that she doesn't listen. I feel that he should be more persistent to reason with her. Since she has left a deep scar on Paul and Martin, he should warn her before she hurts another man. But maybe he knows that she will never change so he stops.

Rebecca finds a new boyfriend, John and is leaving hk. They take an intimate picture together and look at the way they smile at the photographer! Paul comments that at first he is worried that the girl may only aim at the glasses instead. They look like a couple here - no wonder Annie gets the wrong idea. But thankfully, she has done one sensible thing - to tell Jackie that she and Paul can never be together again.

(D)Paul and Annie Kong Sun Yuet (by Chan Wai Shan)
Although Annie has claimed that Paul is not suitable for her, they have many things in common. Do you notice that Paul is very relaxed with her - even after being embarrassed by her repeatedly - so much earlier than with Jackie? They even kiss on the lips and have a one-night-stand together...and can foresee that there will be problems between Jackie and Kwong. Both have warned her about it too. Another thing in common is that when they see their loved ones having an affair, they take it so calmly! They don't throw tantrums like other normal people - very cool indeed!

At first, Annie has a poor impression of him and even scolds him for his broken marriage in the gym - in front of Henry who is in the dark. Annie has always given Paul the impression that she is a loose woman. When he knows that her friend has AIDS, he tells Gilbert to warn her. Annie gets so mad that she tells him to avoid hurting people again. When knowing his mistake, he apologises to her immediately. She is also a person who doesn't bear grudges and accepts it readily. He changes his impression of her after seeking her help in looking for a liver patient's father.

After completing their task, he wants to send her home but she thinks the night is still young. Paul hopes that she can change her lifestyle for her own sake and Annie jokes that he is in love with her. Both go to the pub. She comments that she knows when to let herself go but he doesn't. She dares him to pick someone there. It is so funny that he just follows her suggestion on who will get a companion first and to get rejected! When he turns around and finds her laughing and still sitting there, he is amused too. Annie's motive is just to see him getting embarrassed. It is strange that he doesn't get angry and even tells her to continue laughing at his failure. He doesn't treat Jackie this way and they've not done things so wild and proceed so fast together...

Paul sends her home. To my astonishment, Paul behaves differently, probably after drinking. He says that he will have lots to write in a diary, as he can't imagine himself doing this. She encourages him to do something more daring - such as sending her home. What's Annie trying to do by touching his jacket - to seduce him and later to spite back at Henry if anything happens? I have the feeling that she has not done anything with Henry at all or any other man. This can be her first night with Paul. So I gather that Henry gets so angry because he stays separately from Annie for a long time and yet Paul gets Annie first in hh2!

They go into her apartment. Paul confesses that he can talk about things that he normally won't dare broach. My goodness, he asks her how many men she has brought home before him???? Annie just wants
to do happy things and Paul is hesitant as first. But he really changes after she removes his glasses!!!!
We have never him kissing Jackie on the lips before but with Annie, he becomes so open and daring!

Paul is really sensitive and serious when it comes to relationships. He doesn't play around. When meeting at the bar later, he is disappointed when Annie isn't there. They go yachting and he wakes the guys early because he is so anxious to see her. The difference is - he likes to read the whole book while she reads only a few chapters. Although he dislikes the types of books Annie reads, he reads them to read the endings for her. When Paul thinks of progressing their relationship, he gets rejected and gives up, sensing that she is waiting for someone. He is calm when others date her but is still interested to know to seek advice on why he has failed from Jackie.

Annie can understand and read his mind very well too. She senses his anxiety when Jackie is missing and is always with him when he is down. When Paul has news of Jackie, she encourages him to see her and say the things that she desires to know. Seeing that Paul is still indecisive and talking about responsibility, she questions him how he feels when she is not there and when she appears again. Finally she is successful in getting him to find her at the harbour.

But later when she sees Paul and Jackie suffering, she is a bit regretful and asks Paul what will be the outcome if she accepts him. Paul assures her that they will still break off, as things will not work between them. This makes her feel better. Seeing that Paul is worried over Jackie, she tells him to give her more time. It is nice that they are great friends although they can't be lovers.

Both of them are really successful in keeping their secret from the rest. They are right as this happens in the past and Henry and Jackie will not be able to forgive them if they know about it. To think that all of them are kept in the dark for so long - until Annie reveals it herself to Henry in hh2!

(E) Henry Lai Kwok Chu (by Lam Bo Yee)
Overall outlook/acting
Bo Yee is very convincing and versatile in projecting the different images of Henry. His acing is superb - many even wonder why he doesn't win the best actor award in 1998. They have expected him to win as he is regarded as a dark horse next to Kai Wah. I like the way he dresses too. Very manly but there is a flaw here - Bo Yee is not handsome enough as the playboy as he has single eyelids. I find it unbelievable but perhaps he knows how to woo women with words and wisdom?????

He looks terrible with the wig and glasses in the playback of his old days. TVB can do a better job but his acting effort pays off - I'm very touched when I watch those scene shots of him with Sukie Chow Suk Ying (by Yiu Ying Ying). Very memorable although they are short as they show why he misses her so much. A pity that his coverage is not as much as Paul - I will like to write more about him but too bad I can't find much to tell! But still, he manages to stand on his own - putting up a very strong performance.

Character analysis

You will wonder how Paul and Henry can be good friends. Their split personalities are shown through the different kinds of posts they hold in the hospital. One is very slow while the other is fast. One is very quiet while the other is talkative. I like this character next to Paul as he is the exact opposite. But one thing is common between the two of them - it is difficult for them to declare their love openly to their loved ones. Maybe it is like many people think - opposite poles attract.

His flirtation is just a front but it is too much. It causes Sukie to die and over-ridden with guilt, he hangs out with different women at the bar. Judy relies too much on him as a result and he pampers her too much to reduce his guilt. She even goes to the extent of quitting school and becoming a call girl like her sister! And also feels guilty when his companion gets raped because he has not sent her home. He testifies for her and tarnishes his own doctor image in court by admitting having sex with her!

He is very loyal to friends. He is furious with Martin for ruining Paul's marriage. He tells him bluntly that Mrs Cheng's husband is coming when Rebecca commits suicide. He chases him off to protect Paul from getting hurt. He also advises Paul to treat Rebecca better. After knowing his failure in marriage, he tries to cheer him up by inviting him to join his men's club. Also keeping it a secret from other colleagues. I feel angry too when Paul thinks that he spreads the news in hospital while Jackie is the real culprit! It is kind of strange of him to apologise to Gilbert for hurting Annie. He really treasures friendship more than love.

