Journey to the West II


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Journey to the West II

Reviewed by: Gigi December 08, 2007

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

A sequel to (Journey to the West) JTTW I. There was a saying that sequels are often worse than their forerunners. It is true in this case, sadly though since I like Benny Chan so. The theme for this series was changed from love to piety and friendship. We would see more of relationships between mother and son, master and disciple, brother and brother, and among friends. I think the series kept in line with...

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Journey to the West II

Reviewed by: dayz November 25, 2006

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This drama is the sequel to "Journey To The West", which starred Dicky Cheung, Kong Wah, Wayne Lai, and Evergreen Mak. However, due to some changes made by TVB, Dicky Cheung, who starred as the Monkey King in the first part, had been changed to Benny Chan. Although Benny's acting as the monkey may not be as mischievous and playful as Dicky's, I had enjoyed this sequel despite some draggy and boring stories in the show. I recognized Benny's hard...

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04-05-2009 01:20 PM


thats my favorite serie of Benny!..hahaha, its that serie that turn me into a Benny fan!

btw, we have a new english forum for him!..hope you can join Benny's oversea family and have a look there!..

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