Heavenly In-Laws

Reviewed by: juphelia

April 01, 2009

Rating: three

This is kind of like an extension to the Cowherd and the Fairy Maiden story. The female lead (Tzi Mei, played by Linda Chung) is a flower fairy. She was touched by the love between the cowherd and the fairy maiden, and sneaked down to Earth from Heaven in order to find a good man as her husband.One day in Heaven equals to ten years on Earth, so she wanted to find a husband before the ten years is up.

Her mother (played by Nancy Sit) took charge of a garden of Heaven, and the Water Spirit (played by Yuen Wah) was supposed to water her flowers, helped by the Water Dragon. However, he went on a gambling spree with Er Lang Shen, and got banished to Earth as an addicted gambler as a result, forever on a losing streak.

Ten years on Earth had almost passed. The Water Spirit (now a human) has lost all memories of his spiritual life, and is now an addicted gambler that always loses money. He has three adopted children (I cannot remember their names so I'll just use the actor's names) - Rain Lau, Joey Leong and the youngest (I really don't know his name).

Rain Lau is over thirty and still seeking a husband. She resents her godfather for always gambling as she has to work in a factory to support the family. Despite that, she loves her family dearly.

Joey Leong, together with his godfather, are petty thieves and cheats. The youngest is still in school, as he has never passed Primary 1, despite all those years in school. The family has high hopes on him and wants him to complete his education, thus whatever money they have, they try to spend most on his education.

Linda Chung owns a flower shop on Earth. She met Joey Leong by chance when he went to her shop to buy a flower for his girlfriend who was then away on a trip to South east Asia. She was touched by his devotion to his girlfriend (whom he lied to her as having died) and decided that he will be her good man.

Her mother, having found out about her sneaking down to Earth, also sneaked down herself in a bid to make her go back to Heaven. But Linda refused as she said she has yet to find her good man.

Due to some circumstances, Linda and Joey ended up married. At first, Joey did not like her. Linda tried to be a wife, but upon knowing Joey never liked her, decided to continue her marriage as a farce, so that she could prove her mother wrong and not go back to Heaven so fast.

As with all series, the main characters go through several circumstances, with third parties, with insecurities, with separation, with sabotages (mostly from Linda's mother who disapproved of Joey) before they discover they have really fallen for each other, only to find out they need to leave each other. Linda's disappearance had been spotted, and she was summoned back to Heaven.

So what happened in the end? All I can say is that the everyone was happy. Rain Lau found the husband she was seeking - someone beyond her dreams. Yuen Wah regained his memory but chose to stay on Earth. Nancy Sit took the rap for her daughter and was banished to Earth as a human.

What about Linda? She was punished by the Jade Emperor for sneaking down to Earth without permission, but at the end, everyone was happy and reunited. A typical family comedy, feel good type of drama. Nothing outstanding, but not too bad overall!

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