You cannot deny that he wants to be a responsible father. He suspects that Billy is his son and he wants to acknowledge him. He actually likes children and we can tell by the way that he treats Billy. But he does not love Monica anymore and tries to match her with Peter (not Peter the cop but Peter the anesthetist). Although this is a kind gesture, he is like Helen escaping from responsibility. I think he cannot provide her marriage because he is ALREADY MARRIED as we find out in hh2. I think he is relieved to know that Billy is not his son, as he doesn't know what to do with Monica. It is very similar as in hh2, Dorothy is also pregnant and he treats her well just for the sake of the unborn child too.

He can be cheeky in making fun of friends. The expression that he wears in making fun of Gilbert in wooing Jackie and teasing Paul when he reads Annie's books are comical. Also calls Gilbert as Gil. Plus I adore the way that he tricks Paul repeatedly out of his room - by saying that the apartment is on fire!

He is very serious in his job. He is equally competent as Kai Wah in managing the operation scenes.Where Paul's job requires caution and accuracy and has to be slow, his job is the exact opposite - he has to be fast in saving lives. We can really feel the tension in the A & E scene in every scene with him around. When he is in A & E, he never smiles and this shows his seniority in post. He is very firm in making decisions and giving instructions. All subordinates look up to him and enquire the next step to proceed every time. Even Joe and Jackie seek his advice too.

He is too sentimental. Like Helen, he cannot put the past behind him. He often misses Sukie. Remember the scene he tries in vain to save his junior, Kwan's girlfriend? Her death reminds him of Sukie's death too. His shaken expression is so real that we can feel his shock and pain here! The scenes of his past coincide timely to produce the effect too! He leaves his lighter with Annie and Henry thinks of Sukie throwing the lighter at him and advising him to keep it with him although he quits smoking.

Later he tells Kwan to forget about his guilt. But he recalls Sukie slapping him of being unfaithful and threatens to make him regret his actions. When he angrily turns Judy away, Sukie's pleading expression appears before him and asks him to treat her better. In the end, he softens his heart. Even when he is shot to protect Judy, he imagines Sukie to be in front of him! I can see how reluctant he closes his eyes before fainting - she still has a big room in his heart. And he takes 10 long years to put it down!
Henry and Annie Kong Sun Yuet (by Chan Wai Shan)
Bo Yee and Wai Shan are average looking with single eyelids but both are so cool and attractive here! They are another matching pair I like besides Kai Wah and Siu Fun. Wai Shan's hairstyle is a bit childish at times but sometimes, she looks elegant - like Cleopatra!

When Annie knows that Henry is Jackie's superior, she is very disgusted, especially when he approaches different women at the pub. The reason is she has been ditched by him 10 years ago and is still waiting faithfully for him to change his mind. But she is so disappointed that he still remains the same all this while and thus is unfriendly to him. Henry can sense her hostility and dislikes her immediately as well. He even says that he will rather jump into the sea when going on a yacht with his gang.

A woman having a one-night-stand with Henry is raped and Annie is the defence lawyer. Henry is already enraged that she helps the rapist. He gets more furious when she gives him a hard time by firing questions at him. Henry tries to recall desperately whether he has offended her in the past by asking her whether he has slept with her - but she does not answer him.

Annie is accused of having an affair with her colleague and gets hit by his wife. Henry stands up for her and finds that she is putting a false front all the time and she is not a loose person like him. She is actually still reserved at heart. Both wish to change their unhealthy lifestyles. He is anxious to know Billy's identity and asks Annie to check. Annie discovers that he's indeed his son but keeps it from him to lessen his guilt.

Paul reads one of Henry's books and finds a note by a woman N.M.'s initial that asks Henry for a date. Henry finally remembers her as this is her Chinese name, New Moon and both have coffee in her home. We wait so long for this moment for them to kiss together! After that they go on dates and arrange to have dinner at Annie's home one day. Although they don't smile much, we can feel the joy and happiness between them. When Paul drives Henry's car to date Jackie as his own car is sent to the garage, I can feel her disappointment upon seeing that the driver isn't Henry.

Too bad, Henry's dreadful past haunts him when he can't save his junior's girlfriend's life. He thinks of Sukie and brings a woman to her home. It is very irresponsible to do this as this hurts Annie's feelings. He even says that she knows where her room is and both go in! Annie is angry but strangely she doesn't confront them! She even treats as if nothing has happen and goes out later with him. He still lights her cigarettes for her and forgets about it when he leaves. Maybe she has accepted his lifestyle all along. But things change when coming to hh2 - she can't forgive him for betraying her again and leaves!

But later before they meet again, he gets shot and is in a coma. Annie is in tears. She dreams of him dying and dares not sleep again. On the day that Henry wakes, she is disappointed when the others joke that Paul does not allow any more visitors. Gilbert tells them not to joke anymore as she is already upset that they see Henry before her. She prays hard for him to wake up, only to be told that he sees Sukie before fainting! What a disappointment!

Annie returns the lighter to Henry. Henry approaches her and gives her a new lighter. He wants her to understand that although some memories are with him forever, it doesn't imply that he will not accept new changes. He is glad that it has lighted at least one cigarette for her as she is going to quit smoking. Later Henry jokes that he has not held a woman's hand for long and is glad that he still remembers how to do it.
He hugs her and the two cool people embrace - right in the middle of the street.

(G) Henry with Judy Chow Suk Yan (by Tong Ying Ying)
Both have handled their brother-sister relationship well, although Ying Ying may have overacted a bit at times. I really enjoy seeing Henry suffering under her - he has a way with other women. But with Judy, he is totally helpless! Henry always feels that he is responsible for Sukie's death. So he treats Judy extremely well and is very concerned about her.

He helps her whenever she needs money or being caught by the police. In return, she calls him the boss but this boss gets very poor treatment from her. Judy does not reciprocate his kindness at all! She always reminds him of Sukie's death that hurts him. There is once she steals everything from his wallet and throws it away. Henry is so pathetic that he has to get a lift from Annie. Another thing she is capable of doing is to go on disappearing acts and hides - that is when Henry really worries for her! I don't understand why she is so afraid of going to the police even after going out with Peter. She has given Henry endless trouble by dragging him into the picture every time.

