Into Thin Air

Reviewed by: Miz-Everlasting

October 23, 2005

Rating: two-point-five


Michael Mui - Ko Shong Shing
Melissa Ng- Lei Sui/TWIN/
Kenneth Ma - Goo Ching Wen
Bernice Liu - Da Bo

Power Chan - Super
Vivien Yeo - Ah Yen
Rebecca Chan - Sophia
Johnson Lee - Rich Kid
Akina Hong - Winnie
Ben Wong - Ah Wa
Special Noble Guest Star: Michelle Yim

Michael Mui is a hard working cop that focusses too much on work than family. Michael is a top cop following a case of the 'Rose Murderer.' They were undercover when Michael's son Sing Zai comes up and follows Michael. Michael gets mad and yells him away along with 'Rose Murderer' getting away. Sing Zai is so scared that he runs away, leaving Michael finding him for two years....

2 Years Later:

Michael's kid has been lost for two years already, with no trace. Michael quited his job as a police officer and opened a detective compony that helps people find anything. The company consists of Michael, himself, Super, Da Bo and Ah Yen. Later they meet this woman (Melissa Ng) that takes care of children for her dad's acting company. They become fast friends in search of Michael's kid Sing Zai....

Well, I am going to leave it at that, if I don't it'll ruin the whole suspense of the series.

The Pairings/Relationships:

Kenneth Ma + Bernice Liu -

Just cute couples! Kenneth plays a cop that saves Bernice quite a lot of times during cases. Kenneth is a shy, straight foward kind of guy that when it comes to love, means it with all his heart. Throughout the series, these to become closer together and soon they fall in love. Soon, Super (Power) falls in love with Bernice as well, because she reminds him of his dead girlfriend, Fanny. And this leads to a love triangle. But in the end Bernice, finds out that the one she truly loves is Kenneth.

Michael + Melissa

To me, I think Micheal is a little too old for Melissa. Michael plays a guy that has a lack of romance and doesn't know how to say stuff involving love. Michael is a guy that doesn't understand hints no matter how hard Melissa tries to express them. When Michael finally finds out that Melissa likes him and that he does have feelings towards her they get married, but there is a misunderstanding. The source of the misunderstanding is the twin of Melissa. I'll tell you mroe about her later. Anyways, in the end they remarry and this time is sucessful.

Melissa's Twin:

Melissa plays two characters in this series, one clumsy but good hearted and one gangster-like thief big sister.

Melissa (Lei Sui) was swept away by the water while her twin big sister lived a life of theft and soon became a 'Lo Cheen.' As for Lei Sui, luckily she was found by a man (Lei Chau/LC/) and taken for caring. Melissa (Lei Sui)'s memory was erased while in the ocean so she didn't have any memory of her twin sister. Years passed and Melissa (Lei Sui) lived with shelter, food, and love. While the older one lived in the life of theft.


Michael Mui as Ko Shong Shing -
Simply perfect. Though Michael left TVB a long time ago and is only coming back, his acting is still strong. (5/5)

Melissa Ng -
Excellent, and well portrayed. This series was tougher for Melissa because she had to play two characters that were different. But she did an excellent job. (5/5)

Bernice Liu as Da Bo -
Heaps of improvement. And her singing is not bad too for the themesong. In this series Bernice showed herself as a capable actress with vast improvements in all areas in acting. She also proved to me that she could be something big with more work. Not to mention how her acting helped spark Kenneth's.

Kennenth Ma as Ching Wen -
Improved. That's all I can say. The last time I saw him was in Trumph in the Skies where he was a supporting role; here he is the second lead! That shows how much he has improved. With more work he'll make it to the male lead. This series I think is his best so far and with a hint of Bernice his acting shone in this series.

Power Chan as Super - Nothing to say, perfect!

Vivien Yeo as Ah Yen - Her Cantonese has improved, her actng needs more work.

Rebecca Chan as Sophia - Good as usual

Johnson Lee as Rich Kid - His acting has improved massively. Way to go!

Akina Hong as Winnie - Here she is portraying the mother of Sing Zai. Her acting is great, as the selfish kid hider. She got what she deserved in the end.

Ben Wong as Ah Wa - Needs more improvement

The Ending:
In my opinion, the ending was a pointless, rushed, ending. The whole scenario for the ending was useless and could have been avoided.

The beginning of this series was great, but towards the end it started loosing it's fuel and turning to another rushed tvb series.

Overall, I give this series a two because of the great cast and beginning plot. This series is okay for people that don't have anything better to do, or fans of Kenneth and Bernice.

Favorite/Funny scenes:

- Any scene with Kenneth and Bernice
- When Kenneth only drank half a cup of beer and got drunk
- When Kenenth thought he slept with Bernice when they didn't

The only part I liked about this series was the Kenneth and Bernice relationship. They make a good couple.

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