Into Thin Air

Reviewed by: Mich Chong

December 20, 2005

Rating: four

"Looking for a missing person is as difficult as looking for a fish in the ocean."

Michael Miu Kiu Wai - Gou Zhong Jing / Jing Gor / Dai Jek Lo
Melissa Ng Mei Hang - Lai Xiu / Ah Xiu
Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming - Koon Ching Wan / Koon Sir
Bernice Jan Liu Bik Yee - Man Dai Bo
Power Chan Kwok Bong - Super

The Story:

The story begins with Michael working on a case of murder. The police were hot on the trails of a killer with the nickname of "Rose Killer". On the operation day, Michael's son appears on the street and calls his father. Michael gives him a tight slap and from that day onwards his son vanished.

Two years later, Michael has left the police force and started a private investigation agency. He has three efficient workers, played by Bernice, Power and Vivien Yeo. Together they help people find their missing things. Michael hopes to find his son one day, but for two years, he has disappeared without a trace. Michael meets Melissa and together they work on cases. Kenneth is a police officer who is in charge of the "Rose Killer" case.

Micheal develops feelings for Melissa after awhile. Kenneth and Bernice start to like each other too but Bernice does not want to admit that she loves him.

The Cast:

Michael Miu as Gou Zhong Jing
Honestly, this is my first time watching a show with Michael in it. I did watch "The Academy" but only a few episodes because I didn't like it. So this is sort of the first time I'm seeing Michael. No doubt, Michael's acting is really good, since he's been in the industry for so many years. I really like his character too, for being so determined and not giving up on his son.

Melissa Ng as Lai Xiu
I like Melissa in this show, period. Since watching her first performance in "A Kindred Spirit", Melissa has improved and grown a lot as an actress. Although I started liking her in "Dream Of Colours", I've only become a big fan after "Into Thin Air". Her character is great, a simple extra who acts in TVB series and helps her father with the part time extra's agency. Lai Xiu was always there for Dai Jek Lo and helped him with his cases and giving him support. But I don't like her twin, I'll come to that later.

Kenneth Ma as Koon Ching Wan
If you don't like Kenneth or think he's a pervert [I don't know why so many people do], then "Into Thin Air" will change your perspective of him as a guy and as an actor. Kenneth hasn't gotten many good roles, his evil role in "The Driving Power" will easily be forgotten and his role as a member of the S4 in "Triumph In The Skies" was as good as invisible. I have not seen "The Scavenger's Paradise" and "The Herbalist Manual" so I'll not comment on that. This has got to be Kenneth's breakthrough role. I've always seen him as a one-dimensional actor who only plays the stupid or easily forgotten roles but Koon Sir will live in my memory, until my TVB obsession ends. What makes his role really great is his relationship with Bernice.

Bernice Jan Liu as Man Dai Bo
As a Bernice fan, I watched "Into Thin Air" just for her sake. I wanted to skip this series but hearing how good the story and her chemistry with Kenneth was, I decided to catch up with everyone. So I managed to finish the first twelve episodes or so in two days, I just couldn't stop. Bernice has really improved since I first saw her in "Survivor's Law" and becoming a huge fan of hers. Her character is cute and lovable but the main factor that made her so interesting was her relationship with Kenneth. I can easily list down all the cute moments they shared in various episodes.

The Comments:
Overall, this is a really good series. The first twelve episodes or so on the cases were really exciting and you just want to know where the son is. But I was really shocked at the end of episode twelve with the son's appearance. I was thinking about what the producer was gonna fill the next eight episodes with. And that's the turning point of the series. The series gets pretty boring from then on, and the only excitement that keeps me going is the relationship between Bernice and Kenneth.

There were many unnecessary parts in the series after that. I really don't understand why Michael had to slap his son, if I was his son, I'll hate him my whole life and never forgive him. Ironically he forgave him and went back to him and lived life as usual. The end. And Michael's character is one magnanimous guy, how can you forgive your best buddy who slept with your wife and had a son which whom you thought was your own and loved him so much! That's too ridiculous! And how come they just die like that in a crash, goodness, the poor boy!

And the part where Power falls for Bernice! NOOOO! How come Bernice seems to like him? And in the end realizes she loves Kenneth and the end, they get together? What's the point of Power falling for Bernice? Feelings just popped out of nowhere and from this second onwards, Power likes Bernice and Bernice likes Power. And Kenneth becomes his love rival. Luckily Bernice doesn't end up with Power, or I'll yell at the producer and write in an appeal to TVB.

NOOOOOO to the twins part! How come Melissa has a twin that pops out of nowhere suddenly? I was so confused as to who was the real Lai Xiu, honestly I had no idea! And the sisters having a bet on whom Michael will choose. And how come he couldn't tell who was the real Lai Xiu and even had a passionate kiss with her sister? Man I don't understand.

The Love:
The first case, about the "Rose Killer". So creepy that I was freaked out in broad daylight. And the part where Melissa and Michael found the "bodies", goodness I freaked out! But I like how the producer wrote the case out, so complex and I couldn't guess who the real killer was! So shocking and such an unexpected twist!

All the scenes of Bernice and Kenneth. Bernice pretending to be his girlfriend. Kenneth thinking he slept with Bernice and wants to take responsibility. Kenneth and Bernice working together on the fake passport case. Kenneth confessing his love for Bernice and kissing her on the street. Blah blah blah, I can go on forever!

Worth Watching?
Overall, yes it is. Watch it for the story or for the cast, and you'll fall in love with the show and list it as one of your favourites. You'll probably become a fan of Kenneth, Melissa or Bernice. For my case, I became a fan of Kenneth and Melissa, since I'm already a fan of Bernice. For those of the younger generation like me who has never seen "The Academy", you will start to notice him.

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