Judy smuggles drugs and is in trouble with the gangsters. Henry blows his top and alas - he makes the mistake of not helping her this time. When he misses her and she does not return his pages, he gets worried. Upon reaching the A & E department, he is very shocked to hear her pager peeping there! Judy has been gang-raped and badly beaten up. The mixture of regret, anxiety and concern that he shows on his face is splendid when he tries to wake her up. Also the anger that he shows as he vows not to let the culprits off.

Another scene is he tries to shield her from the gangsters and is shot twice. Very touching indeed! Ying Ying is equally competent in making Judy remorseful. She looks so haggard and worried while waiting for the operation to end. When she sees him again, she cries. Henry advises her to be more sensible as he can't take too many shots. He is finally consoled when Judy turns straight and goes back to study. Judy finally grows up and tries to match him and Annie together. She gives Henry courage and remarks that since he can protect her from being killed, why no courage to woo Annie? It is good that Henry listens to her.

(H) Gilbert Kong Moon Yuet (by So Wing Hong)
I always wonder why Gilbert's Chinese name is full moon (Moon Yuet) - it doesn't sound elegant as his sister's name (Sun Yuet) as it is quite girlish! Wing Hong is more at ease with the guys - maybe he is shy by nature. But one big flaw here - he's too self-obsessed with long hair! I can't stand him always brushing it off his face. This is not the way a doctor should look. But on the whole, he is quite remarkable here - except that he is still not very good in emotional scenes. But there is a part where he is very good. After knowing about his illness, Gilbert calls Annie. She is too busy for him so he tells her calmly that he is okay just by hearing her voice. But after hanging up, he gets so upset that he cries! Very real indeed!

Gilbert is a very nice guy - helpful, considerate, funny and magnanimous. Look at the way he behaves when the 3 guys are together...very cheeky! He is very persistent in wooing someone he likes. He doesn't give up when Jackie rejects going out with him 3 days in a row. He forgives Fannie after knowing her sad story and under Dr Tsang's advice. Also letting off Henry - too easily for hurting Annie - can he be influenced by Paul after staying with him??

However, he has shortcomings too. He can be blur at times - how can he forget the concert date before inviting Jackie? He is also not strict and tactful with his patients. Remember how an old man refuses to go for an operation and hides under the bed? Paul has to pacify the poor man and taps Gilbert's hand secretly and gently to hint him not to mention negative effects of the operation. He is too soft to Jojo Cheuk Man ( by Lee Wai Mun) and Fannie. Both women escape/discharge from the hospital through him! Well, never trust a doctor who behaves like him - you're putting your lives in danger as he's too soft!

I do feel sorry for him to get AIDS in the end - not when he's a gay but after going straight and helping someone, this happens. He has the doctor profession but the outcome to this is a misfortune. This is so bad and discouraging.

(I) Gilbert with Jackie (by Choi Siu Fun)
Both of them have great chemistry - perhaps after working together in FOJV. Jackie is cheeky to call him Gil. With her, many scenes are comical. Actually he can be a more suitable boyfriend for her than Paul as he can accept all her jokes and sarcastic remarks! Jackie finds out his sex inclination after his breakup with his boyfriend. Jackie calls him 'Gil' from then onwards - which has the same pronunciation as 'Ah Kiew' in Cantonese. Gilbert can be so mild-mannered that he does not get angry with her but tries to talk to her nicely to change this nickname!

Gilbert's mother arranges him to meet Ivy but Jackie tells her that he is gay. When he wants to reason out with him for spreading the news without his consent, she chides him for wasting women's time and money on cosmetics. Poor him has no chance to talk back at her.

He starts to like her after she ties the helmet for him and he holds her waist from a ride on her motorcycle. He sends her flowers the next day. All guys joke about it and Joe even calls it the 8th wonder of the world! He is very offended and asks why this is not possible. And he gets ALARMED when Jackie does not believe it too!

Jackie rejects him after knowing it but he still tries. He gets cut later in a car accident while helping Fannie. Jackie helps to bandage his wound and he hopes that she will accept him. He only gives up after Jackie breaks up with Kwong and still doesn't choose him.

He becomes Jackie's 'sister' from then onwards. He keeps the snack boxes refilling incident a secret but hints to Paul on her behalf. Also advises her to tell Paul about her feelings, as he is super-retarded in relationships. Both of them stand by one another after knowing each other's illness.

(J) Gilbert with Fannie(by Kwong Mun Xun)
Mun Xun does not match with Wing Hong although she looks like Lau Kar Ling. The facts are due to limited exposure and her terrible acting. Fannie is very willful and I don't like the way that she takes Kwong for granted. How on earth does she deserve two men to love her so much? You can feel the tenderness of Gilbert towards her but not the other way round. They seldom look at each other directly in the eyes!

Fannie is the culprit that causes Gilbert to get AIDS. Gilbert is disappointed when finding out from Peter that she is a prostitute. Of course he is very angry with her for transmitting the disease to him and look at the indifferent way that she apologies to him, who doesn't get mad? It is really nice of him to forgive her and buying her favourite fruit salad for her.

After spending time with her through her treatment process and reading her diary, Gilbert starts to like her. Look at how worked up and worried he is when she battles for her life! It is also touching to see him declaring his love for her after she faints. A pity that Fannie kills herself to make the two guys grieve for her. She is really an impulsive woman from the beginning to the end.

(K) Joe Cheung Kar Yu (by Mah Chun Wai)
Ma Chun Wai has finally shown that he can act now! What a change from his serious role as Dr Stephen Chan Cheuk Yiu in FOJ? He was so quiet and reserved there. But he really changes so much! Although his crew cut is cute here, I prefer his original Lai Ming's hairstyle as it makes him look less childish. In here, Cho and Chan really look older that him. It is very difficult to pair him with suitable actresses.

Joe is devoted. Once he loves Helen, he really drives her to a corner, as he never gives up. He doesn't really bother what others think - not even sparing a thought for Helen as she faces a lot of pressure from her in-laws. He likes Helen after she takes care of his mother but to make Helen happy, he goes out with May. But seeing that she gets the wrong impression, he quickly makes his stand clear. I also admire his bravery to save the hostages in the bank. He is also kind to help a teenager to reconcile with his brother.

But he can be so childish and tactless! He can eat a pot of noodles by himself and offer the leftovers to Henry! All guys are sickened by the thought and Henry says that he will rather wash one more bowl. Paul advises him to be more tactful as he is a guest. Gilbert remarks that his mother must be hospitalised after eating his leftovers. He practically jumps when he finds Joe wearing his slippers!

Actually Jackie suits him since they get along so well. He thinks that every woman is like Jackie so he teases Helen and Amy every now and then. But both women can't take it as they are serious. I find him too frank to reject Amy's friendship after knowing her past. This can be truthful but too hurting!

(L) Joe with Helen Ling Sau Har (by Chan Tse Ching)
Chan Tse Ching's performance here is only satisfactory, repeating her role in FOJ. In there, she is 5 years older than Patrick. In here, it's worse, 7 years????? I pity her - does she really look that old? They do have some chemistry - from the way how cheeky Joe is and how serious he becomes later.

Helen is devoted and sacrificing. She is a loyal friend to Amy in keeping her mistake under warps. But she can be so stubborn not to let go of her past. When the record player can't be fixed and May throws away the Beatles records by mistake, she cries so hard! She is at first angry with Joe too for teasing her about the stall owner. I really dislike the way she pushes May to Joe. She feels insecure with him but is there a need to do this? But I like her changing at the end and accepts Joe. The poor guy has tried too hard!

(M) Joe with Amy Yim Dong (by Cho Chung)
Amy is a very sentimental but too serious at times. A Teresa Teng look-alike, Cho Chung shows Amy's feelings well - first on the young AIDS patient and later her two friends. Joe is at first friendly with her when she is sick and offers to lend her his books. But after knowing she is an ex-mistress, he avoids her. He thinks that she does not reach his standard of choosing friends. When he is not chosen to go to England, he finally accepts her again and overlooks her previous mistake. Amy still believes in pursing happiness and that is why she reveals her feelings to Joe. She is rejected but she helps in bringing him and Helen together. A good friend indeed but I wonder why this role is not in hh2? To make way for Shiu Mei Kei?

(N) Joe with May Ou Kar Ping (by Cheung Yuk Shan)

I think Yuk Shan should just stick to singing. She is very raw here - I can't stand the way she moves her mouth! Although Chun Wai looks better pairing up with her than Tse Ching and Chung, they look so restrained together! If Joe is a child, she has portrayed May to be a baby. She thinks that she is so attractive that her classmate will fall in love with her but in fact, he likes his teacher and commits suicide. Later she thinks that Joe likes her - she is too confident! And the way she behaves like a spoilt child when Joe declares his feelings for Helen - no wonder Joe doesn't like her!

(O) Peter Cheung Chong Yip (by Cheung Kar Fai)
Kar Fai is very good here as the hilarious cop. Without him, every scene will be so boring! He plays this comic and yet serious role very well. He is quite a versatile actor. He may look out of place with the doctors. However, all of them treat him well and never point out his mistakes but smile at him.

A police commissioner's son is involved in a car accident. He is so concerned over the injured family's safety that he visits them the next day and asks Paul about their condition. He even reprimands Annie for helping them although he knows that it is her job. Later the commissioner tries to bribe him with the promotion from the sergeant to inspector post while promising to give Joe a car. Both are upright to refuse the bribes. Finally, we cheer for Peter when he gets his promotion due to hard work.

He is very observant too. Despite his age, he can tell that a couple is guilty of ill-treating their baby. But always forgetful - he doesn't bring small change with him to park his car! He is helpful to dissuade a jealous husband from breaking up with his wife. Although he likes Helen, he does not apply any pressure on her. That is why she confides her problems to him. It is very nice of him to create chances to let Joe and Helen to be together. He lends Joe his car and hides in a corner - really sacrificing of him to do this!

He can be assuring too. Knowing that Paul is worried over Qing's safety, he even breaks the rule of telling him about her cut finger. Seeing that he gets even more worried, he assures Paul that he must be consoled that it is cut from someone alive. When all friends are frowning over Jackie's health, he tells them there is no use worrying over her and giving her pressure since she wants to keep it from them initially. All are impressed by him and put a toast to it! But his expression looks so confused as they have poked fun of him several times at his ignorance and he looks very unsure of their intention! Knowing that all friends worry even Paul declares that Henry is out of danger by the gunshot, he tells them that as long as there are women on earth, Henry will definitely wake up!

We have so much laughter when he is around. He doesn't know that Annie is a lawyer and also Gilbert's sister. On their first meeting, he even admires her and quotes a price of a hooker. He doesn't believe the truth and even asks whether she comes from the mainland lately. Even more funny when he mistakens that there are bugs inside Fai's brain! Even though Paul is troubled for being forced to handle the operation, he can't help smiling with his other friends after hearing this. And also the way in teaching the innocent Gilbert on how to quote a good price of a hooker without being cheated!

I guess Peter is also as tactless as Joe so they get along very well. Henry and Annie are together and he says that no one will want to date either of them separately. All look at him in shock! Paul comments that he shouldn't shoot off his mouth sometimes!

(P) Peter with Judy Chow Suk Yan (by Tong Ying Ying)
This pair is different from the rest - both have fiery tempers that can't get along. But strangely they compliment each other well later. I must say that Kar Fai and Ying Ying are good here! Peter's problem starts when Judy knows a murderer and he handles the case. She gives him a lot of nonsense and nearly drives him mad. Strangely, he is the only one who can persuade her to testify against her rapists - not Henry and Annie.

It is hilarious to see how he tries to avoid her on the yacht. Maybe on his mind at that time he desires to kick her down the sea, as said by Henry. But it is amazing what Paul jokes about earlier comes true - the two really spits saliva into the sea!

After her grandmother dies, she relies on Peter for support. She even returns to study...and confronts Helen, thinking that she is a rival in love! Very daring but why not? I admire her guts for being frank but not the crude behaviour, though. You can feel her disappointment when Peter lies to her that he is at work but she can see him across the street. Well, we are glad that they have a happy ending!

(Q) Ho Tuck Kwong (by Wong Tuck Bun)
Actually he is worth Jackie's waiting. She is brave to go against everyone's wishes and stick by him. He is quite a nice guy but he is pressurized when Jackie's mother doesn't accept him. His pride is also hurt when Jackie arranges his home and job for him. He is considerate not to affect Jackie's prospects. Seeing Paul lending money to help him, he decides that Paul is a better catch for her and leaves her. He is caring to Fannie and it is the first time I see him so upset when he can't get her favourite fruit salad. The poor man gets ditched again the second time when Fannie falls for Gilbert. But cheer for him at the end of hh2 when he finally finds his love.

(R) Carmen Tsui Ching Yee (Chan Mei Kei)
She is Paul's colleague in the cancer treatment department. A very caring doctor who still waits for the right man although she is in her 30s. She can be boring at times but the scene when she panics when a patient is interested in her is funny! She is helpful to her ex-boyfriend and settles his family financial difficulties. She always shares her experience with Jackie too on work and tries to clear her misunderstanding with Paul. She is a perfect model of a working woman.

(S) Tsang Gin Kong (Kong Hon)
He is a senior doctor but is very close to Paul, Gilbert and Annie. He helps them solve a lot of problems. He saves Gilbert from dying from acute leukemia when young with Annie's bone marrow. First analysing with Paul on his treatment on Fai. Also likes Annie so much that he tries to match-make her with his nephew. Then helping Gilbert to face his AIDS illness. Assists Paul in meeting Dr Fong and coming to deal with Jackie's operation too. A very helpful elder in giving advice.


There are many scenes on friendship that moves me. I wonder whether they have the same effect on you - I personally like the scenes very much.

Paul, Henry and Gilbert
I like this combination most - the 3 guys have so much to say staying under one roof! Lots of funny scenes but I'm craving for more - too bad it's getting too serious towards the end. They stand by each other for support and advice. Also doing all the analysis together through all the happy and sad moments together. But I notice that Paul does the most thinking and gets almost all the facts correct. Observe how Henry and Gilbert eavesdrop on all Paul's conversations with Rebecca to protect him? And Paul and Henry do treat Gilbert like their younger brother.

Henry and Gilbert visit Paul's apartment the first time. The 2 cute and nosy fellows go though everything from his wardrobe to the bathroom. The normally serious Paul can forgive them for spitting beer on his trousers! Seeing Paul drinking cans of beer in the middle of the night frightens the 2 guys. They console him, as they know that he is very upset seeing his little sister Qing dead from a cycle of torture.

Paul sneaks home after his one-night-stand with Annie. He changes his clothes and asks them for the news. Gilbert replies that a 30-something year old divorced man uses to say that he's very disciplined but does not return home the other night. Henry adds that it is funny that he pretends that nothing has happened. They think that it is Rebecca and pester him whether they are making up. Very mischievous of them to keep his car keys and saying that he should check if he comes back with his trousers!

Another will be that Henry and Gilbert are bored with nothing to do. Henry asks where Paul is and wonders why he is in his room for 3 hours. Both go in and find him reading Annie's favourite books. They cleverly deduce that Paul likes her! Gilbert jokingly says that Paul shouldn't waste time reading. Just spend money sucking up on him is enough! When Paul begs them to stop bugging him, Henry says that their purpose in coming in his room is to kill time by bugging him! I love Bo Yee's expression here - he is so cute! So cheeky of them to grab the books and running out of his room later!

When Gilbert stays up in the night, wondering about his sexual incline, Paul and Henry are concerned and gives him advice. After knowing that he likes Jackie, Henry hints to Gilbert to grab the chance when she wraps his wound for him. Even Paul encourages him to woo her with Cheuk Mun's concert tickets.

Henry and Gilbert are really pissed off whenever Rebecca comes in and out of the apartment with ease. There is a scene that both jump when she charges in as Henry is trying to remove Gilbert's pimples from his back! They show their displeasure by avoiding her and going in their rooms. After Rebecca comes in repeatedly and tells Paul on her decision whether to abort her child, Henry is frustrated and warns Paul that she might come before midnight to change her mind again. Gilbert even remarks that they don't really mean to eavesdrop on their secrets but their voices are so loud that they have no choice but to listen!

After Rebecca tells Paul about her breakup with Martin, they warn him that she might use him as a buoy to survive at sea. Gilbert even says that they might sink together. It is funny when Paul replies that he is very sure that she will have no problem swimming to the shore herself. Seeing that Paul doesn't heed their advice to leave her alone, they are mad but they have no choice!

This part is hilarious - at first Henry tells Gilbert that he is not curious when seeing Paul coming home with the snack boxes. But when Paul puts them down in his room and turns around, he is shocked to see both guys lying on his bed! Both spring to open the boxes. Henry laughs and says that the snacks are more suitable for girls and jokes that Jackie should send him some money instead since he needs it too.

Paul and Jackie spend the nights together to watch the sunrise and celebrating at the pub. The 2 guys pester Paul to ask him more. They wish to know why he tells her about his malignant tumour to her but not them. To think the extent that they press him for the answer - even though he is in bed! Henry even lies beside him on the bed to force the answer out of him! Paul has to chase them away! It is very funny here!

But later 3 of them become very troubled, sad and helpless towards the end. It starts from where Gilbert discovers that he has AIDS. Gilbert is touched when knowing that Paul has treated him as his first disciple and is prepared to impart all his skills to him. Henry will be overjoyed if he chooses A & E too. But his decision to do inner specialization shocks both of them.

They sense that something is wrong with him at the gym. Gilbert over-exercises himself and they have to press the stop button on the exercising machine. At first, Henry thinks that it has something to do with Jackie but later dismisses the thought. They do not probe further. Instead, they are smart to leave to Annie to do the questioning.

When Gilbert confesses to them about his health condition, they are worried. When Gilbert suggests of moving out, Henry replies that it doesn't concern him if he gets it. He even adds that Paul doesn't mind him staying with him so he doesn't mind having Gilbert too. Paul replies that both of them are more concerned about his health but his decision to move out of surgical is right to be fair to his patients. To reaffirm their decision, Henry and Paul even pretend to kiss him! But when Gilbert returns to his room, both turn serious and sad. They decide to treat him as normal as before to avoid provoking him.

When Henry can't sleep after meeting Annie, the 2 guys sort out his thoughts. They think the woman must be someone important to him and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Otherwise, he will not be so troubled. They are right in guessing that Annie is the one. They are so close to read each other's minds!

Paul and Henry walk into the room when he is reading Fannie's diary. Gilbert accuses them for observing him. Paul says that he is even more wrong to peep into someone's diary. Henry is surprised that Fannie keeps a diary. Paul is cool as before in analysing that she has no one to talk to or wants to keep her secrets. He asks whether she writes about Kwong. He knows from Gilbert's surprised reaction that she doesn't and concludes that she likes Gilbert. Henry agrees that it may be too shy on her part to admit her love for him.

When Jackie goes missing, Paul recalls that Jackie tells him that the snack boxes will never be empty. He wonders whether she will return if he finishes the snacks. Gilbert jokes that he will tie her up and inform him immediately if she comes. When she is found but Paul is moody after her rejection, both say that it is a blessing to find her still alive and well although they can't do much.

Henry wakes up after 8 days he is shot. He praises Paul for his great surgical skills but Paul says that perhaps he doesn't want to sleep too long. He deduces that Henry can discharge after 10 days but Henry laments that since Paul has said that he is strong, he should be out earlier as he is too bored!

Paul can't sleep the night before the operation and drinks milk. Gilbert advises him to be positive. Henry asks him what he will do if the operation fails. Paul replies that he doesn't dare to think about it because he cares for her most. Henry at first jokes that he is not important in his heart then when he operates for him but he turns serious later. He thinks that it is good that Paul doesn't think but if he dares not to think, he is too pessimistic. Paul is afraid that he might cause her more problems or even her death. Henry says that he knows that Paul is too stressed now but whatever happens, Jackie will not blame him.

Henry returns home after making up with Annie. Paul tells him that Gilbert doesn't like him to be his brother-in-law. Henry replies that he might disappoint him and suggests that he should move all since he knows all his movements and can tell Annie.

Paul starts to imagine things when he has done his best but yet the problem is unsolved. He has been paying attention to the weather for a rainbow to appear but it is always fine. When its rains, he is delighted and gets dressed up to see Jackie. He wants to look presentable if she wakes up soon. But his friends look pessimistic but they don't want to dampen his spirits.

Joe and Peter
This is the funniest combination that I have ever come across. It is amazing that both do not know each other's profession after playing so many basketball games together! Only after the game with the ex-convict do they know about it! Although Joe has claimed to have high standards of choosing friends, his doctor friends do not believe him, as Peter is so different from them! But I think it is the frankness, the forwardness toward love and their chatty nature that brings them together.

A beginning scene has Joe going into a bank to save an injured robber. Peter worries for him and gives him his lucky belt. He even wants to give it as a gift to Joe. Joe is touched and returns it to him as his policeman job involves higher risk. When Peter avoids Judy, he will normally hide at Joe's place - they're really very close. Another special scene will be Joe trying to get his money back from him. He uses Helen to get part of it, as he knows Peter will repay her soon. So smart of him!

The most comical one will be the case of an old woman swallowing a necklace. Joe tells him that she is too old for surgery. It's funny that Peter tells him to give her laxatives, greens or cold stuffs to get it out. In the end, Joe tells him to pick from the faeces! Look at Peter's expression - he actually dreads to do it!
The competition between them to woo Helen is equally attracting. Joe buys a CD player as Helen doesn't like complicated stuff and is sentimental. Peter buys a MP3 player to record every single Beatles song that she likes. Both are so shocked in their expression in finding that their dream girl is one and the same Helen! After purchasing, both pick up on one another and Peter runs faster with the MP3 player!

Annie and Jackie
They are as close as sisters. But I think Annie is right in keeping her relationships with Paul and Henry unknown to her, as Jackie is nosy. Joe and Peter decide to sit afar and observe how Henry and Annie enjoy their date. But when Jackie arrives with Paul and Gilbert, she decides to make fun of her. All guys have no choice but to follow her and tease them!

The conversations between them about men are equally touching. They encourage each other to be frank to their loved ones and helping each other out where possible to talk sense to the guys they love.

All friends together
Gilbert stops his car at a concert hall to check who is Jackie's date to a musical. Joe can be so childish to shout her name aloud! All friends can see that Gilbert is moody when he gets out of his car but delighted when he returns after finding that she goes out with a girlfriend. They get the same idea and tease Gilbert when he claims that he collects something but he comes back with nothing.

Jackie approaches her friends in helping Kwong to set up his food stall. At first, the guys joke that they are getting married. All have no money although they are willing to help. Actually Henry is a bit wary by questioning Kwong's motive and afraid that she might get cheated. Only Paul lends her part of the sum.
When a patient hits Joe, all are concerned but they can't stop laughing after seeing his bruise.

The guys make fun of Jackie after knowing that she spent the night with Paul together, comforting him over his illness. They even ask her whether she knows the size of his clothes and his myopic degree. When she shouts at them, they remind her that she is a doctor and should behave herself in public!

Henry is very nice to Jackie, approving her leave and giving her advice when she needs them. There's a time where Henry dissuades Jackie from quitting. Finally when Jackie resigns, he keeps the letter and says that he will take that she is just going on a vacation and will be back soon.

In an earlier scene, knowing that she is sick, he advises her to go on leave and she rejects. At this moment, Paul comes in and Henry warns him that he has just been bombarded and wishes him good luck. Paul says that he wants to talk to her too. Jackie is amused that they come in one after another. Paul offers to give her another check-up and advises her not to be her own doctor. But Jackie just gives him a fruit and says she knows what to do, making both of them miserable.

Although the guys do not approve of Henry hurting Annie, they still come with him when he meets Gilbert. They might be frightened that both guys may end up fighting. They drink with him but they still call him a sinner. They also advise Gilbert to accept Fannie although he is not sure whether he is strong enough to go through the suffering with her.

Jackie is sad on her last day of working in the hospital. Joe tells her that they can still be colleagues when she recovers. Jackie then laments that it is too quiet but is shocked to find that Henry is her last patient! Joe even calls in the head, Jack to check on Henry. They try to save him and Joe consoles Henry that they have learned a lot from him. Jackie is almost in tears, reminding him about the farewell party that he promises her.

All the guys toast to Henry's escape from death. Gilbert jokes that he must have toyed with too many women to get shot because of a woman. Paul says that he has bad luck while Joe says that Peter does not teach Judy properly. Peter defends himself as he thinks Henry watches her growing up.

They visit Henry and Jackie doesn't want the same thing to happen again as they have a big shock. Henry jokes that he still has consciousness then and knowing that she saves him, he is ver scared. Joe says that Paul should do something to his brain to stop him from making snide remarks. But at this time, Henry turns serious and says he has learned to cherish his friends. They are touched and even more touched that the bullet helps Annie to improve her relationship with Henry. Paul is so relieved that the ordeal is over that he even imitates James Bond!

All friends visit Jackie before her operation. They tease her and joke that they are disappointed not to see her and Paul hugging each other. Jackie is touched, as she knows that they try not to show their anxiety by joking with her.

The friends try in vain to wake Jackie. Although Joe tells Gilbert that Paul is calm, he is not convinced. He knows that he is terribly upset as he has assisted him before. Stress is there even though Jackie is okay
and worse when she slips into a coma. It is not possible that he can take it and he tells them that they must watch him.

The guys encourage Henry to woo Annie. Seeing that Henry shows no response, Peter gets fed up and approaches her. Paul and Joe warn that he might do something destructive. Seeing that he points to him all the time, he gets angry and leaves. Peter returns and is puzzled as he only tells her that Henry's hair grows very quickly!

Later, Annie leaves when the guys join Gilbert for dinner. I really amaze at how these doctors behave in public - to search Henry for the lighter, which he denies carrying! Paul suggests throwing him out and sees whether Annie wants him. They finally get him to run after Annie. A very cute arrangement!

Interesting linking objects
Do you notice that the characters are linked with something? IT is a wonder that these ordinary objects can help in bringing out their closeness.

a) Paul and Rebecca - the answering machine
It only appears for the first two episodes but it leaves an everlasting impression on me. Who can forget that when Paul and Rebecca are still together, Rebecca's voice is there. When Rebecca leaves Paul, there is a scene where Paul sleeps on the sofa bed. Suddenly there is a wrong caller and Paul is depressed hearing her voice again. The following spells their break up when it changes to Paul's voice.

b) Paul and Jackie - his shoelace and "The Little Prince' book
Paul starts to have problems tying his shoelace when he brings Jackie to explain to Kwong about their relationship. It is kind of funny that Jackie walks so fast, without waiting for him to retie it. It gets more hilarious in the scene where he asks her out to celebrate his good health at a bar. While waiting for her, it gets loose again. While tying them, Jackie says that a man can't take care of his girlfriend/wife if he can't even take good care of his tie/glasses/shoelace. Paul replies that he has tried his best but the untying happens repeatedly.

He gets drunk later and dozes off at the staircase. The way that Jackie ties his shoelace and cleaning his glasses with his tie shows her likeness towards him and her expression is so caring! Too bad he suddenly wakes up and she unties it hurriedly. I can't stop laughing when she asks him to tie it repeatedly at the middle and later at the bottom of the staircase when it gets loose again. Maybe Paul should have chosen the clip shoes that Gilbert wears to avoid all this trouble.

When he visits Jackie who is in a coma in hospital, he tells her that he is as clumsy as before in tying his shoelace. She promises to teach him how to tie a butterfly knot but till now has not shown him. Paul knows that she likes reading 'the Little Prince' book and he reads to her daily. I am very touched when watching the scenes!

c) Paul and Jackie - the snack boxes
Jackie comes to Paul's apartment to collect the books he promised to lend her. To her horror, Paul is suffering from gastritis, as he has not eaten the night before. He doesn't have time as he works non-stop. She comments that his home fridge looks suitable for keeping corpses as it is empty and not a men's home with instant noodles. She chides him for not going out to eat but the desperate Paul even has problems standing properly due to the pain. Seeing that he is really sick, she runs out to buy food for him.

Paul later gives her a treat for helping him. Jackie gives him two snack boxes, one to leave at home while the other in the office. She tells him that they will never be empty and he doesn't know why, looking doubtful. She sneaks into his home to restock it. Paul doesn't notice it even with Gilbert's hint. Only when he is hungry after completing his work, he opens it and is delighted to find the box full.

Jackie sneaks into Paul's office to restock the snacks again when he is out for lunch. She is so shocked when he suddenly comes back to collect something! Siu Fun's embarrassing expression is really real. Paul just SMILES but I practically LAUGHED when I see her hand sticking in the box. The funny part is Paul says that actually he can do the restocking himself but since she is doing it, she can continue and pretend that he is not there at all!

When Jackie goes missing, the two boxes play an important role in reminding Paul of her presence, don't they? Paul can be so frightened that the boxes will not be filled up again if he finishes the snacks. No wonder he never touch them when Jackie goes into a coma - to show that she can return to him anytime.

d) Henry and Sukie/Annie - the lighter
Although Henry quits smoking, he still carries Sukie's lighter with him. It is weird to see him lighting up Annie's cigarettes on several occasions. Remember the scene when Judy lights up her cigarette at the karaoke lounge? It reminds him of Sukie and his expression is so real as if he has been stabbed. And also when he accidentally leaves it with Annie, Henry suddenly dreams of Sukie coming up to him and giving him the lighter. She reminds him to carry it along with him although he intends to quit smoking. However, all are happy for him and Annie when he buys a new lighter to have a new start.

e) Joe and Helen - the old record player and later the CD player
Helen's husband left her a broken record player but she refuses to let go. She even goes to several places with Joe to repair it. However, later she straightens her thoughts and gives it away. Later Joe tries to change her by buying her a CD player.

f) Peter and Judy - the photos
Judy places her photo with Peter's photo together in a photo frame. At first Peter doesn't appreciate it. When he starts to miss her, he looks fondly at it.

g) Joe and Peter - the basketball

Both play the basketball whenever they are happy or sad. Although they may quarrel at times, they make up easily after a game. Later both involve Helen in joining them.

Interesting facts
I have heard many stories about this serial. Siu Fun and Kai Wah captures the best screen couple award and hh wins the best serial in the TVB anniversary show in 1998. Kai Wah's role as Paul is so popular with viewers that the heat still resisted to 1999 when he captures one of the unforgettable roles in the millenium. He stands out from the other roles because his role is the youngest among others - even 'younger' than Cheung Ho Yee's Cheng Bo Chu as hh is produced later than ' The Old Time Buddy'!

Tang Tak Hei gets all the medical information from doctors and nurses. They help to monitor the filming to make sure that the facts are correct. This takes him 4 years to complete as he has problems borrowing the A & E room. Kai Wah and Bo Yee like their roles very much - they ask a lot of questions and do a lot of homework. Little wonder that they stand out from the rest. But the strange part is before shooting hh, Kai Wah is actually SCARED to visit doctors since young because he HATES injections. He seldom gets sick and he always buys the medicine from pharmacies. So all are very puzzled on why he can do it so well!

Kai Wah took 3 days non-stop to shoot each operation room scene. He became very tired as there were no chairs there and was very pressurised that doctors were there to watch him. He was relieved that viewers could only get to see his eyes and not his whole face as he himself was alarmed on how haggard and tired he looked after so many repeated takes.

Another memorable time he had was with Siu Fun to shoot the sunrise scene. They waited for 4 days to get the sunrise as it often rained and the sun did not always appear from there. The worst is they must capture the whole scene in half an hour. The few nights of waiting there were cold for both of them. But they were delighted when the scene was done and both like the scenery very much!

Wai Shan cut her hairstyle to compliment Annie's character. Bo Yee also followed suit and all were amused that his hairstyle resembled Ou Yeung Chun Wah in FOJV. He said he had to make the change to match Wai Shan otherwise she looks new while he looks old-fashioned!

Kai Wah is happy that he gets such a nice role after waiting for 16 years. He says that Paul is just like him in real life. Notice that from then onwards, he wears glasses in his daily life? He jokes that he is so happy that he can save money from cleaning the contact lenses since all viewers can accept the change.

Bowie says that he is also like Paul in real life but is puzzled as why he always get outgoing professional roles. He actually keeps his parents company at home after work, as he is the only child. Reporters can never catch him at pubs, as he never goes there! So the reporters are having headaches, as they get zero negative news about him. Wai Shan also wonders why she takes on lawyer roles often too - when she is still weak in recognising Chinese characters but the scriptwriters always give her long scripts to memorise!

Tang Tak Hei gets most facts from a female houseman. She looks so much like So Wing Hong so he comes up with the Gilbert role in the story as a gay. Wing Hong is amused by it but the hk medical association is displeased over it and declares openly that they have NO gays in their profession!

Shoot Kai Wah if you want. He is the ONE who agrees with Tang for not letting Jackie wake up to make it more touching. Tang Tak Hei really likes his presentation of including the reading of the 'Little Prince' very much too. The storybook was so popular that it was snapped up in hk when released. The sale of the hh novel version was also a sell-out - I like the cover when I surfed and saw it on the net. But so far I have not seen it in Singapore although I longed to buy and read it.

All get popular after it is being screened. In the 10 popular artiste lists for 1998 and 1999, 60% of the hh cast got in. Kai Wah, Kar Fai, Wai Shan, Siu Fun, Wing Hong and Bo Yee were all selected. Kai Wah and Siu Fun get many advertisement offers and Kai Wah even cuts an EP. So popular that hh2 is made in year 2000 only to get criticised for having a majority of new faces and a lousy storyline. Many hh fans practically boycotted hh2 after Jackie's death or after Annie leaving hk.

Not to miss mentioning Bo Yee and Wai Shan's popularity when they shoot more serials together. For them and Kai Wah, the screening of hh2 make them famous again. They also cut albums which are quite well-received. Ma Chun Wai also gets meatier roles after this. So Wing Hong is so busy in singing that he has no time to act in hh2. But for the rest, their popularity dipped after 1999. They can't seem to excel their performance after acting in here. Especially for Siu Fun, who does not have any outstanding performances in other serials after hh. Kar Fai and Tse Ching's leaving of TVB also affects their careers.

I bought the hh album and practically love all of them! Surprisingly Ma Chun Wai sings 2 songs at par with So Wing Hong. And indeed he sings as well as him, especially in 'Miss You Finally'. A pity though that they don't include So's 'Sad Beyond Kissing' as it is a great song. Some have commented that the sincerity of producing this album can't be compared to FOJ's album in the number of originals. However, I think that this is not a problem as suitable songs are chosen for the pub scenes.

I am a little disappointed in Kai Wah and Siu Fun's singing. Probably they are not used to sing Chinese songs and Siu Fun's voice is completely overshadowed by Kai Wah. Another singer, Chan Kin Wing, makes a cameo appearance as Henry's junior whose girlfriend commits suicide sings the song 'I'll be there for you.' Personally, out of the English songs, I like 'I'll be the one' by Trademark. It's really catchy.

I like the music arrangement of the theme song and sub-theme songs by saxophone and piano most. Now I am really curious to know how the composer Wong Sheung Wai looks like to pen such wonderful music and songs mostly for So Wing Hong. The song 'Angel eyes' is appropriate to be the song for Paul and Jackie. A good timing to play it in the restaurant and later in the car.

The storyline and cast
Unlike hh2, which is solemn and moody throughout, hh depicts the joy and sadness between the couples and friends, both in work and relationships. The dialogues between them are very well written. So many quotes that are hilarious, sad or straight to the point. However, the mood gets sadder and sadder towards the end, too many mishaps happen - I have hoped that it will be a happy ending for all and am really disappointed. And worse when it comes to hh2��..

All artists in the serial had joked that they were sitting for exams daily while filming this. Tang Tak Hei is very serious and careful in writing scripts - he always changes them to achieve the best results. Some of them get the scripts either a few days back or on the actual filming day itself in the last minute. Probably many are used to his style after filming FOJ with him, they can adapt and immerse into their roles quickly. All of them are very convincing as the doctors, nurse or the cop. They place in a lot of effort in acting so well. Not to miss mentioning on the hospital scenes which are well-shot as well.

I must really praise Kar Fai and Ying Ying. - this is their first time working with Tang. Yet they have no problems mixing with the rest and have done very well. The whole cast is like a group of close friends or siblings - adequate coverage on developing their relationships. All characters have managed to stand out on their own. Well done!

Sukting's Ratings:

On acting:* * * * * (Scale of 5)

On the story: * * * *(Scale of 5)

Images fromTVB.

Editor's comment:This review wins the award for the looooooongest review submitted thus far! ^_^

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